Fears and Problems FAQ

Questions about fears, problems and getting magick to work.

Q: I started doing the magick and things got worse. Did I do something wrong, or is it a backlash?

A: It’s never a backlash, but there are two reasons. One could be that your problem had momentum, and even if the magick works instantly, the momentum has to be slowed before it can be reversed – which means things may appear to continue getting worse. Give it time and trust, and the reversal you seek should come. A second reason is that if the magick affects other people in some way, they may offer some resistance. The resistance may last some time, or may yield. When things get worse, nobody can blame you for saying, ‘The magick made things worse,’ but it might help to know that this is a sign that your magick is actually working, is getting through, is stirring up the people around you – they feel uncomfortable and show resistance. Mostly, magick just plain works, and it’s all very simple. But if things get worse as soon as you start magick, trust that it’s a sign of resistance from somebody else who’s entangled with your affairs. Things should settle.

Q: What if the magick doesn’t work?

A: Magick is only ever one factor in a situation, so it won’t always give the exact result you ask for, at the time you expect. It always works, however, in that it affects the situation and shifts the odds in your favour. If you see no obvious result, then the odds were really against you, or you were asking for something too far from your current place in the world. The key to all magickal success is breaking down your goals into reachable targets. Break your goals down into smaller, easier to achieve results, and work on them individually. If you want a promotion, don’t just do magick for a promotion – do magick to be a better worker, to look more appealing, to be a better team player or whatever is required to win the promotion. You can even bind your competition, of course. Break your goals down into smaller goals and magick works. Also, see this series of posts, and the next question.

Q: Why didn’t the magick work?

A: As you can see from the thousands of posts here, on Facebook, and the reviews on Amazon, magick works for most people. Know that magick works. Don’t test magick. Use it like you would use a screwdriver, assuming it will do what it was designed to do. (Also make sure you’re using books that you purchased legally. Pirated copies are designed to fail.)

If it looks like the magick didn’t work, you might want to ask yourself, why didn’t the magick work yet? If you write off the results before you’ve given them a chance to work, you’re cancelling the magick before it’s had time to manifest. Although magick can work fast, patience is vital. It’s been said a thousand times before, but it’s worth repeating: when you are prepared to wait a year for results, they can come in an instant. When you are prepared to wait a month., they can come in days. If you demand instant results, you may have to wait a long time. Accept that the magick will work, and then stop hassling reality with your desperation for a result. There are many articles about this. Try reading these posts:

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It’s also worth noting that when you use magick in an emergency situation, the results may not be immediately obvious due to the momentum of your previous reality. If you’re experiencing a run of bad luck, magick can stop that instantly; but you also need to be aware that you may be in such a tangled web of problems that it takes time for things to really pick up. You also need to do all you can to smooth your path. This is especially true with money magick. You might put money magick in place, and then get a run of bills, and wonder why you’re becoming poorer. This is often because magick has set things in motion, but the flow of your current reality is yet to be redirected. In short, give it time. (Also, for money magick, please make sure you’ve read The Secrets of Money Magick.)

If you’re completely new to magick it could be that you’ve approached it with too much desperation, or that you didn’t read the instructions correctly. I often say that imperfect magick is better than no magick, but people frequently rush through, skips bits and hope for the best. There is no substitute for sitting down with the book, reading thoroughly and understanding fully. These posts can help get your  magick working:

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There is also a ritual that may help at The Unfreezing Ritual, but this usually works best if you’ve already had some success.

Q: Magick worked for me for many years and then stopped. No matter how much I do, nothing works now. Why?

A: In the very rare cases where this happens it usually means you are relying on magick more than your actual efforts. The best solution is to take a break from magick for a few weeks or months, and then when things settle and you feel calmer, try again. If it’s worked before, you can it will work, you just need to move away from the desperation that comes with this feeling.

Q: What happens if I’m interrupted in the middle of a ritual. Will there be a backlash?

A: The worst that can happen when magick ‘goes wrong’ is that nothing will happen. The spirits do not suddenly turn on you because you were interrupted. If the ritual ends unexpectedly, the atmosphere of magick and contact is immediately broken, in most cases. So all that has happened is nothing – the ritual was never completed. It is best to simply repeat the ritual when convenient. The ideal solution is to plan accordingly, to avoid this, but otherwise, just stop and start again when you have privacy.

Q: My comment was removed. Why? Do you censor your pages?

A: We welcome many different opinions and points of view, from all races and all backgrounds, but this page and the Facebook pages are moderated to prevent flame wars, boring arguments and other debates that are best left in occult groups and forums. If anybody is obviously trolling, repeatedly posting the same theoretical question, posting a question that is answered in the FAQ already, or being rude, angry, aggressive, abusive, or insulting other users of the page, then those comments are sometimes removed. In some cases we ban the user, because it’s easier than entering into a debate. Life is too short to waste on endless social media – try magick instead! This doesn’t mean we remove all negative comments. Far from it, as you can see. But we want to keep the focus on magick, so we reserve the right to stop people from lowering the tone, in the hope that the discussions can remain interesting, rather than descending into personal bickering or soapboxing. (Comments are currently closed.)

Q: How can I stop a ritual once it’s been performed? I’ve changed my mind and don’t want the result.

A: The books talk at length about choosing the results you sincerely want to avoid this situation, but sometimes circumstances change or you discover something about yourself, and you want to stop the magick. In most cases, that feeling alone will be enough to stop anything from happening. If your heart isn’t in the magick, the spirits will know and the result will probably not come about, unless it is already very, very close to manifesting. If, however, you want to be certain, you can use magick to create the opposite effect to the one that is underway. If you performed a ritual for fame, you can perform a different ritual to become less visible, for example. You also have the option of repeating the original ritual and instead of asking for the result, you clearly tell the spirit or spirits that you no longer want the result, give thanks and close the ritual. We have not found this to be necessary, because losing interest or desire is enough, but it is an option for those who feel the need for a more direct action. If you use this approach, a single ritual will be all you need. For rituals that do not involve direct speech, such as those in Words of Power, all you need to do is change your mind and the magick will cease.

Q: How do we know you’re not doing this to exploit people and make easy money? 

A: Independent publishing is the worst way to make money that we know of and writing books is far from easy. Publishing is a business and we do want a financial return on the time we put into these books, because they can take thousands of hours to write, but it would be grossly misleading to suggest this is a money-spinner. We keep the books priced as reasonably as we can, taking into account the charges, fees, and royalties deducted by Amazon. We publish books because we believe in the transformative power of magick. We believe in personal empowerment through supernatural means to uncover and obtain your true desires. The project began as a way of fulfilling personal oaths, and it continued out of a heartfelt desire to share magick that we believe to be unique, simple, and workable. There has never been any charge for the blog posts, online rituals, or group rituals.

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