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The Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise

Frequently Asked Questions

The cover changed in May 2017. It’s the same book.

This page is maintained by Adam Blackthorne, with occasional input from Zanna Blaise.

This page is for questions relating to The Angels of Love.

Q: There are lots of rituals in here that you say help find a soulmate, but why isn’t there an actual ritual to find a soulmate? 

A: There is no one ritual to attract a soulmate because it is a complex, multifaceted and multi-staged process. In the same way, there is lots and lots of magic for making money, rather than a single ‘get rich’ spell. Finding a soulmate can happen without magic, and often does, but when using magic for this purpose, it requires a very tactical approach – that is, you open up all the avenues that make the occurrence more likely.

Q: Where did you find the angels in this book? They don’t show up in Google or my angel dictionary.

A: The angel names are derived from primary source materials. They appear (with different transliteration) in some rare printed English texts, but are relatively obscure outside of Hebrew literature.

Q: Can I do this love magick for somebody else?

A: You can, but it’s  probably better to lend your book to the person who wants the result and get them to do the magick themselves. This is especially with this particular group of angels, as they work with personal emotion. If you do perform this magick for others, there are two ways. One is to use your own pleasure in receiving the result, to power the ritual. The second is to imagine yourself as the other person. The second is more effective, but takes a powerful imagination.

Q: Has this actually helped anybody find a soulmate?

A: Yes, there have been several online posts about this, on Facebook and elsewhere. There are even some stories in the comments posted below.


The author of this book, Zanna Blaise, is also a composer, and has produced an album of music that connects you to angels. You can listen to samples or download tracks at her website:

The page will be open to comments and questions from time to time. Please enjoy the answers that we have already – just about everything you could want to know is here.

62 Comments on “The Angels of Love FAQ

  1. Hi Zanna, Adam
    I started with Angels of Love in December 2017, and entered into a relationship with a person I was already speaking with. I had never been into a relationship before this and felt very highly comfortable with this person. This guy seemed to like me the same way, hence my feelings strengthened.
    I had met this person as a prospect for marriage (I’m from India, and this is how arranged marriages happen here)
    Later, when asked about commitment , this person started giving me reasons of commitment phobia, which I’m not totally convinced with.I had to make a choice between continuing to stay in relationship with him and leaving him. I asked for guidance (from Words of Power), but couldn’t reach any conclusion. I broke up multiple times with him but ended up talking again. Now, I’m on a break again. I’m really not sure of the action I should take here onward. I am unable to figure out if he’s indeed the right person for me. It is so because – in spite of the attachment I have with him, there are quite a few significant things I don’t like in him.
    After reading a similar question in FAQs, I re-started the rituals from Capacity of Love, again from 1st April. But, I’m still not sure if I’m doing the right thing. Can you please help.

    • The best thing to do in this situation is usually The Blossoming of Love ritual, because you find out, one way or another. It takes things as far as they can go and gives you a clear sense. Repeated breakups don’t always mean there’s no hope, whatever culture you are in, but they are often a sign of balancing between your intuition and feelings and what you think or decide. So what the magick can do is bring these two together, so that you are consciously aware of how you actually feel.

  2. My question is about the “Stirring of Reality” ritual. Can I use this ritual to create change not related to love/relationship type issues? What if I feel as though I just need a change? Career change for example? Does this ritual help stir up my reality in general? Thanks

    • Yes you can. The same angel appears in Damon’s Angels of Alchemy where those powers are desired. Angels of Love covers 6 of the 42 angels, whereas Damon’s book covers all of them, with the non-love powers explored as well. But you don’t need his book to try what you’re suggesting!