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Welcome to magick. There are lots of questions and answers here, but we promise it’s worth taking the time to read them. Magick can bring your protection, power and potential. We love sharing what we know, and we hope you find that you need. This page is a gateway to the help you seek.

The Gallery of Magick authors are Damon Brand, Adam Blackthorne, Zanna Blaise and Gordon Winterfield.

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The following FAQs cover general subject areas and specific books. There’s too much to keep it all on one page, so we hope this helps you to find your way around. (The authors can’t be contacted directly and if you want to know more about that please read The Answers of Magick.)

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Magickal Attack FAQ

Magickal Cashbook FAQ

Magickal Protection FAQ

Magickal Riches FAQ

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Sigils of Power and Transformation FAQ


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380 thoughts on “The Gallery of Magick FAQ”

  1. Hi Adam,
    Some time ago Damon opened and closed online school of magick. Are there any plans on reopening it? I know everyone in the Gallery of Magick is very busy, but maybe someone has an aspiration to teach or mentor. Also, maybe I missed it but I never heard how the world ritual went for G.O.M. It would be nice to know how it went on your side.

    Thank you

    1. The worldwide ritual was a great success for us, and from what we heard, for many others. As for the online school it was too time-consuming for us (30 or 30 techie questions a day, before we even got to magick) – to do it again we’d have to hire staff, and hiring people with enough knowledge about magick is very, very difficult. So for now, no immediate plans. It’s possible we’ll open it up for courses with limited appeal, for a select audience, maybe even by invitation, so we wouldn’t need staff to run it; we could do it ourselves on a small scale. There are some subjects that aren’t really ideal for books, but that some people might enjoy in a course.

  2. Hi… I’ve been working a lot with the DOM book. And I’m wondering, if I’m going to be petitioning 3 different demons in an afternoon, can I do the ritual opening once, then the core Ritual and license to depart for each of the demons in turn. Or should I do the opening each time for each demon? Many thanks in advance…

  3. $ Question for Gallery of Magick $

    Q1: When putting in requests to demons can we put a timeline or date?

    Q2: Are demons (or others) intuitive enough to figure out the specifics. For example I am dying to get this really expensive domain name. Do I word my request “I have my dream domain” or “I own the domain”? Or “I have a luxury car” vs “I have the new Mercedes Cl300”?

    Q3: I’ve read people have a hard time with the demons and influence magic. (I.e.: doing the magic to influence your loving boyfriend to propose, but instead you guys argue and it gets heated). Why do things like this occur? What could be the possible explanations? It makes me nervous to do influence magic with them in fear the opposite will occur.

    Q4: How powerful is the magickal protection? Like will I be protected against people that are high ranking in black magick or other forms?

    Sorry for all the random questions. I can’t help but to seize opportunity to ask the actual GOM!!! Love you guys work

    1. 1. Can be useful if essential, but also can limit results. Imagine you insist something happens by July, but the ONLY way it could actually happen was by aligning all events to bring a result by September. Better to get the result eventually than to miss the result. Use time with caution.

      2. Spirits of all kinds can be highly intuitive and can sense possible futures, but this is more about the limits you place. If you leave it more open, there are thousands of ways the spirits could potentially solve the problem for you, rather than just one. So more general can be more possible. BUT, some specificity gives power. I think you find the balance through experience. And sometimes through intuition.

      3. It’s way easier to change who you are and let people respond to that, than to influence people directly. Rather than trying to make somebody fall for your proposal influence, better to use magick to make the relationship everything it can be – shine and be great and bring all the openness and love you can, using magick to help. That works really well. Influence needs to be used wisely. And it’s unpredictable because you’re dealing with human beings. Curse one person and they will crumble, while others will retaliate. Use a ritual to improve love and some will retreat, even though the magick worked, because they have a fear of deep feelings. People are complex. But there’s also a lot of online disinformation about how things go wrong – you know, scaremongering and tales of woe. They usually don’t go that wrong, but the reality is that people are complex.

      4. Attack is rare, and that’s the main point that’s missed. Sustained attack is very rare. If you protect often you probably have more energy and commitment than any attacker, so you can remain protected. If something does slip through the general protection, the more specific protection can clear it out. Or you can use the divination and protection in the archangels book to get to the bottom of things. Mostly, though, high ranking occultists just don’t waste their time. Life is too good.

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