Recharge Your Magickal Power

Magick never operates in complete isolation. When you set out to perform a ritual, you will be in a particular place, a certain mood, with a set amount of energy. Good rituals are constructed so that whatever your personal state may be, you generate the right emotions for the ritual, and the magick takes effect. If you’re not in the best state of mind to perform magick, however, you can do more to ensure that you give your magick the best possible chance to work.

You do not need to fast, rest, cleanse, meditate or anything like that – although there’s nothing to stop you, if it takes your fancy – but there is a tried and tested method that can improve your energy and approach to magick. This does not need to be used every day, but can be employed if you feel that you’re a bit under the weather, or when you feel bored by the prospect of performing a ritual. Any time that you feel like your magick isn’t going to sparkle, you can give this method a go.

All you need to do is capture a sense of wonder. When you’ve been practicing magick for a while, you see things change in accordance with your will. You may become overwhelmed at times, tying to coordinate all the changes that you’re putting in place, and all the changes that are coming about, which makes you lose sight of the fact that you are manipulating reality with your will. Magick can become a part of your routine, and starts to feel quite ordinary. This is a good thing in so many ways, because when magick feels ordinary it feels real and believable; this can lead to rapid results. The problem is that you can forget the sense of wonder you first experienced when you discovered that magick works. Recapturing this wonder can add great energy to your workings.

A friend of mine talks about watching Star Wars as a young boy, and how he spent many hours genuinely trying to use The Force to move objects with the power of his mind. Like millions of other children who tried this, he was disappointed that he never developed Jedi powers. But years later, when he used magick, he did get results. He couldn’t move objects with his mind (and I’ve yet to meet an occultist who can), but he could change his world with nothing more than a simple ritual. That is stunning, and when you first experience such a result, it is almost beyond belief. It is worth remembering the sense of wonder you experienced when magick worked for the first time, when you first saw the synchronicities and coincidences lining up to bring about your desires.

If your memory of that doesn’t generate any wonder, contemplate infinity. I love watching people trying to contemplate infinity, especially children. ‘But the universe can’t go on forever. But if it ends, what’s on the other side?’

Whatever your beliefs about the creation of reality may be, the scale and wonder of the universe is undeniably fantastic. A few minutes spent reading about the scale of the universe can leave my head reeling in wonder. Or a few minutes reading about the way the heart functions, or how a wing provides lift, or the intricacies of genetics. For me, it’s science. For you it may be a painting, a piece of music. There is always something that can make you feel stunned by the rich beauty and complexity of the world.

The sense of wonder is not a state of disbelief, but a state of awe in the face of reality. Magick is a part of your reality, and when you bring wonder to it, your magick will be given an extra boost of power. When you feel jaded, find a way to recapture this sense of wonder, and when you feel it, just for a moment, begin your magick.

Archangels of Magick