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The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise

Frequently Asked Questions


This page is maintained by Adam Blackthorne, with occasional input from Zanna Blaise.

This page is for questions relating to The 72 Sigils of Power.

Q: If I want to solve a problem with the 72 Sigils, which should I use, Contemplation Magic or Results Magic?

A: Please read the early chapters of the book, and try to gain an insight from the examples given. I can’t give definite answers. The magic is very personal.

Q: The pronunciations don’t always match the Hebrew. Is that a mistake?

A: As it says in the Pronunciation FAQ, “We have found that some transliterations are slightly more effective than others, even if they are not objectively correct or traditional. If you are familiar with Hebrew and wish to use your own pronunciation, that will work too.” Everything in the book is as intended and is written with the sounds that we use when using the magic. You are free to change them if you prefer but what’s shown here works.

Q: If I want to get a result, why would I ever use Contemplation Magic?

A: You can gain insights into yourself, your true will, your purpose and the things that block you. Sometimes you get results from Contemplation Magic. Sometimes you get insight from Results Magic. It’s quite ephemeral, but the magic only takes minutes. Try it out and see what happens.

Q: I’m not sure which Sigil to use. Can you suggest one?

A: It could never work like that. This magic is a personal journey.

Q: Will you make a deck of cards out of the sigils?

A: There are no plans to do that.

Q: Do I need to face East, fast, cleanse, pray or put protection in place before using this magic?

A: No.

Q: How can I perform this magic for others?

A:  You can imagine yourself as the other person, feeling the change as that person. Or you can do the magic using your feelings about the other person’s needs, and how you will feel when they get the change they desire.



The author of this book, Zanna Blaise, is also a composer, and has produced albums of music that connect you to angels. You can listen to samples or download tracks at her website:

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32 Comments on “The 72 Sigils of Power FAQ

  1. Sheesh kebab this is what happens when I get SO IN TUNED with the spirits I work with 😀 I would hear something & it would surprise me. This is even louder than the usual intuition.

    So after doing Wealth Magick – as usual went along doing the normal stuff of life (mostly BORING stuff of life 😀 hahaha). ALL of a sudden a voice told me “check your kindle library” – of course went against my logical process I was like: “why?”– after overcoming my obstinate nature, I checked it.

    I don’t have 72 SIGILS?! buying it now!

    I wonder what’s in store for me in this book & why I was led to this. It’s like when I stumbled upon a lady ripping off G.O.M’s masters material & selling it for 200 bucks HAHAHAH 😀 oh Spirits you surprise me. You know me too well that since I was a kid I’ve LOVED surprises. So keep them flowing, with much gratitude & giddiness, S.M.888

  2. Hi, I really enjoy the book 72 Sigils of Power and use it a lot.
    However, some Sigils are similar and it seems some topics are overlapping. I have a specific question about a Sigil.
    One of my favourites is Hayi, under Contemplation Magic it says “a sense of the future” – would that enhance the ability to generally forecast the future e.g. like the general weather tomorrow

    What is the difference between “To perceive the future” under Result Magic? Is that geared to a specific event e.g. the weather at 3pm tomorrow, with all the details like temperature, humidity, at what minute a cloud is covering the sun, wind speed and so on.

    I have noticed there is another Sigil with similar powers, it 46 ARI – Subtle Plans.
    Under Contemplation Magic it says “a sense of the future”. I am wondering what is the difference between this Sigil “sense of the future” and Hayi “sense of the future”?

    Which one is more accurate and which one would give me more details e.g. events exact spot on at the second?
    Thank you.

    • Hi. Glad you’re enjoying the magick. With the first two examples the difference is the essential difference between Contemplation Magic and Results Magic, which is described in Working with The Names. Contemplation maybe more passive, Results more active – a basic summary, I know, and that chapter sets it out better. But, at the risk of sounding very boring, the best way to find out is to trust your own feelings about the Names and give it a whirl, depending on whether you’re going for Contemplation or Results.

      For the difference between a power that has a similar name, the difference is indicated by the text that’s below the letters, but just above the words ‘Contemplation Magic’ – that gives an overview of all the powers for that name. For Hayi it’s more about awareness, thoughts, possible futures that can be contemplated. With Ari it’s got elements of planning in relation to the future, and overtones of secrecy.

      • Hello Adam,
        thank you for your quick reply. Sure I give it a whirl and try some things.
        So from what I gather Ari could be used for “what if … ” decisions as it involves planning. e.g “what will be the outcome if I apply for a loan/ credit? ” and just the request won’t impact the credit rating because it’s done from a secret place.
        Just an example that came to my mind.

  3. Hello, Zanna.

    I was wondering about Mum, the last name on the book “72 Sigils Of Power.” Can it be used to bring about the destruction of someone’s livelihood?

    • The nature of these sigils is not usually so dark. I mean, yes, the angels that are associated with the names are more than capable of being wrathful – but the description Zanna gives for this Name is more about making way for something new, rather than a curse. You might be better off with something like Magickal Attack if you’re looking for that sort of result.

      • Just another question, please, Mr. Blackthorn.

        When I do the contemplation magick on this book, I don’t get any immediate answers or insights while scanning and mentally saying the name associated with the sigil. Rather, I think….I’m getting delayed responses. I get sparks of insights sort of randomly throughout the day.

        I did a contemplation ritual for Veval, asking for knowledge about my soul’s expression — what it means, for example –the night before I got this impression:

        “Music. The purest expression of the human soul is music, and song is the language of the angels. To love a song is to recognize your self in it. When we align our soul to the will of God, we become his instruments.”

        Just my imaginings or legit insight?

        • Results are results, and for some people it’s a really instant knowing, others hear voices and more common is a slow awareness of something you weren’t aware of before. I’ve done contemplation magick and then looked back, ages later, and I realised that somewhere down the line what needed to occur to me occurred to me. So it’s not all obvious and clear. And it’s really important to see it as a result. Not to kid yourself, but because this is how magic works – subtle hints, coincidences, nudges of thought. The more you see it as magick, the more you get.

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