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This page is only for questions relating to The Angels of Alchemy. 



Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.

Q: Does the evocation method work with other spirits?

A: It is not designed for general use. The Affinity Process can be used with some spirits if you have their Evocation Keys, but it is not always the best process. It is ideal for these angels, which is why it is included in this book.

Q: Can I use this with other magick?

A:  Yes, and I believe that working with this book, and The 72 Sigils of Power, is one of the best ways to remove blockages, and that can speed up manifestation. Be wary of piling too many rituals on top of each other for the same result, though, as you can’t force magick to work. A subtle and tactical approach is more likely to be effective, as described in Targeting Your Magick.

Q: I’ve learned some other methods from your books, such as Light From The Dark, and singing the angel’s name. Should I use that here?

A: You can always apply techniques you have learned, but there may not be a need to do so, The method has been simplified as far as possible, and can be used as written. If you want to, however, you can add in other techniques.

Q: The Hebrew in some of the sigils is similar, but not quite identical to the lettering in some of your other sigils. Why the change?

A: Please read about ‘smudging’ on the Pronunciation and Spelling FAQ.

Q: I heard that some people felt the angel’s presence immediately, and others got results on the first day. Why’s it not working so fast for me?

A: Please remember that the book points out that there are many variations in the way you experience the angels and the results. This is absolutely to be expected, so do not be discouraged because others have had instant success.

Q: Six of these angels also appear in The Angels of Love? Which book should I use to contact them?

A: The styles of contact are slightly different, so look at what result you’re trying to get. If you want the result from The Angels of Love, then use that style. Or, use her wording when using The Angels of Alchemy. If you want to access the powers more as they are described in my book, use that. You can use both, one after the other, but that is probably overkill. Once the angels get your message, that is enough.

22 thoughts on “The Angels of Alchemy FAQ

  1. Hi Damon/Adam,
    I’m new to GoM and decided to start with a spell in the Angels of Alchemy where I sought the help of Kumiel – Angel of Rejuvenation. I’ve done the ritual twice so far in the last two days and I did actually experience a boost in my energy and renewed determination to finish this book I’m writing. Anyway, during a mid-evening nap a few hours ago I had what could best be described as a succubus-type experience, – an experience which I’ve occasionally had in the past. I felt something attached to my back and felt paralysed as one usually does when having such experiences. And then I detected what sounded like the flapping of wings and a muffled sound of what seemed like a dove cooing. I finally struggled to awaken myself to shake this thing off. It was the wing-flapping sound that has most .concerned me, as it would suggest an angelic presence. I’m a little worried about what is happening here, even though I feel that Kumiel was apparently helping me initially. But succubi-type experiences usually denote the presence of some negative spiritual entity. By the way, when I finally awoke I felt quite tired for a couple of hours afterwards. I would appreciate your comments on my experience as I would like to use other spells in the Angels of Alchemy book.

    1. Hi. Glad to hear you were getting results. It’s very for me to say it wasn’t the magick that did it, but from all I know about the protection built into this, I can assure you that there’s nothing in the magick that could cause this. It’s very safe. But I don’t want to be dismissive, so I’d say it’s possible that whatever’s causing this sensation may be brought more to your attention when you do magick – almost like your increased sensitivity to the supernatural makes you aware that something is there. Now, the whole subject is very complicated, because situations like this can be caused by anything from actual entities to memories and so on – there’s no way I can know. But if you have any banishing to hand (Magickal Protection would be good!) then it’s worth using that and a few other rituals that ensure there’s nothing bothering you. Otherwise, if you feel comfortable, just carry on – the angelic power is stronger than any interference. I hope you get what you need. Cheers, Adam.

      1. Thanks Adam, Appreciate your prompt reply. I’ll try the Cleanse Any Space banishing ritual mentioned in Damon’s “Magickal Protection” book. Hopefully that will take care of any negative entities etc. You’re certainly right about the complexity of magical environments. The spiritual realms team with an Alphabet Soup of beings, entities and energies which I imagine even experienced occultists struggle to figure out at times.

  2. Hi Mr. AB 🙂 technical question: Kindly double check the Kindle version of this book because – under CHAPTER ONE (The Angels of Alchemy) you would find copyright & Mr. D’s acknowledgment to Zanna (kindle loc 57).

    THEN, it jumps to Chapter Two (The process of alchemy kindle location 62). In other words, there is NO chapter one :O – I’m an author myself so I just want my GOM masters to be aware of this technical issue from the point of view of the reader.

    The whole Chapter one is missing. Devices use Kindle app Ipad & on my Mac.

    Pls. let Mr. D.B know about this too 😀 thank you, S.M.888

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. Nothing is actually missing, thank goodness. What’s happened is that the copyright page has been labelled as Chapter One, then Chapter Two is where the main text starts – so nobody’s missing a word that’s meant to be there. But it’s a bit messy. I’ll get the designer to sort that straight away.

      1. Hi Mr. AB – Since the word you used was “underused” (on your last comment on the other FAQ regarding Angels of Alchemy) that word poked my heart 😐 I started re-reading this book again hahah but true to my nature: I have absorbed the Saturnian vibe of Mr. G hahahha 😀 & I immediately saw the copyright under chapter 1?! :O ;D . All good glad to be of help, I also did my 1st tasking btw. I’ll post the result after receiving it 😀 which I would receive most definitely as in it’s already done (baruch hamakom), as always with much gratitude S.M.888

  3. Hey Adam,

    I seem to be one of those people who get very good results without ever really experiencing anything supernatural.
    Is it possible to get results from evoking the angels if you don’t get a response from them in anyway?
    Do I have to experience the presence of these angels during the evocation to be able to direct the magick so that it affects others?

    Thanks so much for your time 🙂

    1. I’m surprised nobody has asked this before. With all magick, some people just never feel anything supernatural at all and still get results, as you clearly know. With evocation, the whole point is to establish a connection. So when that doesn’t happen, then in theory, nothing else can happen. However, let’s use a phone analogy. In good evocation you call, somebody answers, talks, takes your message. All cool. The other kind, well, you get to leave a message. Sometimes it may get acted upon. So, with evocation, a lot of the time the experience IS the result you want, because you’re trying to get an answer or feeling during the evocation. But, it’s worth staying open to the result, to allowing it to come; not may still do.

      If you’ve not tried the evocation yet, try it; you may be surprised and get a strong connection, and even if not, you may get results. I might add this to the FAQ, even though it’s not technically asked often, it’s interesting.

  4. This is what “I dislike” abt myself & magick 😀 whenever I get successful at one thing. I CAN’T STOP. I’m so voracious. Case in point? Oooo wow Nitika works in cashbook, ooo wow magickal riches work bec. I got $3000 worth of gifts last year, ooooo wow I PASSED MY EXAM using Mr. AB’s sigil , oooo wow Arathron made contact with me using Chaos Magick by Mr.AB & so on & so forth.

    Therefore, last night I stayed up until 4am reading Angels of Alchemy HAHAHAH 😀 *sigh*. I’m a like a lil girl in this magickal world of (Disney) G.O.M’s version of “disney”. Even the magickal attack by Mr. G I had “fun” with that – still have a working relationship with one demon on there.

    I love you G.O.M Masters for not short changing us your “students” readers. With much gratitude, S.M.888

    P.S. instead of wasting money on candles & herbs & scouring for a powerful spell – I’ve graduated from all those kid stuff :D. I’m an “architect” now – I write the blueprint of what I want to achieve & call my “board of directors” for them to execute the plan ;D.

  5. Very powerful book to say the least. This magick, I feel is what every aspiring ceremonial magickian should strive to obtain in their spiritual career/transformation. My understanding is that all occult practitioners, through the use of the Kabbalah, strive to obtain closeness to the divine. This book will do that. This is what I invisioned the Great Angel Hariel to give me from your 72 Angels of Magick book the beginning of this year, when I asked to improve my Magickal powers. Thank you GOM.

  6. Hey Adam,

    About a month ago I had asked to hear your thoughts on my situation with evocation. I had stated I was reluctant to try it as I was afraid I would go “mad” ore something else like that. As of this comment, I still haven’t attempted it. Your answer was remarkably helpful in that I saw my situation from another side and I truly appreciate that. In my deliberating, I started to realize that I seem to be waiting for a “perfect day” or “moment” when this evocation should be done. Now this isn’t so much related to planetary alignments or something else like that. It’s a kind of feeling that’s between procrastination and fear, but underlying it is deep interest. I wanted to know if, in your magickal career, you have encountered any other practitioners that have had this same level of hesitation and if it is best to just go for it. I have found much encouragement in yours and Damon’s writings that have brought me to the point of attempting an evocation, but that last bit of reluctance held me back, ultimately.

    1. Interesting question, and without speaking to everybody individually I have to go off what I can remember from my own stories. Fear is the main thing, but if it’s there, that’s not a problem – you know, why not wait? Wait until it feels ok. I was reckless, as were loads of us, and did things without hesitation at times, and wished I’d been a bit more patient. But being reckless meant I made progress, rapid progress. And there were times when I’d wait and wait, not through fear, but thinking something else needed to be right, or just through procrastination. It’s possible, sometimes, that waiting is right – you know, you wait until you feel lined up and ready and in the mood. But I think about what artists and writers say. You don’t stare at the blank page. You don’t wait for a melody to come. You write, you play – things happen. But (I keep saying ‘But’), you could use the time to do other magick to see what’s going on – there’s so much magick in that book for self insight, why not use the time to see what you’re trying to get, what you’re avoiding, that sort of idea, and you know, evocation might just start seeping into it anyway. Might give you a connection to those angels that takes some of the hesitation away.

  7. Dear Damon, dear Adam, dear GoM,
    Just a few words to thank you deeply for your precious work and to tell you that every single ritual I’ve done following your guidance had huge and immediate effects.
    The only ones which work less for me are money related, but I think that I have some resistance I need to work on first.
    The Angels of Alchemy is, in my opinion, one of the most effective book of yours. The rituals are easy to follow and work, every single time.
    It is fantastic to KNOW that you can decide and choose the destiny you want.
    It is said that only angry people take time to write on Internet. I just wanted to remind you of hundreds of people who are having huge success using your work and don’t take time to ask questions or write reviews.
    Congratulations and thank you!
    I really count on you, Gallery of Magick, to continue working with those who believe. Thank you.

    1. Thanks. We love that more than you can know. Money can be stodgy for some, but you might find it frees up one day. You’re spot on that angry people LOVE to write, but people who LOVE write less often. Thanks for changing that!!!

  8. Hi. I echo the sentiment from all your fans who are finding meaning in this spiritual journey. I could write for a long time about this topic, I would say forget the haters (or magickally remove yourself from their attention?) … it’s subtle and courageous to do this work. You can start off with superficial desires and lust for power but sooner or later you will have to find your truth. Anyway, questions. There’s an angel I just read is able to show you the potential of a relationship or situation, what would unfold in the future; this made me wonder about predestination and fate vs. free will. Do you have thoughts on this matter, or is this angels work (and others who are similar) sort of a phenomenon from observation ? My hunch is perhaps the balance is subtle. Maybe occurs over the timeline of more than one life /form.

    One of many questions that has arisen from GoM’s work. Would like to have been able to address them with Damon directly as his work is most of what I’ve read- you all share the same understanding though yes?

    Thank you deeply for your publications 🙂

    1. There’s no fate, only the path you’re already on. From there, who you are, your potential, the things you are likely to do and the situations that you are likely to run into – that may seem like fate, but is more of a probability. When you bump into somebody new, there’s a simple probability as to how well that’s likely to go. The angel sees more than you, more of what you can or might feel, but not what you will decide. That’s up to you.

      1. Hi Adam- thank you- interesting indeed!

        Just to gain insight into the nature of Angels, I utilized “words” a few weeks ago for a request from my heart, and it manifested in a way that was beyond anything I would have ever thought to ask for. Brought me so much goodness and moreover, gentle learning. Is this typical of the GoM method? Would the same be seen through 72 Angels or are those rituals of a different nature? I have heard of people really having trouble with angels understanding human limitations in their work. Does GoM “safeguard” the rituals to be able to create the most meaningful/harmonious results? Thank you so very much 🙂

        1. The 72 angels method is made as harmonious as possible by the structure of the master ritual, but I think there’s more of a force behind that magick – more like a strong stormy wind than the gentle breeze you get from the others. It’s a difference in style. So all the magick has safety in there, but the taste of the results, the way it manifests is different, and different for different people. You can get a lot of peace from the 72, but they can also be a bit more dramatic.

  9. Not a question; just a few words of Thanks for publishing these Magical works!

    Your Magical rituals have helped many hundreds (if not more) of people! Quite literally, magick from the Gallery of Magick has turned lives around, from near despair to optimism and confidence! Much appreciation and a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to Adam for agreeing to run this page again, it could not have been an easy decision, given the apparent negativity and ‘Fan Mail’ from so many!

    Your magick has transformed me too and I’m dazzled daily by contact with these Angels-this is an experience worth living for!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ross. Hearing this is good. I can’t deny that we attract a lot of intense online weirdness, hatred and anger and I’m still not sure why, except people tell me this is what happens in the online world, whatever you’re doing. You can sell jewellery and for every ten fans there will be one nutter who says you are the devil. The haters assume you are a greedy scammer and they threaten you with death. I talk about this a bit in the next book, because anger is pretty interesting and important, but being on the receiving end is weird. We expected to get hate from people who think magick is evil, but most of the hate comes from occultists. That shouldn’t have been a surprise now I think about it… Oh, and a lot of the hate comes from people who read the books and never try the magick. Thanks for trying the magick Ross, and hearing that it’s been such an experience – well, that makes us all happy.

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