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This page is only for questions relating to Magickal Servitors. 



Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.

Q: It sounds like servitors can do anything. Are there any practical limits?

A: It’s largely down to your starting point. One person’s miracle is another person’s mundane. And this applies to all magick, not just servitors. Servitors can bend reality, but not sidestep it altogether. I think the answer is in the book, where I say, “Ask for results that would not be obtainable without magick, but not for results that you’d regard as a miracle. As an occultist, you fashion a good life by creating many magickal leaps that help your life progress, rather than drawing down one huge miracle. If you can keep that in mind, and allow your servitor to do its job, you will get the results you seek.”

Q: How would a servitor motivate a person who has been suffering from a lack of motivation for years?

A: If you create a servitor to change that aspect of your personality, it can direct the change for you. You’d have to be motivated enough to create it and sustain it, but that’s all.

Q: If servitor can boost character traits, can they also diminish negative belief systems?

A: Yes. The magick is very open to adaptation and interpretation.

Q: I’m not sure if my plan for sustenance is good. What do you think?

A: In the book I say, “Often, merely acknowledging the servitor’s existence is sufficient to provide it with continued life.” Anything above and beyond this should be good enough.

Q: Can you program a servitor to help out a certain number of hours a day?

A: Yes. Work this into the Timing of Action.

Q: Can servitors use negative energy for sustenance? If they are used to help out with knee pain, can they use the inflammation and negative emotions as a source of nourishment?

A: Yes, but be aware that when the problem is solved the servitor will be gone. If the problem returns, you may need to create a new entity.

Q: I’ve got an idea for a servitor that I want to create. Do you think it would work?

A: If you feel that a servitor could work, give it a go. Your intuition will guide you.

Q: Can I create a servitor to help someone else? If so, does the person have to be aware of that situation?

A: You can, and the other person does not need to be aware of the servitor. You should house and maintain the servitor yourself, and it does not need to be physically connected to the other person.

Q: Can I discuss my servitors with others?

A: Be cautious for all the obvious, mundane reasons. Our worst enemies are usually the people who were close to us once. Other than that, there is no reason why not.

Q: Do servitors need to rest?

A: There is no need for rest, and many are set up to work continually.

Q: Can I house my servitor in…?

A:  You can house it in whatever you want. Obviously I prefer the method in the book, but you really can use anything.

Q: Isn’t this magick too advanced for beginners?

A: Where other books say ‘do this, do that, and here’s your result’ this requires far more input from you. But that’s also where its power lies. It is more advanced, in that it requires you to inuit and decide what to do. It also requires imagination. From what I’ve heard, beginners can get a lot out of it. It’s important to remember that servitor magick was invented centuries ago, but made workable and popular largely by young adults in the eighties who were willing to try anything – so it can be quite loose and free and non-exacting. The more you let go of perfection, the easier it is to get a result. I think it can be intimidating as it feels like you have to make a lot of decisions, but that is the beauty of the system. Each decision gives you fine tuning, control, power.

Q: Is there a limit on how many tasks you should give to each servitor? I’ve heard you shouldn’t give them too much to do.

A:  I think each servitor should have a general area of operation, but can be assigned many tasks so long as they are within its remit.

Q: Do I need to program my servitor to be curious and to learn?

A: Being born of your desire, it will be as curious, wise and cunning as is required to get the result. When you have children, you make love and get a baby – you don’t have to wire up the brain and program the instincts. It’s all there, as if by magick. Servitors are the same – you create them with a purpose and the magick that is required goes on under the hood.

Q: How can I make a servitor stronger?

A: Set the servitor tasks that it can achieve. When it is working well and achieving results, set it slightly harder tasks. If need be, recall the servitor and retask it, taking into account the more powerful results. That is, be guided by the specific results you want, rather than a general desire for ‘more power’.

Q: Is there a way of verifying the servitor’s existence?

A: The best way is to use the servitor as planned, and see the result you seek. Other than that, if you’re trying to prove that it’s real, you’re burdening your magick with doubt. Accept the servitor’s reality, rather than seeking proof. That way, you expect results and they come. There’s no better way to know your servitor than that.

Q: I can’t feel the servitors presence, but I really want to. How can I?

A: Some people do, some don’t. It isn’t important, but if you get hung up on it then you may stifle results. Instead, act as though it is real, and results will come. The result are what you are seeking, after all – any sensation of a servitor as a real entity is a bonus or side-effect, depending on your point of view, but is certainly not important and absolutely should not be your main purpose.

Q: You’ve been doing magick for decades but I’m new to this, so how can I possibly be good enough at visualisation?

A: As the book says, ‘The visual aspect is not all that important.’ It also says, ‘If your visualization skills are not good, you can still get worthy results.’ I cannot make it much clearer than that. You do not need to be an expert at visualisation, and as detailed in the book, so long as you use the methods as described, you will be doing it right.

Q: You mention emotion in the sustenance stage, but not in the creation/birthing stage. Why?

A: I don’t think it’s required. If you do, feel free to modify the method.



107 thoughts on “Magickal Servitors FAQ

  1. I just created a servitor for the first time, but i’m not 100% sure it worked. Is there a way i can check it worked?

    1. No need to check, as the book says – just work with it for the results you need. You’ve asked quite a lot of questions and although that’s reasonable it usually indicates a fear that the magick isn’t going to work, that you’re doing it wrong. Calm confidence, and simply doing the magick is a hundred times more likely to work than worrying about it too much. This might help:

      1. I’m sorry for asking so many questions, not only am i new to all this but unfortunately i’m the kind of person who isn’t very good at trusting my gut or trusting i’ve done or said the right thing and i’m always questioning my choices and myself. Thank you for help

        1. That’s fine, and I’m not saying ‘ leave me alone’, but offering the best help I can, which is to say you should go boldly into it, and you’ll find your way.

  2. I’ve read the Magickal Servitors book but i don’t understand what the (light from the dark) means? i’ve never heard of it before.

    1. It’s a technique to add an enrgy as described in the chapter called Birth. After it says, “This uses a process called Light From The Dark,…” the next ten paragraphs describe the technique. You can’t miss it!

  3. Hi Adam,

    I’m contemplating to create a servitor to help someone who has been wrongly accused in court. Is it better to task the servitor to change the heart and mind of the judge (I don’t know the name of the judge) or to task the servitor to help bring justice to my friend?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello. If you want a reusable justice servitor, the former. If just the result, the latter. The chapter called Purpose has quite a lot about the level of specificity.

  4. Can you create a servitor to be your friend or companion if so what kind of words should someone put in to the servitors (purpose)?

    1. Never heard of that being done and can ‘t imagine it working, because awareness of servitors is usually only slight.

  5. Hi folks, I hope everything is going well for you!

    Regarding purposes and powers, do the powers have to be really specific tasks or can you fit 3 simple “purposes” as powers under a categorical Purpose?

    1. It’s difficult to answer, because it depends on the powers and I can only really guide you back to the book and see if you think that what you’re asking for is all harmonious. Overall, I’d say, yeah, you can build, say, a Sales servitor, and it could be used to make customers feel happy, make them enjoy spending, and it could be sued to make you sound convincing to them. Worth a try!

      1. In my particular case, I started out with a servitor to increase motivation. But for all the motivation I have, it only can go guided to the current thing I am doing, which might not be the most useful for the day. I figure that the problem is both procrastination and lack of organization due to having procrastinated to much already causing a blockage in proper results. So if I could either develop my current servitor or create a new one for “getting my shit together” with the motivation increase, the demolishing of procrastination and organizing my days to actually know what to get done according to priorities I’d probably better off.

        What do you think about this? And if you feel you have any suggestions as powers that could be also useful for the purpose of getting it together I’d appreciate getting to know about them, Thanks!

        1. I think you’ve hit item intuitively – that lack of organisation is tried to the procrastination. So, yes, one servitor tuned to cover all these areas could work. I could be wrong, but but it sounds right to me. AB

  6. Hello Adam B! I have a query about servitors,.again! As I mentioned on your FB page recently, I would like to pick your brain about servitor creation. I don’t know when you will read this. Hope to hear from you.Thanks!

      1. Hello! ok, then I will just ask and wait for answer.

        I have already worked with servitors as you might remember from the first time I came over to ask something about it.

        This would be my third servitor. This time around it is for traveling. I want it to protect which is important when going anywhere these days, but! I would like to also give it another purpose. So it will really have dual purpose you could say. So it would be first: For protection while I travel etc. Second: Is for something else, still related to my travel, but leaning more to the physical, hmm, charm, etc!. But I find myself postponing the creation, because I know is two different sort of purposes, but not really. I do not want to create two travel servitors. As it is I will still be feeding my other two babies 🙂 – my first two servitors- I do not want to stop doing that.
        I find it easy to create them, and get to love them easily. I guess I do that. But that is fine, because they serve me brilliantly. I find it easy to know how it will look, name, main characteristics and sigils. I tend do work first on whatever comes to my creative flow. But Purpose is where I get stuck. I know what power I would like it to have as well as primary purpose, but I get stuck once I want to do conception. Is there a way to word the purpose so that it would encompass both things I want it to do?
        I hope I did not go on too long with this query. I am traveling by the end of this month and I have been trying to create this particular servitor since the middle of last month.
        Thank you much for reading and your help 🙂

        1. Hey, I’m still here, so can answer now. Couple of solutions. One would be to use other magick to protect travel – there’s lots in the angel books, in Magickal Protection. That would leave your third servitor to do one thing, the other thing you have in mind.

          The other is to create two servitors. I know you said you don’t want to, but it if you’re getting that stuck at Purpose, then it sounds like your intuition is screaming at you not to make a jumbled servitor. If you can’t find a way to make it do what you want, cohesively, then perhaps it’s not a good idea to jam all that into one servitor.

          There is a final way, which is to see the overall event, your travels and all that happens, as a significant event, which you wish to be safe with a particular outcome, and you create a servitor that has this one purpose – to make everything safe, to go as planned, for ‘charm’ stuff to go the way you want, and for you to return happily, with everything charmed, safe and happy along the way. But, in truth, this would mean it was a one-use only servitor, (unlikely you’d need that mix again), and this type tends to be a bit weak and vague. The other two options are probably better.

          1. Yes! I did think that. About making a separate protection magickal work and leave the servitor to do the other. It did cross my mind. What you suggest. About 2 servitors. What stops me is the time frame I have as I like to prolong the gestation process and I want to give my servitor enough time to get comfortable. Maybe its just me, but I have noticed servitors need time to adjust to “life”. Lesson learned from my first servitor.
            I think the best solution is the first you suggested. Create separate magickal protection and make just the one servitor for the rest of my travel purpose. I shall do that.
            Thank you so much! Out of all the books I bought from GOM, the one that I felt more at ease with is the Magickal Servitors book. Is like I am a duck to water. Easy piece! and of course Chaos Magick, definitely!
            I look forward to another lovely find from your publications.

          2. Hello again Adam B, Just wanted to add, I didn’t know you have another book! Sigils of Power and Transformation. I like working with sigils. Looking forward to my purchase. Not a fan of e-books, I am getting the paperback edition. Looking forward to this book. So glad I went back to amazon to look up something else and found it.

    1. Hi Christina. Tricky one, this – finding lost objects is always quite strange with magic because it can be so, so easy or really difficult because you can’t let go of the ‘looking’. So to remain active makes it hard not to lust for the results. What you might want to do is retask the servitor and ask it to find any item you lose, forever – make it a servitor you keep for a long time. This gives it an ongoing purpose and that can sometimes (just sometimes) help to urge a servitor into action. The alternative is to completely let go, forget about it, so long as the servitor knows it only gets fed or rewarded when it finds something for you. Actually, that’s another way to retask – a little more coercively; you tell it that it will fade into nothingness unless it finds the object for you. Sometimes works, going about it in that way. Sometimes, too, things are just so lost that no magick can find them – I hope that’s not the case for you.

  7. I haven’t noticed that much difference from the 2 servitors I’ve created. Would giving them more mental focus help also would having another look at their sigils help I have read for sigil magic it is good to forget about them what would you recommend.

    1. If you follow all the instructions for sustenance and the like, as described in the book, that should be enough, but sometimes it can be that the initial task was too broad, too vague, too precise, so it may be worth thinking over if there’s a better way to go about this, or a factor in the situation that is more open to change, and then retask the servitor as described in the book. But forgetting about the servitors in this style of magick is not quite right, because Damon says, “continued awareness of your servitor, along with regular sustenance, will create a more powerful entity than one that is rarely attended to.”

  8. About a year ago, I was assisting a friend in a real estate transaction. As we were beginning the prelim processes of the sale, my friends sister who owned the real estate at the time didn’t like me. There was a falling out between her and myself and the result transformed into my best friend not liking me anymore. Divination has informed me that I may have literally been banished. Can a servitor be employed to bring us together again? He was my best friend and probably the only person I actually trusted and hate that business got in the way of our very good friendship.

    1. Possibly ideal, because it’s so adaptable. It depends on whether you click with this type of magick, and also whether the situation is open to change. Magick can move mountains, but only if the mountain is on wheels. Sometimes, things are gone forever – or a decade or so. Sometimes they’re easy to shift. If it’s somewhere between the two, it might be possible. (The post I always guide people to is this one: For more complex situations you may need a more thorough approach. Maybe not. Sometimes a simple servitor will do it all.)

  9. When creating a servitor that might use clothes (as in, a human or humanoid creature), must said clothes look the same everytime we summon it? Or if it’s a servitor used for some sort of defense and wears armor, must that armor always look the same?

    I am going to create one to help me improve my creative process, and one of the sub-tasks is to help me giving me inspiration. So I was wondering if there’s any problem if its clothes were different depending on the subject I’m working on. Like… for example, if it’s a sci-fi illustration it could wear a tech suit, and if it’s a fantasy illustration, it could wear medieval clothes? Or should I not define that particular detail and let it choose which should it wear? Or should I choose clothes that fit its job in general for it to wear all the time?

    I guess I should also ask the same about the hairstyle, if the servitor has hair.

    Sorry if the question is too superfluous, and thanks for all the info!

  10. Hello Adam,
    The teachings of the Gallery of Magick are slowly but surely changing my life one day at a time. Thank you!
    I have two questions:
    1. In your experience, could a servitor effectively have someone forget something? Or is it best to just disorient them on the issue, or just give it a positive disposition on it instead?
    2. I have a servitor currently gestating. I’ve thought of another power that I wanted to include. Is it possible to add that new power at birth? Would I just tell her “hey, I forgot something, please do this too?”
    Thanks Adam

    1. Hi. Great to hear that!

      1. Totally dependent on what it is and who the person it – sometimes it can work well, because people forget easily. Other times, they don’t, and you ned to haze and blur that memory instead. Or go for the positive. Your knowledge of the details will help you decide.

      2. It’s meant to be a stable period. No rewriting of the genetic code. But you could try. Going by the book you’d birth it and retask it, but we’ve all broken the rules. You could try. But don’t say you forgot. Make out that you’re adding some development, some growth, new potential – sounds more grand and important and more likely to mesh with a servitor’s sense of self than ‘I forgot you have legs…’ or whatever it may be.

      1. 1. Okay thank you. Good info. Presents me with some good starting points to present scenarios to my tarot cards
        2. I’ll just go ahead and birth it and then retask it in the next few days. I think that would be best for this situation.

  11. Hello Mr. Blackthorne,
    I know Mr. Brand has answered the question pertaining to Servitors and health magick.

    He said, it may work but don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t.
    My question is, could one create a Servitor that could lead you to the right health practitioner? Thanks!

    1. Hi Winston. Yes, a Perception servitor can extend your ability to find the right help. That’s potentially a great way to go about things. I think what Damon was saying is, health magick is lovely when it works but we can’t make promises – but year, getting the best help first is always more important than magick. A servitor could definitely help if that kind of magick clicks for you.

  12. Hey Adam!
    Is it possible to create a servitor to find out what’s coming on an exam?
    If so, how detailed would the revelations be? (Would it be general or specific?)

    What’s the best way to create a servitor for remembering large volumes of Information?
    And Is it that the servitor will learn the information and the somehow jog my memory so that I can remember what I had studied?

    Thanks for taking the time out to answer this. I really appreciate it!

    1. You can, but results would be dependent in part on your own psychic abilities – yes the servitor is separate from you, but also based on you. Also, divination for this kind of thing can be kind of cranky.

      “What’s the best way to create a servitor for remembering large volumes of Information?” Use the instructions in Magickal Servitors! And you could then add detail to that servitor, to get it to jog your memory. After the main purpose, you add in the detail.

      Damon wrote a piece that was mostly about exams, here: It’s mostly about breaking the problem down, which you seem to have done.

      Worth knowing there’s a ritual to Pass an Exam in The Greater Words of Power, and in Sigils of Power there’s Learn with ease and Pass Exams Easily.

  13. The gallery of magick is awesome. Im currently working on magickal servitors the one the thing hung up on is giving the servitor specific powers to achieve the goal. It states in the book to give your servitor powers but it doesnt go into how to do exactly like the rest of the book does. Do you just write it in like “you have the powers of persuasion”. ? If your looking to persuade? Or do you have to list the exact power the causes persuation. “You possess the ability to appeal to ones liking” which can help cause persuasion? Thanks for any advice you can offer

    1. Thanks for the ‘awesome’!!!

      The book says that listing powers is optional, and that after purpose has been listed ‘you may want to break that down into a further list of powers.’ So that’s all. The chapter called Powers looks at how problems can be broken down, and how you aim powers at specific parts of a problem. Imagine you’re selling used cars. Your servitor’s purpose may be to sell more cars. Cool. But maybe you need to draw more customers into your sales yard first. So you list that as a power: to attract customers, or to make the place seem appealing. Or maybe you think you appear untrustworthy to customers, so one of the powers you list is to make you seem more appealing to customers. Etc. It’s about seeing what detail you can add in. And yeah, then you just list it. It’s a breakdown of the purpose. Note the very last paragraph in the chapter though – it talks about how this can over-limit some servitors. You need to judge whether your servitor has an open purpose, or one that’s more defined. If it’s more defined, you just define it.

  14. Just wanted to say that I purchased this book in December, created a servitor, and have had an exceptional experience thus far. The idea for creating my servitor just flowed out of nowhere (it was almost as if it wanted to be created and helped the process). As it turns out, the animal I chose, after a few google searches for the symbolic representation of that particular animal, is an absolute perfect symbol for why I wanted the servitor in the first place! It’s been a very impressive experience so far and I get occasional signs where I see the same kind of animal that my servitor is and it always feels like I’m being told that my servitor is working hard and letting me know. One morning, shortly after creating the servitor, I was deeply consumed in thoughs of the problem at hand that my servitor was working on. I was getting in my car to go to work, I did not see the source, but I heard the noise that my servitor animal would make. Felt like I was being told “Hey, I’m working hard, things are in progress!” I’ve received a lot of signs over the past month that things are continually in motion and have been seeing a lot of results. So yes, this magick really does work!! And at this point I feel like the relationship I have with my servitor is a true partnership, I trust my servitor and she always appears when I call. So this post is mostly feedback on the effectiveness of this book, but I also have a simple question……is it common to get physical signs such as I have experienced where I see or hear the same kind of animal that my servitor is? Am I interpreting such sightings correctly? Or just a coincidence? Always seems to happen when I need a sign most.

    1. Hi there Shasta. Lovely to hear that. Servitors work fine for a lot of people, but for some they really click and it seems like that’s the case for you. Great! If you trust the signs they come more easily, so don’t write them of as coincidence. Some people get no signs and have to work in the dark, but yes, it is quite expected that this can happen, and it’s a very pleasant way to connect to the magick. Enjoy it!

  15. Greetings, Damon ~
    I have enjoyed reading your work and the other titles from The Gallery of Magick. I truly appreciate the efforts you all have gone through to break down the practice of magick in a very simple “everyday” way. Recently, I had a dream that instructed me to create a Magickal Servitor of my own. The dream expressed that according to John Dee the best time to do this is on a Sunday. I am not certain if this instruction was beneficial for everyone or if it was recommended to me due to the fact that I was born on a Sunday. Honestly, I am not even certain that John Dee actually suggested a particular time frame to create servitors or not. However, I just wanted a second opinion on this matter of ideal times to create servitors.
    Thanks in advance…!
    * Infinite Love & Light *

    1. Hello there. Damon’s moved on for now, so it’s Adam B here. If it mattered, the book would have covered it, BUT, if you get a personal insight like this one, trust it. I have found certain things work on certain days, but only at certain times of my life – and things that didn’t make sense in terms of tradition. But I went with it and found it worked. Give it a go and see what happens!

  16. Hello Mr Brand
    I am currently studying your book ‘Magical Servitors’ which is absolutely fascinating! I have done magic on an off over the years and I have charged objects i.e crystals, herbs and water etc. However, I have never gone all out and created a separate entity and sent it on a mission. Though, I have had visions since childhood of turning dolls into living creatures by blowing my breath into them! My question is; as a victim of black magic over the years will my servitor be turned against me by a black magic practioner? Can they use it to hurt my family? What can I do as failsafe to make sure that nobody but I have power over the servitor? I need to do something to improve my life and I feel this is one of the safest ways because it does not involve no other spirit apart from my own but, when I undertake this work I need to know no one will get hurt.

    I know you have other books talking about protection and so on but I really do not want to work with demons or spirits. I have worked with angels in the past but I had a frightening experience that put my family at risk so, with the exception of calling Archangel Michael and Archangel Rapheal now and again, I do not have the courage to go back there. I do have your book ‘Words of Power’ and I scanned it and placed my hand over the cover to sense the energy. The very next day I woke feeling different and some good things began happening but, I still won’t deliberately, call any entity even for protection.

    Can you advise? Sorry I went astray in my question.

    1. Hello. Damon’s moved on to other things for now, so isn’t on this page, but he’s trusting me to answer for him. Let’s hope I can. 😉 And all I can really say is trust what Damon tells you in Magicking the Magick Safe. This method was designed to work with you personal connection, with all the dangers from more basic methods cut out. It’s still simple, but safe. I can’t really add more to the chapter other than my emphatic agreement.

      Words of Power is very, very safe. It’s a combination of divine names and angelic names, and words that connect them in a pattern that brings results. So it’s safe. But if magick feels scary, at all, it’s best to wait until you feel confident about it.

      1. Hi Adam
        Thank you for your response on both pages ‘Magickal Servitors and Sigils of Power…’ FAQ. Despite my nervousness I have done magic in the pass but I’ve usually left the results up to the Universe. Sometimes this was effective and other times nothing happened. However, due to the lack of privacy and my husband being a minister in the Christian church, I have not been able to do the usual candle, herbs and oils rituals without his knowledge. This has caused great frustration on my part because there are so many urgencies in our life. There are people that I turn to for help but they tend to charge a small fortune which I happened to know is unnecessary. This is what attracted me to the GOM books because I felt I could change things without the great expense and without me having to set up a candle spell and hope it burns out before my husbands gets home from work, which is not ideal because candle spells can last 24 hours seven days in one week.
        I will go ahead with the books I have mentioned and purchased because basically I do not want to go down in fear and because I do not have the money to pay for what I can do myself.
        Again thanks for your advice and speak with you all soon.


  17. Is it possible to create two servitors simultaneously that can share the work load, such as if you’re wanting help with health and seeking people to help with work, business new friends etc as some are similar in the sense of seeking people would it be easier to create and visualise two that work together and share a sigil but with separate names?

    Or would it be more efficient to have one but provide it with more energy

    1. Hi Adam. My personal take with this example would be one for health and one for business/friendship/connections and so on. A single servitor trying to cover health and friendship is about too much cross-training. Yes, you can create two to work together, if the end result is connected in some way. But I’d never get two to share the same sigil. It confuses things.

  18. Hello, I have a very elderly stepmother who is quite wealthy. She lives far away and has stopped writing and seems to be unwilling to talk to me lately. I think her son has turned her against me because he doesn’t want me to be in her will. Would a servitor who influences her to think kindly of me be a good idea or would something else be better? I am retired and quite poor so her money would really help when she passes on. Thanks in advance!

  19. Hi Damon.
    How important is it to keep det servitor script. I dont`know how to make a hidden map on my computer. Any ideas where I can keep the script hidden. Should I look at it from time to time ??

    1. There are many resources online showing you how to encrypt and hide files, if you need to. If you can remember the most important points, then you don’t necessarily need what you’ve written – but make sure you remember the really important points, such as the details of calling, fatal flaw and so on.

  20. How do you move a servitors housing and why wasnt it covered in the book how to do this ?

    1. It wasn’t covered in the book because the ideal approach, as set out, is to choose a housing that you do not want to change. That’s the method that works best. If you absolutely need to move it, you can follow the Restocking process, and request that the servitor change the location of its housing. If that doesn’t work, the alternative is to destroy it and start anew, or live with the original housing unless there is a very compelling reason not to do so.

  21. Hi Mr. Brand,
    Thank you for your kind and patient help. Is it a good idea to create a servitor specifically to protect pets from magickal forces, or is the ritual to protect loved ones more appropriate? That one seems to me to be aimed more at people only because of the words ‘family and loved ones’. Pets are family to me, but servitors seem less human oriented, maybe more natural?

  22. Hi Damon, First off I would like to express my gratitude to you and the other members of the GOM for the amazing insights and help you all offer in the realm of Magick. 🙂 I know you are extremely busy so I am hoping you have a chance to read my question. I now have almost every book you’ve written and have read thru many posts and questions on your blog. To my knowledge this question has not been asked and if it has my apologies in advance.

    I created a Servitor and feel that I had excellent results from the get go. She was created specific to assisting me and my business (I’m a small business owner) in generating more income and daily bookings. Upon creating her I saw results in a matter a days. Some rather huge…

    Just a quick little history… I came to the art of Chaos Magick because I had a severe psychic attack that I am still dealing with today. (your books on protection have helped soooo much!…. I do the Sword Banishing and Master Protection daily… sometimes twice.) But I noticed last month or so my Servitor has seemed… stagnant… or just not present like she was before. My business has slowed quite a bit as well. I studied your book back and forth and followed EVERY rule to the “T” needed to ensure I did not inadvertently create a rogue Servitor or any other of the myriad of things that could go astray when creating a being. And I also made sure she was “fed” by things that I do naturally without prompting and also fed by my conscious attention and gratitude given to her as income increased.

    Although I am new to Chaos Magick, I have always naturally been magical and took to it easily and immediately. Like coming home… I am also pretty darn intuitive. And although I often question my, “hits” I will learn later I was spot on.

    So….. having said all that. Here are my questions: Can a Servitor be attacked psychically as well? Can an experienced Magician perform black magick that can affect my Servitor? If so how can I protect her? I created another Servitor specific to protection and programmed him to also protect this Servitor… however I have not seen a change. I also did a ritual to protect her… but again… no change. She seems not in touch anymore.. like she’s just within my reach.

    I recently had a couple meditations where I saw my Servitor, “bound” for lack of a better term. She’s a bird and her beak was wrapped up and she also couldn’t fly in my meditation. Previously when I called upon her, her presence was immediate and intense. In your Magickal Protection books you speak about the fact that being attacked repeatedly is not common and my instincts says that that is true. However I have used any and ALL of the appropriate protection rituals in your books and although I have seen and felt much improvement, I think I may be one of the few who is being attacked repeatedly. Also, I realize that if I get lax in my rituals or daily practices stuff starts “happening” again.

    Any advice, insight or guidance would be much appreciated. If there is something I am doing wrong please advise. Thank you in advance for you reply. You are a rockstar Mr. Brand!!! xoxoxo

    1. Glad to hear the protection magick has helped, and thanks for your kind comments.

      It is theoretically possible for servitors to be attacked, or to come under attack while out and about, because they keep the company of other spirits, so to speak. However, in practice, it is so rare that it’s almost not worth mentioning. Also, if you’ve done as much protection as you say, I very much doubt that a repeated attack would be having this particular effect. Attacks come in many forms, but it is highly unlikely that a servitor, made in secret, would succumb. It is just possible that an attack could weaken your ability to connect to the servitor, but again, if you are using daily protection with the Sword Banishing, this seems highly unlikely.

      It’s possible that your servitor is not as easy to sense, but remains active. Although you say things have dropped off a little, that may be because your doubt is clouding your communication. I recommend communicating with the servitor as though it is in fine working order, as though nothing is astray, and trust that it can get the job done. Then give it some time, without worry. So don’t worry about how strongly you sense her, but assume she’s working regardless of the intensity of the experience. That could work.

  23. Hi Damon!
    My kitty has ascites (fluid in her belly and chest cavity) due to a health issue. Can I create a servitor to deal with that? More specifically to help kitty’s body eliminate this fluid?
    Thank you kindly!

    1. You can, but as I always say with health magick (whether related to humans or pets), it may work, but don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t. Sometimes there can be a near miracle, but there are other times when the momentum of reality is such that magick isn’t going to intercede. I hope it works for you.

      1. Thank you Damon!
        Is there a better ritual to do for this instead? Just to give it the best shot…
        Thank you kindly!

  24. Hello Mr. Damon,
    Thanks for all your help. May you be blessed in so many ways!


  25. Hello Mr. Brand,
    Can I create a Servitor to help me win at gambling casinos? Also, can I create another Servitor to heal my aches and pains? How much time between rituals in the 72 Sigils of Power should one take?


    1. You can make a servitor for that, but as I point out in several books, even when magick works very well, the odds are still very much in favour of the casino – you may do better, but it doesn’t mean you’ll win. I usually only recommend gambling when there’s an element of skill (such as with card games), when you can afford to lose and when you are relaxed about the whole process. In such cases, a servitor could help.

      Given that servitors are so personal, some people find them effective in relieving discomfort, but you should see this post first:

      As for repetition, you can use them as often as you like, but you should read this first:

  26. Hello Damon,

    How does a servitor differ from a “Daemonic Companion” ?

    Hypothetically can a servitor “take over” another servitor or angel so that it can control it like a puppet master to do a magician’s bidding?

    Would a servitor be more powerful if I were to write the sigil using a planetary schema such as the magic square/table of the moon, sun, mars etc..?

    Can a servitor travel to an alternate dimension (multiverse theory) to contact entities as siting your more successful alternate self?Any loiters on this?

    1. I haven’t read the Daemonic Companion book, but I imagine that’s the same subject.

      We don’t really cover theory here, but if your question is about a practical intent – I don’t believe a servitor could control and angel. Taking over another servitor? Theoretically possible, but only if you know the secret details of that servitor. So unlikely as to be practically impossible.

      Servitors can be tied to other magickal aspects – then you’re getting into Chaos Magick and need to be guided by your own beliefs (or the beliefs you choose to take on).

      Servitors work quite easily, without needing to be sent to an alternate dimension – as such I don’t know if that’s possible, because I’ve never tried.

  27. Dear Damon and GoM,
    Thank you about the advice for charging a talisman. I don’t have the book on Chaos yet but I will look into the Magical Riches book (which I bought but haven’t read thoroughly yet). 😊

  28. Thanks for the great book, you mention that you can house the servitors in a crystal. I like to make bracelets out of crystal beads. Would it be possible to house many servitors in a crystal bracelet and let them be fed by being worn on a daily basis? Also I enjoy burning incense can you use that as a way to feed the servitors?

  29. Hi Damon and GoM,
    Do any of your books address the issue of of “charging” an amulet or a talisman with a specific purpose like amplifying ones Magical work.? Would this be housing a servitor? Could it house a sigil? I have heard of the practice of ‘charging’ but do not know the details. Thanks in advance!
    I really enjoy reading about how your project has helped the lives of so many people. Thank you for your goodness.

    1. Charging with energy, but not with purpose. The idea, in the magick we’ve published so far, is the the talisman shapes the energy, and the energy is just that – a charge. There is a charging method in Wealth Magick, and one in Magickal Riches too. These can be adapted to many things. There is also a method in The Master Works of Chaos Magick that could be used as written, or adapted, if you see fit, to shape the energy into a particular type of charge.

  30. Can a servitor be expected to perform a role similar to that of the genii, such as Libabris or Nitika? Or, is a servitor in actuality a “slice” of one’s own mind, and thus limited by default to the experiences, capabilities, and knowledge of oneself?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Perhaps my question is unclear;
      while we know a servitor may ‘learn’ things on its own,
      is its structure more of a small-scale copy of a fragment of one’s mind?

      In other words, if the magician is not adept at hunting out unexpected sources of hidden gold,
      would it be better to command Libraris as opposed to creating a servitor with this function?

      And what of malevolent workings? Is there a danger there in creating “demonic” servitors?

      Thank you in advance.

      1. The theory is not agreed upon – some people insist it’s a fragment. Whatever the truth, my experience is that servitors absolutely can perceive and learn far beyond our own perception. But everybody gets a different level/style of results, so it may take some experimentation. There’s nothing inherently dangerous about malevolent workings, but when you make something fiery and wild it can be a little more unpredictable (not always, but sometimes), so you might want to make sure all the safety controls are very clear and thorough.

  31. I have explicitly added in the conception statement that the servitor must not answer any one else call just as a safety measure. Is there any downside to this?
    Is there any issue in asking servitors working in allied areas to work together where possible or beneficial (to be determined by them)?

    1. No downside to that at all.

      Group workings with servitors are the same as with people – you need to know you can trust everybody that’s involved and make sure you’re all on the same page.

  32. Helo

    ¿I can do a servitor to end a relationship between two other people?

    ¿What would be the approach that should have? How effective could it be?


    1. Yes you can, and the approach would be to design a servitor that worked on the weak points in that relationship, or that encouraged on partner to move on – it depends on the circumstances. If they are prone to arguing, you might want to drive that further, for example. But it’s down to your interpretation of the situation; you need to fashion the servitor accordingly. How effective? It can be very effective, but most magick aimed at breaking a couple apart only works when there are already cracks. A rock-solid relationship will not budge. But there are very few of those.

      (I thought I’d answered this some days ago, but it must not have posted when I hit the button.)

  33. Hi Damon, can I just start by saying thank you for writing this book. One quick question, is it wise, or possibly, to use a servitor to try and remove a troublesome neighbour from my street. Such as getting it to implant thought’s of moving into my neighbours mind. I have several of your books, but I feel very strongly connected to this book. I have not practised any magick as of yet, from any book, as I just could not connect with the ideas, until now. That’s not to say I did not enjoy them. Because I did, greatly. It just seems that something in this book has grabbed me and said, do the damm magick. As this will be my first attempt, I would like to know if I should go down this road with servitor magick. Thank you

    1. Thank you. Yes you can. Getting somebody to leave is quite difficult, because even if the person decides to go, it may take them time to make arrangements. I once did exactly this. Worked for some time to get a neighbour to leave, only to find that the magick had worked every early on, but it took a couple of months for them to sort the details. Sometimes, people simply can not move. It is so difficult that they will stay put for ten years. But, if they are the sort of people that could move, or do move, then yes, a servitor can be used to compel somebody to make this decision and follow through on it. There are many approaches, from creating hope (for a new life), or fear of the current place. You have to be aware of how such affects might make the person act. If you make the person afraid, will they become more difficult – so it takes thought, and you need to plan your servitor well. But yes, it can work.

      1. Thank you for that information. I think hope would probably be the best route. Again thank you for all your work. I was somewhat fearful of the occult until I began to read you work. Fear on my behalf was down lack of knowledge. So thank you for opening the door for me to experience magick. Thank you.

      2. Can we conclude then, that in such cases it is better to use a Demon or an Angel?

        1. Not necessarily. The practical points remain very real, whatever you use, meaning this can be something that is difficult to achieve, whatever magick you use. Hurl a demon at that person, to wreck their life, and they may be in no fit state to leave. So a wise servitor that gathers information may work well. Is the person more likely to move when filled with hope or fear? The servitor could glean that information and work accordingly. But so too could and angel or demon, and then it comes down to personal preference and the style of magick that works best for you.

      3. Several decades ago our family was forced to leave our house rather suddenly. We divided into subgroups and headed out to look on any neighborhood we liked to ferret out our new home. My wife and I found a great place with character and plenty of space inside and out. The only problem being that it was occupied. I tried a working to get the residents to move by sending them to a place that would be better for THEM. There was no way and no need to be more specific than this.

        Long and short of it: they moved about a month later and many of our family moved into that exact property. But not my wife and I. We’d moved on by then and found a place that may have been better for us.

        But I remember the feeling of hitting it so spot on. !!!!!

  34. Can servitors I make be used by somebody to hurt me? I only ask since you have reccomended secrecy in parts of your book, I am a newbie, & don’t know much about these matters.

    1. If you follow the instructions as set out, no. There are easier ways to hurt. When people share all details of a servitors, including its name and method of calling, that can theoretically lead to trouble.

  35. Hi Damon, sorry for asking on this page, but I couldn’t find anyplace on theDoing Magick For Others page to ask. You didn’t include how to do magick for others for the 72 Sigil of Power book, can we ask to share the magick, or do we need to imagine we are the other person. Thank you, love all of your books!

  36. Hello Mr. Brand,

    I would like to thank you for writing this wonderful book. I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety disorders for the better part of a decade and the servitors I have made using your system have provided me with a degree of relief I would view as miraculous. They aren’t a cure, but even mild relief is a major victory for me.

    That said I do have a couple questions. The first is regarding the use of body parts to house servitors. The question is whether or not it is normal to sense the presence of a servitor within one’s own body? For example I used the metacarpal bone of my right middle finger to house a servitor; now when I think of it, without calling it, I feel a slight warmth in the back of my hand. It isn’t an unpleasant feeling I was just wondering if it was a normal side-effect or just my imagination.

    My second question is whether or not it would be possible to create a servitor to perform banishing rituals? And if such a servitor could replace other banishing rituals such as The Sword Banishing from ‘Magical Protection?’

    Thanks in advance and best regards.

    1. Thank you very much. What you describe is not uncommon. I don’t mention it too often in case people worry that a lack of sensation suggests they have done something wrong. So yes, this can happen.

      As for the other idea, no, those rituals are too personal to be handed over to a servitor in my opinion.

      1. Thank you for the information. I’m sorry I didn’t ask this before, but I did have a follow up question. I was wondering if it would be possible to give a servitor a strong elemental affiliation using the methods described in this book? For example if I wanted to create a servitor to improve memory I might want to align it with the element of air to reinforce its power to influence cognition. What would the best method for doing this be? The method I’m thinking of is to meditate on the element within myself during the creation, gestation, and birth phases and focus this elemental energy into the servitor along with writing the affiliation into the servitor’s description. And perhaps making the element a part of the servitor’s sustenance. Would that work? I’m sorry if this is a silly question, I am new to magic and am unsure how these things are best handled.

        1. Yes, this can work, but you need a strong connection to the secondary magick. That is, if you’ve had elemental magick work for you before, you could build it into your servitors as you suggest.

  37. Hello Damon,

    Thanks for sharing with us your knowledge on servitors; the instructions are some concise that it allows a beginner like me to understand the entire concept . I have a few questions regarding the programming and capabilities or a servitor: If I need a servitor to get hidden knowledge for me, is the servitor able to see into the near future or into the past? I just don’t want to try to program a task that it may not be able to fulfill. In your opinion, how is the servitor capable of retrieving this knowledge?

    Thanks again,

    1. It depends on how well the servitor is made, the nature of the problem and your ability to let go of lust for result. It can be fast, even within minutes. Some take weeks to warm up. But please note the chapter called The Pathway to Results, and the sentence, “The more patient you are, the faster you get results.” There is a lot of truth in that, and there are many posts on this site that can help with this aspect of magick.

  38. Hi Damon,

    I would like to say how refreshing your practical stance is when it comes to doing magick, and the whole ethos of getting down to what truly works -without all the uneccesary extraneous ceremony -appeals directly to my way of doing things.
    Anyway, I do have a question in relating to feeding servitors. Can I provide sustenance through something I would naturally do in relation to what the servitor was created for? For example, if I created a servitor to help me sleep better, could I state that the servitor would automatically be fed every time I woke up in the morning? Or do I need to be more focused on paying direct attention to the servitor?

    Thank you for your help in replying to this question, I look forward to your reply.

    1. Thank you. That’s what we aim for. Not slapdash, but not overly elaborate.

      Absolutely, that approach can work, and it’s ideal as it doesn’t require too much ceremony. Remain aware of your servitor as well – let it sense your gratitude, but certainly feed it with your experience of the result.

  39. Hi Damon,

    I must say that you have totally changed my life from reading your books. Thank you so much! I am up to sixth working from wealth Magick and I can say that I have developed such a passion and drive with my new business… Which I have built since beginning this work.

    My question is… Would it be wise to do servo toe Magick in conjunction to this wealth Magick work? I recently used words of power to assist and had amazing results almost immediately.

    Thanks in advance for bringing this information to people such as myself.

    1. Thank so much. Yes, you can combine magick, so long are you aren’t just throwing more magick at a problem in the hope of making the result manifest more rapidly/certainly. So if you’re breaking the problem down, and finding areas that could be helped by a servitor, by all means add in a servitor. Throwing everything at a problem is rarely required, but being crafty and aiming different magick at different areas of your life can be extremely effective.

  40. I have read 4 of Mr. Damon Brand’s books. At first I harbored all the negative garbage that been part of my past and present life. Potential powers diminished by fear if karmic backlash truly hindered me from the most necessary changes I had to make. While reading Mr. Brand’s I came to understand that these limitations I placed on myself were non-productive and contrary to the benefits of embracing MAGICK. He has opened the doors to my mind and spirit with his down to earth delivery and his gentle admonitions and graceful encouragement. THUS MAGICK WORKS! My MANY THANKS to Mr. Brand and the GoM. 😇 Angel

  41. Hello Mr Brand,

    On page 35 you mention that your servitor if possible should not look like a real person, living or dead. I am now working with a servitor I created with the goal of amplifying my daughters growth in all forms of creative dance. Not just the physicality portion but the emotional-creative link connection that comes with being a good dancer. In addition to be a “attention magnet” for her dance teachers so they are even more focused on giving my daughter solid attention to help foster her dancing goals.

    The spirit was made in the image of a gothic styled ballerina, with black angel wings, eyes of the blackest opium, infused with a aura of magic. I wanted to get the supernatural feel into the character but to help my senses get a overview of what I was looking for I searched around for a picture of a gothic ballerina model that would act as a sink to hold it all together. I put this printed image on the reverse side of the servitor contract. To use it as a mental tie in.

    In the front is written down your method and its corresponding special sigil.

    My question, now that I gave a little information, is do you think since I used a real image of a person to help fire up my imagination, in the creation phase, that I could be lowering my level of results?

    If it further helps, I use three methods of feeding. One that is basic gratitude and recognition, the second is watching youtube videos of dancing while thinking of her, to help refuse her love of dancing and to give sustenance, and the third but more rare is sexual gnosis with a sigil focus. The last being for big rewards. I also used this method in addition to you creation method to fire up the servitor.

    Thanks and I really think you put out some excellent information.


    1. Thank you.

      Apologies for the delay in replying. I only just spotted this question. I generally recommend not using a real person where I say, “Servitors based on real people, whether living or dead, do not obtain good results” I think if you’d used a real person as inspiration, that would be fine, but actually using that image on the sigil makes too strong a connection to a real person.

      This is not absolute. It is possible to get good results this way, but it’s not usual, which is why I recommend avoiding this approach.

        1. I mention in the book that I don’t like the cartoon approach to magick. Work seriously and you get grander results. Doesn’t have to be stuffy, but if it gets too silly I find it fails. This approach works for some… Apparently.

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