Damon Brand’s Magickal F.A.Q

Many of the questions are answered in the books already, so please ensure you read carefully. Magick is easy, but the instructions should not be skimmed over.

It is better to experience magick and learn for yourself, than to seek too much advice.

Archangels of Magick

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A: I’ve been a reasonably successful novelist (under another name) for over 25 years, because it’s important to have a life beyond magick.  I’ve never claimed to be famous, although some people have accused me of this. For the record, I am not a household name. I also have a few business interests. You can read an interview here: An Interview with Damon Brand.

Q: Are you retiring?

A:  I remain a member of The Gallery of Magick, but in the shadows for the foreseeable future. Two or three more books are in progress. Other members of The Gallery of Magick will do an excellent job of maintaining this blog and writing magickal instruction.

Q: Did you once say…?

A: Probably not. I have only published posts on this blog/website and, in the past, on The Gallery’s Facebook page.  If you’ve seen anything anywhere else, it wasn’t me. All posts and updates from late 2016 onward are by Adam Blackthorne.

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IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION please see The Gallery of Magick FAQ.

319 thoughts on “Damon Brand’s Magickal F.A.Q

  1. Hi, Kavera from India. I’ve experienced results from Words/Greater words of Power. I’d like to know the techniques GoM has up its sleeve to propitiate Saturn. This is in context of 7.5 yrs of Saturn’s influence in the birth chart. ref The Greatness of Saturn: A Therapeutic Myth by Dr. Robert E. Svoboda. Please edit comment – delete this book mentioned if you consider it a plug.
    Nevertheless, I’m interested to learn G.o.M approach to propitiating Saturn.


    1. Hi Kavera. Great to hear about your good results. Nothing up our sleeve on that front, I’m afraid. We do have a lot more magick to share, but it will be a bit slower in the coming years, and although we’ll cover everything that we think is worth sharing, we won’t cover everything – sometimes it’s not our cup of tea, and other times it’s covered elsewhere by other people already; its their area, not ours, if you see what I mean. Cheers, AB

      1. Hi AB,

        “sometimes it’s not our cup of tea, and other times it’s covered elsewhere by other people already; its their area, not ours, if you see what I mean.”
        I shouldn’t have mentioned the book. It was only to clarify the context I’m speaking from. The Saturn thingy is definitely covered by other schools.
        I was thinking on the lines of planetary magick to harness the power of the planets, make allies with them & that GoM has some works in the coming [being fanboyish here]. For all that I don’t know, there could be Angels, sigils, words of power already doing these.

        …wait, just as I write this I’m remembering the Olympic Chaos Magick that I didn’t begin … Arathron… Saturn. But there are only “go on an offense” items on Arathron’s menu.

        p.s: not a native speaker of English, so misinterpretation is wont.

        p.p.s: I’ve had some luck with creating Thoughtforms and The Other People [The Master Works of Chaos Magick ] . Went about it for 2 weeks, but repeated imagining was tiring, so, paused it there. Now, 3 months down I am observing that without conscious choice, my actions, behaviour are beginning to align with the three thoughtforms – 3 specific qualities I conceived of. Am I getting this right, could I be further effective?

        1. Hi there. No problem mentioning the book. I was just saying that we don’t and won’t cover everything. You’ll never get a book of wiccan spells or a guide to astrology from us – we have stuff that we think we are good at, and that we’re compelled to share. We love that other people write good stuff too. (I haven’t read that book and know nothing about it, so I’m speaking generally.)

          But yes, if we do use any planetary stuff it’s so subtle, built into sigils in slight ways, and day choices and that sort of thing – but a bare minimum, because we’ve found you don’t need more for this magick to work. For Arathron – what’s listed is only a starter. Remember it’s chaos magick so you can drawn from other sources too.

          Thanks for writing to me in English! Love what you say about thoughtforms – yes, that’s how it can work for sure. A slow build, a gradual release and the magick takes effect when it does.

          Adam B

  2. Dear Damon,
    I love your books!
    I have Words of Power and just bought the 72 Angels.
    I also have Magicakal Attack by G. Winterfield, which I found very interesting.
    I liked what you said in one of your articles about the difference between Quara Satan and Kara Satan. I think it was needed and many appreciated it.
    My question is: since Magickal Attack is in the same series as your books, is it a contradiction or is there a more profound way of looking at all this?
    I’m sure there is.
    Can’t wait to start reading the 72 Angels.
    Thanks and please keep up the great work!

    1. Hi. Damon’s not around at the moment so it’s Adam B here. Glad you’ve enjoyed the books so far. That clarifications (it’s not about bowing to Satan, but removing Satan), I think that’s going to going the book. Damon’s hoping to do a few updates and appendices. As are we all – just to put some minds at rest.

      As for the attack book, I think if you look at Gordon’s approach there’s no contradiction. Our magick is about applying change to a situation so that your will is done in the world. There’s nothing good about being a victim, and the book is not about wreaking havoc and cruelty but about seeking peace and justice. There’s a quote – I don’t have it with me – about it being your divine right not to get trampled on, or something to that effect. Cheers, AB.

  3. What is the best ritual for people putting me off into the future? I want people to make me a priority now. I am in sales and it happens at work but also in my personal life too. Instead of just closing the business it happens too often that it’s next week or next month or next year. I have done the words of power for opportunity….and some others. What do you recommend?

    1. Hi. Difficult to answer because you might need to dig deep and find out what the problem is. Is it as simple as some basic prejudice or unfair dislike of you? If so, there is magick to make people lighten up with you. Or is it that you need more charm and charisma. There’s magick for that too. I don’t know what books you’ve got, so I have to make some guesses here, but good rituals would be:

      Make People Warmer Toward You from Greater Words of Power.

      Depending on the cause, maybe Feel More Self-Respect, but def Be the Centre of Attention from Word of Power.

      Elad for charisma in The 72 Sigils of Power. Also Machi, to be better liked and appreciated.

      And at the risk of promoting my own book over Damons’, Sigils of Power and Transformation covers lots of these all in one book, one way or another. Cheers. Adam B.

  4. Good day,

    I have Wealth Magick and have gone through most with one more working left to complete the book. One thing I have done through out is spaced one working between another and honestly have not done the daily practice … daily. Although I have kept an eye, emotions, etc most of the time on “the similar” as in the daily practice. Basically, even if I have not done the daily practice which Damon notes is crucial, I have kept an eye out for that which is beautiful with appreciation and asked the main questions of the daily practice when ever I remembered to do so but did not write daily. so with that said, I have thought that maybe I should begin all over again. Should I expect something to come out of it due to all the effort, even if it is not what it would have been, had I implemented, without omission the daily practice? and…. What if I left out the last working? What are the thoughts on this? Thank you very much

    1. Hi there. Adam here. Thanks for your question. This is from the main FAQ:

      “Q: Is there a ritual to end poverty, end war and save the environment?

      A: If there was a ritual for World Peace, we would be performing it. That is, if there was a ritual that worked. There have been many large rituals, over the decades, aimed at this. And people do use magick in politics. But there is nothing we can do to just cure the world, because magick is about affecting our sphere of influence. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do. The influence of one individual on any given situation can be enormous. But as always, with magick, the key is to see what you can change, and then break that problem down and direct the magick at those changes. When you change your own world, it has a ripple effect. So if you are able to change a few minds, or bring more peace to a place, or more rationality, that is good. But can you affect the feelings of Congress with magick? Highly unlikely. There are too many other factors in play. But you can affect the minds and hearts of those you know. The ripples will be felt. If you move in political circles, the ripples will be felt in more influential places. Magick is used by pressure groups, political campaigners and others who affect that state of the world, and it makes a difference, but it is all about finding what change you actually want to make, and then supporting your real-world efforts with magick.”

      1. oh ok,thank you for your reply. and another question: about the magickal attack book, does it work on attacking (any name) of the group or organization, and even on unidentified/unknown enemies? Thank you

        1. https://galleryofmagick.com/magickal-attack-faq/
          “Q: Can I use this magick against a group of people? A: Yes, but it is often worthwhile directing your attack at individuals who are important members of the group, to undermine the group.”

          To expand on that, yes to an organisation, but it helps if you know people personally. If it’s just a company you’ve taken a dislike to, but you have no involvement with any of the people, much harder. But even just on relationships (of any kind) can help.

          Unidentified enemies, no.

  5. {Edited out the original question, which was posted and answered on the Magickal Cashbook FAQ. It remains there]

    I was given the advice to “just ignore it” by someone else on this site. Either this person isn’t a Magician or has no knowledge of how powerful magic or entities work, or he thinks money is naturally self-replenishing and grows on my trees.


    1. Yes that was me. I’m running this site now as Damon is required elsewhere. But he has given the same answer on this site many times. There are 17 members of The Gallery of Magick (including myself), and collectively we have over 500 years of practical magick experience. Does that make us perfectly knowledgeable? No. But every one of us is very experienced with the spirit you asked about – Nitika – and every one would agree that the spirit does not linger or keep working after a specific request. Of course, a request may take time to manifest, which means the spirit is still working for you during that time. But the advice remains the same – if you no longer want this spirit to work for you, that’s it, it’s over. You may not like this answer, but bear in mind that Nitika is a personified virtue, not an angel or demon, and so responds in ways that are not textbook. If you take your focus of Nitika, the spirit takes the focus away from you. Your modifications to the ritual, mentioned in your original post, may have confused matters, but still wouldn’t make the spirit linger.

  6. Hello.
    I am using Magical Seduction. I finished first 5 days ritual two days ago and today I started 11 day ritual.
    But the thing is, my target stopped contacted me at the end of August and we are very long distanced. There was no fight or anything, he just, well, changed, so there is no way I can hear or see him…
    Would magick from Magickal Seduction still work? Or you can recommend me something better to make him contact me again?

    1. Hello there. I think most of this is covered over at this page: https://galleryofmagick.com/magickal-seduction-faq/

      It’s not great for long distance! Weirdly, the magick can be ironic – if you stir up somebody to feel something, they resist and go a bit cold. It could be that. But with long distance, magick struggles to work. There are sigils for attracting and maintaining love over long distance, in Sigils of Power and Transformation, and they can work – but I don’t want to give false hope. If it has fizzled out, and if the feelings are gone because they aren’t ever going to go anywhere, then the feelings are gone and the magick won’t change that. But it’s your choice as to whether or not to try something else – you might have a feeling that there is still potential. Cheers, Adam B.

  7. I have a question about the book Wealth Magick for Damon Brand and the comments are closed on your website.
    I am on the 6th working with Aniquel and it says in the book your can continue with Aniquel longer if you like.
    How long can you continue and should you start the 7th Working after 11 days, but still work with Aniquel?
    Or should you stop with Aniquel before starting the 7th Working?
    Thanks for your help,

    1. Hi there. The Wealth Magick FAQ is open to comments at the moment – you may have to refresh the page and scroll to the end of the page, but it’s open. But I’m here now. It’s Adam B, as Damon’s moved on for now (see above).

      You can continue forever, but you don’t need another single day. It’s about getting an intuition. If you feel like it’s powering it all up, then keep going for a bit. If you’re just trying to get it to work by repeating it desperately, then that goes against the whole philosophy of the book. So I’d say just stop unless you feel a strong urge to carry on. And then stop when the urge leaves. You can mix 6 and 7, but I wouldn’t – a bit more clarity helps. That might help you get a vibe for how long you want 6 to go for. Well done on getting that far! It’s not an easy working.

      1. Dear Adam, I’m desperate need help. My partner has severe depression and suicidality. He can’t sleep and even when he does, he does not feel refreshed. Nothing works, no meds, even anti depressants or anti psychotic drugs. Please help. If you can direct me to any books or magickal rituals I can do to at least give him a good night’s sleep? Or if anyone can help me.

        1. Hi Syeda. So sorry to hear about this. Yes here is magick that can calm and heal and help – but I feel it would be grossly irresponsible of me to say, ‘Here, try this magick,’ when you’re potentially talking about a life and death situation. I do have strong faith in magick, but when things are this serious I feel extremely unhappy about saying, ‘Give this a go.’ Magick works well and instantly for some, slowly for others, and some never get it to work for all sorts of reasons. I get that this is not too different to how it feels going to the various psychs and doctors and trying all the meds and nothing works… Except to say that (without going into my history too much, before I worked in art (which is my main thing now, apart from business), I spent many years where I was around people going through this sort of thing. I saw intense, immense frustration at the meds and the therapy, and I saw that it often came up short, often failed. But also, even when it seemed like nothing was working, something DID work. One thing I became certain of is that a situation like this is an emergency . I am absolutely not qualified to give you any advice, other than to say you should please do everything you can to seek conventional help, urgently. The new sigils book does have rituals to help with sleep, anxiety and depression – and we offer it because we believe in it, but it must never be a replacement for more normal things, and, truth is, it’s mostly for milder cases, nothing this extreme.

  8. Hi Damon (or Adam),

    I downloaded and read Words of Power about two nights ago and read three sigils two nights in a row. I was wondering, is it possible that these words could summon demonic spirits? I feel like I’m under psychic attack again and I haven’t had an episode in months!

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    1. Pretty much impossible, in theory and practice. This magic is so benign – can a prayer attract demons? This magick is not a prayer, but is about as dangerous, if you get me. Some people get stirred up by magick, but I don’t know if this is your first time using magick or if you’ve been at it for years. But the act of magick stirs guilt and fear in some. Doesn’t mean your ‘attack’ is imagined – and I’d use protection magick to make sure if I were you – but you can feel as safe as houses with Words of Power.

  9. Dear Damon

    Thank you for answering all my questions on the Magickal Attack FAQ page patiently. I’m not sure where to post this general question so I post it here. It may look like a theoretical question but I think it is to do with the purpose of practising Magick. Over the years, you must have undertaken many magickal workings. Based on your experiences, do you think one could use magickal rituals successfully to change one’s fate or destiny or so called God’s will? In other words, if magick fails to deliver the results you want, does it mean that you cannot change what’s destined for you. Thanks so much again for your kindness and patience.

    1. Every time you act deliberately, with magick or without, you are denying the concept of fate or destiny, and taking matters into your own hands, through your free will.

      Sometimes things move away from your sphere of experience and influence, to the extent that it appears they are not ‘meant to be’, but I feel this is more to do with the unfolding of circumstance than with any prewritten destiny.

      1. Hello Damon,

        I ordered your books from Amazon last Friday the 16th of December. Just curious as I am using Amazon prime 2 day shipping and my books as of today still have not shipped. I was supposed to receive one of my books yesterday. Do you have a print shop to manufacture the books yourself. I am in a bad situation. Facing possible eviction. I got laid of end of November from my job. Ex left me months ago with tons of debt. I am in the bad spot and really need a magickal miracle. I don’t want to lose my place and need that magickal cashbook asap. Can you tell me what is going on because I really need those books to help save me from being homeless while I haven’t got a response from 300 resumes and applications sent out. I am trying not to panic. This is the worse Christmas in my life. I am a good person and just want sunshine in my life. I found your books and it was a ray of light but just waiting is killing me.

        1. Hi. Adam here. Damon’s not running this site anymore. I’ll update the FAQ, but here’s what I put on Facebook – “Damon Brand won’t be around here for personal reasons, but is expected to write two or three more books eventually. None are due for at least a year.”

          So I’m taking over online duties, and here I am! Amazon are often slow this time of year – sometimes really slow. But get in touch with them through the help button and get a reply. if you’ve got 2 day shipping you should get 2 day shipping!!!! The books aren’t printed or distributed by us, and we can’t do that even if we want to because of the tangled publishing contracts. But I hope they get the books to you soon.

          Magick is great, it really can help – but flip through this website and you’ll find loads and loads of posts about avoiding desperation because of how it can make the magick fizzle out. So, yeah, magick’s what you can turn to, but use this delay as an opportunity to practice patience, because magick will stimulate change fast, but won’t always work when you expect and if you demand a result right now, magick can ignore you. That’s not technically correct but it’s how it feels.

          The books should bring a feeling of light and relief and hope and give you something to do instead of more suffering, but while you’re waiting read everything you can on here.

          This is a good one https://galleryofmagick.com/2016/09/24/the-art-of-indirect-magick/

          But there’s thousands of words on the site and it’s like a free book. The info on here is the best prep for the books!

          -Adam B

          1. Hello Adam,

            Thanks so much for writing me back so quickly. I really really appreciate it man. I saw that my books have just been shipped today. You are right I got a lot of good info from this site. I have already read tons of comments so I am really prepared. I just am so so excited and thank you for continuing helping out the people. I wish you so much blessings and success. I am just going through so much right now Adam. I lost my father, ex fiance, job etc. I still smile and fight getting up everyday with my part time gig giving thanks. I am ready for my sunshine finally from these rainy days. Peace!!

  10. Hi. If you are trying to get enemies off your back using methods from your Magickal Angels book, do you have to take them one at a time or can you name them all at the same time? Or does it go by house? I live on a street with several drug addicts/dealers and they’re working together at harassing me and my family. There’s at least a dozen of them that I actually know the names of. That’s NOT including the strangers that I never met that participate in it.

    1. I understand what you’re going through. I’ve lived in a few rough areas and had problems. And several times I’ve lived in a ‘good’ area that turned out to have a drug den nearby. The constant flow of people up and down the street makes for an uneasy atmosphere at best, and it can become violent and aggressive at times. Not pleasant. If you’re using Magickal Angels, you can name all the names at once and that will work well. Tale the time to picture each person as you name them and be aware of how you feel about them. You could then repeat the working to make the area unpleasant for undesirable strangers, to cut out the buyers. I never like to say, ‘Buy all my books’, but if you can get Magickal Protection the basic protection will help, and there’s a lot of direct magick that can be aimed at specific people as well as ensuring your family is protected. Having said that, I think the best approach is to protect yourself, and then attack the problem. Magickal Angels can do a good job. Don’t be afraid to ask the angels to get aggressive on your behalf, if you’re comfortable with that – you might want to get the main dealers arrested, or at least frightened, or create a level of tension and fear so that buyers don’t want to visit the area. Angels can work wonders with this stuff. It’s also worth doing a working to make yourself less noticeable during this period. I hope it goes well for you.

  11. Hi Damon,

    Sorry if my question sounds silly, but I think its better to clarify than assume wrongly.

    I have been thinking of getting a couple of your books. As my friend has your “Words of Power” and “Magical Protection” books, I asked him about them. He told me they contained mostly Hebraic (Kabbalistic) names of God and Latin invocations. He is, by birth Jewish, and although not practicing, has some degree of belief in his tradition.

    My question – therefore – is, does one have to have some degree of belief in “God” as per the Judeo-Christian belief system for the magick to work? My belief is that there is a Cosmic Consciousness pervading everything; all things having a soul consciousness of some degree. I guess most would call that an “Animistic” belief system. Would that be an impediment to your system of magical working as given in the books?

    Many thanks in advance for your response.


    1. Hello. Not a silly question at all. I know people of many faiths, and some atheists, as well as many who believe in something vaguely spiritual and undefined, who all get results from magick. Of course, many people consider magick to be evil or a contradiction to their faith. This doesn’t always stop them from doing magick, but that conflict is often there. It doesn’t need to be. The words of power are shortcuts to beings that can help you, and the words are partly empowered by their repeated use by many people over centuries. So you don’t have to be Jewish to get the benefit, if that makes sense. Some people say that any magick that works simply gives you closer access to divine authority (or the Universe!), and gives you access to the beings (or thoughtforms) that mediate control at the physical level. This article might also help: http://galleryofmagick.com/2015/04/06/dont-believe-in-magick/

      1. Hello again, Damon. Many thanks for the prompt reply. Understood exactly what you meant. The article you wrote: “You dont need to believe in magick” was really good…it has helped clarify other minor queries I had. Thanks again for your advice.

  12. Hi Damon, I just purchased your latest 3 books. Just a quick question — mostly curious — what is the significance of starting on a Thursday, and what is the significance of doing it for 11 days?

    1. It’s a mix of tradition, complex magickal theory (which can get very dull), and experimentation. Some people get results before the 11 days are up, but I still recommend completing the ritual. Sometimes, magick works on the past as well as the future, so completion is important. Also, committing to 11 days shows more intent from you than if you just say, ‘I’ll do this for a few days’, and it’s better than setting out to do 77 days, because that implies that you expect the magick to work slowly. A full answer would take a book, but I hope that helps. (Thanks for buying the books!)

  13. Dear Mr. Brand,

    Hello, once again, from sunny Shanghai, China!

    I have been following your kind advice regarding my 11 day invocation to Angel Haiel (for making my magickal workings much more effective). I will be done this Sunday (Apr. 12)
    I can feel that my request is actually being granted.

    After the 11 day ritual, I will proceed to invoke Angel Nith-Haia next. (to remove any & all blocks to my magick and make my workings more powerful!)

    Here are 2 questions.
    Please take your time in answering.

    1) I plan to perform the rituals in your book, Wealth Magick,
    as well as invoke Angel Poiel, after I complete doing the above 2 mentioned angel rituals.
    Need I invoke Angels Haiel & Nith-Haia, before I perform each & every magickal ritual
    from hereon? Or should I just proceed, knowing they’re there with me?

    2) Performing the rituals have been mysteriously physically taxing for me, leaving me tired.
    Can you explain why?

    That is all for now.
    I will order more of your work and of course, perform them to my utmost ability.

    Thank you so much!
    Xie xie!


    1. Hello. In answer to 1) you can carry on without invoking them again. If you ever feel the need to send them, additional requests or add information you can simply invoke them once (rather than for eleven days) to add to the ‘project’ as it were. This is a way of refining your instructions. Mostly, it’s not required and you can just proceed. 2) This can be down to a physical condition. At one point I found myself exhausted after rituals, and to cut a long story short, later found it was due to a problem with my breathing – I had a lung problem that made me short of breath, and so speaking the rituals loudly and so on, made me exhausted. It can also happen if you’re just doing too much magick at once. For some people, there is no issue with this, but others find it draining. I found the best solution to this is to be aware of energy flowing into you from the environment, while doing magick, to give you power – so that you’re not just using your own. Whatever the cause, this usually passes after a short while. The theory book I’ll publish at some point will cover ways of ensuring you have strong inner energy, which helps avoid these problems. But it should go away by itself before too long.

  14. Good enough for me, Damon!

    For starters I’ll use what I’ve got in “Magickal Protection,” focusing on the person in question…

    Next, with some creative adjustments to your work, I’ll do my best to “erase” his bad luck, thru the “end-bad-luck” ritual we find among so many other gems in “Words of Power.” This in case his idea of being “cursed” is nothing else than just a long run of bad luck.

    Much appreciated your answer (while still on vacation!! I’m sorry bothering you) as are your books! Thank you.


  15. Hi, Damon!

    Minus the Magickal Job Seeker, got all your books, and will most likely be a buyer of all that follows… especially those with a somewhat “darker” content where my Circle of Pacts would come in handy 😉

    My question… turned to Magickal Angels first, tryong to find it myself first, but now to you personally… if I were to help a third person, who is convinced he’s cursed by someone he knows, to lift the curse, the crossing, is that something I can find in one of your books? Is there a ritual I personally can do to help him? Or, just be creative and transform a personal ritual into one that would serve another person? Would that work too?

    Hope to hear from you! No worries should you be too busy…
    Best regards, Alex.

    1. I am on vacation so can’t answer at length, but hopefully this will help. You can be creative with what’s in Magickal Angels, and I always encourage creativity, otherwise you can use the ideas in Magickal Protection and direct them at another person. I know several people who’ve done this. I will try to put explicit instructions online soon, but you can probably come up with a good way of adapting the work.

  16. Can any of your protection magic be used to protect ones health? Will you publish a book on healing or magic for good health? Thank you!

  17. Cheers for the reply, thanks. I have engaged with the law of attraction and find it does offer you encouragement for a better reality. I will continue to practice law of attraction and use your rituals in combination, presenting a better mind set to achieve my objectives.

  18. What’s the difference between the law of attraction and magick? I would have thought that the law of attraction does away with the need for rituals?

    1. Law of Attraction (and the New Thought movement) arose from magick – people with a knowledge of magick created a non-ritual based method, if you will, and that made it more palatable, especially to people who consider magick a sin. If you’re getting what you want from Law of Attraction then yes, you can do away with rituals. From what I hear, many people have success with LOA at first, with small stuff, but then struggle. Some do very well with it. But magick is there for those who are drawn to magick, and if you don’t find the idea appealing you should probably avoid magick completely. Magick uses entities (such as angels) and altered states of consciousness to get results as quickly as possible. It’s not for everybody, though, and every book contains a disclaimer (as does this FAQ) saying that if magick doesn’t appeal then you should steer clear of it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with LOA if it’s working for you.

  19. Dear Mr. Brand,

    Greetings from Shanghai, China!
    I have purchased 6 of your books and have done a few of the rituals particularly, Words of Power and Magickal Cashbook.

    All I can say is that I am beginning to see results, though not big and dramatic, but I consider these as successes nonetheless and am hoping to see more dramatic results soon.

    I have 2 pressing questions, I hope you can help me.

    1) I am in the middle of invoking the Angel Haiel via your book, Magickal Angels.
    However, I said the wrong words of Invocation ( I inadvertently said Poiel’s words of
    invocation. I actually copied your instructions without substituting my angel of choice)

    Since i have started on a Thursday, and have corrected my error last Saturday, I plan
    to continue well beyond 11 days until Tuesday, instead of concluding it on Sunday.
    Is this the correct way?

    2) I plan to commence performing the 1st Working in Wealth Magick, and continue well
    up to the 3rd Working. However, I have to return to my native Philippines for my vacation.
    I may have to suspend my rituals for 6 weeks before I begin my 4th Working. Will such
    suspension ruin my momentum?

    That’s all for now!
    I look forward to your response and kind encouragement.
    Xie xie! (Thank you!)


    1. Thanks for buying the books, and it’s great to hear about your results. Regarding your first question, if you feel OK with that, then go ahead – if you get to the Tuesday, though, and feel as though the magick is incomplete, continue until the following Sunday.

      Suspending the rituals is fine, and in fact some time to ponder and process the changes you may feel, can be be very useful. I take lots of vacations, and they often include long breaks from magick, and all is well.

  20. Regarding the Magickal Cashbook, do you have a sample image of the circled amount pages you could share? Should the circle be a true circle, or is an oval or ellipse okay? Does the circle connect back to the tiny circle on the front page?

  21. Hey Damon. By all means take your time at the Gallery of Magick. But I was just curious if you had any sort of ballpark idea of when Magickal Artist might come out? I’m super excited to read it.

    1. Sorry, it’s now policy not to comment on release dates as they have always been wrong in the past, and the publishing landscape, as well as my own time, is in constant flux. As soon as possible, for all books, but we never know when until the day before. Thanks for your interest, though.

  22. Hi, Damon. Love your stuff. Just a quick question about the only book I seem to be having trouble with (or maybe I’m not)

    When I do the seduction magick main technique (number 1), I saw the girl I was focusing on a few times after and, while she pleasant and congenial, for some reason she just did absolutely nothing for me. Like, whatever I saw in her was gone. Then, I later tried the 3rd technique (for the most general appeal) and it seems like every girl I used to think I found attractive now makes me yawn.

    What I’m wondering is, does this indicate that I’m doing something wrong, or does it perhaps just mean that my perception of them has changed to the degree that I now no longer feel any anxiety around them at all and I’m really seeing them, hearing them, feeling them and they’re not what I thought I wanted? Does that make sense? Perhaps I should be even less specific, as it seems to me that some kind of veil has been lifted (or perception shifted) and women I used to find attractive and difficult to meaningfully interact with are not maintaining my interest at all now that I’m getting to know them better. It’s like the easier it is for me to just engage them, the more I realize that I must have been holding onto some illusion in the past.

    Thanks for any enlightenment. Nitikar is coming through for me like gangbusters, though. And the words of power and protection magick are working great as well. Many thanks!

    , Mike

    1. Great to hear you’re getting results. As for seduction, this is not exactly unheard of. One of the great things about magick is that when you find you have the power to do certain things, you often don’t want to. Most people, given the power to genuinely curse and hurt somebody, decide not to curse. Having the power makes you a better person. In the same way, seduction magick can clarify what you really want. Ideally, with magick, you should know what you want before you start – if not, the magick will usually let you know, as seems to be the case here. So, yes, maybe being even less specific is the best way to approach this now. The insights you’ve gained sound impressive, even if it’s not quite as exciting as a true seduction, but perhaps this will lead to better things. (We will be brining out books that cover love and soulmates in the future.)

  23. Regarding “Magickal Protection…”, Yohach, on my right, facing the same direction I’m facing… then, Kalach on my left… what direction is he facing? I’d guess he’s facing the opposite direction from what I’m facing, 180 degrees, symbollically watching my back… Not sure if this is of any importance, but it bothers me not knowing.

    1. It’s open to interpretation, which is why I say any image can arise. For some, you get the 180, for others, it’s the same forward-facing direction. I didn’t want to draw attention to this in the book, because if you give people a decision to make, they worry and overthink. Your experience is similar to that of many – you get that feeling of having your back protected. I might add it to the FAQ, though. So, go with what feels right for you, because we’ve never found that one method is better or worse than the other.

  24. Hey i want to know if in my cashbook i can keep using the same page to do another request? I mean i asked 1000$ and the request was fullfiled i cross the circled numbers, can i keep using the same page for other quantities? i dont want to waste paper

  25. Also damon, i’ve been using the magickal cashbook with my country’s currency and nothing has happened, but yesterday i flew to the US and i used the cashbook but asked for 200$ and today my cousin told me to go to work with him to help him with some things and after really long day of work he gave me 60$, was it nitika? Also i didn’t get the 200$ but i got 60$ what should i do?

    1. See the FAQ for this. In short, yes. If you get a result that was unexpected or out of the blue, then accept it, even if it wasn’t all you wanted. And then start another working. if the cashbook has been slow to get started for you, accept this as a result and you’re more likely to get more results.

      1. Hi Damon,

        Need help when I sing the names of Angels. I don’t know what tune to use.

        Are there recorded tunes anywhere?

        Samples will help.


        1. As the book says, “As well as calling our words of power and angelic names, you will be required to sing the angel names. Do not worry if you can not sing. All that is required is that you attempt to sing the name. There is no right or wrong. All that matters is that you try.” In other words, you don’t need an ideal tune. One note is fine, or you can change the note. It really doesn’t matter. You are simply trying to make it sound like the word has been sung. Think of the “Amen” at the very end of Mozart’s Requiem. If you don’t know it, maybe find it on YouTube or something, and see how a word can be sung quite easily.

  26. Dear Damon,
    First of all, excuse my english writing,it isn’t my first lenguage, I’m Spaniard. I want to thank you not only sharing your knowledge, but giving us the choice to comunicate with you and recieve an answer. I find your writing style and vocabulary very easy to understand for those who aren’t english speakers like me, please keep going the same way.

    This is my first time accesing this class of subject, I’m the type of people who read logical books (productivity, organization, economy…) trying to learn and improve my life , but I’m in the midle of the 40’s, and I needed to give a jump because I’m tired to be at the same point figthing to achieve little resaults. For this, I’ve bought 5 of your books to have a whole vision.

    I’m now in the fifth day of the daily journal (M. Wealth), and doing the ritual 3 of M. Seduction, also I’ve done some of the Word of Power. It doesn’t take too long doing the practices.

    I’ve been reading through your web before questioning, but I still got three questions:

    1- About M. Wealth. I work for the goverment, boring job, and I have clear that improving my career will require being an entrepeneur, the problem it’s I haven’t any idea about what to do, any purpose in mind. Will the workings guide me to find or clarify the way? For me being wealthy is something related to some kind of purpose, and working on it.

    2.- How could I do words of power and job seeking for my brother?, in which part of the process I could declare or imagine that is for my brother the 100% of the results?

    3- Which of the practices would be the best for rise my inner energy/power? In general I’m a bit low, unfortunately.

    Many thanks in advanced.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks. Glad you;re enjoying the books.

      1. Yes, if that’s the main obstacle to your wealth, then the workings should begin to give you insights. But don’t forget what the book says about doing your part. This is the time to start reading about any subject that interests you and finding out what you really want to do. The best way to get magick working is to know what you really want. When you know for sure, and when it’s in line with your true will, you barely need the magick at all. So make sure you spend a lot of time reflecting, imagining, thinking and even daydreaming, and then doing good, solid research about what sort of paths might interest you. During this time, the magick will help, but you do need to do this practical work as well.

      2. Yes, you can gift magick in that way. Some advise against it, because you may not know what he really wants. But if you’re certain you know, then you just direct the results to him. You can imagine your gratitude as well as how he would feel. This can work extremely well. Sometimes, however, the other person is resistant to change, and you get zero result, but as the Words of Power are so easy there is no harm in trying.

      3. There’s nothing written on that yet, I’m afraid. The ‘theory’ book I keep talking about is going to have a lot of practical work that covers this sort of subject. Having said that, spending more time with The Daily Practice from Wealth Magick is perhaps the best thing to make you feel better and give you more energy.



  27. I’ll try to make this my final question regarding the 1st working of Wealth Magick. Any further questions of mine will be from if I ever decide to go forward with the second working or if it’s regarding a different book.

    I’m just trying to maximize the best results. So today is the 17th day of my second round of the first working. I plan on doing the ritual today, but due to an increase in busy-ness, I have missed 8 days now.

    I just don’t want to take a step backwards. Do you recommend that I make up those 8 days? in your book, 2 or 3 days seems much more reasonable to miss than 8. Do you find it worth it to make up these 8, if I can promise myself to complete them in 8 consecutive days?

    I’m definitely seeing the results of increase of money, but I want it to keep going.

    I know you basically already answered this question but I’m just trying to be specific. I want to do it right, but also don’t want to get too bent out of shape as I resonate with what you wrote about the angels being responsive to confidence and lack of insecurity.

    My general attitude has been that the first time doing the first working has worked, and so even if I missed half the days the second time, a little bit more doesn’t hurt. But you seem to suggest that it might close down if I do it half-ass rather than just stop?

    And would you recommend constantly doing the 17 day intervals or can I just turn this into an everyday daily practice?

    Also, I’ve shared my work with one partner of mine. I also very briefly mentioned that I’m trying wealth magick to an occult friend right at the beginning of my first working. Didn’t seem to hurt, but i’ll make sure to be extra secret from now on.

    Sorry if I’m just going in circles with these questions. I want to maximize the best results of this first working, and I want to stay with it when I restart it, and not be lazy about it anymore. I was also curious about how long to wait in between workings.

    1. “I’m definitely seeing the results of increase of money.” That’s good news, Closing it down is a choice. Keeping it going is a choice. It’s up to you, and the spirits will respond accordingly. However, if you’re getting results, trust your instincts. That’s going to be more effective than any advice I give you. These books, the entire system – it will work, but to live a magical life you will eventually discover your own ways. If you have a feeling that you want to do it in a particular way, go for it. As for secrecy – I hoped that blog post wouldn’t frighten people into thinking they’d stuffed up. It’s not always a big deal so I shouldn’t worry. And as for waiting between workings, again, try to trust your instincts – you know your desires, energy levels and intuition better than me.

  28. Hi Damon,
    I just have a question about the use of magick. I’ve heard there is white magic, which is supposed to be good magic and black magic, which is supposed to be bad. I am very interested in buying your book Angel Magick. Does this one just deal with white magick? I’m new to this whole thing, but would really like to make my life better.
    I’m also confused because some of the messages from other posts mentioned some books using demons. From what I’ve heard that would be black magic.
    I’m really confused about what I’ve heard and read. Can you please help clarify this for me? Also, are all Angels good? I sincerely appreciate any advice and clarifications you can give me.
    Thank you,

    1. I believe you asked this same question on the Angelic Templates page and I answered it there. I will repeat the answer here:

      As I say in the disclaimer, if magick frightens you, don’t do magick. It is, in fact, safe. Nothing is inherently evil until it is used for evil. No person or being is evil until it performs an evil act. So if you use your magick to better your life, that can only be a good thing. To me, the idea of black and white magick is largely a myth. Others disagree. But certainly with books such as the Angels book and Words of Power, there is nothing bad going on unless you deliberately make it bad. I hope that helps. There are many blog posts on this website about fear and getting magick to work – it’s probably worth reading those if you’re at all worried. Thanks for your interest and for buying the book.

      I should also add an analogy I made to somebody else yesterday. Magick is a tool. Imagine a chisel. You can use it to carve a beautiful sculpture, or to murder an innocent. The chisel is neutral. Magick is also neutral, neither black or white, good or bad. If you use it to perform deeds that you feel are evil, then it is evil. Everybody’s definition is different. Some people think magick for the self is evil. I think magick that neglects the self is a terrible waste, as we need to work on ourselves before we can really help others.

  29. Damon, wow. I’ve now read several of your books and just ordered the Images book from Amazon. I posted some well deserved reviews on Amazon just now…I want to support your work and say “thanks”. The reviews just went live. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for what you’ve given me thus far. Never underestimate the difference you’re making. Very grateful for you!!

    1. Thanks so much. Reviews are the only way people can tell the books work – marketing or advertising could never do that. So thanks for taking the time. It’s really appreciated, and I’m delighted that you’re getting a lot out of my work. Thanks for letting me know.

  30. Hi Damon,

    I love your Magickal Seduction book. I have performed the first ritual to create passion in a specific person.

    How long on average should I see a sign from this person that she might be interested in some sex or romance? Thanks.

    1. Thank a lot! The best thing is to make sure you’re around the person and in contact – as the books says, you shouldn’t sit back and wait, but should actively attempt to be around that person to make the opportunities arise. There is no average time. It depends on the potential that was there. If attraction was already like, it can happen in a day. If it was highly unlikley, it might take a week or so. If attraction was always impossible, as the books says, it can’t force somebody to like you against their will. But let’s assume all goes well, try to let go of waiting for the result. There’s a series of article that help with this here: http://galleryofmagick.com/2014/12/31/get-magick-working-1/ And this covers more important ideas: http://galleryofmagick.com/2015/03/01/does-magick-work-for-everybody/

  31. I just want to say thanks for writing your books, and I especially like that you actually write back to your readers! Do you know how rare that is? You are a gem for doing that! I’ve enjoyed reading them, as I’ve had a huge interest in magick since I cast my first spell at age 8 (I made a birthday wish and it came true!). I look forward to your other titles in the future!

    1. Thank you. Sadly, I am having to limit comments, as the books are now coming at a much slower rate, but I do enjoy the interaction here. Wow, you started magick at 8. I was 12. The ‘teenage witch’ phenomenon a few years back had parents terrified the people were getting into magick before they were adults. I hear more and more stories of kids who tried magick before they reached their teens. Thanks for enjoying the books.

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