Damon Brand’s Magickal F.A.Q

Many of the questions are answered in the books already, so please ensure you read carefully. Magick is easy, but the instructions should not be skimmed over.

It is better to experience magick and learn for yourself, than to seek too much advice.

Archangels of Magick

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A: I’ve been a reasonably successful novelist (under another name) for over 25 years, because it’s important to have a life beyond magick.  I’ve never claimed to be famous, although some people have accused me of this. For the record, I am not a household name. I also have a few business interests. You can read an interview here: An Interview with Damon Brand.

Q: Did you once say…?

A: Probably not. I have only published posts on this blog/website and, in the past, on The Gallery’s Facebook page.  If you’ve seen anything anywhere else, it wasn’t me. All posts and updates from late 2016 onward are by Adam Blackthorne.

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320 thoughts on “Damon Brand’s Magickal F.A.Q”

  1. Hi, Kavera from India. I’ve experienced results from Words/Greater words of Power. I’d like to know the techniques GoM has up its sleeve to propitiate Saturn. This is in context of 7.5 yrs of Saturn’s influence in the birth chart. ref The Greatness of Saturn: A Therapeutic Myth by Dr. Robert E. Svoboda. Please edit comment – delete this book mentioned if you consider it a plug.
    Nevertheless, I’m interested to learn G.o.M approach to propitiating Saturn.


    1. Hi Kavera. Great to hear about your good results. Nothing up our sleeve on that front, I’m afraid. We do have a lot more magick to share, but it will be a bit slower in the coming years, and although we’ll cover everything that we think is worth sharing, we won’t cover everything – sometimes it’s not our cup of tea, and other times it’s covered elsewhere by other people already; its their area, not ours, if you see what I mean. Cheers, AB

      1. Hi AB,

        “sometimes it’s not our cup of tea, and other times it’s covered elsewhere by other people already; its their area, not ours, if you see what I mean.”
        I shouldn’t have mentioned the book. It was only to clarify the context I’m speaking from. The Saturn thingy is definitely covered by other schools.
        I was thinking on the lines of planetary magick to harness the power of the planets, make allies with them & that GoM has some works in the coming [being fanboyish here]. For all that I don’t know, there could be Angels, sigils, words of power already doing these.

        …wait, just as I write this I’m remembering the Olympic Chaos Magick that I didn’t begin … Arathron… Saturn. But there are only “go on an offense” items on Arathron’s menu.

        p.s: not a native speaker of English, so misinterpretation is wont.

        p.p.s: I’ve had some luck with creating Thoughtforms and The Other People [The Master Works of Chaos Magick ] . Went about it for 2 weeks, but repeated imagining was tiring, so, paused it there. Now, 3 months down I am observing that without conscious choice, my actions, behaviour are beginning to align with the three thoughtforms – 3 specific qualities I conceived of. Am I getting this right, could I be further effective?

        1. Hi there. No problem mentioning the book. I was just saying that we don’t and won’t cover everything. You’ll never get a book of wiccan spells or a guide to astrology from us – we have stuff that we think we are good at, and that we’re compelled to share. We love that other people write good stuff too. (I haven’t read that book and know nothing about it, so I’m speaking generally.)

          But yes, if we do use any planetary stuff it’s so subtle, built into sigils in slight ways, and day choices and that sort of thing – but a bare minimum, because we’ve found you don’t need more for this magick to work. For Arathron – what’s listed is only a starter. Remember it’s chaos magick so you can drawn from other sources too.

          Thanks for writing to me in English! Love what you say about thoughtforms – yes, that’s how it can work for sure. A slow build, a gradual release and the magick takes effect when it does.

          Adam B

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