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Archangels of Magick

This page is only for questions relating to Archangels of Magick.



Questions are moderated and may take a few hours to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book. This book, more than any other we’ve published, requires a deep reading, and so we are trying to encourage readers to genuinely absorb the entire book before asking a question. Also, questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please also read the main FAQ before asking a question.

Q: Does this book cover everything there is to know about archangels?

A: Not at all. It’s a 312 page book that’s designed to reveal the most useful practical archangel magick. If you’re interested, click on the image above and download the free sample or use the Look Inside feature to see if it looks like something you’ll enjoy using.

Q: Can you help me to pronounce the words in this book?

A: Here’s an audio/video guide. Your own voice will sound different, so you don’t have to copy this exactly.

This video might seem overwhelming, with so many words being spoken, but remember that in practice you will be learning just one or two words at a time, in most cases. That makes it very easy.

Q: Is  DE pronounced the same as DEE?

A: You can say it like the DE in DESK, or the DE in DETAIL. You will even hear it sounding more like DEE in the video above, because it flows well, which goes to show you can be very relaxed about pronunciation. Use the version you prefer.

Q: Can this magick be done to bring results for somebody else?

A: The instructions are aimed at changing your reality. But you can use this for others, by making their reality part of yours – you see their problem as something you want to solve in your life. When you study the book you should be able to work out where and how this can be done. It will probably work  best when you’re already good at getting results for yourself and when you feel you really understand the magick. If in doubt, you can try it. Damon explores this at a few points in the book, but most clearly in the chapter called Crisis Magick. The advice given there could apply to most of the book.

Q: I’ve heard that archangels have powers that aren’t listed in this book. Can I use them?

A: Damon has listed the powers most likely to work with these methods, but if you’ve read elsewhere of other powers, there’s no harm in trying. (Be aware that the internet is one of the worst sources of information, with just about every power ascribed to every archangel if you read for long enough.) The book, as written, is your best guide to the most effective magick. You should also know that many powers are revealed only when you read the whole book deeply. When you get to invocation and evocation you will have an understanding of the archangels that can then be applied to earlier rituals. The book wasn’t written to be obscure, but to ensure that only through a deep reading of the text can you gain a full access to the powers. This ensures you have fully absorbed the required concepts that get the magick working.

Q: I’ve learned about all the various angelic powers spread throughout the book, so can I use each power with each method? Can an Evocation Power be used with the Archangel Sigils of Power, for example?

A: Building on the above answer, Damon wants this to be down to personal interpretation and insight, for very sound magickal reasons, so I won’t say too much, but you should know that what’s presented in the book is the best and most likely way for the magick to work. The powers listed for the sigils are the most likely to work, but it doesn’t mean they are the only ones, as he says. You can try other powers for that angel, using the sigils, once you’ve worked out what they are, but it should be clear that the book sets out what’s most likely to work with each method. And some methods, of course, dictate the magick that applies – invocation powers, for example, are quite clearly intended for the invocation method only. In time, you may gain a broader understanding of the angels by working with them, and then everything becomes more fluid and flexible, and all powers possibly become available with all methods, but when starting out it makes sense to work with what’s in the book exactly as it’s set out. The exception to this is evocation, where your intuition based on the descriptions and the knowledge gleaned from the rest of the book can lead to a wider interpretation of powers from the outset, and the process of evocation itself will often reveal more powers to you.

Q: Many people claim Raphael is an angel of healing, but in this book it says Raphael is on there ‘to aid with healing.’

A: See above. And to elaborate, if you get to Invocation you will see that Raphael heals the self directly. And for Evocation it says, “Raphael can assist in all manner of healing “.  Note that Damon says, “The powers are all there, but you will need to work out what has to change in your life, and what ritual is most appropriate for your development and the result you seek.” That means that the path to healing may be more than just ‘a healing ritual’, but you may work on energy, emotions and other aspects of the underlying issue. This brings far greater results than rituals that are too simple and limited in scope.

Q: Before a ritual, should I used The Sword Banishing from Magickal Protection or The Circle of Power from this book?

A: With both methods available, most people use the Sword Banishing daily or twice daily for general protection and magickal alignment (or not at all if it’s not part of your practice), and The Circle of Power for the rituals. It is, however, up to you how you use the magick that’s here.

Q: Can I ask for several results at once?

A: The book repeatedly conveys the importance of wisdom and patience. Note that Damon says, “Do not just hammer out countless rituals in the hope that more is better. The ideal approach is to choose well and combine rituals wisely.”

Q: In the divination ritual, do I speak the question out loud?

A: You contemplate the question in your mind, and then speak the request to the angel out loud. This is, however, open to interpretation. If you prefer to do everything out loud, you can. If you prefer to do everything in your mind, you can.

Q: Can you suggest which archangel or which method would be best for my problem?

A: No, because the best way to work is with your own understanding of the powers. Damon talks about this at some length, in various parts of the book. A full reading of the book and an awareness of what is on offer is the only way for this to work. When you have read everything, it should become quite clear, and there are guidelines in there on how to work out what you want. A good starting point is the chapter called Choosing Your Magick, but that is only a starting point, and only by reading the whole book will you be able to make the best choices.

81 thoughts on “Archangels of Magick FAQ

  1. Hello Adam,

    1- about the Sigil of Tzadkiel and power to bring prosperous venture, can i use it just as a general blessing from the Archangel or i can be creative and use it as a stand-alone money magick or to empower all my other money magick?

    2- Also the Talisman to bless and undertaking, Damon said use it if you are beginning any venture, but could i use it as a general purpose ritual, just to bless my life and the things i do?

    3- I used Metatron sigil so he can clear my path and to know or intuit more info about the Archangels power, and these last 2 days i,ve encountered in my path 2 books about Angels, one of which is Richard Webster encyclopedia of Angels, and i’ve been reading that Tzadkiel is related to the powers of Jupiter (luck, happiness, success, money,etc) so basically i could use His sigil and use it for those powers? And also i read that Metatron, Raziel and Sandalphon are great Angels to manifest our wishes and desires, what do you think about that?


    1. 1. Note the words “When you begin a venture…” These are the key. However, as you gain knowledge of the archangel through other descriptions in the book, you may find ways to expand on this. See Q: I’ve learned about all the various angelic powers spread throughout the book…etc above.

      2. The answer is in that page, I promise. Read carefully and you will see what this power is.

      3. Again, see the question Q: I’ve learned about all the various angelic powers spread throughout the book…etc It should answer that for you.

  2. Hi Adam,
    I’m sorry but I’m having trouble trying to understand a somewhat abstract Invocation Power.
    I wish to invoke Raphael’s Quality of Self-Healing. When noticing the quality and Experiencing the Quality as required for the First Gate I’ve been not so much thinking of someone’s broken leg healing in a cast (or any slow mending sort of imagery), I’ve been thinking more along the lines of how it would feel if I were a healthy athlete.
    Upon reading the Quality of Self Healing again it occurred to me that “To feel an inner light that enables sickness and pain to be relieved” could be referring to something more similar to when we say “Oziel” and visualise an expanding star from our chest during the Sword Banishing Ritual. Like a burst of relief and healing to be called upon rather than a constant state of slow mending.

    Could you please offer guidance with this?
    Sorry if the question is stupid, not running at full mental capacity.

    1. Not a stupid question, but see how you’re already answering it! This sort of intuition and noodling around with the concepts is how it works. You don’t need any more guidance than your own.

  3. Hi Adam,
    If I want to evoke an archangel I haven’t previously worked with, do I need to build an affinity first with sigil rituals, or can I just get straight to the evocation?

    Thank you

    1. I promise you the answer is in the book, in many places, and the chapter called The Evocation of Archangels goes into great detail, even saying directly that this can be the very first magick you use.

  4. Hi Adam,

    I was lead to investing in the market by Wealth Magick. I’m just wondering if it’s a proper use for archangel ascent of ladder/ divination to ask them about investment options, advices etc? Or is it too trivial and worldly for archangels… and it’s a task more suitable for demons?


  5. Doing the sigil rituals.
    Regarding asking for several results at once.

    Can you clarify something for me.

    Ive been working on project for 7 months which is the most important thing to me right now, but it’s suffering due to sleep issues, loosing dedication, bad habits creeping in, etc.

    I only have about 2-3 hours in a week on a particular day that I have privacy to perform a ritual comfortably and be totally focused
    So after performing the ritual opening ,can I then call to metatron asking for better sleep, then hamiel to help to break bad habits,then uriel to maintain a creative project. And any other calling that doesn’t focus on the same thing. Then do the closing ritual.

    My goal is my project as ive said, but instead of focusing directly on the project with multiple rituals, I know that I need to hit multiple areas instead that are effecting the project. Like sleep and focus etc.

    Is it possible to do this and can I do it with only performing the ritual opening once. Unlike The 72 Angels of Magick where you have to keep performing the same opening and closing for each angels.?


    1. If that’s all the time you have, then yes, go for it. Generally, as Damon says, even if you’re tactically applying several powers, time and patience are better than cramming too much in. But anything you can do is better than nothing. You might also want to look at Metatron’s power to make more time available.

  6. Adam, is it ok to Evoke an Archangel just because I want to talk to it about my frustration with a particular topic, just like I would be talking to a counsellor? Of course, I want guidance and I want solutions but I feel I need to express everything that bothers me (yes, negative energy) to a powerful being who can hear me. Is it ok to talk about my complaints and what is not working instead of asking for a straight up solution? Or should I just talk about what I want?

    1. If evocation works well, this often happens but it’s not usually just a case of getting it off your chest – it is a seeking of guidance, wisdom. But if your need is to be heard, communicate that. You will be heard and may even mind more ways to be heard too. But yes, you can use evocation to be heard so long as there’s also a willingness to receive wisdom. The irony of this is that sometimes people seek wisdom and feel they were heard, but don’t get any feedback. But the intention to communicate, rather than just share what’s on your mind, so there’s and openness to what you may hear, is important when going into it. You may *not* get a response at first and still be satisfied with being heard. All evocations are different. Certainly worth trying.

      1. I have used evocation for the first time this evening and it was beautiful, I felt a presence in the room and I could see the shape of the sigil on the in wall in front of me, getting bigger and bigger and etheric….as soon as the evocation stopped, the circles that got as big as the room faded as well…I felt so much peace within, I truly felt the presence. I thought I would not top seeing the circles as I had my eyes wide open and they were everywhere but they did stop when my awareness came back to normality, after I finished the contact. I always wanted a more direct way to give my requests to angels and summon them and this is amazing, I personally feel it’s what I have been waiting for.

        in any case, I decided to start with a request that is very, very important to me so I wanted to ask it directly….it’s ok to simply speak requests to the archangel during evocation, right? I thought of making it to the point with my first one

        1. Beautiful. Great to hear that. Yes, evocation doesn’t have to go on and on – it can be a direct way to make a request.

  7. Hello Adam! Great reading i just finished reading the book for the 2nd time it’s really awesome and im doing my best to discern everything i even used Metraton for helping me. But sometimes a hand from the experienced is really helpful. I have 3 questions and one of them is frustrating me a lot.

    1- Can i use Sword banishing method and also Circle of Power or it would be too much? Which one is better? There has to be a brief difference between the 2 methods.

    2- This is the one that frustrates me, i read the book twice, im getting familiar with each Archangel power , and the book implies i could use the Archangel powers from evocation and invocarion and apply it in earlier rituals from the book, if that’s the case i assume that implies using the powers and apply it to the Sigil chapter, but what if i want to use the the powers of Sigils chapter or the powers from the Invocation chapter and use the Sigils from Evocation? How could i do it? Follow the instructions from Sigil chapter or Invocation chapter and apply it to the sigil from Evocation? Im frustrated because i don’t want to mess it up.

    3- About Evocation i’ll Doit someday when i feel ready, but as the book says, you don’t have to see the angel to have results, what if im just interested in the Archangel to request a desire, how can i task the Archangel without evoking them? Do i have to perform the whole Evocation process just to task the Angel? Or can i modify it and use the method in Sigil chapter or Invocation Chapter?
    Sorry if im being to redundant.

    How come in the Afterword Damon mentions his books, zanna’s books and yours, but he doesn’t mention Gordon’s?

    Thank you.

    1. I’ve updated the FAQ to answer these. Whether or not you choose to evoke is up to you, and there are guidelines in the book regarding when to evoke, why you would etc. If you just want to use a power from evocation using a different method, see the FAQ above for guidance on that. Hope that helps. – Adam B

      1. Hey adam, i found something in the book relating to use the sigils chapter and using other powers that are presented in the book (evocation,etc) maybe you can add it up to the FAQ above.

        “Before you begin, decide which power you want to work with, and the corresponding archangel. Become familiar with the power as described, but know that it may also work in more extensive and creative ways. Even with that in mind, be clear about which archangel you are calling, and which power you are using.”

        Correct me if i found the answer to the questions Luis was asking.

        1. Yes, this is one part. There are quite a few statements like that throughout the book. It’s hard to describe, but the idea is that if you absorb the whole book and know it, bingo, it’s all going to make a lot more sense than if you just take one or two bits and try to stick them together. There are practical magickal reasons why this broad understanding helps, which is why Damon says many times that he urges people to read the whole book in great detail. One of the things we debated before publication was how many times he should repeat that point. It’s said so often it sounds boring and redundant but it’s so important to repeat it to make sure it isn’t missed.

  8. Hey there!

    1.During ritual closing, do we say the words first and THEN move our arms/hands as described or do we move our arms/hands into position first and then say the words?

    2. Is it necessary to use Raziel’s sigil every time we are going to contact any spirit/angel? I read in the book that every ritual is a one and done deal but the last part in this sigil’s description about using it before evocation makes me believe that its best to use this sigil before contacting anything every time for best results..?

    1. Hey!

      1. In the order it’s show in the book, words first. Or you can change it if you really want, but no need.

      2. Raziel’s sigil can be used to aid all spirit contact, either directly before a ritual or quite generally, but note that it says, “It can help, but it is not a requirement.” Whether you use it once for general power or every time is up to you and how well things go.

    1. Yes, it already is. You may have to order from or another Amazon site if the paperback isn’t available in your country. They deliver all over the world. It can get expensive with postage, but it is available.

  9. Hello Adam, wonderful and amazing book! From what i found when reading the book we have A LOT OF POWERS we can use from each archangel, example i can use Michael’s powers listed on on evocation or invocation in the earlier chapters like you said on FAQ, but using the powers listed on invocation or evocation can they be applied on the Sigils chapter?

    Also evocation of Haniel says “This archangel has the power to help you recover from loss and to recover lost feelings. In all matters of love and sex, Haniel can introduce heated passion.” Can Haniel work for making someone Attractive or have sexappeal or have an aura of lust like Sitri from DoM?

    Thank you!

    1. To the first question: yes, that idea’s spread throughout the book. To the second, why not try it? I said to somebody earlier, if in doubt, try it out. You can spend hours wondering and worrying or ten minutes doing a ritual. I know which I’d choose.

      1. Cool, you are right! Also do you remember Mr Winterfield told us in DoM that if we wanted a result and we didn’t want to use Evocation technique , we could use the chapter Petition for results, by any chance is there a method you could advice if possible that we can do the same here? Maybe Tasking with the Sigils like we did in AofAlchemy ?? Sorry for the question.

        1. I can’t really add more than is in the book. It’s already stated that the powers learn about can be used in ways other than directly stated. It’s vital to get into the feel of what this means rather than for me to point out what that means.

          1. I know Mr Blackthorne i was just mentioning that the Ritual from DoM was really good for asking something, but i understand that this Book have tons of powers that we can use and mix it , the question is if you want to use the powers with a sigil which of the 3 would you personally use since they are different? The one from Sigils Chapter, the Invocation Chapter or Evocation chapter? 😃

            Thank you!
            And to add up the Crisis magick chapter was really awesome, i do like when Damon use The command in the names of Elohim,and so on.

            1. Glad you like Crisis Magick! It’s really good stuff. I see your question, but again, no point in me answering about my personal use of magick, as it’s so personal and ever changing. What matters to you is your personal choice. Sounds like I’m being awkward and cagey, but there’s just zero value in me saying any one thing is best, because that’s only true for one person at one time. It all flows.

              1. Hello Adam, what did you mean when you anwered to J.A it all flows regarding to the 3 sigils?? (although they are different, invocation has 4 rings, Evocation 2 rings, Sigil 1 ring)

                1. I meant that your perception of an archangel and its powers flows from your overall understanding of the archangel gained from reading the whole book, fully, and getting to ‘know’ the angel. What I said was not about the sigils.

  10. I’ve recently found you and bought a number of your books because you resonate so we’ll with me. I just read the section of “Achrangels …” where the old texts show Air in the South and Fire in the East. I have to say that makes total sense to me; so does starting in the North – which I have always done. Starting with Earth has just always felt proper to me and I do a personal shielding of layering the elements on top of each other; you wouldn’t put fire on top of water so my layering has always been Earth, Water, Air, Fire. I’ve always been successful with my spells when I do them; I just spent a lot of years (I’m 57) afraid of what I could do or not being able to go back to ‘normal’. One of the great things about being older now is I no longer have to worry about normal.

    1. Love it. I hoped this would be the reaction from readers of Damon;s book, but thought there’d be a lot of ‘but we’ve never done it like that’. Great to see people enjoying this adaptation, and it really does have a different power. I like that people say it feels right, because that’s the thing. Great to hear you’re enjoying magick. – Adam B

  11. Hi Adam, just wanted to say I dived straight into the Advanced Calling and managed to have a conversation with the angels present despite it not being a full fledged evocation. Wasn’t sure how this could also happen, but I wanted to share it

    1. Thanks for sharing!!! That’s rare, but not unheard of, so it’s great! Other people might spend months on evocation and not get that sort of result. It’s not an exact science! It will be interesting to see how it goes for you in the future. Might not be the same for ages, or might always be easy. Good stuff.

  12. Thank you for this amazing book … I had a small question to seek clarity regarding The Basic Calling on pg 161 . It is mentioned that this banishing could be used to clear a space that is haunted . Could it be visualized or one has to be physically present in that house to do so .. my gut says Magick travels thru time and space but would really like to know if feasible.

    In gratitude 🙏

    1. Glad you like it! Best to be there but I know it can be done from a distance, if you can picture the place!

  13. Hello Mr Blackthorne, about The Ladder of ascent, i see that 10 Archangels work to make our desires come true.

    1-can i ask for something like Heal my parents marriage? Change the crooked mind of my dad? And also can i ask for money related things? Not stupid things like win the jackpot

    2- why did you say that you sense the Ladder of ascent could be one of the most popular chapters from the book alongside Circle of power?

    3- Last but not least are the Archangels more powerful than the 72 angels? Because i see some of these angels bring fame, fortune, obtain any desire etc and Archangels dont have those powers.

    Also maybe i misread it but i didn’t see any part where damon talked about which magick was better than any, like he did in Servitors book. Or the difference of using Archangels and using the other books.

    Thank you.

    1. 1. As it says above in the FAQ, only you can work out how the powers may or may not apply to your life. This is the essential point of the book, and one we really want people to absorb. It can only b discerned by truly understanding the full content of the book. And then there’s huge potential.

      2. Just a hunch. Could be wrong.

      3. Power is relative. What works best for you in a given situation is the most powerful. Nothing is objectively most powerful.

      And Damon doesn’t talk about which magick is better than any other, for the same reason as 3. Which you use is up to you, which you like best, which works best for you etc etc.

      Cheers, Adam

      1. I fear like a lot of us that we wont be able to discern or absorb the book completely, as a matter of fact Adam, im kinda disappointed by myself because im still trying to discern and intuit DoM powers.

        Maybe you could expand the FAQ question about applying the powers or not a lil bit more to help us, for example if i read that Tzakiel can bring good fortune and luck i asume that i can use his sigil or his presence for that or if i read several other powers in other books or on the internet i assume that i could use those powers and it could work by applying Damon’s book, but still i don’t know and i really want this book to be THE BOOK, when i read the introduction you gave on amazon and on the book i was speechless practically felt that Archangels could make all my dreams possible.

        If you could give us at least a hint i personally would gladly appreciate and i assure most of the people that read this section will appreciate it too.

        1. The BOOK is the hint. There’s no way I could offer more here in a little post, than a 312 page book. There are hints and ideas all the way through. Read everything there is to know about Tzadkiel, and you will get a very strong impression of what’s possible. If in doubt, try it out. You can see from comments in reviews and esp on Facebook that lots of people are already getting results. Don’t overthink it.

          There is never one book that we would call “THE BOOK” as explained above, but this book, as Damon says, does live up to its promise if you’re willing to give it time. It’s only been out for five days. It may take a lot longer to really connect with this. Some of it is instant, but what’s offered here can be a lifetime of magick. That is worth investing some time.

        2. Man, it’s really not difficult. The Sigils are described in exquisite detail. Read those and you know the angels. Read the rest about evocation and invocation and more powers become obvious. Really obvious to me at least because it’s written out crystal clear and then Damon gives guidance on how to get to know these. So much information there if you’re willing to look. Go into it and trust. If you can’t get it yet DB even shows how to use Metatron to understand Magick better. Use that! Read the book people. The answers are there

          1. Thanksss! Definitely will read more and more thank you and thanks Adam for the patience. And if Adam says the book lives up to his promise that is absolute WOW

  14. Two questions:

    1. Can we perform the rituals on someone else, in order to affect someone else? I know in previous books it was stated that we can but not sure about the rituals in this one as I have read through it and haven’t found mention of this

    2. Can you please recommend a strong ritual to expose attackers to others? Either from this book or others?
    I am in the frustrating situation where I know someone from my close circles has been sabotaging me and others but they hide very well and I feel the people I told simply can’t believe me. I have tried Vevaliah but so far they have still not been exposed and I feel like I am seen as crazy just by telling the truth

    Many thanks for your wonderful work which has become invaluable for me!

    1. 1. Is answered in the FAQ.
      2. If I understand you, you know the person in question, and want to influence others to believe that this person is bad in some way? You’re looking to make people believe your word, regardless of the subject. It may be that you need to clarify your message, in which case you will find magick in this book – again, I can’t spell out which, and the reason for that is explained in the FAQ above. But is it really so important to convince people? Might it not be better just to use this book, or Magickal Protection, to stop the person in question.

      1. Thanks Adam! Yes, I want the two people to be exposed so that someone who I care for and believes they are good (and has been secretly attacked by them) will find out the truth and the fact that I am not making things up. I want to be believed myself (because I care for this person) but also for him to find out what his own sister has been doing to the whole family for years. Hope this clarifies. It’s not just about protection, I want the truth to come out somehow and expose the people involved (either by them giving something away or by other people finding some evidence accidentally)

  15. I performed The Circle of Power basic calling last night. I have to say, I am blown away! Today I have experienced sharp focus and clarity, and balanced mind, body and emotions. I could even walk taller. It’s really hard to describe all the effects because some of them are very subtle like the absence of tension. I think I will start performing it daily. I can’t wait to do the Advanced Calling because it’s so beautiful! I thought the book is amazing, but the magick it lets us access is mind blowing! Thank you so much!
    I hope it’s alright that I practice The Circle of Power facing the door in the North, and not the wall. I also have a door behind me.

    Thank you, Adam.

    1. Great to hear. I have a feeling that this and The Ladder of Ascent will be the most popular bits, but who knows? Thanks for telling us, and yeah, no problem with doors.

  16. Hi, I have question about first sigil method from the book, in first step we pay attention about negative state or problem and how it will if get worse, okay I understand that, BUT what we are doing and feel when we start to scan letters around circle BEFORE scaning archangel name where we feel answer. In short what should we feel, do and sim. when we start to scan letters in second step?

    Also why this step which begins with negative states is avoided in later chapetrs about invocation and evocation ?

    And can we say that this first step is kinda way to ALSO clear negative emotions like EFT method ?

    1. “There is no need to hold on to the feeling you generated…’ etc should answer that. Just whatever happens is OK. No need to generate anything.

      Invocation and Evocation are completely different processes, so they have different methods.

      No, it’s not a clearing method like EFT – like DB says, emotion is the language angels understand best, and it’s a way of clarifying to your inner mind/subconscious what the starting point is, where you’re coming from.

      1. Thanks so much!!! Helpful!!! Maybe one book could be maded by you from these questions and answers, of course it would be edited version.

  17. Hello Adam!

    A question relating to The Circle of Power and also the Sword Banishing from your Magickal Protection: I never felt the urge to be protected, or to cast spells to be so… as I do not think I have any enemies here or other planes, my life is quite “calm”, nothing that I would blame spirits on. When I first read the Magickal Protection I thought it was a good idea just to be sure I am protected tho, but here is the question: If I ever do the Circle or the Sword Banishing, will I have to do it twice daily for the rest of my life or if I do it once and never again it is ok too? One of the reasons I didnt is that it says it makes me a beacon of light for entities, so, if I am not being attacked or anything, I just ignored it because I do not want to be a beacon for attacks after the ritual, and forced to do it twice daily forever.

    Now the reason I started writing this comment:

    I want to be self-employed in the field of Arts, and although I already have a really small following, I do not earn money with it yet – that is my plan, to work on that and achieve an income with my art online. Note that I have been on the “arts” for 7 years already (yes… I know), so I kinda stick to it because of all money and time invested. I just want it to work! (I also did a bunch of rituals for procrastination, draw well, learn fast, get more followers etc) So, I was wondering of using the Ladder of Ascent to ask for help from the archangels about this desire, and then I also read about the divination and got confused. Should I first do the Divination to ask the Archangels if my situation with this goal that I have will change in the future, or just do the Ladder of Ascent and ask for this desire to be fulfilled?

    In truth, I fear that the Archangels will tell me this is not the path I should take and I have to start from 0 another profession… Anyway, about the confusion: So in the Divination I am just asking about how the situation of my art would be in 6 months or 1 year from now, and its up to me to decide what to do, and in the Ladder of Ascent they will help me out to figure what I really want, is that the difference between the two?

    Thank you for the reply.

    1. The banishing doesn’t last forever – little magick does. So being a beacon won’t be a problem. You do magick you get magick. You stop magick, it stops. If you’ve changed yourself, that can stay forever but that’s a different thing.

      Hey, seven years in the arts is normal for getting your feet planted. Good careers can take soooo long to get going. Anyway, the point is that divination is there when you want it, not to get permission. Use it if you want to, otherwise don’t. Also, your feelings about The Ladder may be fear based. As Damon tries to state over and again, it’s your life – you get to decide, not the angels. But if you take on this magick and get told it will damage you right now, that’s valuable. But if you don’t want that knowledge should it be the case, then use other magick. Loads to choose from. But you might get a lovely surprise with The Ladder. Like Damon says, the warnings only come if you really need a warning. It’s not like your parents saying ‘get a proper job’.

  18. Hi Adam,

    Words can’t express how grateful I am for this new book, all the magick you’ve shared with us and all the help you’ve given us on the blogs, here and Facebook. The new book is extraordinary and jaw dropping (but Sigils of Power will remain the only book on my bedside table!).

    I’m taking professional exams this year, so was thrilled to see lots of magick in Archangels of Magick to help with that. I’ll then be delving into the self-development aspects, but all in good time.

    I’m just feeling a little bit in awe of the Archangels and kind of ‘not worthy’ of bothering them with my stuff. Although these things are hugely important to me, there’s much more going on in the world that’s worthy of their attention. So I guess my question is – do Archangels want to help us with these things? I think the answer is yes, otherwise you wouldn’t have released the book but it would be good to hear an expert view on maybe why they want to help us.

    Thank you!

    1. Lovely comments. Great to hear. The answer is in the book, but mostly between the lines I suppose. It is the angels’ duty to answer when called. The rest I shall leave for you to glean from the book.

  19. Hello Adam, i would like to know what does Damon mean in this part of the Sigil chapter “Become familiar with the power as described, but know that it may also work in more extensive and creative ways.” Does it mean we can search for other Powers the Archangel may have outside from the book and use it with the sigil? For example Haniel is the Archangel of beauty , sex appeal and love and so on, so it means i could use the sigil to acquire a little bit more of sex appeal or beauty? That was the only example it came to my mind, also this sigils are like the ones in Angels of Alchemy and Angels of Love, Sigils for tasking the Angel right?

    1. See above: Q: I’ve heard that archangels have powers that aren’t listed in this book. Can I used them?

      The best way to know what the sigils are for and how to use them is to make sure you read that part of the book (and indeed the whole book) as thoroughly as possible. That’s better than any summary or phrase I can offer here.

  20. Sorry in advance because this is unrelated to the archangel book but this is the only method I could find for speaking to a member of the Gallery of Magick directly. Will there be any books in the future on the subject of astral projection? I’m curious to discover new techniques in that practice.

    1. Hi. For more general questions please see:

      We no longer announce books in advance I’m afraid, or discuss what subjects will be covered. This site will announce books as they become available, but there won’t be anything for some time. There will be lots of free blog posts, which hopefully keep the magick interesting and workable.

    1. Glad you like the book. ‘Fraid that subject’s not covered in this book. We’ve not published anything on the HGA, but it’s covered a bit in the main FAQ. Nobody seems to have noticed Damon’s late 2017 update.

  21. Hi Adam, can Raziel as a Gatekeeper angel aid in summoning a demon to petition it for a certain result?

    1. Hello. Not as a gatekeeper as such, but the ritual to improve your magickal ability can certainly assist with the calling of any entity.

    2. I should add that the way we use ‘gatekeeper’ and ‘gateway’ may not be consistent with uses elsewhere. Gatekeeper implies a direct relationship, where the angel provides specific access – as seen with Raziel in other books of ours. But gateway is a softer implication – opens the way to connection with anything you choose. But we’re verging on theory here, so I think it answers your question if I say, yeah, try it!

  22. Hello Adam!

    Thank you GoM for this awesome book again! 🙂

    I’m still reading through, but I passed the part where Damon talks about Cassiel and why he is not in the book. Coincidentally, I searched for angels/archangels that could help me in selling property last month and found out that Cassiel is the Archangel for that. Sadly he is not covered in this book, so could you give me a hint of which Angel (I have the 72 Angels of Magick too if that helps) or Archangel could help specifically in selling a property that has been for sale for more than 2 years now. I’m not a Real State agent, so its more like personal property selling… I used the one-day-ritual in Magickal Riches but so far nothing happened. The thing is, I kinda need a ritual to get people interested in the property, not one that makes a deal go thourgh, since there is no deal around for years..

    Thank you!

    1. Well, the point Damon makes quite a lot, which you’ll see as you get through the book, is it’s better to have access to the archangels that actually get results than those that don’t, and so by implication, Cassiel, despite reputation, might not have got you what you wanted anyway. Not saying it’s impossible, but what’s in the book is way better in our humble opinion. So there’s loads that could be used to get what you want, but as has been said on this page a few times, it’s only by deeply reading and understanding the powers, and working out where to use them, that you get what you’re really after. I can say that what you’re looking for there could be approached in so many, many ways, you really don’t need another archangel. But it would be wrong for me to suggest what approach or which to chose. Damon expresses quite strongly the need for you to chose appropriately. It may seem like a long way around, but it’s not – its far better than doing something wrong several times.

  23. Dear Adam,
    I would first like to say a big wow! And a huge thanks! The GoM delivers, and has life changing information, teachings, implications, and I don’t even know what more to say! I seriously am thinking about starting a blog about my experiences, and I am proud that you actually quoted one-two of my Amazon reviews here (under the name Poly on Amazon). I don’t have a direct question regarding the Archangels book, since as in your DoM book I want to re-read it many times, as I feel there is always new info between the lines that’s easy to miss. So my question is, after the GoM closes the comments section, how will it be possible to actually ask a few questions that aren’t answered here? I have read all the posts and q&a’s probably twice, so I do take your time into account and realize that many questions have already been aswered. For instance, in DoM you mention the power to communicate with the recently deceased. That is extraordinary, and the questions that (should normally) follow aren’t mentioned here. I am having mixed results, and have had a few unbelievable results from the Sigils book. I almost made ‘Money out of the blue’ a living! Even though I know it’s not how it’s meant to be used. I also would like to ask, if the sigils in the sigils book can be charged with the lightning to the heart technique (I think in the 72 Angels book) as an experiment. Is there any way you will be able to find a filter for questions in the future so we can keep on asking questions? Sorry for the long paragraph, and the irrelevance (although not too irrelevant in the big picture of your library) to the new book, but I feel it might be a while till I can find an opening to ask a few questions again.
    Thank You

    1. Thanks. Great to hear you’re getting so many results from the books. Really great.

      We leave the questions open about half the time, and sometimes we vanish for a while, but right now most of the questions we’re getting are already answered in the books, and so on. I think having this site open encourages the wrong approach, in a way. It encourages people to seek help first, rather than to look within, or even just within the book. Time and again I can see people have asked before they’ve read, and that harms them way more than me.

      There is also the pure issue of time. Between here and Facebook it’s at least an hour a day for me at quiet times, and that’s an hour I could spend writing. People ask when I’m bringing out a new book and I’m not even writing one because I write this blog and answer the questions. Would people prefer a new book from me, or more and more pages of me saying, ‘It’s in the FAQ!’ 😉

      And we also look at it like this – although we have known many great occultists, we also had books and documents from hundreds of writers who were already long dead. We still found out what we needed. It can be done by us and by anybody else who seeks. Our books are meant to work all by themselves, and they do. You’ve seen that.

      One day, maybe a year from now, maybe twenty years from now, this site will be gone and no questions will be asked ever again and the books will remain valid and workable, hopefully for decades and beyond, and you’re the proof of that. You’ve got so much magick working!

      As for the weird and wonderful mysteries – there’s no better way to find out about them than to get involved with them. You find your own answers by going into the magick.

      And people still ask questions on Facebook. But pretend we’re all dead! We will be one day. When this site was closed to questions for five months, lots of people did LOTS of magick and it all worked out fine.

      We do like to hear the interesting questions. They are priceless. So we’ll come and go.

      Your question about charging sigils with the method – it’s been asked a lot, so really should go in an FAQ. My bad. Yeah, you can try it. Chaos magick! It’s an experiment. But the real symbolism of that ritual is connecting heaven and earth, so given what you know about the sigils it might not be quite right. But why not try? No need to ask! But do watch out for trying to add power and add power, because it’s better to just choose magick well, do and trust rather than trying to boost it up too much.

      – Adam B

      1. Thanks for your time! I now see it will be on and off as for questions, so I won’t worry about not having a chance. It’s really alot to absorb, and given the crazy problems of real life I am going through it’s easy to lose focus sometimes. – Cheers, Paul.

  24. I love this book! I am very interested in the Invocation ritual. If there are more than one qualities of the same archangel that I would like to work with, can I ask for both of these qualities in the same invocation ritual? For instance, I want to work with the calm and peace both under Metatron’s powers and they are quite related to each other.

    Thank you!

    1. Glad you love it. Damon covers this in Choosing Your Magick. He also cover it in the chapter, Archangels of Invocation, starting with the sentence, “When invoking and working with these qualities, I strongly urge against overkill.”

      1. Thanks for the clarification! Does this also apply for the evocation ritual? Or can we ask for more than one request during the evocation since it is a stronger connection ? I reread the chapter on evocation ritual but wasn’t sure if we can do that with this ritual. Thanks!

        1. The general vibe of the whole book is to be patient and do what’s wise when it’s wise to do it.

          For evocation, focus is important. If you call to an archangel with a list of problems, it’s not a great way to go about it. Of course, in one evocation you may cover a lot of ground and a lot of questions, but if you go in saying, ‘Hey, I’ve got like six problems here,’ it might seem like you’re not so sincere, and you’ll get from the book that it’s this sincere need that drives it all.

  25. Hi! I love the new book! Congratulations! It’s truly a masterpiece! Just one question: I know it’s posible to work with angels AND demons,but do you know if working with high-ranking demons such as Lucifer would cause frictions with GOM’s angelic workings?Thanks

    1. Hi. Glad you like the book. There’s never any way to predict how magick will blend, but overall I’d say that it’s only an issue if you set up two things that are pulling in different directions, trying to do different things. Otherwise, you just keep them separate in your head, and they are separate.

  26. 1. can I replace the stillnes in angels of wrath withe the opening rituals in Archangels of magick?
    2. can I use the opening rituals before using 72 sigils, magickal riches, words of power and greater words of power?

    1. 1. Yes, it’s described in the chapter called Opening and Closing.
      2. It says, “You can use it with any other magick as well if you like.”

  27. I can’t find the book available in paperback, only kindle…is there a paperback option and how can I order it please? And thank you to all for your excellent help in ALL your books!

    1. It’s not available as a paperback in all counties, but can be ordered from, UK and Europe. If you click the link above – the image of the book – that has the Kindle and the paperback and Amazon deliver to most places in the world. Thanks for your interest.

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