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NEW COVER: The cover changed (or is changing gradually on Amazon) in May 2017. It’s the same book.

This page is maintained by Adam Blackthorne, with occasional input from Zanna Blaise.

This page is only for questions relating to The Angels of Love.



Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.

Q: There are lots of rituals in here that you say help find a soulmate, but why isn’t there an actual ritual to find a soulmate? 

A: There is no one ritual to attract a soulmate because it is a complex, multifaceted and multi-staged process. In the same way, there is lots and lots of magic for making money, rather than a single ‘get rich’ spell. Finding a soulmate can happen without magic, and often does, but when using magic for this purpose, it requires a very tactical approach – that is, you open up all the avenues that make the occurrence more likely.

Q: Where did you find the angels in this book? They don’t show up in Google or my angel dictionary.

A: The angel names are derived from primary source materials. They appear (with different transliteration) in some rare printed English texts, but are relatively obscure outside of Hebrew literature.

Q: Can I do this love magick for somebody else?

A: You can, but it’s  probably better to lend your book to the person who wants the result and get them to do the magick themselves. This is especially with this particular group of angels, as they work with personal emotion. If you do perform this magick for others, there are two ways. One is to use your own pleasure in receiving the result, to power the ritual. The second is to imagine yourself as the other person. The second is more effective, but takes a powerful imagination.

Q: Has this actually helped anybody find a soulmate?

A: Yes, there have been several online posts about this, on Facebook and elsewhere. There are even some stories in the comments posted below.


The author of this book, Zanna Blaise, is also a composer, and has produced an album of music that connects you to angels. You can listen to samples or download tracks at her website:


58 thoughts on “The Angels of Love FAQ

  1. My question is about the “Stirring of Reality” ritual. Can I use this ritual to create change not related to love/relationship type issues? What if I feel as though I just need a change? Career change for example? Does this ritual help stir up my reality in general? Thanks

    1. Yes you can. The same angel appears in Damon’s Angels of Alchemy where those powers are desired. Angels of Love covers 6 of the 42 angels, whereas Damon’s book covers all of them, with the non-love powers explored as well. But you don’t need his book to try what you’re suggesting!

  2. Hello Mr. AB! I’ve a little doubt with Capacity for Love ritual.
    It says i should perform this ritual for “Every two Days, for up to a month”
    So, I’m a bit confused with days.
    Does it mean that I shall perform this Ritual Consecutive two days for Each ‘Week’ up to a month?
    Sir, please clarify.
    Thank You.

    And Your Olympic Spirits Works so great for me, Got result Within two days! (To part lovers)

    1. Hey, great to hear about the Olympic spirits. Thanks!

      What Zanna means is perform one day, take a day off, perform the next day, take a day off. So you might do the ritual Monday, Weds, Fri, Sun, Tues… until one calendar month has passed, roughly.

  3. Interesting question for you on this particular book, or any of your angel books. I recommended this particular book to a friend who has also found a couple other books on using angels for manifestation efforts. Her concern is that this book in particular (this is the only GoM book she’s explored) uses angelic names that she can’t find references to anywhere, she’s Catholic and has a lot of concerns about how safe this particular book is. She is extremely concerned that “dark” or “fallen” angels (that are now demons or malicious) will be called upon and there would no way to know which is good or bad, and is in question that this system is for real (how does she know you didn’t slip a demon in the callings?) etc.. Can you provide any answers or explanations as to how you have found all the angels that the GoM books work with, how have you ensured safety with even a book such as Angels of Love, and is there any other comments you can provide in this direction? I don’t feel that I’m knowledgeable enough on how the GoM has developed the methods to be able to provide an adequate answer. I’m sure others may have this same question so maybe my post will help with worries or concerns in this area.

    For the record, all of the GoM books I currently own are just amazing and resonate with me well. I have had absolutely astonishing results and it has enhanced my life in the absolute most positive of ways, even books such as “Magickal Attack”. I feel all of the GoM books have been written and put together very responsibly and I cannot say enough good things about them!

    1. Hi. Just busy right now, but will answer in detail later. There is some info on the pronunciation page that goes like this:

      Q: I googled the names of angels and spirits in your books but can’t find them, and they’re not in my angelic dictionaries. Why not?

      A: The spirit names are derived from primary source materials. Such books are not readily available online, but must be accessed from private collections or in locations such as The British Library. Some of the angel names are well-known and appear in popular dictionaries and even on Wikipedia. Others, although they appear (sometimes with different transliteration) in some rare printed English texts, are relatively obscure outside of Hebrew literature. With sufficient research you may see the names we use occurring in occult literature.

      And if you have The Angels of Alchemy, a couple of sources are named in there, and they are for the same angels. Will write more later.

      1. OK, back again, and I’ve realised that’s not that much more I can add, except to almost quote a bit from the Alchemy book. You can find these angels in pretty obscure texts such as Oedipus Aegyptiacus (Latin), or Shorshei ha-Shemot (Hebrew or very expensive English translations). And then you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of occult texts that dribbled down from these and others. So, like it says above, ‘The angel names are derived from primary source materials. They appear (with different transliteration) in some rare printed English texts, but are relatively obscure outside of Hebrew literature.’ And without a long history/theory lesson, that’s all we can really say here. Our own path to them was a little different, but those old sources are one way. BUT, if somebody is afraid of fallen angels, they will always find evidence that every angel is fallen, that everything is demonic, and that all magick will send you to hell. The way we see that is, even when it’s true that an angel is fallen (which is not that often, actually), that angel’s trying to earn it’s wings back by doing some good. But, anyway, it’s kind of a no-win situation. I can point you at a hundred books that cover the idea of fallen angels, and dispute it, but if somebody is afraid or has made up their mind, nothing we say can change that. Even if I point out all the people the book has helped, and all the people Angels of Alchemy has helped (which uses the same angels), the argument that comes back is, ‘But they will burn in hell,’ And then it’s down to the individual. Your friend may be willing to try, or may be locked into one concept and one feeling. You will be a better judge of that than me.

        1. That’s actually incredibly helpful! Well, to me it is, makes perfect sense and the same way I feel. I think it’s easy to gravitate to the few names that you hear from religious sources and let guilt/fear dominate anything that is unfamiliar. Then depending on religious background, some people are way more fearful than others. All I can say is that I’ve never had a negative vibe, experience, or feeling and sometimes you just gotta explore to find what is right for you! I’ll pass this along to my friend, thanks again!!!

  4. Previously, I have used my facebook account to log on to post/write comments – it has my real name and facebook profile pic and when i click on my comment, it is linked to my facebook page!!!! I could not delete the previous comments myself. Could you please help, please please????? panicking

    1. This may be because you’re logged in to FB. If you log out and view the page you should see that there is not a link to FB. Which means nobody else can see the link you can see. I could be wrong. I’m the current site admin, and that’s what I see, but i’m not 100% sure of 100% sure of what name you were posting under. If it remains a problem please post again with DO NOT PUBLISH in the heading (and it will be read and deleted with being seen by the public), and tell me your real name or FB name, and quote from one of your posts so I know what/who to delete. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we cannot allow completely anonymous posts (we need logins of some kind), and we cannot let people post and delete on a regular basis. Sorry if this causes inconvenience.

  5. Hi,
    I am wondering what happen if i miss a day for the ritual for capacity for love (i know we are supposed to do it for a month every alternate day) e.g should i continue the ritual or restart the ritual?

    1. Continue, I’d say – less stressful than considering it a mess or a failure. One reason for going so long is to cover for the mistakes. But aim to get it right, and try to enjoy it rather than it being an awkward obligation. That can be tough with long rituals, but enjoyment should be part of it. 🙂

  6. Dear Zanna & Damon,

    What does it mean when the final ritual (with Karviel) creates explosive emotions, but no resolution?

    I don’t want to do it again, feeling the full depths of my feelings for this person was agony. Yet I’m none the wiser. I’m really stuck. As I type this, it occurs to me that I might use the Road opener, from Greater words of power. Is that suitable for such a situation? Thanks.

    1. The process is aimed at making the relationship reach its potential, so that you see it as something that will keep unfolding, or realise it is something that will only cause you harm. The emotions are simply a process that directs that magick.

      The Road Opener can be used if you feel blocked, in just about any area of life.

  7. Zanna,

    This is regarding your excellent chapter “Unlocking Your Results” and particularly with respect to taking action on your request/command to an angel, why that’s important and how to stay out of the way of the magick at the same time.

    When I was in my 20’s I inadvertently discovered the Hermetic law of correspondence. I found that when I wanted to do something that was bigger than I was prepared to handle myself, or that I was too far away to do myself (any number of such relationships to a task) I could intuit what I thought of as “my part” of that event or work and just focus on doing that.

    One day that came about when several people I lived with at the time decided to deep clean the house. I was not prepared for this on that day…but I picked a single table as “my part” and went into focus to clean that single table. What seemed like 20 minutes past and when I looked up the whole house was spotless and everyone was at leisure. I suddenly realized that by taking responsibility for my tiny microcosm the whole was simultaneously completed. And I saw how this happen all the time every day. Our smallest actions and inactions ARE connect to larger and larger, wider and wider flows.

    Mages are those of us who are intentional about these relationships of reality.

    What a remarkably clear and powerful writing. Love the ‘Love Book.’ Thank you, Zanna and thank you Damon for taking point on bringing GoM into the world.

  8. even after the soulmate rituals would it be over doing it to do the rituals in both words of power dealing with confidence and likeability?

  9. In Words of Power i had to activate the word of power and in Wealth of Magick i had to charge the talisman but in the Magickal Job Seeker and “The Angels of Love i don’t have to do any of these things? Is it still effective?

    1. I can assure you that we wouldn’t publish a book with an incomplete method. It is effective as written, but you are free to use Light From The Dark if you wish. I think it’s more important to focus on the technique itself, and your emotional connection to it, than adding extra power (in the case of these particular sigils).

  10. HI Damon, as you told me you delete my previous comment due to the fact there was my real name in it, thanks a lot for your understanding. Just I’d like to know (if i’m not bothering you) if i have to insist to reconcile with my ex lover, after I tried over the last months all the options available to GOA readers and from other sources tooand nothing happens, she refuses to speak to me and she blocks ,me.
    You see I met this girl immediately after a breakup with another woman in a little holiday to Poland (i’m Italian). Soon I felt she was very attracted by me, at the beginning for me it was not something serious, but then a certain feeling was starting to grow in me. The sad fact is, maybe due to the recent breakup, I wasn’t in a good shape emotionally and behaved awfully with this girl. We met twice in a month and were scheduled to meet the next month , but after declaring our feelings and commitment by phone, she became very aloof (of course she hadn’t forgiven my crazy behaviour, not typical of me, but I must say one has to be responsible of his own actions) to the point that I react stupidly to her coldness, she began to vent all her rage against me and I deleted the next trip to Poland. (This description has people think we were quarreling all the’s not the case;-))
    From that moment, I realised how much I care for her and that she hadn’t the chance to have known me deeply so I tried in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY KNOWN TO HUMANKIND 😀 to apologise and recover, but to no avail.
    Ok I know I should move on, but in this case believe me my main goal is not reunite with her at all cost, but to reconnect friendly and show her I’m not a jerk , but maybe a nice person.
    Feel free, Dear Damon, not to publish this comment if you feel it is redundant

    1. I will be publishing a blog post that covers reconciliation magick at some time in the very near future. It should answer your questions, but in brief, if somebody is so resistant to magick that there seems to be no impact, it may be that the situation is currently not open to change. (Yes, there is quite extreme magick you can use to weaken somebody and force them to think of you differently, but that’s hardly the approach you want to take.) So it may just be that you have to wait until time and distance makes it possible for her to see that you are changing. And so letting go is more likely to make that happen than hammering the situation with more magick.

      1. Thanks Damon, I’ll finish the ritual I’m currently doing and then I’ll wait and see what happens…
        You’re a precious resource

      2. Hi Damon, Dave here again..soon after your last kind reply, I was able to communicate with this person by email (with a new account, because I think I was blocked) after I had her sent flowers by an international service. It was the first time in months she replied to me (but actually I never made such a charming move before ;-)),. Anyway she told me, in a polite but cold way, not to disturb her anymore, and after a kind exchange of messages (she told me she was not angry with me, maybe effect of the previous magick I did) in which I suggested we could have a little chat by phone, she didn’t reply back.
        How do I have to consider this, even though minimal, “reconciliation” (I cant find a better english word)?
        Do I have to let go and wait (as you suggested me in your reply, Damon) or see that as a sign that MAYBE she she could be ready to communicate with me again (and that magick is starting to work)? I don’t want to appear as a “pain in the ass” (or worse a “stalker”) to sum up she doesn’t know me well, ours was a brief relationship. And really it’s not my style to insist, but this time I don’t want to give up, this person is really important for me…

        1. It’s impossible for me to know your exact situation, so I can’t advise. But if it’s at the point where email accounts are being blocked, and so on, then the wisest action may to take a step back and attempt to move on. I think I alluded to this in the piece about reconciliation – when you attempt to let go and move on (so long as it’s genuine) you may loosen your grip on the situation. If it is going to revive, it will then revive. But truly loosening your grip and letting go is difficult, painful and a big decision. But it can be very freeing. There is a ritual in The Greater Words of Power to help you get over a breakup, and this could give you the freedom that’s required at this point, or could at least ease the severity of the pain.

          1. Hi Damon, thanks for your prompt reply. I don’t want to bore you and all the other people, but the situation is a bit more complex than it appears (in the beginning it was me blocking her, I told you I was in a mess :-)). Anyway, I ‘ll try to move on, that’s why I’m writing from the airport, because I’m leaving for a holiday to what I suppose is your homeland 😉

  11. Hi Damon and Zanna… I’ve read all the questions here and this one is not one that has come up so far as I see, so I hope you’ll feel ok answering: I am wondering if it’s ever come up within your GOM circle and/or with other close ones, that there is a question of an inexplicable bond with someone and how to address this when you want to see whether or not to move on… I have a deep (quite otherworldly in all seriousness) bond with a man I’ve known most of my life as his female best friend, and we were lovers off and on for a number of years. Yet, there seems to be this invisible barrier between us actually making a real go of it, and even while I’ve been with other lovers, his presence and our love for one another lingers…..And to confuse things further, he distanced himself for the past five years (with no explanations), but every blue moon he sends messages of love and our bond is ignited again even over long distances…. The issue is that I feel it incredibly hard to move on, and yet I don’t want to wait around forever, when he just won’t move forward and won’t explain what is truly holding him back… It’s like we’re in a perpetual stalemate, and he is very mysterious about it. -I’ve read the Love Angels book, but I feel a bit unclear about whether the rituals there will help me to 1. Understand what is really going on with him and how he feels about us (as “just friends” or more), and 2. Get clarity on whether or not to just move on and resolve to love him but clear being ‘in love’ with him from my heart, if it is never going to go anywhere. -I can’t seem to get him out of my heart, and it is beyond not wanting to let go. When I’ve thought I moved on with another, every time this man and I eventually circle back ’round to one another and this depth that is unlike other relationships (examples: we can feel one another’s emotions and needs from distances, know much of what the other is thinking, have visions of each other from, let’s say “other times and places”, and even have been known to call one another at the same time -while we were both uncharacteristically sleep-dialing each other). And I can feel (and he expresses) how he doesn’t want me to move on, and feels so deeply for me. I’m at a loss as to what the heck is really going on here….

    Your pointing to rituals that could assist are much, much appreciated. (Note: I did do a few days of Blossoming of Love and he contacted me immediately with lots of confusing messages and lots of, shall we say, reaching out to me with his spirit, but I still got no clarity. I did have overwhelming rushes of all the love I feel for him. Then I took a break from all magick and after 2 months, I’m ready to begin anew….) -Eeesh! I need a deep-clarity infusion! …Hard to do love magick with this intense unfinished business still on the table…. Any thoughts for the rituals to get to that space?? Thank you!!!

    1. You have a couple of options. One is to use the Blossoming of Love ritual again, but perhaps also add in some other magick (from the 72 Angels or 72 Sigils) aimed at clear communication, honesty and awareness – to ensure that both you and he genuinely put your cards on the table.

      The other is to let go of this particular result (as it were), and start the book from the beginning, using the rituals to make yourself open to a new relationship. This will either her you to move on, or stir you (or him) into realising something fundamental about the potential relationship.

      1. Thank you Damon! You’re positively wondrous at getting to the core of things, and assisting us all in developing very clear paths of approach. Infinite gratitude, and thank you again for taking the time and care to respond (to all of us…. I know it’s a lot of effort)!

  12. Zanna,
    I just would like to thank you for the wonderful book which brought my soulmate into my life. It was for years that I was looking for my soulmate. Now I have him. I did your rituals for couple of weeks, then my soulmate showed up. We are in love. I feel so grateful for the life, universe. I would like to say thank you and thank you for the amazing book.

    1. Zanna doesn’t post here often (or at all!) these days, but I will pass this on. Thank you so much. It doesn’t get any better than that. So lovely to hear it.

      1. Damon,
        Thank you so much! I bought all your books and love love them. I started with your “Words of Power” with great results. You are my super hero!!!

  13. Hi Damon and Zanna, I have been stuck on the “Ritual to Increase Appeal” phase. I am a physically attractive woman who tends to ‘hide’ and look less attractive because of the profession I work in, so I’m kind of afraid that the “increase appeal” ritual will work across the board to make me more sexually attractive to everyone, which is a little frightening. Do you have any thoughts on this, and does not letting one feel comfortable doing this ritual inhibit the chance of the other magic working? Thank you

    1. Hello. Somebody very close to me went through something similar to this – having to withdraw a little due to her profession. It meant quite a lot of mental juggling. I don’t envy you.

      Yes, the ritual can make you more attractive generally, right across the board, and yes I’m afraid that feeling uncomfortable with that can put a brake on the magick. It won’t directly affect the other workings – it just makes it more difficult to get to that point, because the first ritual is less likely to work.

      A solution may be to skip this part, and go straight to stirring up reality if you feel ready for that. I can’t guarantee what will happen, but it might be worth a try.

      1. Thank you for the response. I’m realizing that this is more of a personal block (feeling uncomfortable being seen as beautiful in certain situations) than an actual block being put on me by my job, as other people do what I do and are confident being attractive. As a related aside, I did the “Release shame and guilt” and “Feel more self-respect” rituals from Words of Power, and those surprisingly had a very strong effect on making me more attractive (other than being emotionally lighter, I began dressing up on my days off, doing hair and makeup even when hanging out alone, improving hygiene, wearing jewelry that I hadn’t worn in a decade), all of which I mostly only did before going on dates. I was very, very surprised that the self-respect ritual would have that effect (though I was also doing a 40-day Hindu mantra practice for the goddess of beauty/prosperity Lakshmi, but I didn’t find out about Hindu goddesses/mantras until right after I began doing magic, and I think the two practices are inextricably linked for me). So many good life changes have been happening since reading GOM books in the past 3 months, I feel like a new person (similar to the person who wrote in about having childhood trauma, anxiety and depression, and felt lighter after practicing magic). My friend thought I had changed so much the first time after he saw me practicing magic, that he thought I had been in therapy. So, thank you, I’m in the process of reclaiming my feminine beauty, confidence and power.

  14. Hello, I have done the soul-mate rituals for a month now and had no problems doing them very easy to do but! now my issue is I started thinking at the end, right before the person is meant to say thank you the imagination part is there any way you can elaborate on that a bit for me I don’t think I truly understand the concept. Before I started the soul-mate rituals I did the master protection ritual and used the 72 sigils of power to clear any blocks. When doing the soul-mate rituals I don’t believe I felt any thing or know dist anything but i understand that’s ok.

    1. in the second soulmate ritual i understand having a small list of attributes in what you want is smart approach but how does that affect the magick?

      1. It helps to focus your attention in a way that makes the magick more likely to work. You are making changes in your self, through chaining your awareness and understanding of your desire. As you change, so the tone of the magick shifts.

        1. thank you , with my first question the
          call and the feeling is were im stuck after thinking i did correctly

    2. Right before the thank you, you state your desire to the angel, as described in Step 3. And then, you imagine what it would feel like to have your result. Imagine that you have the result. Feel how that feels. It’s not visual imagination. You’re just imagining how good it would feel to have the result. So you can pretend, for a moment, that the result has already come, and is now in your past. How would that feel? Capture that feeling.

      1. when you make your request like for a stronger charisma do you imagine the feeling of the relationship your trying to find or the charisma im a little confused.

          1. thank you, but this maybe be a dumb question but how does that actually help in finding a soul mate as in is that all it does?

            1. Have you read The Soulmate Workings? It’s at the start of Part 3. It’s described there. It’s a series of connected rituals that disturb reality in a way that make contact with a soulmate more likely. But the more thoroughly you read the book, the more likely you are to get results. Does it work? See the posts on this page. Look at the one by Lily, who says, ” I did your rituals for couple of weeks, then my soulmate showed up.” It’s not always that fast, and can take a lot longer, but yes, the process works.

    3. What I did the soulmate ritual was to feel the love when I am with my soulmate who has the qualities I desire for. The most important is to have the strong love feelings when send your request to the angel and when you say thank you to the Angel at the end of the ritual. Angel will bring whatever you request. If you don’t have feelings, then she will bring something that match your ‘no feeling’. That was my understanding. I use the ritual to bring my soulmate into my life in short time. The ritual is truly powerful beyond my belief. The man I am with is even better that I asked. I just can’t believe it. Thank you, Zenna and Damon and GOM for their amazing work! I am so grateful for all of these.

  15. Dear Ms. Zanna Blaise,

    I have purchased BOTH your books, Angels of Love and 72 Sigils of Power, and am doing the rituals.
    I have bedroom performance problems, (I am a male) and I want me and my lover to have
    a baby as soon as possible.
    I tried doing the Bond of Love ritual, and asked that I have a child by my lover.
    Is this a correct way to do so?

    One thing, also.
    Can you recommend me any of the angels and/or sigils from your books (or Damon Brand’s since I also have purchased most of his books) that
    would help me and my lover have a child together?
    Thank you!

    1. Zanna’s not on this page much, so I’ll answer as best I can. It would be wrong for us to suggest that any magick can help with this, as we could be offering false hope regarding a health issue. However, I gather that some people have used angelic magick to target this problem. Certainly, there is a very long history of angels from the Hebrew tradition being used to aid fertility. So there is no harm in working this way, so long as you also take all conventional steps as well.

  16. I wanted to comment on the Magical Seduction page, but I did not see any way to enter a comment there. My apologies, as this question concerns the Seduction Book, and not the Angels of Love.

    My question is, in the ritual to make oneself attractive or attract love,
    is there a way to narrow things down a bit,
    and describe the type of lover you wish to attract?
    For example (and this is not meant to be humorous or sarcastic):

    A Finnish speaking girl, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and AB negative blood type. (just an example).

    I realise this might take longer, but will the spirits work on such a request in any case?

    Thank you for any comments.

  17. at the end of the soulmate rituals when you say thank you is the gratitude for what you asked for or the actual soul mate relationship?

    1. It can be both, but I think focussing on the smaller detail is more effective – so focus on gratitude for what you’ve asked for, as though it’s already happened.

  18. Hello all I just have a question about the rituals from what I under stand I can start doing the three rituals at the same time is that true the ones close to the back of the book?
    And why? are the rituals set up the way they are from scanning to reading out load
    thanks for the help.

    1. You’ll notice in the Ritual to Increase Appeal that it suggests working the previous ritual for two weeks before moving on to the appeal ritual, which lasts seventeen days. You can begin to stir reality at the same time as Increasing Appeal, but don’t do this to force the magick to happen faster. Better to be relaxed about results and take it steadily than to rush it.

      The visual scan lets the letters sink into your consciousness, and then the spoken word assigns your will to the words.

      1. thank you, i was just wondering why each ritual needed to be done a different amount of days i think i really rushed it doing it all at once.

        1. Rushing is not ideal, because it can feel like desperation, and that stifles magick. You might get something out of the free ebook, The Power of Magick, available on the FAQ page: That will guide you away from lust for result.

          As for the number of days, this is taken from that FAQ:

          Q: Why do some rituals last five days, eleven days, thirty-three days and so on?

          A: Timeframes are sometimes down to tradition, sometimes experience. One reason to repeat a ritual is that it ensures that any mistakes you make on any given day are less important. The timeframes suggested are the ideal ways of performing a ritual. If you only have one spare day to call on an angel, it’s better to make that call than to do nothing at all.

  19. Great book Zanna. I have all of GOM’s titles, mostly.
    My question is about using one of the rituals in your book, where say we ask the angels to make us appear more appealing to the opposite sex in conjunction with a ritual in Magickal Seduction where we enlist various spirits ( lust etc…) to make us appear more seductive.
    Is it ok to use both of the rituals at the same time ( Performed on separate days of course) ?

    1. Zanna’s rarely around, so I’ll answer and she may add to this at some point. Yes it is OK to use both rituals at once, but be wary of throwing lots of magick at one problem in the hope that more magick will create a stronger effect. It can do that, but doing too much magick can be a sign or fear and doubt. It’s better to perform the magick with calm confidence. If you feel confident and relaxed about it, there is no harm in combining the rituals. They are very different flavours of magick, though, so results may be a little bumpy and unpredictable. But not harmful.

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