The Secret of Instant Magick

When you perform magick you want quick results, and the good news is that magick can bring results instantly. I have performed rituals and received results within seconds. It’s also important to acknowledge that in some cases I’ve waited many months for a result to come about. Magick can take time, but there are a few tricks that can make it work faster.

Is there really such a thing as instant magick? All magick is instant, because when a ritual is complete, the mechanisms of reality begin to shift in accordance with your will. Seeing results, however, requires some finesse in your perception of magick, and the technique described in this post is a shortcut to getting the results you want. Despite this, it’s worth accepting that results will come about when they come about. Instant magick can happen, but it shouldn’t be your primary aim. Getting good results is better than getting results fast, but I will show you a technique that can make things happen much more rapidly.


When you perform a ritual, you often use magick on the most pressing issue, or the aspect of your life that you most want to change. This makes sense, but it does run the risk of having you lust for the result because you desire it so strongly. That urgency and need for a result can feel like desperation, and desperation can slow the magick down. When you allow the magick to manifest by casually expecting it to manifest, it does. So how do you do this?

There is great power in performing magick for something that you already expect to happen.

In one book I told the following story: ‘When the first iPhone came out I immediately decided I wanted one and was going to queue up on the first morning to buy one. Did I do a ritual to get an iPhone? Of course not. I was so certain that I was just going to go out and buy one that I didn’t bother with magick. The iPhone was easy to get. I assumed it was coming to me and it did. That implies that magick is often filled with a sense of doubt. It’s performed because we think something is difficult to obtain. We perform the magick because we’re worried we won’t actually receive the result we want.’

When you reverse this observation, you see a beautiful truth: a fantastically powerful way to get your magick working is to perform a ritual for something that is already going to happen very easily.

In practice, how does this work? Let’s imagine that you’re doing an angelic working To Create Music (from The 72 Angels of Magick). This is your primary goal. You work in the music industry, and you desperately need to create a new composition that shows off your talent. It makes sense to perform the ritual To Create Music. But given that this is your major goal, you may be filled with doubts, fears and lust for result. To get around this, you add in some magick for something that feels easy, or for something that you know is going to happen. If you have a birthday or other celebration coming up, you could throw in the ritual To Be The Center of Attention (from Words of Power). You already know you will be center of attention, so you perform the magick to make it happen. You should do this on a day when you are still working on the angelic ritual To Create Music. This one example, and it should be easy to come up with others.


Performing this extra magick has the uncanny effect of making your magick feel real and effective and inevitable. Results start to feel completely inevitable, and so all results begin to come about.

You can take this even further and perform magick for something that has already happened. If you win a competition, you could then use the ritual To Win A Competition (from Words of Power). Although you know the end result has already come about, this is still worthwhile. By perfoming the magick, you are stirring up your perception of time and reality, and making the potential of your existence far more malleable. You also get to experience a very real sense that the magick is absolutely certain to work (because you know it already has). When you can apply this same feeling to all your magick, results will come about much faster. This strange technique does require a playful imagination, but it really can give you a taste for the level of confidence you need for magick to work fast.

Why perform magick for something you don’t need? Isn’t it a waste of time? Do not underestimate the power of this idea. You may be tempted to ignore this, because it’s time consuming and requires magickal effort, but it can trigger success. It works when you are blocked, when you’re performing magick for a major goal, or when you’re starting out and looking for your first result.