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The Angels of Alchemy by Damon Brand

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This page is for questions relating to The Angels of Alchemy. 

Q: Does the evocation method work with other spirits?

A: It is not designed for general use. The Affinity Process can be used with some spirits if you have their Evocation Keys, but it is not always the best process. It is ideal for these angels, which is why it is included in this book.

Q: Can I use this with other magick?

A:  Yes, and I believe that working with this book, and The 72 Sigils of Power, is one of the best ways to remove blockages, and that can speed up manifestation. Be wary of piling too many rituals on top of each other for the same result, though, as you can’t force magick to work. A subtle and tactical approach is more likely to be effective, as described in Targeting Your Magick.

Q: I’ve learned some other methods from your books, such as Light From The Dark, and singing the angel’s name. Should I use that here?

A: You can always apply techniques you have learned, but there may not be a need to do so, The method has been simplified as far as possible, and can be used as written. If you want to, however, you can add in other techniques.

Q: The Hebrew in some of the sigils is similar, but not quite identical to the lettering in some of your other sigils. Why the change?

A: Please read about ‘smudging’ on the Pronunciation and Spelling FAQ.

Q: I heard that some people felt the angel’s presence immediately, and others got results on the first day. Why’s it not working so fast for me?

A: Please remember that the book points out that there are many variations in the way you experience the angels and the results. This is absolutely to be expected, so do not be discouraged because others have had instant success.

Q: Six of these angels also appear in The Angels of Love? Which book should I use to contact them?

A: The styles of contact are slightly different, so look at what result you’re trying to get. If you want the result from The Angels of Love, then use that style. Or, use her wording when using The Angels of Alchemy. If you want to access the powers more as they are described in my book, use that. You can use both, one after the other, but that is probably overkill. Once the angels get your message, that is enough.

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26 Comments on “The Angels of Alchemy FAQ

  1. Hi Mr. AB 🙂 technical question: Kindly double check the Kindle version of this book because – under CHAPTER ONE (The Angels of Alchemy) you would find copyright & Mr. D’s acknowledgment to Zanna (kindle loc 57).

    THEN, it jumps to Chapter Two (The process of alchemy kindle location 62). In other words, there is NO chapter one :O – I’m an author myself so I just want my GOM masters to be aware of this technical issue from the point of view of the reader.

    The whole Chapter one is missing. Devices use Kindle app Ipad & on my Mac.

    Pls. let Mr. D.B know about this too 😀 thank you, S.M.888

    • Thanks for pointing that out. Nothing is actually missing, thank goodness. What’s happened is that the copyright page has been labelled as Chapter One, then Chapter Two is where the main text starts – so nobody’s missing a word that’s meant to be there. But it’s a bit messy. I’ll get the designer to sort that straight away.

      • Hi Mr. AB – Since the word you used was “underused” (on your last comment on the other FAQ regarding Angels of Alchemy) that word poked my heart 😐 I started re-reading this book again hahah but true to my nature: I have absorbed the Saturnian vibe of Mr. G hahahha 😀 & I immediately saw the copyright under chapter 1?! :O ;D . All good glad to be of help, I also did my 1st tasking btw. I’ll post the result after receiving it 😀 which I would receive most definitely as in it’s already done (baruch hamakom), as always with much gratitude S.M.888

  2. Hey Adam,

    I seem to be one of those people who get very good results without ever really experiencing anything supernatural.
    Is it possible to get results from evoking the angels if you don’t get a response from them in anyway?
    Do I have to experience the presence of these angels during the evocation to be able to direct the magick so that it affects others?

    Thanks so much for your time 🙂

    • I’m surprised nobody has asked this before. With all magick, some people just never feel anything supernatural at all and still get results, as you clearly know. With evocation, the whole point is to establish a connection. So when that doesn’t happen, then in theory, nothing else can happen. However, let’s use a phone analogy. In good evocation you call, somebody answers, talks, takes your message. All cool. The other kind, well, you get to leave a message. Sometimes it may get acted upon. So, with evocation, a lot of the time the experience IS the result you want, because you’re trying to get an answer or feeling during the evocation. But, it’s worth staying open to the result, to allowing it to come; not may still do.

      If you’ve not tried the evocation yet, try it; you may be surprised and get a strong connection, and even if not, you may get results. I might add this to the FAQ, even though it’s not technically asked often, it’s interesting.

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