Wealth Magick FAQ


Q: Why are the images in my ebook really small?

A: Make sure you bought a genuine copy of the ebook directly through Amazon. There are unauthorized versions of the ebook available elsewhere online that contain small images, missing images and incorrect images. Needless to say, you will not get good results from such books – the mindset of somebody who commits piracy is never going to be in line with wealth creation. Some of these unauthorised books also contain a link to this site, suggesting the images can be downloaded here. They cannot. The images should display correctly on Kindle devices, and any device running the Kindle app (such as an iPad or desktop PC or Mac). If you have a genuine copy, then on most devices, tapping (or double clicking) on the image will make the image expand to full size. To buy a genuine copy, go to Amazon.

Q: You say there’s no need to perform magick during the first three weeks. Do I have to stop all other magick, including protection magick?

A: You can perform other magick without problems, but this three week period should be used to become proficient with The Daily Practice, before moving on to the first working. If you have other money magick going on in the background, from Magickal Riches, for example, that’s OK, but don’t start any new money rituals  during this period. Keep your focus on The Daily Practice.

Q: Will the magick work if I miss out working with the angels of omnipotence? I’ve heard they can cause depression.

A: The system used in Wealth Magick is designed as a complete system and you will get the best results if you do every working as described. It’s best not to leave out the omnipotence ritual. The later rituals are designed to be empowered and made safe by the earlier rituals. As such, if you break away from the outline given in the book you may get unexpected results. You are free, however, to use the magick in whatever way you wish, but the best results will come if you follow the book to the letter. As for depression, some people who have worked with Elubatel have experienced depression, but that is when they approach Elubatel using a different system that calls on Elubatel alone. In Wealth Magick, you contact three angels of omnipotence at once, using an entirely different structure, and this means that there is no risk of depression. Disruption is to be expected, because you can’t experience change without disruption, and this working is for those who actually want change.

Q:  I like the idea of being wealthy but don’t want my life to change too much. What should I do?

A: If you only want small amounts of cash, try the Magickal Cashbook instead. An alternative approach is Magickal Riches, which offer more advanced and ongoing methods, without being as extreme as Wealth Magick. Also see this post. And be aware that disruption is only change. The book doesn’t say your life will fall apart, only that it will change. Change is good. It’s what you want.

Q: I don’t mind change, but will the disruption make me lose jobs and have bad luck?

A: Disruption will occur, but it is usually just to make sure you’re on the right financial path – the magick won’t wreck your life. It is there to make sure you are pursuing the career that can make you wealthy and happy. You can do straightforward money magick and stay in the same wretched industry for thirty years. This book ensures that if you’re in a career or industry that makes you unhappy, you find a way out. But you are in control, and it is how you respond to the disruption that counts. Reflect deeply on what you really want and you will be fine.

Q: I’ve been using the Magickal Cashbook. Should I stop now that I’m using Wealth Magick?

A: No, you can keep using the Cashbook. There is no danger or irritating the spirits through continual use, so if you want a burst of cash, use the Cashbook. If you’re in the first three weeks of The Daily Practice, you might want to hold off on starting a new ritual until those three weeks are over.

Q: Wealth Magick appears to use demons as well as angels. Is that safe? I’m worried that something bad may happen to make the money come to me. I don’t want to work with evil beings.

A: Angels can be destructive and harmful. Demons can be gentle and helpful. What one person calls a demon, another calls an angel. We do not believe that any of these beings are necessarily evil. Nothing is evil until it does evil. There is no doubt that some are more destructive and unpredictable than others, but this system has been designed so that you can access their powers safely. If you are afraid of demons, remember that many people say a demon can only do work with divine permission or when guided by an angel. Others think that all angels are merely messengers and that when angels cause change they do so by employing hosts of demons. Whatever the truth, you have nothing to fear from the demons in this book.

There will always be propaganda about demonic danger, and if you listen to it, you will never work with demons. Nothing I can say will change that. But I can say that demonic work is safer than dealing with many of the ordinary people we encounter in the real world.

If you’re afraid, though, nothing I can say will change that, and it might be worth working with other magick for a while. I often hear that when people have spent some time with all different kinds of magick, they get a sense of spiritual authority and feel more confident with this kind of work. Magickal Riches has no demonic content, so might be a good starting point. Having Magickal Protection to hand might make you feel safer.

Q: There’s a ritual that I want to omit. Can I?

A: You can, but results may not be as good. If you’re afraid that the working uses a demon, see the note above. (Within the workings of this book they are constrained and made safe.)

Q: Do I need to charge the sigils/seals in the third working?

A: You can do, but it’s optional. Trust your intuition.

Q: Is it possible to hit a Casino Jackpot or win the Lottery with this magick?

A: Most of my books suggest that gambling is not the best way to make money. We have experimented and had some success, but it’s never a jackpot. As occultists always say, the odds of winning at gambling are so far against you, that even if magick makes you a thousand times more likely to win, the odds are still against you. I prefer money magick to be aimed at a string of unexpected coincidences. That’s how it works most effectively. If you gamble for fun on a regular basis anyway, there’s no harm in trying magick and it may work, but you must play casually, unafraid to lose the money you gamble. The Wealth Magick working is aimed at a change in the way money flows into your life for the rest of your life, not at a one-off win. Gambling is covered in Magickal Riches.

Q: Do I need to keep the talismans and seals? Or dispose of them?

A: You can use the talismans and seals in the book, and then just leave them there. If you have made copies, you can simply stop thinking of them as magickal items, and after a few days, throw them away without ceremony.

Q: How long does this magick work for? Is there any time when I can stop trying to be wealthy or with I be punished by the angels?

A: The book makes it clear that you have to do your share of work in this magick, but if you decide you have reached a point where you are happy with your wealth, no angel will punish you for being satisfied. The book tries to promote a feeling of satisfaction from the outset, as this feeling is effectively food for angels. So, when you are happy with what you have, consider the magick to be complete.

Q: Can I use the empowering process on other physical objects, such as crystals and personal items?

A: If you use the Image Fire process on something that has no sigil, it can still empower that object, but only in keeping with your perception of that object. If a particular item brings you good luck, for example, you could increase its power. This works even if the object doesn’t objectively have any power, but you have built up a superstition around it. In fact, your own perception is more important than any traditional correspondence.

Q: Somebody said that the sigil for Clauneck looks like the sigil for Lucifer. Is this true?

A: If you look at the lowest sigil in the circle – the one that starts with a cross on the left and is then made up of various ‘bulges’ – that is the sigil of Clauneck. Contextualised within the larger circle, this is effective. The larger circle has several uses within occultism, and here it is used to call Clauneck.

Q: The whole procedure is very long. Can I pause between workings?

A: You can. If you pause purely because you’ve lost interest or don’t have the endurance, that’s not ideal. You may want to restart at another time, when you feel you are able to commit to it fully, remembering that the real-world commitment and openness to opportunity is as important as the magick itself. If you pause because your intuition guides to give the magick time to work and evolve, that’s absolutely fine. If you pause because you don’t feel you have the energy to focus properly or because you need space to regroup, that’s also fine, because a rest is probably better than battling on with poor focus. During any pause, however, we do recommend continuing with The Daily Practice. It is very brief, but more fundamental to this process than you may realise.

Q: I stopped the magick after completing one of the workings, but want to complete the book now. Having read the question above I’m not sure whether to start again, or just continue. What should I do?

A: The rituals you performed remain valid, and you can continue. If you feel the urge to continue, you can probably assume that changes (seen or unseen) have made you ready to continue. If, however, you get a gut feeling that it just wasn’t right and that you should start again, trust that feeling.

Q: Can I repeat a ritual that I liked, at a later date, rather than doing the whole working again?

A: You can, but out of the context of this combination the results may be different to those you had before. Many people like to go back to Ritual 1, for example, as it is quite low-key, but helps make money flow. There’s no reason not to do that. Repeating Ritual 2 is more of a long-term commitment to the entire process, so before deciding on whether to repeat an individual ritual, see how it fits into the overall process and determine whether or not it feel right to repeat in isolation.

Q: I completed the whole working, and although I got some results I feel better prepared for change now. Should I repeat the whole thing?

A: You can do, and it will be a different experience. You should not feel obliged to repeat, or even anticipate this in advance, because that weakens your commitment to the initial process. But if you complete it, and feel that you want to try again, with more focus, energy and a better personal interaction with opportunity, there is no reason why you cannot repeat. There is no doubt that as you do more magick, you get better at magick. It should be noted, however, that for many people, once is enough, and this answer is only given for people who feel a strong desire to repeat. It should not be taken to mean that you have to do the ritual over and over to get results. Performed once, in the right conditions and with the right responses from you, once is often enough.

Q: What’s the best way to get money magick working?

A: First, don’t neglect The Daily Practice. We know that many people do, but it is the source of many of the beneficial effects. Also, read all the posts that you can on this website – it’s effectively a few books, published for free. Don’t miss The Secrets of Money Magick of The Gallery of Magick FAQ.

This page is only for questions relating to Wealth Magick. 

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129 thoughts on “Wealth Magick FAQ

  1. Hi Adam,

    I recently started doing the whole wealth magick working for a second time, and I am about to finish up the second working with the angels of omnipotence. As usual, I’ve been doing the daily practice every day and it is something I have come to greatly enjoy! I was wondering, if, in addition to doing the daily practice for wealth, it can be modified to be used for things such as charisma, magnetism, etc? It seems like this working would be very easily adaptable to achieving a number of other traits besides wealth. Is this something you or anyone in your group has ever done?

    Thanks 🙂


    1. Yes. It’s not actually ‘for’ wealth directly. But if you want wealth, it’s a great process to empower the whole thing. So it already works for all magick, makes everything better. There are ways to tune and adapt it for other situations, but I can’t say much more about that yet. Glad you’re getting a lot out of it.


  2. Hi Adam,

    I have been performing the Second Work so far. At my current situation, I know for sure it won’t get me very far, so decided to quit my job. These last weeks I have traveled to a different country. I met some people. And it made me realize what I really want, and where I really want to be.
    I’m at crossroad right now in my life, and my only concern is whether I should use some additional Magick to achieve my desire or rely only in this Magickal Wealth System, because I really need some direction in my life right now. I don’t know whether it is a good idea to hire some Tarot Reading.

    By the way, thank you very much for sharing all this knowledge.



    1. Glad to hear all that! But for the next step, has Tarot been genuinely useful in the past and do you know where to get a good reading? If not, skip it. Intuition is far more important at a place like this. Do you add in more? If you need to target certain areas, to discover more about yourself, or to encourage certain aspects of the situation to blossom – yes. If to force the issue, no. A couple of good posts to read:




    1. No. I would see that as an interesting phenomenon and let it be. Unless you know somebody just put it in the trash, which isn’t quite as dignified. But no, if it somehow vanished, then I’d continue.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I was told that it is best not to let anyone who doesn’t practice magick to know if we are practicing magick. I have made the mistake of telling some friends and one family member (not good at keeping secrets) how excited I’m about magick AND I haven’t started. I worry that this will impact the results of my magick because all the people that I have told have negative impressions of magick, particularly one who is a devout Christian. Is this going to impact the results of my magick?


  4. Hello! I am in the third day of the first work… The one whereby enjoying beauty, I ask the two questions ‘why am I this wealthy’ – ‘how did I become this wealthy’ – Which, by the way, I repeat a number of times throughout the day, as I find myself enjoying any kid of beauty.

    Now. In July, I am supposed to pass an exam to keep my present job. I have not passed this exam a number of times. There is a danger that I may lose my job if I don’t pass this exam in July. I truly dislike the subject matter of the exam, as well as my job… But the job pays my bills nicely.

    Since January, I have been performing the three-month “protect my job” ritual from the Magickal Protection book. This job protection ritual si set to expire at the beginning of May. I am also considering creating a servitor (I do have that book as well) to help me pass that exam.

    In essence. As I continue, wholeheartedly, the first three weeks of work from this book (Wealth Magick), just as I intend to perform each end every work in this book:
    – Is it a good idea to also perform the three-month “protect my job” as well as the workings of creating a servitor?

    (I might add that my previous attempts to create a servitor have not been successful – but I never give up!)

    Thank you!


    1. This is very difficult to answer, because clearly you want to keep your job, you don’t want the swot of disruption that comes from losing a job, and yet the wealth workings are absolutely designed to help you see a way to move above and beyond where you are now. For most people, that means the work they do, or how they work, will change. The wealth workings for some just get the business rolling and the money coming in. For others, they open you up to the inspiration of what you could do next to make more money. But they don’t just make money come from out of the blue. So if your priority is to keep your job and to stay in the situation you are in, I would wait until that is settled before progressing beyond The Daily Practice of Wealth Magick. From a more secure place, you can then progress. If servitors aren’t your thing – and they aren’t for everybody – then maybe skip that. Not sure what other books you have, but Sigils of Power has some exam stuff, if you have that book. And yes, the protect your job ritual, if that’s the main thing you want to do.


      1. Thank you for your response!

        Today I begun the two-day “Protect Your Job” Ritual, as described in the book Magickal Protection. It seems to last for three months (I will finish trh second day ritual tomorrow). I also begun the 33-day Master Protection Ritual (same book).

        What would possibly happen if I do continue the various works described in the book “Wealth Magick”?

        Thank you!


        1. It doesn’t turn your world upside down, but it is meant to disrupt in a way that leads to your greatest potential. Disruption and instability doesn’t sound like what you’re after right now. I wouldn’t say it would endanger your job, and it could open more opportunities – but the essence of the magick is great change, and seeing potential and moving on, which doesn’t sound right for you now. But that’s your choice. Just be aware that if you invite change, you get change. It comes within the boundaries of what you desire, but it does come.


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