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Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.

Q: Why are the images in my ebook really small?

A: Make sure you bought a genuine copy of the ebook directly through Amazon. There are unauthorized versions of the ebook available elsewhere online that contain small images, missing images and incorrect images. Needless to say, you will not get good results from such books – the mindset of somebody who commits piracy is never going to be in line with wealth creation. If you have a genuine copy, then on most devices, tapping (or double clicking) on the image will make the image expand to full size. To buy a genuine copy, go to Amazon.

Q: Can I get printouts of the images?

A: You can find them here.

Q: You say there’s no need to perform magick during the first three weeks. Do I have to stop all other magick, including protection magick?

A: You can perform other magick without problems, but this three week period should be used to become proficient with The Daily Practice, before moving on to the first working. If you have other money magick going on in the background, from Magickal Riches, for example, that’s OK, but don’t start any new money rituals  during this period. Keep your focus on The Daily Practice.

Q: Will the magick work if I miss out working with the angels of omnipotence? I’ve heard they can cause depression.

A: The system used in Wealth Magick is designed as a complete system and you will get the best results if you do every working as described. It’s best not to leave out the omnipotence ritual. The later rituals are designed to be empowered and made safe by the earlier rituals. As such, if you break away from the outline given in the book you may get unexpected results. You are free, however, to use the magick in whatever way you wish, but the best results will come if you follow the book to the letter. As for depression, some people who have worked with Elubatel have experienced depression, but that is when they approach Elubatel using a different system that calls on Elubatel alone. In Wealth Magick, you contact three angels of omnipotence at once, using an entirely different structure, and this means that there is no risk of depression. Disruption is to be expected, because you can’t experience change without disruption, and this working is for those who actually want change.

Q:  I like the idea of being wealthy but don’t want my life to change too much. What should I do?

A: If you only want small amounts of cash, try the Magickal Cashbook instead. An alternative approach is Magickal Riches, which offer more advanced and ongoing methods, without being as extreme as Wealth Magick. Also see this post. And be aware that disruption is only change. The book doesn’t say your life will fall apart, only that it will change. Change is good. It’s what you want.

Q: I don’t mind change, but will the disruption make me lose jobs and have bad luck?

A: Disruption will occur, but it is usually just to make sure you’re on the right financial path – the magick won’t wreck your life. It is there to make sure you are pursuing the career that can make you wealthy and happy. You can do straightforward money magick and stay in the same wretched industry for thirty years. This book ensures that if you’re in a career or industry that makes you unhappy, you find a way out. But you are in control, and it is how you respond to the disruption that counts. Reflect deeply on what you really want and you will be fine.

Q: I’ve been using the Magickal Cashbook. Should I stop now that I’m using Wealth Magick?

A: No, you can keep using the Cashbook. There is no danger or irritating the spirits through continual use, so if you want a burst of cash, use the Cashbook. If you’re in the first three weeks of The Daily Practice, you might want to hold off on starting a new ritual until those three weeks are over.

Q: Wealth Magick appears to use demons as well as angels. Is that safe? I’m worried that something bad may happen to make the money come to me. I don’t want to work with evil beings.

A: Angels can be destructive and harmful. Demons can be gentle and helpful. What one person calls a demon, another calls an angel. We do not believe that any of these beings are necessarily evil. Nothing is evil until it does evil. There is no doubt that some are more destructive and unpredictable than others, but this system has been designed so that you can access their powers safely. If you are afraid of demons, remember that many people say a demon can only do work with divine permission or when guided by an angel. Others think that all angels are merely messengers and that when angels cause change they do so by employing hosts of demons. Whatever the truth, you have nothing to fear from the demons in this book.

There will always be propaganda about demonic danger, and if you listen to it, you will never work with demons. Nothing I can say will change that. But I can say that demonic work is safer than dealing with many of the ordinary people we encounter in the real world.

If you’re afraid, though, nothing I can say will change that, and it might be worth working with other magick for a while. I often hear that when people have spent some time with all different kinds of magick, they get a sense of spiritual authority and feel more confident with this kind of work. Magickal Riches has no demonic content, so might be a good starting point. Having Magickal Protection to hand might make you feel safer.

Q: There’s a ritual that I want to omit. Can I?

A: You can, but results may not be as good. If you’re afraid that the working uses a demon, see the note above. (Within the workings of this book they are constrained and made safe.)

Q: Do I need to charge the sigils/seals in the third working?

A: You can do, but it’s optional. Trust your intuition.

Q: Is it possible to hit a Casino Jackpot or win the Lottery with this magick?

A: Most of my books suggest that gambling is not the best way to make money. We have experimented and had some success, but it’s never a jackpot. As occultists always say, the odds of winning at gambling are so far against you, that even if magick makes you a thousand times more likely to win, the odds are still against you. I prefer money magick to be aimed at a string of unexpected coincidences. That’s how it works most effectively. If you gamble for fun on a regular basis anyway, there’s no harm in trying magick and it may work, but you must play casually, unafraid to lose the money you gamble. The Wealth Magick working is aimed at a change in the way money flows into your life for the rest of your life, not at a one-off win. Gambling is covered in Magickal Riches.

Q: Do I need to keep the talismans and seals? Or dispose of them?

A: You can use the talismans and seals in the book, and then just leave them there. If you have made copies, you can simply stop thinking of them as magickal items, and after a few days, throw them away without ceremony.

Q: How long does this magick work for? Is there any time when I can stop trying to be wealthy or with I be punished by the angels?

A: The book makes it clear that you have to do your share of work in this magick, but if you decide you have reached a point where you are happy with your wealth, no angel will punish you for being satisfied. The book tries to promote a feeling of satisfaction from the outset, as this feeling is effectively food for angels. So, when you are happy with what you have, consider the magick to be complete.

Q: Can I use the empowering process on other physical objects, such as crystals and personal items?

A: If you use the Image Fire process on something that has no sigil, it can still empower that object, but only in keeping with your perception of that object. If a particular item brings you good luck, for example, you could increase its power. This works even if the object doesn’t objectively have any power, but you have built up a superstition around it. In fact, your own perception is more important than any traditional correspondence.

Q: Somebody said that the sigil for Clauneck looks like the sigil for Lucifer. Is this true?

A: If you look at the lowest sigil in the circle – the one that starts with a cross on the left and is then made up of various ‘bulges’ – that is the sigil of Clauneck. Contextualised within the larger circle, this is effective. The larger circle has several uses within occultism, and here it is used to call Clauneck.

Q: The whole procedure is very long. Can I pause between workings?

A: You can. If you pause purely because you’ve lost interest or don’t have the endurance, that’s not ideal. You may want to restart at another time, when you feel you are able to commit to it fully, remembering that the real-world commitment and openness to opportunity is as important as the magick itself. If you pause because your intuition guides to give the magick time to work and evolve, that’s absolutely fine. If you pause because you don’t feel you have the energy to focus properly or because you need space to regroup, that’s also fine, because a rest is probably better than battling on with poor focus. During any pause, however, we do recommend continuing with The Daily Practice. It is very brief, but more fundamental to this process than you may realise.

Q: I stopped the magick after completing one of the workings, but want to complete the book now. Having read the question above I’m not sure whether to start again, or just continue. What should I do?

A: The rituals you performed remain valid, and you can continue. If you feel the urge to continue, you can probably assume that changes (seen or unseen) have made you ready to continue. If, however, you get a gut feeling that it just wasn’t right and that you should start again, trust that feeling.

Q: Can I repeat a ritual that I liked, at a later date, rather than doing the whole working again?

A: You can, but out of the context of this combination the results may be different to those you had before. Many people like to go back to Ritual 1, for example, as it is quite low-key, but helps make money flow. There’s no reason not to do that. Repeating Ritual 2 is more of a long-term commitment to the entire process, so before deciding on whether to repeat an individual ritual, see how it fits into the overall process and determine whether or not it feel right to repeat in isolation.

Q: I completed the whole working, and although I got some results I feel better prepared for change now. Should I repeat the whole thing?

A: You can do, and it will be a different experience. You should not feel obliged to repeat, or even anticipate this in advance, because that weakens your commitment to the initial process. But if you complete it, and feel that you want to try again, with more focus, energy and a better personal interaction with opportunity, there is no reason why you cannot repeat. There is no doubt that as you do more magick, you get better at magick. It should be noted, however, that for many people, once is enough, and this answer is only given for people who feel a strong desire to repeat. It should not be taken to mean that you have to do the ritual over and over to get results. Performed once, in the right conditions and with the right responses from you, once is often enough.

Q: What’s the best way to get money magick working?

A: First, don’t neglect The Daily Practice. We know that many people do, but it is the source of many of the beneficial effects. Also, read all the posts that you can on this website – it’s effectively a few books, published for free. Don’t miss The Secrets of Money Magick of The Gallery of Magick FAQ.


196 thoughts on “Wealth Magick FAQ

  1. Hello! As I think that it can’t be mentioned often enough I’d like to firstly point out once more how absolutely grand the whole Gallery of Magick’s body of work is and how wonderful it is that it enables and encourages anybody to experience profound wonders of the occult with very little effort and without the need to be adept at it. I’d like to personally thank you for offering these amazing opportunities! Over the past couple of months I’ve been experimenting with mainly rituals from “Demons of Magick” (which I find briliant! I shall comment some of my experiences in that section as well, I guess) – and “Magickal Riches” (I purchased several of your books and every single one of them brought me precious advice and new perspectives.) The results I’ve been able to achieve with the Master Ritual are mindblowing. After working for a couple of months with “Magickal Riches” I’ve suddenly come to realize that the book “Wealth Magick” is out there as well and it really made me chuckle how I seemed completely oblivious of it until I gained the experience from Magickal Riches. So the latter seemed like a preparation or gateway for me. At this point I think I’m at a crossroads and should decide if I’m ready to proceed with Wealth Magick or not. A couple of days ago when I stumbled upon the title I felt absolutely ready and got excited to try it. I purchased the book and after reading other’s experiences and skimming through the book itself some kind of hesitation started to kreep in and some sense of fearing change that could be tremendous. I might also have to do with what I read about the second ritual of the book and how working with the involved spirits could cause depression. As I am currently struggling from depression I fear that it could get worse. Maybe it would not and I would really like to work with “Wealth Magick”. I think I unfortunately feel a lot more comfortable about “Magickal Riches” because it seems lighter. I understand that therefore it’s workings are rather limited in results in comparison to the workings of “Wealth Magick”. It is an ambiguous situation- I feel attracted to “Wealth Magick” and very excited about the idea to try it but fear it at the same time…is there any advise on how I could make this easier on me? Thank you once more for your wonderful books, articles and comments. I’ve been wildly interested in the occult since the age of 10 (approximately) and never have I discovered sth. as guiding and true as this place. It enriched my world for sure!

    1. Hi. Great to hear you’ve had good results and thanks for those kinds words. Makes a difference to us!

      Only do this wealth working if you really feel ready. If there are difficult feelings it’s because we as human resist change and seek equilibrium, no matter how much we want it to be the other way. Magick can change that, can bring change, real change, and force us to deal with all the feelings that go with that change. So, yes, it can be hard, and I’d say don’t rush in if everything else is working. It really is your choice, but check out the answer above for Q: I don’t mind change, but will the disruption make me lose jobs and have bad luck? That really does say it all, I think, if you’re feeling uncertain. – Adam B

  2. hi GoM,
    I have an exam 2 months later, which if I get enough score ill move to another country for education (though my intended career for wealth isn’t through university or academic degrees) so I cant put effort for wealth on this 2 months. I was wondering whether to start magick now or after the exam date, and if it can help studying and taking the exam better (because i’m not doing well, can’t put enough time) since i’m sure ill have much better opportunities If i succeed in migrating. of course i’m not 100 sure but it can be 99 due to both countries condition. also i know ill be much happier over there.
    Thank you.

    1. Well, there other GOM books that can help: “Words Of Power” and “Greater Words of Power” by Damon Brand, “Sigils of Power and Transformation” by Adam Blackthorne. If exam is your first priority, check the pertaining working in those. And do them first and focus on exam. After you made it through start “Wealth Magick” because it actually takes a lot of will power and internal changes and darkness that you may experience can be a distraction.

    2. I agree with Will that you might want to focus on the exam, and in the meantime you can start The Daily Practice from Wealth Magick and do it continually. It only takes moments and getting used to that (which seems small but is the engine of the magick) would be a worthwhile way to go about it. The wealth working can be intense and you want to have the right time and space to get into it, but starting with that practice is not too intense and would fit around your exam. You could use other magick for the exam if need be, and then when you are done you could move to The First Working. – Adam B

  3. 1.The fourth ritual mentions Raziel and Arzel but has no mention of imagining lightning or singing unlike “Angels of Magic” and second working (where angels names are prescribed to be sung.Why is that? Is it an omission on author’s part?

    2. How am I to review my magic diary? Weekly the whole thing from the start? I have completed 259 entries and only half way through the book.Or every week I review only the entries for the most recent week?

    3. Does this kind of wealth magic make other kinds of financial esoteric obsolete? Like money mantras (Laxmi, Kubera, Balaji)? Is Ganesh mantra still fine to use while working this magic? Considering that Ganesha is considered to be obstacle remover rather than money giver?

    4. Is breathing-focusing on chakras acceptable and compatible with working this magic? Muladhara (1st chakra) and solar plexus Manipura are supposedly money chakras. I noticed that I became more prone to masturbation since I started working “Wealth Magick) out of concern that transferring second chakra energy and pulling it into the third would be in violation of instruction not to use other forms of money magic.

    1. Hi.
      1. Wow, I thought I answered this just the other day, but it was 14 months ago. Weird. Anyway, each book is self-contained and works as is. If you pick up techniques from other books and want to combine them, it may help – but there is no obligation. Each time, just enough technique to get it to work is supplied.

      2. Do what feels right. You might not look back at any of it for a year, or you may feel an urge to slip through every few days. It’s down to the individual. If you enjoy finding out what’s changed, what attitudes are shifting and so on, use it. If you don’t get much out of it, leave it for a while. Its time will come.

      3. Not at all. We often talk about targeting magick, so even as you do one form, you do another to help give the magick more room to work. See http://galleryofmagick.com/2016/08/03/targeting-your-magick/ but also advise against too much at once, so see: http://galleryofmagick.com/2016/10/20/the-abundance-of-magick/

      4. Yes that’s fine. The instruction not to use other magick is only for the first three weeks. See Preparation and Daily Practice.

      It’s a heck of a working, so I hope you keep going and get the changes you’re looking for.

  4. This book has been a journey. I’m just starting the sixth working and as I’m looking back, there has been many energy shifts and things happening behind the scenes. I’m not exactly wealthy yet, but things are much better in comparison and I’ve noticed a lot of changes in myself happening because of the disruptions I’ve experienced. Overall it’s a great a book and I’m happy to be experiencing the work.

  5. Hi, my second question is -can lottery magick and “Magickal Cashbook” magick be applied to trading penny stocks rather than playing lottery? I promised god that I will never play any lotteries in my life after I won “green card” lottery to make a way for US citizenship. And my trading instructor told me there is no way to learn to consistently make money in penny stocks because they are so unpredictable. So can they be treated as lottery and gambling and influenced by the same magick (assuming reasonable research is done)?

    1. The Chasbook is best not applied to anything. You just let it come from where it will come. If you see that form of trading as gambling, which most people do, then yeah, it’s gambling. Whether you break your deal and gamble again is your choice, but if you do the magick can help but only where there is skill involved. That’s a big question. Is there skill in penny stocks? Magical Riches says that when skill is involved, as with say a game of poker, then magick helps best. Otherwise, it’s just plain gambling, and we know the house always wins…

  6. I am working on Damon Brand’s “Wealth Magic” and I have always been of a somewhat varacious eater. But from a certain point in second ritual it just blew through the roof. And even though I have completed the second ritual and now more than half way through third my appetite is just as insatiable as when I was in my teens. For about two-three years I was virtually free of urges for cakes-after a lot of hard work on myself-I kicked it solidly.But now it’s back just like at the start. Why what is the reason? Is it subconcious fear of all the action that’s ahead? Am I struggling to process the new view of how things are because old ones were are badly shaken if not shattered? As if some part of me wants to eat it all so that appetite doesn’t get in the way of productivity when real action starts? I always had a feeling that my love and need for sleep and food were in my productivity’s way. Is there magic that helps better endure discomfort of lack of sleep and hunger and sex without masturbating and losing focus on work and learning and studying (like fucking Elon Musk)? Or is it because I am putting my focus on being consistent with doing rituals I indulge myself to slack in other areas of my life? What’s going on with me?
    Thank you for answering beforehand!

    1. I think that when you come up with an answer like that, yourself, you’re onto something. “Is it subconcious fear of all the action that’s ahead? Am I struggling to process the new view of how things are because old ones were are badly shaken if not shattered?” I can’t say for sure because I don’t know you or your situation, but my gut instinct is that what you said there sounds right, and I’ve seen it before. The adjustment can lead us to seek comfort, or to hide or to give up. But you’ve seen it, so you have a way through. There is lots of magick for helping support your through difficult times and having more willpower, comfort and so on, and I hate to say it, but the most popular book for that is my Sigils of Power and Transformation (Adam Blackthorne). Some of it will be obvious, which to use, and others may take a bit of deeper reading, but there’s a lot in there that could help. – Adam B

  7. Hello Adam,
    I just summoned courage to do this work.
    Right now, I am still on the daily practice. There is a paragraph that says no money magick should be done within the first 3 weeks of the daily practice.

    However, late last year Bune (from Demons of Magick) did his work I asked of him. I have given the public praise to the domon as promised. But I have not called Bune to “OFFICIALLY” say I have fulfilled my promise.

    My question is should I wait till the end of the 3 weeks before calling Bune again just to tell him I have fulfilled my promise (which I am sure Bune is already aware of any way).

    Similarly, do I also need to wait till the end of 3 week before seeking opinion from my pendulum concerning my investment portfolio? I am thinking about re-positioning some of my investments and wondering if using my pendulum to know what to buy and what to sell constitute a violation of the 3 week waiting guide.

    1. With a Bune, wait – no rush. There’s no such thing as a violation, but it’s meant to be a free time when you’re not scrambling after money with magick. If you can keep it free, do so. If you can’t, then maybe do that pendulum work and then give yourself another three weeks. Or just gamble and hope that mixing it up is ok.

  8. Hello all — I’ve been having a wonderful time with this process and have purchased all of your books, each with varying success in their rituals… So here I am, on Working 6 of Extreme Wealth – and suddenly find myself overwhelmed with fear to go forward to that last demon…

    To be honest, I knew before starting that it scared me, but for some reason I was compelled to go forward with every single ritual with diligence and perseverance over the course of the past few months… Now, here I am, ready to do Ritual 7 and I’m getting cold feet… I don’t know what answers to expect from you all, but I also don’t know if any other place to go with this question… I’ve considered abandoning the effort altogether, but then I wonder where that leaves all my previous work hanging in the balance… I would greatly appreciate any thoughts of inspiration or encouragement.

    1. I can’t advise you much, except that if your instinct is to stop, you can stop. It won’t unravel everything. Other people take a break. You might want to change your focus to other areas of magick, or just take a break from magick altogether – sometimes that can be a great thing. You shift back to the mundane, forget about magick, and that actually gives it more room to work. Obviously, in terms of this wealth working, a real focus on your own effort is emphasised from the start, so that would need to continue, but if you don’t want to do that ritual, don’t. Lots of people really love that part, but there’s no need to go there if it doesn’t appeal. Yes, it is a set of combined rituals, but you should never force yourself to do something. If it’s just fear, that may abate, it may not – but trust your own intuition. Cheers, AB.

      1. Adam – Thank you so much for your response… All perspectives you bring to light are helpful… I mean, the truth is, I want to do the process which is why I’ve gone thus far… But as I’ve found with this ritual and other workings of GOM, they all bring forth much profound healing and thought to consider the realities one is bringing forth… (and ultimately spiritual and emotional growth which can mean hurdles within)….

        So yes — taking a breather – stepping back to gain perspective of what I really want is helpful…
        ** and likewise the permission not to do so is equally welcome…

        Much gratitude to your response and all the work GOM has brought into the world… I have been on ‘the spiritual path’ for decades – and some results I had been seeking for years came in an instant with the rituals from your body of work… With gratitude…

    1. Thanks very much for that. The private copies are often really bad distortions, but some are real, so we take them down. I’d be grateful if you could reply here, with the links and I’ll get the lawyer onto it. Thanks. The post won’t appear publicly, for obvious reasons! Thank you. Adam.

    2. Thank you. Legal team are onto it and they should be down in 24 hours. We also try to shut down websites that share the links – doesn’t always work, but we’ve closed down more than ten this year. If you happen to know the forum or website where the links were originally shared, could you please forward that to me as well. Once again, it won’t be made public. Thanks so much for your help. Adam.

  9. Greetings,

    So .. I have a question. I have been doing wealth magick for the past 3-4 months and I miss days here and there but eventually i meet the required amount of days for the ritual.

    I want to know do u think I should start over? It’s hard for me to go without missing a day or two…sometimes three. Can I still expect to get good results?


    1. If you’ve kept up The Daily Practice Daily, you might be ok to continue. But remember that this is about a total change of focus. If you’ve been missing days is it because you’ve not made the focal change, you’ve not connected to the real world adjustments yet? One way to work this is just to work it and then see how things change, but the best way is a real involvement, a search and opening, from day one. I can’t say what would be best, but this might stir your instinct one way or another.

  10. Hi Adam,

    I´m on The Third Working in Wealth Magic. It says to talk to Calvarnia and describe about the poverty / lack I have felt andto describe the transformation that I want to take place. Also what I intend to do with wealth and how I celbrate and use the wealh that flows through me. Does the describtion have to be always the same, or can I change it during the 22 days of the ritual? I will keep it brief and have the most important aspects / “main theme” rather consistent, but I was wondring if it´s ok to add some “flavors” there at different times…say, if I come up with a new ways of celebrating the future wealth or I figure out some new exciting way to use wealth that I have not thought before.

    Also, I have done quite a bit of premilinary work as emphasised in the beginning of book and I have quite good sense of what kind of lifestyle I want to create in general and how will I be spending money. However, as I have been experiencing some great internal shifts and changes during the last couple of months, thanks to magic and some serious healing work, I am starting to see more and more what is possible in this world…so the kind of lifestyle and wealth that I want keeps being upgrated.
    It´s quite amazing, my internal perception of wealh is already expanded quite a lot, while the external world /results are yet to catch up, but I sense the magic working quite strongly but subtly and there are signs of things working in my favor. I also sense the presence of the mighty Angels after finishing The Second Working. Now, I reckon it´s wise to keep the main “level of requested wealth” rather unchanged during any particular ritual, but do you think it could be ok to “upgrade” it as I progress from one ritual to next if I have a strong sense that the amount of wealth I first had in mind when starting the first working was aimed at too low? I´m not going to jump from tens of thousands to billions or anything like that in my request, but I was wondering how much there is leeway in the workings or how pricise you have to be when thinking/visualizing/describing the amount of wealth I want and if it´s better to keep it consistant during the whole process and then repeat the whole workings (some years)later with bigger aim in mind if needed.

    I should also mention that I´m serial entrepreneur and always looking for ways to expand my wealth and providing as much value as possible so I make sure to do my part and meet the spirits in the halfway in my path towards greater wealth. Thank you for taking your time to read this Adam.

    1. HI there. If you’re a serial entrepreneur then you’re in an ideal apple to work this magick, as you’re looking for opportunity and making the most of it when it arrives. It makes sense that you would adapt and change as the magick works. Yes! Let your ideas expand and your needs be greater, because the magick is probably encouraging this is part of the process given that you’re receptive to it. Cheers, Adam B.

  11. I am studying the Wealth Magick book in detail at this time, and I have a question about Ritual Three. My feeling about the Angels and Spirits are somewhat casual, and I’m uncomfortable with including words like “Duke” and “King” in an invocation. I may consider moving forward with the ritual, were it okay to omit the titles and merely state the names. What advice might you offer? Would the ritual be fine without the fancy schmancy titles?

    1. One more question, regarding the talismans for the final three workings. Gordon Winterfield’s “Magickal Attack” introduced the idea of triangular shapes being protective for working with spirits, and even mentioned numerous ways that triangular symbols were used throughout the ages. The first talismans do have triangles; either doubled together to create a diamond shape, or crossed over each other to form a star. I feel inclined to draw a triangle around the last three circular sigils, which deal with spirits. Would this interfere with the working?

      Alternatively, may the final workings be left off, with the Raziel ritual (which I’m very familiar with at this point, since it is part of the 72 Angels rituals) being the finale for the entire working?

      1. Yes to triangles, but there’s an irony in that Gordon’s new book does away with triangles (except in the sigils) when demonic work usually involves drawn or constructed triangles. Anyway, forgetting that little aside, drawing triangles might help, but it could prevent the connection required between the spirits. I honestly don’t know because that’s one I’ve never tried. Again, feel free to experiment if your intuition is guiding you there. No harm in doing it like the book says, but if you’re drawn to adapt then go ahead. As for the Raziel ritual, it’s a pretty specific call that’s not really all-purpose, but you can try it if you like. Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but this is going way off piste, so I just don’t know what sort of results you’ll get. I come from a chaos background, so I’d always mess with the details, and that’s how I learned a load of good stuff, and sometimes I learned that I had to go back to the beginning – but trust your gut.

        1. Adam, I do have your book on Chaos. From your comments, I gather that there might be some creativity involved with the last three rituals. For example, if I find three (of the 72) angels who have similar powers (which is highly likely), I might try substituting three rituals from the 72 angels book for the final three rituals. If this is possible, would you recommend following the format of the 72 angels book (do the daily practice until the next Thursday, then start and end on a Sunday, then do the daily practice until the next Thursday for the next ritual, etc) or merely tagging them along after the Raziel ritual for the days recommended in the Magick book?

          As for drawn triangles, I have physically drawn them around the graphics as a permanent frame. Had not intended to “draw” them spiritually as part of the ritual.

          1. Thanks for buying my book. When it comes to chaos, let that creativity come from your intuition, as well as the sound knowledge that comes from reading and understanding – that’s better than my advice, because it’s all personal. When drawing, the spiritual act is often the same as the physical, and vice versa.

    2. You can approach it without the old language, but consider it an experiment. It’s written this way because it works this way. You know, the cops pull you over and you say, ‘Yes sir, here’s my ID,’ rather than, ‘Hey Bob, how are you going tonight?’ Usually. But feel free to experiment.

  12. Hi Adam,

    I´m in the second working (Angels of Omnipotent) in my Wealth Magic book, practicings everything as instructed including Daily Practice Ritual, except I just realized I have kept repeating a mistake that I´m not really sure if it´s big one or small one, and since this ritual effects the rest of the Wealth Magic workings I want to make sure I get it right.

    Since I´m not native english speaker I have written the pronounciation of the names in separate paper to match how I would write it in my native language, so that when I read the letters from my language it is easier for me to sound like english speaker would pronounch them, if that makes sense. Now, when I wrote the words/names on paper I doublechecked I got everything…but later on I started to intuitively feel that something is not right. So today I checked again the part where there is a long list(20+) of words and it appears that I have missed one of them. So I have been performing the ritual 19 days with missing word/name(?) on the list and now I´m not sure what to do.

    I added the missing word to the list and continued the ritual normally and I continue to do so until I get the reply from you. This might be a small error (in which case I would not worry that much), but I´m since I´m not sure and this is the ritual that (em)powers the following rituals plus adds a layer of protection I wanted to ask what you recommend me to do. I have no idea if I have been just sounding strange to the Angels or if I have missed some crucial powerword. After the addition there is still 14 days left for me to do the ritual correctly tho, would that be sufficient to have the Angels walk with me on the path of wealth or should I start the count of 33 days from the day I did the ritual with complete list? Thank you.

    1. One reason we repeat is to cover for errors. Also, when there’s a long list of words, often half of them will do the job. You should be fine if you just continue from here. Cheers, Adam.

  13. After a “failed” attempt at a new business, I picked back up again and work that made me very unhappy but that at least paid the bills. It has been more than a year since completion of these rituals and so I felt that this new venture was a result of the working. Literally every time I pushed, worked more magick for creativity, opening the road, understanding new business opportunities, it began to feel like I was in a sinking ship and after losing more than half of my income from the year before, I just had to go back to my prior job when I first started this working.

    Well I just found out that a former friend of mine has a disease and her health is detiorating. We stopped speaking before I began reading GOM books. She’s a very strong intuitive but I felt that she was getting darker and I felt uncomfortable by her. She lashed out on my once and I took that as an opportunity to go separate ways. Since then, my life changed dramatically with the rituals I began doing, left my job and the country for 3 months to disconnect. I came back renewed and began this new venture.

    A friend told me that she was expecting to see me since her decline in health. She said that since I haven’t, she feels “compelled by God” to take revenge on me. Although i stopped speaking to her, someone from my family did keep in touch and gave her updates about the venture. I have a strong feeling that she tried to curse my venture and I just finished doing break the curse from your book.

    Question – how could all of my wealth workings potentially be affected at a later date if a curse was placed on it? How would the angels of omnipotence react for example? I feel in my heart that the integrity of the work is in place but I’m very curious about the whole thing….

    Thank you for reading through this.

    1. Hey there, that sounds rough. Usually when people think they’re cursed, it’s nothing but paranoia, but I have to say this story ticks the boxes, and it sounds like she’s up to something, even if it’s just dark willpower (which can be very effective from the right person.) Now, you’d think angels of omnipotence could cope with a minor curse, and that sort of thing – and they can. But what often happens is that curses aren’t aimed at venture itself, but at you, and that in turn can have affected you. It’s rare for somebody to be able to mess things up that well, but she sounds like a tough one. The protection magick does work well. I’d do the 30 day, Sword banishing twice a day, break curses and anything else that feels right, and you know, if it was me, I’d probably use darker magick to bind and attack. Or there are ritual in Sigils of Power to make enemies find peace and lose interest, or just warm up – that can be a better policy than attack. You’d have to work out the best approach based on your knowledge of the situation.

      1. Thank you so much. I’ve already done the 30 day master protection in august, would you recommend I do it again? And yes I always do sword banishing 2x a day for about 2 years now. I’m also going through the motions right now like you said, cancel curse, foil, bind with end the war ritual immediately after. I’ve created so many servitors to help me balance my emotions, protect from negative energy, even made one to help me find joy and I’ve been doing magick continuously. Now I understand how sword banishing curbs the effects of curses or whatever she did and now that I realize the extent of her hatred towards me, I realize I must do something separate.

        My wealth workings are so special and sacred to me that I want to ask you again for sake of clarity, should I do it all over again? Angels of omnipotence withstand but since she has attacked me, what happened to my wealth workings?

        After I bind and end war, I have it planned to do several workings for the venture itself, protect against influence/business, open road end bad luck etc etc Will that be enough? Was I led to a wrong venture because of this terrible woman?

        Bless you Adam, thank you.

        1. Ok, seeing what you’ve done and how much is already in place I’d say less is better than more now. Continue with the Sword Banishing, but let the rest do its work – otherwise, doing too much can feel like you *feel* unprotected. Also, don’t assume the wealth working has definitely been harmed. In 99% of business ventures the business comes and goes, rises and falls and a period of absolutely awful business can be preparation for a pheonix-like rise from the ashes. Sometimes it can be the pause you need. It is worth considering that her revenge has in fact been stalled – given what you tell me you’ve done in terms of protection that is quite possible. I would focus instead on finding peace to give the wealth working room to blossom out – no need to repeat. Yes, binding and attacking might be a great idea, but if you have The Angels of Alchemy, The 72 Sigils of Power and Sigils of Power and Transformation, use those books to find peace regardless of what’s going on. If you can let the attack wash over you, it washes over you. If you can trust that your wealth workings are safe, they are safe. Of course, I am guessing a bit, and can’t know your actual situation, but you might want to consider this before your next move. Certainly, at times like this, simply finding your own peace with a certainty that it will work out long term is more empowering than being stuck in the moment of being attacked – and that empowerment can unlock the magick.

          1. Yes! Thank you. The binding was important to me to help channel anger and regain my power and I do have a what now feeling, so I will focus more on peace. You’ve mentioned this to me before about how businesses go on this roller coaster ride and so I believe my true will is aligned and that I had to brush off the spider webs while my true course launches. Thanks for the quick responses Adam! They’re very helpful as I was able to really use the time this weekend to make magickal plans.

  14. Hello , I am currently doing the omnipotence working of wealth magick . Will I ruin the ritual if I do a lesser banishing of the pentagram sometime in my day(other than the ritual) ?

  15. I’m currently on the last 2 days of the 3-week period before the first working. Things have been a little tough financially but i’m generally okay. However, I have bazaar on the last day and I feel the need to do the increase sales magick from the sigils of power. My question is, will doing the sigil ritual adversely affect the wealth magick? I know it was mentioned that we should hold off on other money magick until after the 3 weeks but it’s on the last day and I could really use the sales boost.

    1. The purpose of the ‘no magick’ period is to make sure you have a genuine space before you being, but it doesn’t have to be exact. If you feel ready for this next move, make it! I hope that works out for you.

  16. Dear Mr. AB :D,
    Just wanna say – I’m applying your wise advice on taking a ‘day off’ every now & then & I think it’s working. Today is my day off (just one day) before starting the 4th stage of Wealth Magick. Furthermore, during this day off, like what Mr. DB said focus on other wealth building non-magickal materials – which I’m also doing 🙂 :D, e.g. reading the classic “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It’s not entitled WORK & GROW RICH or SLAVE YOURSELF & grow rich. It’s THINK & GROW rich ( I think he was a magickian himself 😉 *just my theory* ).

    Moral lesson? It’s okay to take a day off, rest a lil – the spiritual world & spiritual beings won’t take it personally after all… they’re dealing with humans with their own frailties in mind, body & spirit.

    I’m also applying the day off philosophy on a personal level hahahah the world is NOT GONNA collapse while I’m resting & catching up on sleep. Once more with much gratitude 😀 S.M.888

  17. Hi,

    I was doing the 2nd working for 19days straight. I now have to stop since I’m going to be on vacation for 10days n don’t have the privacy to do the rituals. Do I just do the remaining 14days when I arrive back home or do I have to restart the ritual for 33 days?

    1. Jut keep going when you return, but keep up The Daily Practice while away. It is like oil, glue, energy – so important to the overall working, and if you keep that up (it can be done silently without anybody knowing), you keep it all tied together.

  18. As an act of gratitude I just wanna post 😀 just to show Calvarnia (in action & not just empty words) – never thought the impact of this Great Mighty Potent Duke would overshadow MOST of the “self help gurus” out there. Today something internal just shifted: I stopped buying discounted things, or on “sale” bargain things – like I don’t deserve the FULL RETAIL PRICE of things. Or like I’m a “Bargain Being” myself. Money is Energy like what Mr. D.B said on his other books –it has to flow.

    This is my own magickal journey & thus would vary from person to person. On that note 😀 with much gratitude to my G.O.M Masters for the generosity as always, the wisdom about life & the magickal knowledge #PRICELESS

  19. Dear Gallery of Magick, I love your books. I purchased 6 of them (within a recent six week period). I know they work for me, I have had great success with Words of Power, and in a few days I will have completed, The Master Protection Ritual.

    My questions to you are a little complicated.

    I know what I want without a single doubt. However, I need to complete Book 3 in my Science Fiction series before, I begin marketing my book series.

    I am debating as to whether I should use, The Powers of Poiel or Daniel to focus on completing book 3 before focusing on creating wealth. Or if I should begin, Wealth Magick, while I am completing book 3?

    My concern with using the “Wealth Magick” book is that my life is currently in the midst of settling down from being literally turned upside down from financial turbulence. I am awaiting a court date for bankruptcy due to a failed business launch. A bat flew into my home and landed in my money area. I knew a big shift was coming.

    Do you think I should focus on simply completing book 3 with inspirational angelic help and clearing my financial issues, before working on Wealth Magick.?

    Is Wealth Magick a better fit for people who do not know for sure what they want? As opposed to working with Poiel since, I know exactly what I want.

    Thank you ever so much for your time.

    1. Hi Cassandra. It’s entirely up to you, but I get the sense that your intuition is saying, ‘Wait!’ and that’s what I’d suggest too. Clear the decks, and then go into it. The thing with Wealth Magick is that it won’t turn your life upside down if you know what you want – it can work in harmony with that, but it may actually lead you to find more of what you want, and better ways to get it. Worth doing, even though it’s a long working, but I’d stick to something like the angelic magick until your book is complete. Cheers. Adam.

  20. Hi. I know this is probably a stupid question but for the life of me I can’t seem to find the Orante Gesture in you Wealth Magick book. I read about it in your article on supercharging the cashbook and it got me curious. I basically just want to clarify if the Orante gesture is the Image fire technique. Is it?

    I’m the guy who posted in your fb page about the daily practice. 😉

    1. Ha! Not a stupid question at all, Leo. Damon asked me to update that article long, long ago (well, a few months go). The Orante Gesture was used in a very early copy of Wealth Magick because at that point we weren’t sharing all of our own stuff, but now our more secret stuff if being shared, so the new back has the Image Fire technique. It’s similar, comes from the same stable – that’s what you can use. I’ll update that old article today, so it makes more sense. Thanks for pointing it out.

  21. Hi Adam, I bought a lot of the Gom books.
    I completed the final working of Wealth Magick at the beginning of this year. Towards the end of 2016 I was experiencing improvements in my financial situation (I also left a positive review about that on Amazon) but in the first months of 2017, my professional life underwent a very tough situation. Now I’m trying to recover and starting offering more services to my clients.

    I wonder if this the disruption Damon is talking about in the book, though I understood that it can be an effect of the Omnipotence working (one of the first, that I made many months ago).

    Greetings from Italy by Dave

    1. Hi Davide. Thanks for the good review, and great to hear the magick worked. Disruption only comes in accordance with hoe much change you want. Note what it says above; “Disruption will occur, but it is usually just to make sure you’re on the right financial path – the magick won’t wreck your life.” There’s a lot more up there about disruption. So what’s happened since could just be seething that’s happened. Yes, the wealth working can last a long time and make a lot of change, but it doesn’t solve all problems for ever. As you change, and as random things happen, you need to adapt, fire magick at new problems, and keep moving on in that way. I hope that makes sense. Although the wealth working is long term, you often still need magick to get through unexpected events that will always, always be a part of business. My greatest business victories have usually come after problems like this, but I don’t see them as part of the magickal disruption – just normal business life. Now, sometimes, I have welcomed big disruption because I’ve wanted change, and then, early on in the working, you get a sense of that. Hope your recovery goes well and if you need to know more, just ask. Cheers, Adam B.

      1. Hi Adam, thank you for the kind words. The thing is that the situation is not improving, so for me I couldn’t say that magick (maybe only for this period, although not a brief one) isn’t working, but I’d say that its working the opposite way…
        To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed by all the GOM work. So far I worked rituals for different areas of my life: some worked, some others were a complete failure (and no, there wasn’t the problem of lust for results, except for an attempt, by the way failed, to reconcile with my ex girlfriend).
        I hope you accept also the not-so positive comments..
        I really appreciate you guys for your kindness and the time spent here, but I have to tell the truth about my experience with the GOM work.

        1. Hi Davide. Yes we accept criticism, because there’s often something to learn. What I do take from this is that magick wasn’t a total write off for you, and that you got some results. That’s not me looking for a silver lining, but at least means you had some connection to a world beyond the ordinary. If it’s not working for you, though, or if it feels like the wrong direction, I get that and why you’d want to move away from it. We have seen some people come back to magic after years, or persist for years, and find something clicks – and then everything works. Some never do, of course. Or it may be that somebody else’s magick will work better for you. I hope you find something that works.

  22. Hi GoM,
    I’m into the 2nd working…. Boy, some days are hard, but getting through it and really enjoying results. I have a question about two recent experiences which have happened during the 2nd working. The first experience was something that happened in the city the other day. I was walking down the street looking up at the buildings. There was an old building in front of an new glass office block. What happened was, it was like I could peel away the old building to reveal the ‘universe’ filling the void. In my minds eye I could see the interconnectedness of the universe, like flowing lines of energy. The questions are: Is this magick? What does it mean? Can I use it to increase the magick of the working etc. The second thing happened yesterday when I was in the park looking up at the clouds and instead of focusing in the clouds, I shifted my gaze to about 5 feet in front of me. Then I noticed, what I can only describe as hundreds if not thousands of tiny white circles popping in and out of existence. I’m new to magick and haven’t experienced anything like this before. Again, is this Magick? What does it mean, if anything? Could I use it or develop it somehow?
    Love the books can’t wait for the new ones.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi there. Yes, it can be tough – not for everybody, but for some, and the hard times come and go. All worth it, I hope!

      If you’ve not done much magick before in your life (and you say) then getting into it can make this sort of thing happen. Not often. usually it’s just stuff like this: https://galleryofmagick.com/2015/07/21/a-touch-of-the-supernatural/ But sometimes, the veneer of reality is peeled away a bit and you get to see things as they are, or something else strange and wonderful. It’s best not to get obsessed with this, or to seek it; it’s rarely useful unless it gives you strong intuitive hints. It’s best use is to know that magick is working, and that you have a strong connection to it. Lots of people would be envious and seek such ‘fireworks’ for years without ever seeing them.

  23. Hi, I have just bought my copies of Wealth Magick and the 72 Sigils of Power. I haven’t started the Wealth Magick rituals yet since I wanted to read through it to gain a good understanding of the entire process. I couldn’t help notice that in the other Gallery of Magick books (that have given me really great results! ) the pentagrams that frame the sigils are upright. In Wealth Magick they are inverted. Is there a reason behind this? I hope it is okay to ask. Thank you.

    1. Hey Isabelle, thanks for buying the books. Traditionally, an inverted pentagram has been used to symbolise all sorts of dark and satanic stuff, so a few minutes of Googling will tell you this is devil worship. It’s not! Phew. Those two-tone pentagrams are used to unsettle and shimmer reality a little. When they’re upside down it’s not about turning reality upside down, but more about a change of perspective, a breaking of convention. You’re taking charge of your life in a way that is genuinely unconventional. So that’s all this reflects. Truth is, they’d work either way up, but a little extra symbolism always goes into the crafting of these things.

  24. Hi,

    This may be a silly question but I wanted to know if it is necessary to dispose of the piece of wood or twig used in the first working exactly an hour later after the ritual is performed or is it okay to wait until the next hay?

    1. Hi Ianna! It says, “wait an hour or so”, which gives you some leeway, but I’d get it done on that same day, rather than waiting for the next day – but several hours later should be ok.

      1. Thank you. On two occasions I did the ritual late – just before midnight, and left the twig overnight. Once I left it for the whole day until I returned from work. Should I add two additional days to make up for this mistake?

  25. Dear G.O.M Masters 🙂 I know it was mentioned that depression, lethargy so on & so forth will possibly come up during the rituals. But boy oh boy I didn’t know there are other “dark things” dark thoughts that would go with those 🙂 😀 . The mantra ” I am humble when I revel in the wonders of power” keeps me grounded & still say it often along with “why am I so wealthy?”.

    Didn’t know that wealth usually comes with wounds. My wounds are being opened right now by my 3 mighty angels (they know who they are). *Whew* intense, still with much gratitude. S.M.888

    1. Feelings like that come on any journey to wealth, with our without magick. But, sometimes it’s worth backing off a little. It’s never worth working so hard you burn yourself out. Everybody has different tolerances. Sometimes a break can be as productive as slogging away without one. None of this may apply, but I thought it was worth saying.

      1. Oh my goddess – to be honest Mr. A.B *sigh* like memories of my things being stolen from me by so called “friends” have been popping up, from childhood to adulthood. People who would make me feel bad because “I’m not generous enough” have been popping up, from friends to lovers.

        As a magickian now – I know now how to alchemize pain into something powerful… like pain into laughter etc. – but oh boy – never thought the 3 mighty Angels mean business when I verbalize “shift time bend reality”. Part of it maybe, just my theory (from the Angels’ point of view) “well bending reality is easy – but you have to let go of your past”.

        Still with much gratitude (my wounds are turning into wealth – I know this for sure) 🙂 😀 S.M.888

  26. Hi Adam,

    I recently started doing the whole wealth magick working for a second time, and I am about to finish up the second working with the angels of omnipotence. As usual, I’ve been doing the daily practice every day and it is something I have come to greatly enjoy! I was wondering, if, in addition to doing the daily practice for wealth, it can be modified to be used for things such as charisma, magnetism, etc? It seems like this working would be very easily adaptable to achieving a number of other traits besides wealth. Is this something you or anyone in your group has ever done?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Yes. It’s not actually ‘for’ wealth directly. But if you want wealth, it’s a great process to empower the whole thing. So it already works for all magick, makes everything better. There are ways to tune and adapt it for other situations, but I can’t say much more about that yet. Glad you’re getting a lot out of it.

      1. Thanks, Adam. I started using this method for a couple other things last week and I find it’s been working fast! I’m looking forward to hearing more about how to adapt this in the future!

  27. Hi Adam,

    I have been performing the Second Work so far. At my current situation, I know for sure it won’t get me very far, so decided to quit my job. These last weeks I have traveled to a different country. I met some people. And it made me realize what I really want, and where I really want to be.
    I’m at crossroad right now in my life, and my only concern is whether I should use some additional Magick to achieve my desire or rely only in this Magickal Wealth System, because I really need some direction in my life right now. I don’t know whether it is a good idea to hire some Tarot Reading.

    By the way, thank you very much for sharing all this knowledge.


    1. Glad to hear all that! But for the next step, has Tarot been genuinely useful in the past and do you know where to get a good reading? If not, skip it. Intuition is far more important at a place like this. Do you add in more? If you need to target certain areas, to discover more about yourself, or to encourage certain aspects of the situation to blossom – yes. If to force the issue, no. A couple of good posts to read:



    1. No. I would see that as an interesting phenomenon and let it be. Unless you know somebody just put it in the trash, which isn’t quite as dignified. But no, if it somehow vanished, then I’d continue.

      1. O ok. I honestly don’t know if it was taken by someone or not. Thus I’m just going to redo those 2 days n better protect the wood until disposal.

        And continue to forge through

      2. Update: same thing happen again last night. I even touched the wood with my big toe before I left the room. Fell asleep n she. I woke up it was GONE. Like abracadabra

  28. I was told that it is best not to let anyone who doesn’t practice magick to know if we are practicing magick. I have made the mistake of telling some friends and one family member (not good at keeping secrets) how excited I’m about magick AND I haven’t started. I worry that this will impact the results of my magick because all the people that I have told have negative impressions of magick, particularly one who is a devout Christian. Is this going to impact the results of my magick?

  29. Hello! I am in the third day of the first work… The one whereby enjoying beauty, I ask the two questions ‘why am I this wealthy’ – ‘how did I become this wealthy’ – Which, by the way, I repeat a number of times throughout the day, as I find myself enjoying any kid of beauty.

    Now. In July, I am supposed to pass an exam to keep my present job. I have not passed this exam a number of times. There is a danger that I may lose my job if I don’t pass this exam in July. I truly dislike the subject matter of the exam, as well as my job… But the job pays my bills nicely.

    Since January, I have been performing the three-month “protect my job” ritual from the Magickal Protection book. This job protection ritual si set to expire at the beginning of May. I am also considering creating a servitor (I do have that book as well) to help me pass that exam.

    In essence. As I continue, wholeheartedly, the first three weeks of work from this book (Wealth Magick), just as I intend to perform each end every work in this book:
    – Is it a good idea to also perform the three-month “protect my job” as well as the workings of creating a servitor?

    (I might add that my previous attempts to create a servitor have not been successful – but I never give up!)

    Thank you!

    1. This is very difficult to answer, because clearly you want to keep your job, you don’t want the swot of disruption that comes from losing a job, and yet the wealth workings are absolutely designed to help you see a way to move above and beyond where you are now. For most people, that means the work they do, or how they work, will change. The wealth workings for some just get the business rolling and the money coming in. For others, they open you up to the inspiration of what you could do next to make more money. But they don’t just make money come from out of the blue. So if your priority is to keep your job and to stay in the situation you are in, I would wait until that is settled before progressing beyond The Daily Practice of Wealth Magick. From a more secure place, you can then progress. If servitors aren’t your thing – and they aren’t for everybody – then maybe skip that. Not sure what other books you have, but Sigils of Power has some exam stuff, if you have that book. And yes, the protect your job ritual, if that’s the main thing you want to do.

      1. Thank you for your response!

        Today I begun the two-day “Protect Your Job” Ritual, as described in the book Magickal Protection. It seems to last for three months (I will finish trh second day ritual tomorrow). I also begun the 33-day Master Protection Ritual (same book).

        What would possibly happen if I do continue the various works described in the book “Wealth Magick”?

        Thank you!

        1. It doesn’t turn your world upside down, but it is meant to disrupt in a way that leads to your greatest potential. Disruption and instability doesn’t sound like what you’re after right now. I wouldn’t say it would endanger your job, and it could open more opportunities – but the essence of the magick is great change, and seeing potential and moving on, which doesn’t sound right for you now. But that’s your choice. Just be aware that if you invite change, you get change. It comes within the boundaries of what you desire, but it does come.

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