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The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise

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This page is maintained by Adam Blackthorne, with occasional input from Zanna Blaise.

This page is for questions relating to The 72 Sigils of Power.

Q: If I want to solve a problem with the 72 Sigils, which should I use, Contemplation Magic or Results Magic?

A: Please read the early chapters of the book, and try to gain an insight from the examples given. I can’t give definite answers. The magic is very personal.

Q: The pronunciations don’t always match the Hebrew. Is that a mistake?

A: As it says in the Pronunciation FAQ, “We have found that some transliterations are slightly more effective than others, even if they are not objectively correct or traditional. If you are familiar with Hebrew and wish to use your own pronunciation, that will work too.” Everything in the book is as intended and is written with the sounds that we use when using the magic. You are free to change them if you prefer but what’s shown here works.

Q: If I want to get a result, why would I ever use Contemplation Magic?

A: You can gain insights into yourself, your true will, your purpose and the things that block you. Sometimes you get results from Contemplation Magic. Sometimes you get insight from Results Magic. It’s quite ephemeral, but the magic only takes minutes. Try it out and see what happens.

Q: I’m not sure which Sigil to use. Can you suggest one?

A: It could never work like that. This magic is a personal journey.

Q: Will you make a deck of cards out of the sigils?

A: There are no plans to do that.

Q: Do I need to face East, fast, cleanse, pray or put protection in place before using this magic?

A: No.

Q: How can I perform this magic for others?

A:  You can imagine yourself as the other person, feeling the change as that person. Or you can do the magic using your feelings about the other person’s needs, and how you will feel when they get the change they desire.



The author of this book, Zanna Blaise, is also a composer, and has produced albums of music that connect you to angels. You can listen to samples or download tracks at her website:

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32 Comments on “The 72 Sigils of Power FAQ

  1. Hello Adam!

    I have a question: is it OK to do more than 5 Names on the same day for the same goal?

    I want to change. I did the Identity Ritual, and maybe it’s just my head or I dunno, but I figured that from where I am now, I will not be able to have the wealth I want to. I have no experience in any other field, so “guessing” which other profession I could take is hard. With that in mind I made a summary of Names I could use from this book, and came out that I can use 18 Names, and some have 2 or 3 powers that I can contemplate upon. Which is a lot. And I kinda ‘need’ or ‘want’ to know this truth about myself kinda in a hurry because I really need to improve my income.

    That being said, I already worked with Kevashiel to release lust for results, and I know I shouldn’t do too much magick focused on a single goal (to know more about myself) cause it looks like desperation – but I guess that’s what it is. I have no idea what profession to take, and I’m in my 30’s so starting new is not that easy.

    Thank you!

    • Hi. In a way you’re answering the question yourself, because you note that sense of desperation, and I think you know that can really stifle the magick. Please read the first question on this page: and read the linked articles. That should help answer things for you. Cheers, Adam B.

    • Oh, and it’s wise to feel some urgency in your thirties, but these days people are starting new careers in their 30s. But I think it’s a familiar feeling – where did my twenties go? And that can be good motivation. Try to see it as that rather than as, “It’s too late, I must rush.”

      • YES! Thank you Adam, the Rush of Occult gave me some insights. I actually did “Receive Guidance” from Greater WoP (from the list I did, that was the one that popped for me..), and some hours laters while sitting outside thinking about life this thought of checking some specific jobs came to my head out of nowhere, like a flash, written on Google Search already… I checked online and found some pretty interesting leads. Working on my CV right now. I will continue to dig deeper into who I am and what I want, but definitely spreading over this week and the next! It’s a job I never would have thought of, not my expertise as I don’t have a degree for that, but will try anyway. I never thought it would come so fast, so thank you GoM for your books!!

  2. Hi there! It says in the book we can use the principles of contemplation magick on the powers listed under result magick. So if we want to use a power listed under result magick for contemplation would we then repeat the words of power related to contemplation magick? Hope my question is clear.

    • To make sure I’ve understood your question correctly, could you point me to the exact part of the book where it says this, (say the chapter, and the first few words of the paragraph.) Thanks, Adam.

      • Hi Adam, It’s in chapter two something like 2 pages in…..

        “So the rules that apply to Results Magic won’t also apply to Contemplation Magic, although you can apply the rules of Contemplation Magic to Results Magic.

        This is what caused my confusion.

        • That lacks clarity, I have to admit, but from what I know of the magick she’s saying that something that looks like inner work (something that looks like Contemplation Magic), might be listed as Results Magic. So she gives the following example: To Recover Joy. It sounds like it should be in the Contemplation Magic section. But, as she points out, it can be used to affect yourself and others, so it goes in Results. It might look like Contemplation Magic, but actually works as both, so it’s in the second category. So this doesn’t mean you can take a Contemplation idea and use it for results. It just explains why some things go into one category and not another. “understanding and accessing the powers offered to you depends on you acknowledging the difference between the possibility of influencing others and only influencing yourself.” In other words, use Contemplation on the self, and Results on the self and others. (Of course, to complicate this, any change you make to yourself with Contemplation with affect others *indirectly*, because when you change it affects people, but Results is about making change for you, or affecting others directly.) In short, I think the sentence you pointed out confuses what is an otherwise clear chapter. I’ll have a chat to her about it. Cheers, Adam B

  3. Hello, it’s me, again!

    I just wanted to know if this magick could influence/benefit those already deceased, help them move on, perhaps?

    Also, I’d like to share another experience.
    I was meditating on the sigil of Veval to gain knowledge of my soul’s expression. After just a few moments of scanning the sigil and mentally stating the chant, the sigil became transparent in my mind’s eye, and I was looking at a field of yellow flowers on green grass. It was sunny, and the sky was blue. I felt really at peace. My mind’s eye sort of drifted, and I could see myself sitting alone under a tree with a textbook studying. It’s so simple, so blissful.

    It was on the same day I had just gone to my hometown, and it was a long trip. I was tired. I think scanning these sigils with a certain level of drowsiness helps.

    • Hello. I’ve been checking for comments and questions I missed. So sorry this one went unanswered for so long. Don’t know how it was missed. To answer your question there’s no single answer within the Gallery, and it really is a personal thing. In truth, it’s as big a mystery to us as it is to you. We’ve seen and experienced some things that give us ideas, but we don’t know, and so I can’t guess how the magick could actually help. Personally, I imagine and believe that process won’t need any help from us.

      And thank you for sharing that story. Love it. Yes, for some people, drowsiness is like an easy trance and it can help. Cheers, Adam B

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