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The Angels of Alchemy by Damon Brand

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This page is for questions relating to The Angels of Alchemy. 

Q: Does the evocation method work with other spirits?

A: It is not designed for general use. The Affinity Process can be used with some spirits if you have their Evocation Keys, but it is not always the best process. It is ideal for these angels, which is why it is included in this book.

Q: Can I use this with other magick?

A:  Yes, and I believe that working with this book, and The 72 Sigils of Power, is one of the best ways to remove blockages, and that can speed up manifestation. Be wary of piling too many rituals on top of each other for the same result, though, as you can’t force magick to work. A subtle and tactical approach is more likely to be effective, as described in Targeting Your Magick.

Q: I’ve learned some other methods from your books, such as Light From The Dark, and singing the angel’s name. Should I use that here?

A: You can always apply techniques you have learned, but there may not be a need to do so, The method has been simplified as far as possible, and can be used as written. If you want to, however, you can add in other techniques.

Q: The Hebrew in some of the sigils is similar, but not quite identical to the lettering in some of your other sigils. Why the change?

A: Please read about ‘smudging’ on the Pronunciation and Spelling FAQ.

Q: I heard that some people felt the angel’s presence immediately, and others got results on the first day. Why’s it not working so fast for me?

A: Please remember that the book points out that there are many variations in the way you experience the angels and the results. This is absolutely to be expected, so do not be discouraged because others have had instant success.

Q: Six of these angels also appear in The Angels of Love? Which book should I use to contact them?

A: The styles of contact are slightly different, so look at what result you’re trying to get. If you want the result from The Angels of Love, then use that style. Or, use her wording when using The Angels of Alchemy. If you want to access the powers more as they are described in my book, use that. You can use both, one after the other, but that is probably overkill. Once the angels get your message, that is enough.

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26 thoughts on “The Angels of Alchemy FAQ”

  1. Hi Adam,
    I have been working with Angel Iophiel using tasking ritual. I am working up to evocation. Let’s just say second tasking was interrupted by Iophiel, it felt like s/he was extremely busy, and the sigil was paged up on my computer screen. That night I woke up from the pressure in the room. It was very strong, but I could breeze. The room was also filled with love. According to the Evocation Keys Iophiel projects love. I was surprised that feeling of love was all around me and it was complex. I expected more like simple parental love, and it was, but there was also a very strong sensual component to it. I mean, who am I kidding? It felt amazing. But, is Iophiel associated with sensual love? If it was not Iophiel then what was it?

    1. Everybody experiences the angels differently, and even differently over time. The Iophiel I once knew is different to the one I know now, as I have changed, and so the lines of communication have changed. You won’t have let anything else in, if you’re using the methods in the book, so yes, it is just the angel you are experiencing – and they work with wrath and lust and all sorts of things that people don’t think of as traditionally angelic. It’s an interesting path, this path of magick. Cheers, Adam B.

  2. I’d venture to say that the flapping, cooing, etc., and many other ‘sounds’ we experience when moving into or out of deeper consciousness states around sleep/powerful meditation/astral projection, etc., are actually perceptions of energy/astral forms on other planes. We become more sensitive to these and other phenomena occurring there ALL the time, when when our conscious mind moves into deep alpha/theta, etc.
    The ‘sounds’ actually perceived by one individual can be quite different to another person an doesn’t necessary indicate other ‘sounds,’ etc., are not there also. Each of our 5 senses has a corresponding ‘inner’ sense which is sensitised and connected to our conscious mind when we move into these other conscious states.

  3. Hi Damon/Adam,
    I’m new to GoM and decided to start with a spell in the Angels of Alchemy where I sought the help of Kumiel – Angel of Rejuvenation. I’ve done the ritual twice so far in the last two days and I did actually experience a boost in my energy and renewed determination to finish this book I’m writing. Anyway, during a mid-evening nap a few hours ago I had what could best be described as a succubus-type experience, – an experience which I’ve occasionally had in the past. I felt something attached to my back and felt paralysed as one usually does when having such experiences. And then I detected what sounded like the flapping of wings and a muffled sound of what seemed like a dove cooing. I finally struggled to awaken myself to shake this thing off. It was the wing-flapping sound that has most .concerned me, as it would suggest an angelic presence. I’m a little worried about what is happening here, even though I feel that Kumiel was apparently helping me initially. But succubi-type experiences usually denote the presence of some negative spiritual entity. By the way, when I finally awoke I felt quite tired for a couple of hours afterwards. I would appreciate your comments on my experience as I would like to use other spells in the Angels of Alchemy book.

    1. Hi. Glad to hear you were getting results. It’s very for me to say it wasn’t the magick that did it, but from all I know about the protection built into this, I can assure you that there’s nothing in the magick that could cause this. It’s very safe. But I don’t want to be dismissive, so I’d say it’s possible that whatever’s causing this sensation may be brought more to your attention when you do magick – almost like your increased sensitivity to the supernatural makes you aware that something is there. Now, the whole subject is very complicated, because situations like this can be caused by anything from actual entities to memories and so on – there’s no way I can know. But if you have any banishing to hand (Magickal Protection would be good!) then it’s worth using that and a few other rituals that ensure there’s nothing bothering you. Otherwise, if you feel comfortable, just carry on – the angelic power is stronger than any interference. I hope you get what you need. Cheers, Adam.

      1. Thanks Adam, Appreciate your prompt reply. I’ll try the Cleanse Any Space banishing ritual mentioned in Damon’s “Magickal Protection” book. Hopefully that will take care of any negative entities etc. You’re certainly right about the complexity of magical environments. The spiritual realms team with an Alphabet Soup of beings, entities and energies which I imagine even experienced occultists struggle to figure out at times.

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