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The Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise

Frequently Asked Questions

The cover changed in May 2017. It’s the same book.

This page is maintained by Adam Blackthorne, with occasional input from Zanna Blaise.

This page is for questions relating to The Angels of Love.

Q: There are lots of rituals in here that you say help find a soulmate, but why isn’t there an actual ritual to find a soulmate? 

A: There is no one ritual to attract a soulmate because it is a complex, multifaceted and multi-staged process. In the same way, there is lots and lots of magic for making money, rather than a single ‘get rich’ spell. Finding a soulmate can happen without magic, and often does, but when using magic for this purpose, it requires a very tactical approach – that is, you open up all the avenues that make the occurrence more likely.

Q: Where did you find the angels in this book? They don’t show up in Google or my angel dictionary.

A: The angel names are derived from primary source materials. They appear (with different transliteration) in some rare printed English texts, but are relatively obscure outside of Hebrew literature.

Q: Can I do this love magic for somebody else?

A: You can, but it’s probably better to lend your book to the person who wants the result and get them to do the magic themselves. This is especially with this particular group of angels, as they work with personal emotion. If you do perform this magic for others, there are two ways. One is to use your own pleasure in receiving the result, to power the ritual. The second is to imagine yourself as the other person. The second is more effective, but takes a powerful imagination.

Q: Has this actually helped anybody find a soulmate?

A: Yes, there have been several online posts about this, on Facebook and elsewhere. There are even some stories in the comments posted below.



The author of this book, Zanna Blaise, is also a composer, and has produced albums of music that connect you to angels. You can listen to samples or download tracks at her website:

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  1. Hello, I’m French, so I hope you’ll be indulgent for my English.. I used rituals to find my soul mate. In fact many friendly meetings were made possible and two pseudo-loving meetings (two men known during an aperitif in early April). I even used the ritual of flowering love concerning one of the two men, for a romantic relationship that turned out to be very average. The operation was almost immediate and prodigious: apogee reached very quickly and fell to the lowest, with friendly separation by mutual agreement. The second man I met could be my soul mate in view of the extraordinary complicity and the identical family experience. It turns out that the man in question is 46 years old and literally dying to be a father. Despite our great connection, he started a relationship with a 38-year-old woman (childless) very recently. I am 47 years old and I have three children. The man in question is lost because he feels our incredible bond but has this desire of child which consumes him…

    It’s hard to think you’ve found your soul mate, and in the end, things remain friendly…

    I would like to start again the search for the soul mate, should I resume at the first ritual?

    Thanks to all the magicians at the gallery of magick.

    1. Thanks for writing in English! It’s way better than my French. The stories you tell show that you’re getting a response from the magick, for certain, but the second story… well, sometimes it isn’t the end when it seems to be. Only you can decide that. But if you do start again it serves two purposes. One, the obvious one, is that it starts again, and that’s a good path to be on. But two, it means you’re letting go of the previous situation, and if that was ever going to change in your favour, letting go completely is the best way to allow that. Or you could take a break for a while. Sometimes a break where you focus on magick that brings you joy is a really good way to prepare for going back into this. Adam B.

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