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Archangels of Magick

This page is for questions relating to Archangels of Magick.

Q: Does this book cover everything there is to know about archangels?

A: Not at all. It’s a 312-page book that’s designed to reveal the most useful practical archangel magick. If you’re interested, click on the image above and download the free sample or use the Look Inside feature to see if it looks like something you’ll enjoy using.

Q: Some of the Hebrew letters appear to be wrong. Did you make a mistake?

No, everything is as it should be. Please see the same question on this page for more details.

Q: Can you help me to pronounce the words in this book?

A: Here’s an audio/video guide. Your own voice will sound different, so you don’t have to copy this exactly.

This video might seem overwhelming, with so many words being spoken, but remember that in practice you will be learning just one or two words at a time, in most cases. That makes it very easy.

Q: Is  DE pronounced the same as DEE?

A: You can say it like the DE in DESK, or the DE in DETAIL. You will even hear it sounding more like DEE in the video above, because it flows well, which goes to show you can be very relaxed about pronunciation. Use the version you prefer.

Q: Can this magick be done to bring results for somebody else?

A: The instructions are aimed at changing your reality. But you can use this for others, by making their reality part of yours – you see their problem as something you want to solve in your life. When you study the book you should be able to work out where and how this can be done. It will probably work best when you’re already good at getting results for yourself and when you feel you really understand the magick. If in doubt, you can try it. Damon explores this at a few points in the book, but most clearly in the chapter called Crisis Magick. The advice given there could apply to most of the book.

Q: I’ve heard that archangels have powers that aren’t listed in this book. Can I use them?

A: Damon has listed the powers most likely to work with these methods, but if you’ve read elsewhere of other powers, there’s no harm in trying. (Be aware that the internet is one of the worst sources of information, with just about every power ascribed to every archangel if you read for long enough.) The book, as written, is your best guide to the most effective magick. You should also know that many powers are revealed only when you read the whole book deeply. When you get to invocation and evocation you will have an understanding of the archangels that can then be applied to earlier rituals. The book wasn’t written to be obscure, but to ensure that only through a deep reading of the text can you gain full access to the powers. This ensures you have fully absorbed the required concepts that get the magick working.

Q: I’ve learned about all the various angelic powers spread throughout the book, so can I use each power with each method? Can an Evocation Power be used with the Archangel Sigils of Power, for example?

A: Building on the above answer, Damon wants this to be down to personal interpretation and insight, for very sound magickal reasons, so I won’t say too much, but you should know that what’s presented in the book is the best and most likely way for the magick to work. The powers listed for the sigils are the most likely to work, but it doesn’t mean they are the only ones, as he says. You can try other powers for that angel, using the sigils, once you’ve worked out what they are, but it should be clear that the book sets out what’s most likely to work with each method. And some methods, of course, dictate the magick that applies – invocation powers, for example, are quite clearly intended for the invocation method only. In time, you may gain a broader understanding of the angels by working with them, and then everything becomes more fluid and flexible, and all powers possibly become available with all methods, but when starting out it makes sense to work with what’s in the book exactly as it’s set out. The exception to this is evocation, where your intuition based on the descriptions and the knowledge gleaned from the rest of the book can lead to a wider interpretation of powers from the outset, and the process of evocation itself will often reveal more powers to you.

Q: Many people claim Raphael is an angel of healing, but in this book it says Raphael is on there ‘to aid with healing.’

A: See above. And to elaborate, if you get to Invocation you will see that Raphael heals the self directly. And for Evocation it says, ‘Raphael can assist in all manner of healing.’  Note that Damon says, ‘The powers are all there, but you will need to work out what has to change in your life, and what ritual is most appropriate for your development and the result you seek.’ That means that the path to healing may be more than just ‘a healing ritual’, but you may work on energy, emotions and other aspects of the underlying issue. This brings far greater results than rituals that are too simple and limited in scope.

Q: Before a ritual, should I used The Sword Banishing from Magickal Protection or The Circle of Power from this book?

A: With both methods available, most people use the Sword Banishing daily or twice daily for general protection and magickal alignment (or not at all if it’s not part of your practice), and The Circle of Power for the rituals. It is, however, up to you how you use the magick that’s here.

Q: Can I ask for several results at once?

A: The book repeatedly conveys the importance of wisdom and patience. Note that Damon says, “Do not just hammer out countless rituals in the hope that more is better. The ideal approach is to choose well and combine rituals wisely.”

Q: In the divination ritual, do I speak the question out loud?

A: You contemplate the question in your mind, and then speak the request to the angel out loud. This is, however, open to interpretation. If you prefer to do everything out loud, you can. If you prefer to do everything in your mind, you can.

Q: Can you suggest which archangel or which method would be best for my problem?

A: The best way to work is with your own understanding of the powers. Damon talks about this at some length, in various parts of the book. A full reading of the book and an awareness of what is on offer is the only way for this to work. When you have read everything, it should become quite clear, and there are guidelines in there on how to work out what you want. A good starting point is the chapter called Choosing Your Magick, but that is only a starting point, and only by reading the whole book will you be able to make the best choices.

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133 Comments on “Archangels of Magick FAQ

  1. Hi adam, First off I have been getting some amazing results with the Archangels book, and that identity ritual was wonderful, thank you! I have a strange question however. I get the sense there are things working together with the magic, one thing mentioned before is that you have covered for many peoples inability to visulise. I have a strange question about how the gallery has constructed some of these techniques. are there servitors or other spirits working with us on these rituals. I get the sense there are things going on that are just beyond my senses, nothing benign. but there is a definite presence around many of the rituals, it seems beneficial, and yet different and separate from the feeling from the Angels and Archangels.
    it’s almost like a sense of there is something fascinated with me, sort of like the sense you get when someone you don’t see is starring at you. again, nothing negative, just a sort of “other” attention.
    It feels beneficial, and I’ve done the circle of power and also sword banishing. and the sense remains, at times it’s almost like another set of eyes or some other sense organ that I can’t quite decipher. any thoughts?

    • sorry, meant to type, “nothing *mailign” rather than “benign”

      • Hi. Love hearing that you’re getting good results. The sensation you describe could be many things, such as sensing an aspect of your inner/higher self. That’s actually my best guess – the magic’s taking you to a place where you sense yourself from another perspective. Our magick structures are protected and enabled by us – this is part of the process we put into place when creating ‘final’ rituals for ourselves. This, of course, changes all the time as rituals change and develop. But this is really just a way of blessing the work and oiling the gears. We’re not adding secret layers of magick or servitors to make sure it works – but we have constructed things so that people with limited visual abilities, for example, can still get results, and other workarounds that make it all more available to people in general. But this is not as big a deal as it sounds; just a kind of blessing put in place for us which now works for everybody else. It’s like if we cleaned a mirror; it would be cleaner for everybody who looked in it. So it’s possible you’re sensing that, but unlikely, as once it’s done there’s no actual presence attached to the magick; no servitors or anything like that. I actually think it’s more likely that you’re just getting a slightly altered look at reality and yourself. Anyway, glad its working! Cheers, Adam B.

  2. Hi Adam, thank you so much for the Identity Ritual. It has been 2 months since I performed it and it definitely works! I could describe at length all the changes, but will just summarize it. My spirit is renewed, my awareness is sharper and brighter. My magick works better because of a clearer connection to the spiritual. It feel like I have a completely new Ruach, or at least an enhanced one. I think this ritual is deeply profound and this tranformation is just the beginning

  3. Hello, I have the book on my Kindle. And I’ve seen in the crisis of magic that you use YHVH in it. I guess the archangels are really YHVH/God’s creations. I’m familiar with the name YHVH and I was wondering can anyone make their own ritual with the use of the sigils in the book and use the God name YHVH for any purpose of the ritual? Or I must strictly stick with the rituals that are in the book?

    Can these Archangels actually help you more connected to YHVH?
    Also I’m a spirit worker and I want help with opening up my clairvoyant abilities and maybe astral project. Can the archangels help me with that? I want to try out the ladder of ascent and see how things go out with it.

    Thank you!

    • I also have a book called The Master Works of Chaos Magick, which is all about creating your own magick, but using what exists and workings to create new stuff. So yes, anybody can create anything they want. Whether or not it will work or not is another matter. So I’d say that with this book – Archangels of Magick – it’s so tried and tested, and there are so many reports of good results from new users and people who’ve been in the occult for a long time, that it’s worth trying it just as it is first off. Get to know how the book works, see it’s potential and then see if you want to change things. Mostly, it’s easier to use what’s there than to invent something new, unless you have a reason to do so. As for whether there is a stronger connection to the divine, that’s theory we can’t really go into here, but many people would say that any time you do magick sincerely you are reaching out, at least with part of yourself, to divinity. The book contains lots of opportunities for spiritual development and that can be interpreted in whatever way you like.

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