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The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise

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This page is maintained by Adam Blackthorne, with occasional input from Zanna Blaise.

This page is for questions relating to The 72 Sigils of Power.

Q: If I want to solve a problem with the 72 Sigils, which should I use, Contemplation Magic or Results Magic?

A: Please read the early chapters of the book, and try to gain an insight from the examples given. I can’t give definite answers. The magic is very personal.

Q: The pronunciations don’t always match the Hebrew. Is that a mistake?

A: As it says in the Pronunciation FAQ, “We have found that some transliterations are slightly more effective than others, even if they are not objectively correct or traditional. If you are familiar with Hebrew and wish to use your own pronunciation, that will work too.” Everything in the book is as intended and is written with the sounds that we use when using the magic. You are free to change them if you prefer but what’s shown here works.

Q: If I want to get a result, why would I ever use Contemplation Magic?

A: You can gain insights into yourself, your true will, your purpose and the things that block you. Sometimes you get results from Contemplation Magic. Sometimes you get insight from Results Magic. It’s quite ephemeral, but the magic only takes minutes. Try it out and see what happens.

Q: I’m not sure which Sigil to use. Can you suggest one?

A: It could never work like that. This magic is a personal journey.

Q: Will you make a deck of cards out of the sigils?

A: There are no plans to do that.

Q: Do I need to face East, fast, cleanse, pray or put protection in place before using this magic?

A: No.

Q: How can I perform this magic for others?

A:  You can imagine yourself as the other person, feeling the change as that person. Or you can do the magic using your feelings about the other person’s needs, and how you will feel when they get the change they desire.



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  1. Hi, do I scan the letters and read the words of power only once, or should I repeat the scanning and reading — say — over a length of time whilst feeling the issue/result?

    1. Hi. For scanning Zanna says, “You can scan quickly or slowly and it doesn’t matter.” And, “This process can take you two minutes or you can go for as long as you want.” In contemplation magic she says, “You continue to scan your eyes over the letter shapes while saying the divine Word of Power, remaining aware of the question that’s on your mind,” and “You keep scanning the letters, observing your thoughts and feelings, and you see what happens.” She does point out that you’re doing three things at once, so it doesn’t have to go on for a long time, but just enough to experience the magic. For results magic she says, “You can stop as soon as you catch the feeling you’re after, but keep scanning the Sigil and saying the Word of Power until then.” But in both cases you do this all at one time, in one sitting – you don’t spread it out over a long time. Cheers, Adam B

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