Wealth Magick FAQ


Q: Why are the images in my ebook really small?

A: Make sure you bought a genuine copy of the ebook directly through Amazon. There are unauthorized versions of the ebook available elsewhere online that contain small images, missing images and incorrect images. Needless to say, you will not get good results from such books – the mindset of somebody who commits piracy is never going to be in line with wealth creation. Some of these unauthorised books also contain a link to this site, suggesting the images can be downloaded here. They cannot. The images should display correctly on Kindle devices, and any device running the Kindle app (such as an iPad or desktop PC or Mac). If you have a genuine copy, then on most devices, tapping (or double clicking) on the image will make the image expand to full size. To buy a genuine copy, go to Amazon.

Q: You say there’s no need to perform magick during the first three weeks. Do I have to stop all other magick, including protection magick?

A: You can perform other magick without problems, but this three week period should be used to become proficient with The Daily Practice, before moving on to the first working. If you have other money magick going on in the background, from Magickal Riches, for example, that’s OK, but don’t start any new money rituals  during this period. Keep your focus on The Daily Practice.

Q: Will the magick work if I miss out working with the angels of omnipotence? I’ve heard they can cause depression.

A: The system used in Wealth Magick is designed as a complete system and you will get the best results if you do every working as described. It’s best not to leave out the omnipotence ritual. The later rituals are designed to be empowered and made safe by the earlier rituals. As such, if you break away from the outline given in the book you may get unexpected results. You are free, however, to use the magick in whatever way you wish, but the best results will come if you follow the book to the letter. As for depression, some people who have worked with Elubatel have experienced depression, but that is when they approach Elubatel using a different system that calls on Elubatel alone. In Wealth Magick, you contact three angels of omnipotence at once, using an entirely different structure, and this means that there is no risk of depression. Disruption is to be expected, because you can’t experience change without disruption, and this working is for those who actually want change.

Q:  I like the idea of being wealthy but don’t want my life to change too much. What should I do?

A: If you only want small amounts of cash, try the Magickal Cashbook instead. An alternative approach is Magickal Riches, which offer more advanced and ongoing methods, without being as extreme as Wealth Magick. Also see this post. And be aware that disruption is only change. The book doesn’t say your life will fall apart, only that it will change. Change is good. It’s what you want.

Q: I don’t mind change, but will the disruption make me lose jobs and have bad luck?

A: Disruption will occur, but it is usually just to make sure you’re on the right financial path – the magick won’t wreck your life. It is there to make sure you are pursuing the career that can make you wealthy and happy. You can do straightforward money magick and stay in the same wretched industry for thirty years. This book ensures that if you’re in a career or industry that makes you unhappy, you find a way out. But you are in control, and it is how you respond to the disruption that counts. Reflect deeply on what you really want and you will be fine.

Q: I’ve been using the Magickal Cashbook. Should I stop now that I’m using Wealth Magick?

A: No, you can keep using the Cashbook. There is no danger or irritating the spirits through continual use, so if you want a burst of cash, use the Cashbook. If you’re in the first three weeks of The Daily Practice, you might want to hold off on starting a new ritual until those three weeks are over.

Q: Wealth Magick appears to use demons as well as angels. Is that safe? I’m worried that something bad may happen to make the money come to me. I don’t want to work with evil beings.

A: Angels can be destructive and harmful. Demons can be gentle and helpful. What one person calls a demon, another calls an angel. We do not believe that any of these beings are necessarily evil. Nothing is evil until it does evil. There is no doubt that some are more destructive and unpredictable than others, but this system has been designed so that you can access their powers safely. If you are afraid of demons, remember that many people say a demon can only do work with divine permission or when guided by an angel. Others think that all angels are merely messengers and that when angels cause change they do so by employing hosts of demons. Whatever the truth, you have nothing to fear from the demons in this book.

There will always be propaganda about demonic danger, and if you listen to it, you will never work with demons. Nothing I can say will change that. But I can say that demonic work is safer than dealing with many of the ordinary people we encounter in the real world.

If you’re afraid, though, nothing I can say will change that, and it might be worth working with other magick for a while. I often hear that when people have spent some time with all different kinds of magick, they get a sense of spiritual authority and feel more confident with this kind of work. Magickal Riches has no demonic content, so might be a good starting point. Having Magickal Protection to hand might make you feel safer.

Q: There’s a ritual that I want to omit. Can I?

A: You can, but results may not be as good. If you’re afraid that the working uses a demon, see the note above. (Within the workings of this book they are constrained and made safe.)

Q: Do I need to charge the sigils/seals in the third working?

A: You can do, but it’s optional. Trust your intuition.

Q: Is it possible to hit a Casino Jackpot or win the Lottery with this magick?

A: Most of my books suggest that gambling is not the best way to make money. We have experimented and had some success, but it’s never a jackpot. As occultists always say, the odds of winning at gambling are so far against you, that even if magick makes you a thousand times more likely to win, the odds are still against you. I prefer money magick to be aimed at a string of unexpected coincidences. That’s how it works most effectively. If you gamble for fun on a regular basis anyway, there’s no harm in trying magick and it may work, but you must play casually, unafraid to lose the money you gamble. The Wealth Magick working is aimed at a change in the way money flows into your life for the rest of your life, not at a one-off win. Gambling is covered in Magickal Riches.

Q: Do I need to keep the talismans and seals? Or dispose of them?

A: You can use the talismans and seals in the book, and then just leave them there. If you have made copies, you can simply stop thinking of them as magickal items, and after a few days, throw them away without ceremony.

Q: How long does this magick work for? Is there any time when I can stop trying to be wealthy or with I be punished by the angels?

A: The book makes it clear that you have to do your share of work in this magick, but if you decide you have reached a point where you are happy with your wealth, no angel will punish you for being satisfied. The book tries to promote a feeling of satisfaction from the outset, as this feeling is effectively food for angels. So, when you are happy with what you have, consider the magick to be complete.

Q: Can I use the empowering process on other physical objects, such as crystals and personal items?

A: If you use the Image Fire process on something that has no sigil, it can still empower that object, but only in keeping with your perception of that object. If a particular item brings you good luck, for example, you could increase its power. This works even if the object doesn’t objectively have any power, but you have built up a superstition around it. In fact, your own perception is more important than any traditional correspondence.

Q: Somebody said that the sigil for Clauneck looks like the sigil for Lucifer. Is this true?

A: If you look at the lowest sigil in the circle – the one that starts with a cross on the left and is then made up of various ‘bulges’ – that is the sigil of Clauneck. Contextualised within the larger circle, this is effective. The larger circle has several uses within occultism, and here it is used to call Clauneck.

Q: The whole procedure is very long. Can I pause between workings?

A: You can. If you pause purely because you’ve lost interest or don’t have the endurance, that’s not ideal. You may want to restart at another time, when you feel you are able to commit to it fully, remembering that the real-world commitment and openness to opportunity is as important as the magick itself. If you pause because your intuition guides to give the magick time to work and evolve, that’s absolutely fine. If you pause because you don’t feel you have the energy to focus properly or because you need space to regroup, that’s also fine, because a rest is probably better than battling on with poor focus. During any pause, however, we do recommend continuing with The Daily Practice. It is very brief, but more fundamental to this process than you may realise.

Q: I stopped the magick after completing one of the workings, but want to complete the book now. Having read the question above I’m not sure whether to start again, or just continue. What should I do?

A: The rituals you performed remain valid, and you can continue. If you feel the urge to continue, you can probably assume that changes (seen or unseen) have made you ready to continue. If, however, you get a gut feeling that it just wasn’t right and that you should start again, trust that feeling.

Q: Can I repeat a ritual that I liked, at a later date, rather than doing the whole working again?

A: You can, but out of the context of this combination the results may be different to those you had before. Many people like to go back to Ritual 1, for example, as it is quite low-key, but helps make money flow. There’s no reason not to do that. Repeating Ritual 2 is more of a long-term commitment to the entire process, so before deciding on whether to repeat an individual ritual, see how it fits into the overall process and determine whether or not it feel right to repeat in isolation.

Q: I completed the whole working, and although I got some results I feel better prepared for change now. Should I repeat the whole thing?

A: You can do, and it will be a different experience. You should not feel obliged to repeat, or even anticipate this in advance, because that weakens your commitment to the initial process. But if you complete it, and feel that you want to try again, with more focus, energy and a better personal interaction with opportunity, there is no reason why you cannot repeat. There is no doubt that as you do more magick, you get better at magick. It should be noted, however, that for many people, once is enough, and this answer is only given for people who feel a strong desire to repeat. It should not be taken to mean that you have to do the ritual over and over to get results. Performed once, in the right conditions and with the right responses from you, once is often enough.

Q: What’s the best way to get money magick working?

A: First, don’t neglect The Daily Practice. We know that many people do, but it is the source of many of the beneficial effects. Also, read all the posts that you can on this website – it’s effectively a few books, published for free. Don’t miss The Secrets of Money Magick of The Gallery of Magick FAQ.

This page is only for questions relating to Wealth Magick. 

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96 thoughts on “Wealth Magick FAQ

  1. Hi Mister Adam Blackthorne,I’m a great fan of G.O.M. from Italy.
    I have a simple question about “wealth magick” :what do the demons want in exchange for granted wealth?Only our gratitudine or later something else?Except the second and fourth working,the others are with the demons o infernal spirits(Aniquel,Calvarnia,Thomatos, Benasser, Elianter,Oznas etc..).Is it right?
    Thank you very much for your answer and sorry for my english 🙂
    P.s.In which alchemical book can I find the formula in Latin of the ebook?Descendimus ab aeris…


    1. Hi Piero. Glad to hear we’re being read in Italy! And thanks for writing in English!

      In some workings, and some systems, payment is integral – but this system, with the omnipotent angels, is set up to avoid that. Only your gratitude, your enjoyment and your commitment (through the Daily Practice and your focus on wealth). If you miss any of that out, the demons don’t turn on you (they can’t – they are constrained) , but they may just lose interest in you. Defining what’s a demon and what isn’t is a very modern practice, really – they were all just thought of as spirits once, so the definitions aren’t ever clear cut.

      The formula is from a private collection, and was a modern version of something older, but you won’t find that published anywhere else.


  2. Damon and Adam,

    It has been almost 2 years since I completed the operations of Wealth Magic,
    and my life now is growing better at such a rapid pace now (wealth in every sense)
    I can’t believe how the rise to riches is coming.

    My new girlfriend, who is also an occultist and practitioner of magikal operations
    is now desiring to engage the same veork over the next year.

    She is currently sharing my Amazon account and has access to my library, which
    leads to my question:
    Given the protection spells ptotecting against piracy and theft, I told her that she would need to purchase them apart from my library. Am I correct in this matter?

    My sincerest thanks to you.

    Best regards,

    John Michael


    1. Hey John. That’s really good to hear.

      Sharing books at home is fine. She can use your copy! We updated the FAQ a bit ago, because it’s not about us trying to grab every cent – it’s about keeping publishing in a healthy state of being. There’s a LONG answer about it on the FAQ page, but this is the bit you want, I think: “You are, of course, free to share a book within your home, with partners and close friends, or even give a book away.”

      The book’s been updated (I think in early 2016) so a new copy might be interesting for you to see. There’s more phonetics, different images, a few minor changes. Either version works, though, but it was tidied up a bit. But, yeah, don’t feel oblige to get another, and it’s absolutely fine for her to use yours. The stuff we do to protect the books is only aimed at people who steal and give it away. Sharing at home is just like sharing any book! Cheers, Adam B.


    2. John, did you change industries? Could you share a little more how these workings “disrupted” your life, i.e. rapid departure from work you once did or did you stay the course and things got better? Thanks in advance…


  3. *sigh* 😀 I’m not even done yet with the 3 week daily practice ritual & Lo & Behold the book I was looking for was granted to me. I know this is about wealth & the conventional idea of ($$$) but wealth to me connotes so many things. Books, knowledge, wisdom are all part of my wealth building. Thank you to the G.O.M masters who put Clauneck / Claunech at the end of this book 😀 the piece de resistance. I’ve been working with him before the universe led me to the G.O.M’s work, now because of the magick skills & wisdom shared by the G.O.M’s masters *sigh* I have another one added in my arsenal, once more with much gratitude.S.M.888

    P.S. if the universe & the spiritual beings have the integrity to honor my desire ON A MERE BOOK 😀 sheesh – I wonder what else they have in store for me? 😀 it wasn’t a rare book but it was an old book (out of print) hard to find.


  4. Q: Hi Adam, for Wealth Magick on pp 33 where it speaks of Charging a Tailsman, are we supposed to choose something as the Tailsman? I don’t see any image/symbol? Thanks much and love all of the work from the GOM Team.


    1. Hello Di. Can’t be sure of page numbers, but if you mean the last line of the Daily Practice chapter, where it says that after three weeks you “move on to charging your first talisman,” then the next chapter is called Charging A Talisman, which opens with, “This book makes use of several sigils and talismans.” That chapter has all the details of the How To, but still no talismans. You use the talismans as they are needed, where they appear in the book. When you get to The First Working, there’s a talisman (or sigil if you prefer), and it says right underneath it that it should be charged. Through the rest of the book you are told to charge each sigil or talisman using the Image Fire tech, except in The Third working, where it’s optional.


      1. Thanks much Adam! I’ve only read to the end of the Charging a Talisman, as I have a number of all your books (cause I JUST LOVE THEM), and feel a little on overwhelm…and want to move thru Wealth Magick at the pace indicated! I appreciate ALL of you! And THANK-YOU from my depths for knowing that so many of us desired a Simple yet Powerful Format to follow…just can’t say enough about all your work!


  5. “Wealth isn’t about saving so much as it is about trusting a greater flow of money into your life” – Damond Brand (Kindle location 695). PROFOUND – let me just ponder on this for a moment- better yet FOR A LIFETIME :D. Aside from the Magickal secrets in the books of G.O.M masters. I have the joy in taking the wisdom with me (all the life lessons & life stories do not go unnoticed by me & won’t go wasted on deaf ears). I’m fortunate to “stumble” upon G.O.M’s masterpieces. To be honest I truly believed I was led by the Universe to “up my ante” when it comes to magick, ergo why I saw their work. As always, with much gratitude. S.M.888


    1. A few mishaps won’t make it all fall to bits, but this working is about having a very strong focus on wealth – that is, most of the time, not just now and then. That means the ritual aspect is a small percentage of the work you’re doing to make money become a bigger part of your life. Missing it out isn’t a problem except it may indicate that you haven’t brought enough overall focus to the working. It’s not something to be slotted into your life, but something that becomes a big part of your life. Otherwise, Cashbook and Riches are better. Same with the diary – not vital, but if you want to see the clues and patterns that tell you what you’re discovering, might be vital. But that varies from person to person. Really important point is to enjoy the daily practice, rather than see it as a dull chore. It should feel good.


  6. Hi there — First, thank you for all the GOM works you are making available… I have been a practicing occultist for nearly all my life, like you all, with early childhood experiences, etc… and very few times in my life found others that resonated with my beliefs in the way that I do with all the GOM work… It’s been a blessing to come into my life at a time I needed it… Thank you 🙂

    With that said, I am starting to to work with Wealth Magick and noticing a couple of things I just thought would be good to bounce off of someone… Just finishing the first working – many nights / and morning and just randomly I hear some of the words of the ritual in my mind / thoughts, almost as a mantra… Not knowing what any of them mean specifically, wondered if this was ‘ok’ — or if it would be best try to do something to release it from my mind… I don’t feel like I’m ‘attached to the outcome’ – again – as it is occurring in my sleep too… so it’s something that is sitting in my subconscious, if that makes sense… It’s almost as if I’m hearing the words being ‘whispered’ in my mind… Do you suppose this is just my way of working with the process???

    Just curious if anyone else has experienced this and if it would be best to simply just allow it to be a natural part of the process…

    Your thoughts?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there. In the chapter called How Long Does it Take? Damon says, “There is no problem in taking a little longer, but don’t spread this out over years.” A pause is fine. If you’re taking a break to forget about it all and have a rest, that might take some of the impact and momentum out of it all. If you’re taking a break to let it sink in, shift and change, while still keeping your focus on the change you seek – that’s a good way to work. Nothing wrong with a rest for the sake of a rest, either, but we always say keep up the Daily Practice during any rest, if you can – it’s short and more important than anybody seems to realise.


    1. Hello there. That version of the kindle book hasn’t been on sale for about 18 months. Did you buy it back then? If so, sorry you didn’t see, but the book was changed considerably, and one change was the removal of the online images. For people who bought the old version, way back when, we suggest taking photos or screenshots and printing those out. It works. I think the pirated version uses that link too, but it doesn’t work, because the book was updated with new images, so that you can use it without any printouts.


      1. Hi Adam,

        I am having the same problem. I bought the book on Amazon a few months ago…..? In the past any of the e-books I have bought have had links to sigils. Forgive me for being a bonehead, but I am still not understanding where to find the sigil. If I have to, I’ll order the paperback. I have another week of the three week pre-working. Thanks!


        1. Some books used to have links to sigils, yes, but not anymore and not for a fair old time. That link was removed when the book was updated. The latest version of Wealth Magick, published on Amazon about April 2016, did not have the link and uses an updated method that requires no image downloads. You just use the images in the book. In the chapter Charging A Talisman he says, “Whether you use an eBook or the paperback, you can use the image in the book, without printing anything out.” If it doesn’t say that, you’re somehow using the old version of the book (pre-April 2016), and that has an outdated link to images that aren’t here. So if you bought it a few months ago, follow the instructions for the “no printing required” version, or if you feel the need for physical sigils you can get the paperback, but there really is not need for the physical sigils.


          1. Thank you, Adam! I totally get it now and I apologize for making you type all of that out…..well, you had to spell it out for me! ha I appreciate your help and please go back to having a nice evening:). You are awesome and very patient.


  7. Hello! I am curious about the fourth working, in which you call upon Arzel and Raziel. I’m confused because I’m familiar with how they are called upon in the 72 Angels of Magick (in which you sing their names and imagine being struck by lightning), so am confused to see them here without the instructions to sing their names and imagine the lightning (I had this similar confusion I believe in a ritual from The Magickal Job Seeker). Does it work just as well without the extra steps, but only for workings like these that don’t specify the extra steps? In other words, f I take the time to sing their names and imagine lightning, will I get the same results as if I had not done that in this system?

    Love your work, thanks!


    1. Oh yeah, it works as set out here or it would be a pretty pointless book. Each book is presented self-contained and can be used just like that. But if you use several books you might start to glue together your own system, using bits from here and there. So you can add in the other stuff you’ve learned – it might help you. But you can use it exactly as it’s written. – Adam B


  8. Hello Adam!

    Thank you so much for helping us through our magical journey and for taking the time.

    I finished my wealth workings in February of this year and there certainly has been “disruption.” I went from practicing law in my own practice which made me miserable, to moving to Ireland for 3 months where I did most of the magick and now I’m in consulting. The consulting bit has been SO HARD to break through. So much bureaucracy. I’ve gone through so many stages of our “services,” so many models to market. Finally, we have succeeded in piloting it in one location, which could open up many doors if all goes well and we are working on piloting at another place which could again, open many important doors for us.

    All the while, I have gone through moments of extreme stress and anxiety about money this year. I’m not making nearly as much as I used to, I worry constantly about paying rent, my car payments etc and a family member has helped me substantially to just survive. One law school loan is at a collection agency. I began substituting and I make $65 a day.

    The payoff of course is that if we make it big, we make it big and I intend to go all across the state, the region…the country to make this catch fire. I have a much bigger vision. I have big dreams. I work so hard at this.

    Heres the bit where I ask you something —

    It has taken so much to get me to this place. Considering that we started at literally 0, it’s kind of a big deal that within 6 months, we have been able to get through so much darkness to even pilot this — but given how much work it has taken to reach this place, is it worth doing the rituals once more to help me get through this next stage and 2017 which is, to be honest, scaring me at this point because I don’t even know how I survived this year. I’ve read in your posts that the magick stops when we feel satisfied, well I am far from satisfied, I’m thirsty to experience all of the experiences I contemplated during the magick.

    I also stopped with all money magick this summer after i worked on the master ritual, I stopped with the cashbook, ritual to increase sales, etc. I was just too desperate and I just let it all go. I’ve mainly been working extensively to help me heal myself through Zanna’s work and Angels of Alchemy, WOP etc.

    I know with magick, it’s so important to put your fair share of the work and I definitely have done so. I just hope I didn’t screw up all of that work I put into the actual rituals in Wealth Magick because of all of the stress I had to deal with to push and push and push to make this happen, all the while, not really getting “paid” to create a product, design a marketing plan, and promote the hell out of it across this city.

    What would you suggest? Thank you!!!


    1. Wow! Sounds like you’ve really been putting in the required effort. Thanks for that story, but don’t spend too much time worrying about whether you got there magick right. The rituals are repeated over and over, so somewhere along the way your message will have got through. I’d say that what you’re doing now, working with the other books, is a way better idea – do what you can to chill, relax, allow and let things happen. Magick can still support you, but maybe in areas that are nothing to do with money – like confidence (but gentle confidence no super go-gtter confidence) – meaning that having wound things up so far, letting go and having that energy bubble out is better than holding it on to it all.


      1. Well I wanted to update you. The pilot program was a success but we have been told our program, even though well loved, will not be put into the budget for fall 2017.

        I gave up and now I’m starting my practice up again. I don’t know what to make out of anything at this point,
        I didn’t see myself going back to square one. Could you please help me make sense out of this??? I do feel like an awful failure.


        1. Thanks for the update, but that must be tough. What I can say is that this has happened, to some degree or other, to evert single successful person I know. Back in 2003-2007, when I was setting u a very big project, on paper I was a complete failure. I was already good at magick, quite established and knew what I was doing with life – well, you know, sort of… But anyway, if you look at those years I had so many failures and refusals and things turned down by gatekeepers. But every single failure was a step to success, and man oh man that sounds like New Age trash, but it’s true. I was never failing. I was always chipping away at the project, building up my knowledge, my network, my understanding of how I wanted it to go. What felt like a mistake, like things had gone wrong, was all the required preparation for how things unfolded in 2008. From within the mess of those years, it was very hard to see the progress. I had magick, so I had control over most of my life – life was generally ok. But this one thing, the big thing I wanted, seemed elusive. Looking back, four or five years of works seems small for what I achieved, and the setbacks that seemed like failures were only setbacks. Delays. Learning experiences. It isn’t over until you’re dead, so you said the pilot program was a success – therefore you are not a failure. Whatever else is going on, or whatever else it may take, it sounds like you have a mission here. And with these things, you can give up – sometimes giving up is exactly how we find out who we really are and what we really want. It’s not shameful. But there are some things we can’t give up. They’re too much what we want and who we are. Apply magick as needed, work hard, let time pass and look back in a decade and I bet this is only a bump in the road.


  9. Hello the GOM,

    it’s nice to be able to talk with you again!
    I received a curse a few months ago This curse has caused negative things in my life: bad health, lot of disputes, bad glamor, depression, objects that break without reason, lot of disruption,…
    Thanks to the Master protection ritual, the sword banishing, the repel a curse spell and the angels I feel better again. Now I’m about to do the second work of the wealth magick book…. and the ritual cause disruption! I would like to know if I do the ritual with the angel of omnipotence to cause “positive disruption” can it be influenced by the curse and make this “good disprution” turn into the bad one?

    Best regards


    1. Hello there. If you’ve cleared up that curse it’s done. If the attacker keep going you need to keep going with the defence. But no, the disruption caused by the omnipotence angels can’t be tainted by a curse. A really brilliant curse might keep you disconnected from your magick, but I think you’re past that – and not many people are that good at cursing, even though they think they are! I think Damon put the wind up people by using the word ‘disruption’. It’s accurate but scares the hell out of people. Up there in the FAQ there’s lots of reassurance that the disruption is about change and opportunity and I second that with all my heart. You only get as much disruption as you actually want. The angels don’t trip you up and laugh at your misfortune. So go in wholeheartedly, keep it all fired up with the daily practice and that should all be good. – Adam B


      1. Thanks for the reply Adam!
        It’s SO STRANGE that you talk about a curse that can disconnected people from their magick ! Because when I saw how bad was the situation I decided to see a well know medium/rootworker of my country and he said : “You do things on your own but it’s like they don’t hear your prayer. Spirits don’t see you”… Does the MPR, the SB, the cancel a curse spell and the angels can help with this kind of curse too? I must say that right now my life feel better than before but I still feel stuck f when and when I read the tarot my futur don’t look so good…


        1. Yes. The protection magick works for just about anything. I can’t remember if damon made it clear, but the magick protects you from thugs in the street, from psychic attack and even your own negative actions and emotions and then the specific rituals can fine tune it.

          As for tarot, never let is spell out your fate – that’s in your hands. Tarot, if done well, can give an idea about trends and possibilities but does not (in my opinion, which you may not share) tell you what’s definitely going to happen. Magick is how we say NO to fate and write our own.


  10. Hi Damon,

    I wanted to share my experience so far with the Wealth Magick rituals.

    The day before I started I had read through the book and was contemplating the magick and what I wanted out of it etc. I went to bed and fell asleep.

    An hour is so later I literally screamed the house down (whilst apparently still asleep) because I had seen (not sure whether it was a dream or a vision or what?) a bright white light over my bed and I somehow knew it was a demon?

    Now that kind of imagery doesn’t really appear to be synonymous with demons per se, so why did I have an overwhelming feeling that this was exactly that; a demon?

    I was really shaken but it didn’t put me off performaning the rituals.

    What is your opinion on this? It almost felt like some sort of test…I’m not sure.

    Anyway since then ( I am on the third working now) I have very vivid dreams which I am susceptible to anyway but these are sometimes really dark and I often dream of things I am frightened of. It sounds silly but for the last few nights I have been dreaming about huge spiders and let me tell you, it isn’t very pleasant lol.

    I feel that I am spiritual anyway and very in tune with bumps/ noises/sounds and sometimes I know that something or someone else is watching me or is around me.

    I guess I am just looking to share my experiences and perhaps get your expert view.

    Things are changing in our household so I know the magick is working; I have had three promotions in three months and my partner just bagged himself a new job with much more money so things are happening.

    I would really like to get your view Damon so I very much look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you


    1. Thanks for sharing that, and I’m glad to hear that you’re getting results.

      This topic is covered, to some extent, here: https://galleryofmagick.com/2015/07/21/a-touch-of-the-supernatural/

      What you’ve experienced is much more intense than for most people, but given that you say you are ‘in tune’, it’s not altogether surprising. Magick is experienced in many different ways, and what comes to you is filtered by many aspects of yourself. However, demons are often associated with bright light, rather than the snarling Hollywood imagery, so that fits.

      I like to see such side-effects as a sign that magick is happening, so it’s good to accept this, but not become overly fascinated with it. It happens, it shows that magick is working. The dreams may be a side-effect, but if you say that you are already susceptible to such dreams they may be unrelated.


  11. Damon, I know you have states before that this work is safe. But I do have a question.
    When you say it nay cause disruption, would this magick affect personal relationships, like cause a break up or divorce or make a loved one go away somehow? Because that is the only concern I have with this magick.
    Im ok to handle everything else just as long as they don’t affect my personal relationships.


    1. As it says above, “Disruption will occur, but it is usually just to make sure you’re on the right financial path – the magick won’t wreck your life.”

      So, you are always left with a choice. If a partner is dragging you down and presenting you from becoming wealthy, the magick may make you aware of that, but it won’t end the relationship unilaterally. You get to choose, and if you want to keep things as they are, you can. I should add, this is very rare. Only when you already sense that a relationship is doomed does the magick bring this to light. If you’re happy, that won’t be a problem.

      Sometimes, the people around you can become disruptive, to challenge your beliefs and make you more aware of yourself, but if this occurs know that it is a process of change and not destruction.


  12. Hello Damon,

    I was wonder if you took an extensive break from the Wealth Magick spells would you have to start all over? I completed the 3 weeks of The Daily Practice, but didn’t move onto the second spell. Would I have to start all over or could I move onto the second spell?


    1. There are two approaches. One appraoch is to just start again. Given that it’s only three weeks, and it’s a long working, and wealth building takes time, then it might be worth putting in another three weeks. What you’ve done certainly won’t be wasted.

      The other approach is to continue with The Daily Practice as often as possible, preferably daily (of course), until you’re ready for The First Working. You need to keep up The Daily Practice for the rest of the rituals, so it’s a good habit to get into. It doesn’t need to take much time or effort, so keeping it there can be an excellent way to proceed.

      Of course, you could just start The First Working without repeating, at a later date, and it might be fine, but that’s not the ideal approach.


  13. Hi Damon! Thousands thanks for making that life-changing book available again. I would like to know if it’s possible to work with the spirit Aniquel one year or more together with the daily practice, before moving to the next ritual.
    Once again thank you for your time.


    1. You are free to approach the magick in any way you like, but it’s impossible for me to predict results when you move away from the standard practice. What you’re suggesting does not sound unreasonable, though, if that’s where your intuition takes you.


  14. Hi Damon, I think I might of found the answer to my previous to which talisman to first charge in the wealth magick. I believe that instruction is to first charge the Shem Talisman from the 72 Angels of magick correct right? Because I thinks that where I got lost. Thank your help.


  15. Hi Damon,

    I have done the three weeks of daily practice, and would like to start on the first ritual. But I am a little lost here on the page of charging a talisman, Is this an instruction on charging the talismans for the first ritual onward? Or did I miss a master talisman or sigil that I should charge. I have read over and over a few time. I am stuck here a my missing something or not? In some of your other books there is a charging of a master sigl. I think maybe that where I am stuck because was using the 72 Angels Magick just before this. Sorry for all the question. Just very to magick


    1. In each chapter there are instructions to charge the talisman specific to that working. So in the chapter called The First Working, you will see a talisman, and under that it will say, “Ensure that you have charged the talisman as described earlier, before you commence the ritual.” So the instructions in Charging A Talisman are general to the book – the opening sentence says, “This book makes use of several sigils and talismans.”

      So charge each as you come to that interaction. With the Third Working it is optional – there are no instructions to charge the talismans, but you are free to do so if your intuition guides you to.


      1. Hi Damon,

        How are you all? One quick question, I have many if not all your books. I am now using the wealth magick. However I am trying to remember which book it was that had the magick one could use to get read of Rats or mouse from your property? Once again thank you so much for help.

        Best Wishes


        1. Hi Sandra. Adam B here as Damon’s moved on for now. I think you want Chahuiah from The 72 Angels of Magick. The Power to Repel Pests. And thanks for buying the books!


  16. I’ve read through most FAQ, hoping I didn’t miss it – but unless directly instructed in the Wealth Magick workings instrucyions – does the direction we face during the workings matter? If this is a repeat question, I apologize.


  17. Hello
    I am towards the end of the second working with the omnipotent angels. I am having a bit of fun with it. I dance as i sing the names. Well, this week has been pure hell. I won a business court case but lost over ten thousand on the verdict, one of my contracts normally pay on time but is now late and i have not been paid for services i rendered from my clients insurance. With everything going haywire i felt a bit down. Also, i keep thinking i am seeing something from the corner of my eyes but nothing is there. I feel the presences of spirits during my ritual. I am just a bit nervous that things may worsen as people depend on me financially. However, i will press on. Is these results so far normal?
    Also, when i first started the daily practice i had very vivid dreams related to wealth, now i have nothing. Is this normal?


  18. Hi Damon,

    I have just completed the second major working with the 3 angels of omnipotence. I completed the 33 days, but there were 9 days interspersed throughout the working that I missed some days. I never went more than 3 days straight without doing the ritual. This was due to health, a few family problems, and also sometimes not being able to be alone to perform the ritual.

    So the working took 42 days instead of 33, but all 33 rituals were completed.

    I have not experienced a major disruption, but have had several ideas come to me about what I need to do for my new business. I have also seen signs like plates falling in the kitchen when I’m not working on the real world efforts to the best of my ability.

    Should I start this working over? Or, do it for a few more days to reinforce the working?

    Thanks so much. I am a long time fan and I have had great success with the Cashbook and the servitor book. I have bought almost all of the Gallery books through Amazon kindle.




    1. If you’re getting ideas and sending a change, that suggests it’s working. 33 consecutive days are ideal, but not essential. So I’d say it would be better to continue. Thanks for buying the books, and it’s great to hear you’ve had such good results with the Cashbook and with servitors.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Hello Damon,

    I am preparing to begin the first working in the Wealth Magick book. I have been doing the Daily Practice for some time now, which is fairly easy for me since I am usually surrounded by the beauty of nature. My question is this: Would it hurt to finish up a piece of Magick, a seven day working in the Hoodoo/Conjure tradition, right now before I start? (It is not a money working and has to do with family relationships.) I would meanwhile continue the Daily Practice, which I enjoy very much. I would finish that piece of work and then begin the first ritual in the book. Or should I leave a space of time, doing only the Daily Practice, before I begin the first ritual?




    1. That sounds fine so long as you keep up The Daily Practice. After that you can probably start the next day unless you feel the need to settle before turning your focus to wealth.


  20. Hi Damon,

    Thanks for all the amazing knowledge. I have been using the Angel books and the Magickal Job Seeker with incredible results. Utterly life changing. Thank you.

    I have a question regarding the workings in the Wealth Magick book. I’ve been opening all of the work I have been doing with the Angels (as prescribed in the above books) with a Lesser Banish Ritual of the Pentagram to great effect. I’ve worked with the LBRP years ago and it just felt instinctual and right to couple it with the Angel work. Like I said…great results with this pairing.

    Now I plan to start working the operations in Wealth Magick and I wonder if I should sill continue to incorporate the LBRP. Since the entities contacted in the rituals described in Wealth Magick are not all angelic, will I be chasing away or creating any sort of barrier to those spirits using the LBRP?

    Thanks, and keep up the amazing work.



    1. Thank you. When you say, ‘Utterly life changing,’ that makes it feel worthwhile.

      As for the banishing, opinions differ, with some saying you light up like a beacon, with full spiritual authority, and others saying that you really do slam the door shut. I think you’ll be fine using it if you go in with the attitude that you’re setting up a space, and making room for the spirits that you are calling upon. You’re not closing the door, but just opening the place to magick.


  21. Regarding Gloria’s question (and some others like it) and the specific information provided, I would suggest (at your discretion, Damon) Gloria look at what comes up for her in the Daily Wealth Practice or Ritual. When I pay attention to the first things that come to mind when performing that ritual, rather than intentionally directing the experience toward something in specific, I begin to FIND what I truly perceive as wealth, at this point in time. With a little luck one can begin to find what mages call one’s True Will…in this case that being what you actually see, at a pretty core level, as wealth. And that may shift over time.

    Getting rid of a sadistic boss, finding true friendship, supportive connection, time, etc may be signs of prosperity. These are the things that can open a floodgate of cashflow in the next moment. Depression (disguising burnout turning to rest) usually does not do so directly, but may be a necessary calm before a flood.

    Just saying.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Hi Damon,

    Thanks for making this book available again! I am currently doing the second working, but I have a question about the third one. I’ve read through the book a few times and before each individual working, you say to charge the corresponding talisman. However, I didn’t read anything about charging the two talismans that are used in the third working. I just wanted to confirm that we are, in fact, supposed to charge these ones as well?

    Thanks for your time 🙂


  23. Hey Damon. I have been having some health problems and MAY require hospitalization in the near future. I am in the middle of the first work still, but almost finished (will be done Thursday). Is it okay to pause between the first and second work? Or should I find a way to bring my studies with me and continue straight in.

    I’m sure I can if I really set my heart to it, but I don’t know if how good my health will be in the future with the way things are looking. In fact, I’m not sure if I should even start the second work until I know for sure what is going on with my health. But, I love these rituals. I am in absolute awe of how powerful the first work is. I haven’t had any major life changes yet, but I feel the spirits involved in the first work come on so strong when I perform the ritual I can feel their presence in the atmosphere, as you described. It’s really cool.

    Also I’ve been a lazy mage and haven’t written down everyday in my journal, although everyday I do the daily work as you instructed. It’s been more like every two or three days. Is this okay?

    I’m hoping my condition is something treatable without hospitalization, but everything is up in the air at the moment.

    Last question: What kind of spirits are these wealth spirits in the first work? Are they jinn? If you cannot say, that’s fine too. It really doesn’t matter one way or another, I’m just curious.



    1. Yes you can pause, and there is no harm in doing so. It’s worthwhile painting The Daily Practice, as it is so easy – you can literally do it from a hospital bed. I’ve even done it in the middle of dental treatment.

      Journaling feels essential to some, and not to others. If it doesn’t fit for you, leave it out. Some occultist journal for everything, but I don’t recommend it for much. It works well with this working, because the signs, omens, thoughts and feelings can all add up. So leave it out if you want, if it’s too dull a chore, but know you may be missing out on some of the potential.

      The theory behind the nature and origin of all spirits (and even their classification) is very much open to debate, and I’m afraid I don’t have time to go into it here.


  24. I completed all the workings on the Wealth Magic last May and have not seen any improvement in my life, in fact and I am not saying that it is because of the workings, I lost my job shortly after starting the workings, my boss bullied me which made me spiral into depression for the first time in my life, I have just got out of the “dark hole’ recently. I have also looked for work as I have been unemployed since then, however I never seem to be given an offer and I look for work everyday.

    Don’t get me wrong, during that time, I have made some amazing, supportive and loving friends and have had some luck with tax refunds and people being very generous to me but nothing dramatic in terms of money, I still am able to pay my rent and bills as well as food but was expecting to be financially free from debts and have a salary coming in.

    Should I do the workings again?

    Damon, I respect you tremendously and have no doubt that magic works, I am just trying to understand if I should wait longer or something else?

    Thank you, as always for your time.


    1. Thanks for completing the workings. That’s no small task. I would not recommend repeating at this stage. The magick can continue to work for some time. Also, something I added to the book before re-release, is that as well as the magic, it requires an entire shift of focus from normal live, survival, paying bill etc, to actual wealth creation. So I now recommend that people only go into it when they are willing to make wealth creation a true priority? Why was this not said in the first place? Because, although it had been tested on many people, it hadn’t been shared with thousands. Now it has. We see it work all the time, and there is no doubt that it has transformed many lives. In some cases, people have gone from rags to riches. In most cases, however, it works best when there is not an enormous sense of difficulty and struggle.

      Does this mean the magick was wasted? Not at all. You mention that you’ve had some luck with tax refunds, and so on, and that may not have happened otherwise.

      Does that mean you have to become debt free and comfortable before doing the working? No. But for some people, that may be required to get into the correct mindset for true wealth.

      There are many posts on this website about making room for results, and how to allow the magick to manifest. I hope you can get something out of those. In the meantime, if you turn your focus to opening up to money, the magick still has time to work.


      1. Thank you very much Damon for your reply, I know that you are busy and really appreciate your time. I understand that I need to shift my thoughts about money and have been working on it recently.


        1. Thank you for the knowledge you have shared through this book.

          Following the working,
          will it be necessary to focus oneself most of the time on wealth?

          I view wealth as a tool only, toward other objectives.
          I don’t want to need to focus on the wealth most of the time hereafter in order to maintain it.

          Or, will the wealth be generated through our normal activities?

          Thank you in advance


          1. Well, these are a few quotes from the first chapter.

            “Although you do not need any particular skills or experience to benefit from this book, you do need to dedicate time, effort and mental energy to the working, as well as moving the focus of your life to wealth.”

            “…it requires you to perform the magick in a focused and committed way, while turning the focus of your life to wealth creation. This is not a book about casually attracting more cash.”

            “..only when you are ready for wealth should you undertake the working in this book.”

            It might be worth re-reading the first chapter, as it covers the alternatives, including use of just The Daily Practice, for example.

            So the intention is that you need to shift your attention to wealth. However, the magick seems to respond to your level of commitment. I gather some people have performed the entire working, without much focus on life changes, and they have seen changes. But I can’t say that it will work, as the intention is to shift wealth-creation up a gear, even if you see wealth as a means rather than an end.


  25. Hi Damon
    I am quite new to magik. So far I have purchased and read all of your books but havent performed any single ritual yet. My purpose behind buying all your books was to get more wealth and get a change in my career which i hate so much. When i started reading wealth magik i thought i have got a perrfect working. But the disruptive thing makes me fearful. I have read all the comments and posts and i am quite open to change also but still i have this doubt. ” if i perform this magik will there be any harm to my family, my kids, or in some way i will be made to loose them. As family is my priority and for them only i want to change my present carrèer which otherwise is well paying. Please advise if this disruption may cause any harm to my family or will they be safe?”


    1. Thanks for buying the book. As the FAQ says above, you actually want some disruption. Your life, at present, is something you say you hate, so you need to disrupt it. But this does not mean your life will degenerate into chaos. The magick can be tough, but it is never cruel. This quote, from the FAQ above puts it best:

      “Disruption is to be expected, because you can’t experience change without disruption, and this working is for those who actually want change.”

      And don’t miss this question.

      Q: I don’t mind change, but will the disruption make me lose jobs and have bad luck?

      A: Disruption will occur, but it is usually just to make sure you’re on the right financial path – the magick won’t wreck your life. It is there to make sure you are pursuing the career that can make you wealthy and happy. You can do straightforward money magick and stay in the same wretched industry for thirty years. This book ensures that if you’re in a career or industry that makes you unhappy, you find a way out. But you are in control, and it is how you respond to the disruption that counts. Reflect deeply on what you really want and you will be fine.

      If you find it too much, you might want to start with something less disruptive (such as Magickal Cashbook or Magickal Riches), and see how you feel about magick in general. Or if you want to try something non-financial, to get more insight into what path you should take, try The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise. I hope that helps.


    1. Not to me.

      This from the Cashbook FAQ might help. (I should probably move it to the general FAQ).

      Q: You seem to ignore astrology. Should I time my workings to fit more closely with planetary influences?

      A: If it matters to you or worries you, then go ahead, but I know that astrology turns off a lot of beginners, and I’ve tried to streamline the system so that it’s connected to the right astrological currents without needing exact timing. Keep it simple when you can.


  26. Damon, the wealth sigil/ image on my kindle is really small. I have no other device.
    is there someplace on your website / fb page I can get these images from.


    1. Can I just check that you bought your copy of Wealth Magick directly through Amazon? I gather there are some ebooks being sold with small images, or missing images – those are not the genuine copies. So if it was purchased from Amazon, and is being viewed on a Kindle, could you let me know which image you’re referring to, and from which chapter. There should be eight main images across the various chapters.


      1. Hi Damon, yes I did buy it off amazon kindle.
        all the sigils that are supposed to be charged are small ( probably coz of my device)
        I did think about buying the book that contains all the sigils and talismans, but its only available on amazon.com , doesnt ship to India. On amazon.in (amazon for india) its not available on paperback print version so I cant photocopy it , the only available version is kindle ( which brings us back to square one)


        1. On most devices, you can tap the image to make it larger, but I can’t know that it’s true for every device, unfortunately. But if you can see the image, it doesn’t have to be huge – you only have to be able to see it. I hope Amazon will make the paperback available in more countries soon, but at the same time, the ebook should work. If you are able to use a desktop PC or Mac, with the Kindle app, you should be able to see the images at full size and make copies of them.


  27. Hi … getting close to the end of 3 weeks of Daily Practice.
    Decided I may need some help finding time and discipline to go through whole WM process.
    So I may want to postpone starting the first talisman working for a while.

    If i continue with Daily Practice – and do some other (not money related) workings for a few days or so – when I feel I am ready can I dive straight into First Working- as I would more than likely have done more than 3 weeks of Daily Prep by then?


  28. Hey Damon. I made a mistake in the first work. I performed the first part of the first work (the square) the first day, forgot the first part existed (laugh) and have went about four or five days performing only the second part of the ritual. Tonight, I realized that was what I was doing.. after performing the second part of the ritual in it’s entirety. I went back after the second part was done and performed the first part before closing the book. I’m not sure if I should’ve done that or not, hopefully its fine. My question is should I continue for the time period of the 17 days I started? Or should I start over due to user error? Thanks!


    1. Normally, I say that it’s better to be bold and inaccurate, than to worry too much about the details of magick – however, if you’re leaving out large chunks of the ritual, you’re not likely to get the best results. I would advise starting over, and making sure you take the time to really understand the content of the ritual first, so that you are committing to the work rather than just doing it as an aside. I hope that helps.


  29. Damon,
    I have been attempting to ask a question in regards to Wealth Magick but I just can’t seem to get it worded correctly or have it addressed without getting off topic on your FB page.
    I started WM and I have been working on it for many weeks. I have pleasing results with the daily practice and the first set. The Angels increased my business,
    and I am now a first time home buyer. Miracle of miracles.
    However, when I got to the second phase and was 15 days into it, havoc began. I thought at first it was the ritual, and the fact I am iniated into other magickal studies, but that was not it. I received a huge magick attack from some enemies who then made themselves known. I had to stop the 2nd phase while attending to them.
    Now I have them off my back.
    My question is–can I continue for 18 more days or will I need to start the entire set over?
    Please, since this is your system, any guidance on this question would be tremendously appreciated.


    1. Great to hear about your results, and the improvements you report, and glad to hear you fended off that attack.

      You can continue where you left off, but I would recommend starting from scratch, just so that it feels like one dedicated, consistent working. That may sound like a bit of a pain, but it’s only a few days in the grand scheme. I hope that helps.


  30. Hi Damon,
    I’ve been using the book “Wealth Magick” for some time now. I’ve noticed major changes regarding my personality and my character. I sense a feeling of greatness and power in my attitude. And the most important is, this feeling is growing with time. Even though I haven’t get rich yet, however I perceive that assurance, that power, that peace like never before. I would like to ask: I’ve been performing most of the rituals in that book twice a day without missing a day. Am I doing it right?
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It sounds like your making good progress. Once a day is usually enough for any ritual, unless directly instructed. If performing it twice for you works, and you have the time, that is also fine.


      1. Thanks for the reply Damon and for your books they are really of great help and life-changing. I was actually wondering about what to do, if I have done all the workings contained in “Wealth Magick”. Should I repeat them again and again untill I reach the level of wealth that I desire or once is enough or may be should I only repeat some of the workings?
        Thank you.


    2. Dear Richard,

      I am currently using “Wealth Magick” and performing the Second Working.
      When I read your comment above, I was touched because I feel exactly the same: that feeling of greatness, of power, of assurance, getting bigger and bigger everyday.

      May I ask you if this does continue for you ?

      Once again, thank you for writing this comment. And of course, thank you Damon.


  31. Hi Damon, odd question.
    I have been working with many of the angels in your books to good success. In Wealth Magick I noticed Clauneck and as was aware of him to start with thought I’d work with him individually.
    The day after I couldn’t get rid of a stubborn house fly which seemed to always be near when in that room watching me. After a week it disappeared. A few days later I found a dead fly in some food I bought from a takeaway. A day later another fly came out of nowhere and started flying at my head in an office (sealed windows). Everywhere I go there’s a fly.
    Do you think this could be Beelzebub trying to make himself known to me? It’s too many to be a coincidence. Especially as its not too warm where I am.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would not see it as any entity trying to make itself known, but it could certainly be a sign. Sometimes we become overly-attuned to signs and symbols. It’s quite tricky to find the balance, because interpreting omens is important, but it’s vital that fear not intrude upon your genuine intuition. So, yes, this could be a sign that something is happening and that contact is being made with the spirit, but I don’t see it as ominous. However, it is worth noting that the Wealth Magick working is best controlled when worked in order, with the guidance and protection offered by the Angels of Omnipotence. If the situation continues and bother you or gives you any trouble, you could use the Sword Banishing from Magickal Protection, and note the presence or feeling that troubles you just before banishing.


      1. Thanks for the reply Damon. TBH there was no fear and as soon as I acknowledged it, then used the laughter technique “ok I get get”, it stopped.
        I’ve never had any ill feeling when doing magick as I always work from a point of respect.
        I’ll take your advice and do the full working. I was curious about Claunech as I felt very drawn to his sigil, but does indeed make sense to do the full working since you spent so much time perfecting a system : )

        This book, like your others are damn good and had some great results.
        All the best to you and the rest of the Gallery, have almost every book now!
        Thanks again

        Liked by 1 person

  32. I am concerned about the need to run the rituals over a number of days – up to over a month consecutive days.
    If for some reason I have to miss a day – do I just continue the day count where I left off when I am able the ritual?

    The real problem I have is privacy – the rituals are quite long and verbal.
    Can one do the verbal parts in the “mind” as mentioned in some of your other books?

    There is another chap who writes books and seems to have a rather good magical system that I have studied – he recommends a visualised ritual – where you actually do rituals in an imaginary space you create with your mind – this seems to work rather well for me.
    I do realise action and the intent created by your rituals are important and may not work well if done in a visualisation… what do you say?


    1. Ideally, you don’t miss a day, but I know that many people do leave days off and then continue. It only seems to affect the results if it occurs through laziness or disinterest. If you’re still committed to the work, and you are simply waiting for a more appropriate time, you should be fine.

      This is from the general FAQ:

      Q: I can’t say the words of the ritual out loud, for reasons of privacy. Will it still work?

      A: Yes, so long as you imagine the sound of the words clearly, and imagine that you are calling to the ends of the universe.

      Visualised rituals can be absolutely fine in many cases, if you have good visual skills. I don’t generally recommend it as most people have very poor visual imaginations, and even when their imagination is Ok, people worry that it isn’t clear enough. So you can use this approach if you are comfortable with it.


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