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Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield

Frequently Asked Questions

‘This is the best book on how to work with the demons of the Goetia that has ever been published.’ – EB, Amazon Review

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Q: Can you tell me the best demon to use for my problem?

A: Nobody can. If you read the chapter called The Presentation of The Demons, Gordon talks about the need to avoid tables and charts, and instead to spend time becoming familiar with the powers so that you can choose appropriately. “Becoming familiar with the powers gives you access to them. A well-chosen power is more effective than a basic suggestion,” is how he puts it. This means that if you have a particular need, you may need to think a bit about what really needs to happen to get your result. There might not be a demon to ‘stop my boss from bullying me’, but if you look carefully, there are many, many ways you could bind, influence or prevent your boss from causing harm. This applies to so many problems. There are hundreds of powers listed, but when applied creatively, they are much deeper than their short descriptions, and this is deliberate, as your attempt to reach for the most appropriate power is how you begin the magickal work. If anybody else gives you an answer, that can never take into account the details you are aware of, the insights you have or the way you understand the powers, so the choice must be yours.

Q: There something else I don’t understand. Can you help?

A: Yes, that’s what this page is for, but remember that Gordon writes in a rich style, and many of the answers are within the text. He does not offer summaries to ensure that you make your own, which in turn ensures that you have actually understood all the details. If you read and reread the book, and spend time contemplating what has been said, the answer may reveal itself to you. This is not Gordon being awkward or obscure for the fun of it, but to aid your genuine learning and to encourage your personal experience. Also, see the question above this one. It’s the key to many of the mysteries.

Q: I’m confused about how often I should perform rituals, and in what order. Can you help?

A: Again, Gordon is vague not out of laziness or for the fun of being obscure, but because being too precise would limit your experience. This is not a book like Words of Power where you do a ritual and get a result within a set of limitation. This means that many aspects of the magick are left for you to discover. The way to find the answer is to look at your actual needs, and then look at the magick you need to solve the problem. All other factors, such as timing, ordering, exactly how a power can be applied – these will all become clear as you work with magick. You are being given access to a mass of magick that can work for decades, so it may take more time to understand the ins and outs of it than usual. Its worth experiencing the magick to discover what it can offer you.

Q: The book talks about combining powers. Does this mean several powers of one demon can be combined within one ritual, or that several demons can be called at once?

A: With this book, you need to read deeply and know that much subtle instruction is included in the simplest of statements. Yes, a single demon’s powers can be combined within one ritual, but the other way of combining powers is over time, progressively, from many sources (not by calling several demons at once). This is perhaps best summarised in The Ritual Preparation, where Gordon says, ‘Your role is to examine the situation thoughtfully and choose the powers that are most appropriate.’ This is not a throwaway sentence or obvious piece of instruction, but deep guidance that requires contemplation.

Q: I performed a ritual yesterday and didn’t get a result yet. Why not?

A: Magick can work instantly, but often takes much longer, and patience is an essential skill. Too much expectation can cause subconscious doubt, and that disrupts the magick. Gordon mentions patience frequently and notes that, ‘Even the easiest magick will manifest at different rates…’  The magick works, but if you expect it to work overnight you might be too anxious to see a result. Anxiety stifles magick. It needs room to breathe. The more patient you are, the faster it happens; let go of the results and allow them to happen when they happen. Study the final paragraph of What You Can Expect To Happen, as that shows how patience, along with other aspects of your mindset, are as important as the ritual itself. And you might also want to read: The Magickal Shortcut.

Q: Do I have to name the specific power in my request?

A: No. You name your desire as described in the book, but you don’t need to name the power being employed. As Gordon says, “Whatever you seek, you should state your desire, but do not overstate the means by which the results should be achieved.”

Q: I can’t include all the details in my request. Does the demon know what I want?

A: If your desire is clear, it will work. You know what you want and what you don’t want. The demon also knows this, because your desire is clear.

Q: Why do desires have to be sincere? Can’t I do a ritual for something that’s just for fun?

A: If you really want that result, even if it’s objectively trivial or base, that is sincere enough. Sincerity drives results, so what Gordon is implying is that you should do magick when your desire is real, rather than just to see what will happen.

Q: Should we do The Ritual Opening in addition to The Core Ritual? 

A: The Core Ritual includes The Ritual Opening. See the fourth paragraph of The Core Ritual. A thorough reading and understanding of this should be attained before proceeding.

Q: I heard I can find all this information free online. Is it true?

A: You can get the basics, of course, but the refined and original techniques, especially the Evocation Keys, the associated Angelic Emissaries, The Core Ritual and the unique Ritual Opening… no, you won’t find those online. As one reviewer put it, ‘Winterfield has synthesized centuries-worth of texts, systems, and theory into a modern compendium and guide. Readable, comprehensible, and usable, this is a contemporary tour de force on the demons of the Goetia.’

Q: Somebody said this is just a version of Dr Rudd’s method. Is it true?

A: No, it’s not true – Rudd related many of the traditional, longwinded ideas, which is precisely what Gordon has thrown out. Although this book uses some aspects of Rudd’s work, the rest comes from many other sources, as explained in the book.

Q: Somebody said I should check out the nature of the Angelic Emissaries, but I can’t find them in my angel dictionary. Why not?

A: As Gordon pointed out, the Angelic Emissaries and the Shem angels are assigned in Shorshei ha-Shemot, a relatively rare text, and are therefore too obscure for the mainstream dictionaries and encyclopaedias. You may find some names match the mainstream books, but they are unlikely to be the same angels. If you want to study further you’ll need to read Shorshei ha-Shemot or a similar source text.

Q: This book doesn’t contain as much detail as other books about lusting for results. Why?

A: Look for the line that reads, ‘All that you need to know about achieving results with magick has been explained in this paragraph if you are willing to see its message.’ The answers are there.

Q: Is this safe?

It is. The method uses Archangels, assigned Shem angels and Angelic Emissaries to make this magick safe, but if you have doubts or fears about working with demons we recommend you steer clear of it. You might get an idea about the potential powers and the nature of good and evil if you read this article on Demons of Magick.

Q: I’ve read a lot of frightening stories about demons in occult forums. Is it really safe?

If you’ve read the book you will understand that Gordon portrays the demons as more like royal guards of your household, than as monsters that are out to get you. Occult forums are not, in our experience, a good place to get the best information. Although there may be some people with experience and knowledge, they are often filled with trolls, scaremongers, book harvesters (who collect but never perform magick), and kids looking for a laugh. Trust that information if you like, but we all abandoned such forums many years ago.

Q: Somebody told me that working without circles, daggers and wooden triangles is dangerous. Shouldn’t I use the traditional equipment?

A: Most of those traditions are relatively recent compared to the magick itself, and are not required. Gordon knew perfectly well that many traditionalists would be offended by this book, but he wouldn’t change a word. For those who try the magick, it works safely and effectively.

Q: Why is the book so expensive?

The paperback is unavoidably expensive due to the color printing. It’s a large book, 8×10 inches, with 238 pages, so it costs what it costs; we make less money on this than anything else we publish, and we can’t trim the costs any more. And for the ebook, the cost of including over 80 high-resolution images is also carried by us, not Amazon. We’d rather make the price high than lower the quality of the images. We’ve done everything we can to make this the best we can, and the content should make it all worthwhile a thousand times over. It’s also worth noting that expense is relative: you could spend this much money on an evening of food and drink that will soon be forgotten, or you could spend it on access to a lifetime of magick.

Q: What’s the difference between working with angels and demons?

If you want to get a feel for this, you need to read the book, but if you want to know before reading it, please use the Look Inside feature on Amazon (click on the book on the top left), or order the free sample. You can read several opening chapters without any cost and get a good idea about what’s involved.

Q: I sensed that I was getting a response from the ritual as soon as I started thinking about it? What’s going on?

A: All magick is capable of affecting the past as well as the future. That is how results are sometimes able to come to you quickly – the past has been changed to bring you a new present reality. This effect can be very strong with demonic magick, so that as soon as you decide you want to do a ritual you may sense the future ritual that you enact. This doesn’t mean the demon is intruding on your life without permission, but that you are sensing your future power. If you don’t sense this, don’t worry; it doesn’t happen to everybody.

Q: Can this be used at the same time as angelic magick, or any other kind of magick?

A: Demons of Magick employs many angels to constrain the demons; angelic work is very much in harmony with this. You can use any other magick, so long as there’s no direct contradiction – if you perform magick to remain unseen you can’t use magick to be popular. There’s no reason why this can’t work with other magick, but you may want to read The Abundance of Magick.

Q: Can two people use this magick at the same time, for the same purpose?

Yes you can, but it helps if you’re genuinely close and your shared need is almost identical. Should you perform your rituals at the same time, use your own requests or share everything? That’s down to you. Some people craft the concept and perform the rituals together. Others work on the same project, but perform their rituals alone. Do what feels right to you.

Q: I’m frightened of demons, but want to do the magick. What do you recommend?

A lot of people are tempted by the power of the magick, but find that a sense of the supernatural makes them afraid. The first suggestion I can make (which is backed up by many comments on this site and on Facebook) is to read the main text of the book several times. If you read closely, and understand what Gordon has written, you will know that you re safe, and that if at any point you don’t like what’s happening you can shut it down using his instructions. If you want to work your way up to this kind of evocation, try The Angels of Alchemy by Damon Brand, as that evokes angels – the energy and presence is powerful, but less dramatic, and most people find this an excellent way to get used to the experience of evocation.

Q: Is this method disrespectful to demons?

A: Gordon talks about co-operation and command, rather than slavery, but the balance of power is in your favour. That’s the best and safest way to work. We have found that when magick treats demons as monsters that need to be feared and banished, the magick doesn’t work as well. This book approaches the subject with respect for the demons’ power, but acknowledging that you remain in charge. You do not serve the demons; they serve you, which is how it should be.

Q: How do I know when to reward the demon if the result I’m asking for is not completely clear?

A: Look for the paragraph that starts with, ‘Judging when to reward the demon can be difficult,’ and the paragraphs around it. At one point Gordon says, ‘When you believe that the demon has satisfied your demands…’ and that is all the guidance you need, but the other paragraphs in that part of the book offer guidance. But there is no obligation to get it right, and you offer when you offer, either at the first sign of a result or when satisfied.

Q: In Ritual One is there an alternative to burning the paper? I don’t want to burn my house down.

A: Gordon tells you to take all reasonable precautions to avoid accidents, and when it comes to fire that warning should be taken very seriously. You must only burn paper if you can do so safely, with precautions taken in case things go wrong, and if it can’t be done safely you should find an alternative. One option is to use a very small piece of paper, with the letters written on top of each other instead of in a line or cycle – this means there’s very little to burn. Another alternative is to simply tear the paper up instead of burning. If you use something small to burn, when it comes to the part where the demonic seal is concealed beneath the paper, use another piece of paper or your hand, but do make sure the paper with your petition actually touches the seal (even if its in the digital book) at some point.

Q: I noticed there are 72 angels in some books, and 72 demons in this one. Why?

A: There’s a lot of theory and legend, but in practical terms each of The 72 Angels of Magick corresponds to a particular demon, and can therefore constrain that demon and make it safe. This book contains the correct correspondences, even though they may differ to those published elsewhere and those found online. There is an explanation for this in the book.

Q: Which is more powerful? An angel or a demon? If they battle it out, who wins?

A: This is largely theoretical speculation, as it’s very rare for such situations to arise in the real world. As such, it’s impossible to answer, except to acknowledge that results are always dependent on the clarity of will of the person doing the magick, the sincerity of need, natural abilities, the skill with which you perform the magick, and many other factors such as how patient and allowing of results you are. In practical terms, if you perform magick for what you sincerely want, using either angels or demons, you stand a better chance of getting what you want.

Q: There are Words of Power in this book that make it easier to sense spirits. Can I use them in other magick?

A: You can, but you should consider it an experiment, as the specific Words of Power shown here were chosen from a larger list. That list contains words for working with many different classes of spirits. The ones in this book were chosen for this demonic ritual. If you use them elsewhere, with other spirits, the results may be unpredictable.

Q: Where can I download the PDF of the sigil used in The Ritual Opening?

A: Here. RitualOpening_Authority  This is the size it appears in the book. You may need to scale it up or down, depending on your computer/printer settings. Or you can use it on a device if your prefer. It only needs to be three or four inches wide.

Q: The printing in the paperback looks a bit weird. Is that normal?

A: The first 100 or so copies of the paperback used a design that put text near the top of the page. On most copies, this looks just fine, but because the machine cuts the books out of block with a margin of error, a small number of books came out with text very near the top of the page. This won’t affect the magick at all, and you still have an amazing grimoire in your possession, but it’s not what we intended. If you don’t like it, please return it for a refund.

Q: If I print out the sigils, what do I do with them after the ritual?

If you want to dispose of a sigil, leave some time, let it feel non-magickal and then dispose of it like any trash. Some people worry this is insulting to the demon, but so long as you do it casually, it is no more troubling than closing the book. Alternatively, you can keep printed sigils for reuse.


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141 thoughts on “Demons of Magick FAQ

  1. Hey Adam, Martin again!
    I did the ritual, the third one, and start to see results. Sometimes I repeat it just to talk with the daemon and sometimes have instruction and what to do in order to obtain what i want, but never saw the demon or a shadow, one time I hear inside of my head something like “No, you not really want to see me”. Even if i use the third ritual, its ok to don`t see nothing and can I still getting results without it?

    Thanks Again

    1. Yeah, the experience is different for everybody and takes time to grow. I think Gordon says something about taking the time to let it develop, and it being worth taking the time. But while you’re working, it still has an effect. If you’ve been heard by the demon, a result can come even if you don’t get the full spectacle of evocation you’re seeking. To get any response at all is an achievement, and full evocation can take a long time. Others have reported results on day one, but you know, best to put in the practice on matters you care about and let your skills develop.

  2. Hi there Adam!

    For magick in general and especially for Demons of Magickal, do you have to know the people you want to influence personally? Like for Dantalion’s ‘To give visions of one known to you, etc…’.
    Well that means that I have to know the person, but does that person have to know me as well (especially in person)?

    I had a funny thought the other day. It would be so cool if we ever had a meeting of all the GOM members and their readers to talk about their experiences and to just get to know each other. I know that this won’t work but the thought is intriguing.

    Best regards!

    1. Magick can affect strangers, and there are many rituals to do this, in all sorts of ways. So yes, but if the magick is more about a personal connection, then you need that. If you know the name of your boss at a corporation, but she doesn’t know you – well, that can still work because you have personal embroilment. But it will work a damn site better if you’ve ever talked to her, if she knows of you at least. The practical solution is to aim the magick at somebody lower down that you do know and who it can have an effect on. Or aim at her and hope for the best. And you probably get a vibe reading the book, that some is going to be fine for strangers and people who don’t know you in return, whereas others it’s more personal.

  3. Hi Adam,
    Just a simple question:
    How do I dispose of the printed sigils (especially that of the demon) if I choose to use a printed version on an A4 paper rather than working with my mobile device?
    I have read somewhere on the internet that burning or destroying a demons sigil is not the best way to treat a “business partner” and that it can actually piss the spirit off.

    1. Hello. Yes, some people really worry about this, but I think it’s the same as worrying about closing the book with the sigils. At that point, the sigil is destroyed in that moment in time, as nobody’s looking at it. Now, if you burn it with great emotion and ceremony, that’s another matter. But treat it like trash, and it’s no problem. Leave some time, let it feel non-magickal and then dispose. Or, keep a folder or stack of sigils and reuse.

      Here’s a bit more on this from the main FAQ:

      Q: What do I do with printed sigils or talismans once I’ve finished using them? Do they have to be buried at a crossroads or can I throw them in the trash?

      A: Sometimes there are specific instructions on getting rid of a sigil, such a burning or burial, but if this is impractical (if you can’t find a discreet crossroad, for example) you can simply dispose of them and no harm will come to you or your magick. There is a key to this – stop thinking of them as magickal and then simply dispose of them. For angelic sigils, however, many people like to store them and reuse them. If you feel an urge to keep a talisman or sigil that is fine, unless the book specifically says that it should be destroyed.

    2. Hi Adam,
      I wanted to share a little of my personal experiences I gathered by working with DoM. Also I’d love to ask three more questions in the end. (To everbody who didn’t work with Demons on their own by now and plans to do so, I’d like to recomend to gain individual experience before reading sth. like this – spoiler alert…) So far I attempted the first ritual five times and worked with three different Demons. It was my very first experience with Demons and I have to say that it felt incomparable to any other magic that I performed before. It feels kinda raw and powerful which I enjoy a lot. I have to admit that I couldn’t hold my fear at bay during the first evocations. My heart was racing, I had sweaty palms (which stained the corners of the pages – haha!) At least I managed to talk with confidence and authority and didn’t make any mistakes at my first ritual (which made me somewhat proud if I may say so). Nevertheless some mistakes slipped in during ritual two and three. Where I felt that mistakes were crucial, I repeated the ritual on another night. Small mistakes were ignored. I decided to keep a record of every ritual and of conspicious signs and omens that I’d receive after it. I had noticeable strange and interesting dreams after the rituals and keep having them. (On a side note: I started doing the Sword Banishing regularly and had a pretty cool dream the other day about a room full of strange entities. The floor was cluttered with different kinds of swords. I dug through sand and found a beautiful sword (with black inlaid work) that I decided to take with me.) I noticed that with every Demon you get a different sensation when evoking it and even the prelude and the aftermath feel different. At least that is the case for me. Before my first ritual I felt extremely loaded, almost agressive. After it I felt huge relief, I was really calm and all the tension was completely gone. Sometimes when calling the Demon I get the sensation that there is a presence somehwere near me and within me at the same time which is an intriguing sensation. Also at some point I felt some kind of heat around me and tingling in my hands and light noises behind me and another time a sudden, unknown (but pleasant!) smell. My questions would be:

      1) is it possible with ritual #1 to sense what the Demon is feeling? I thought I did but wondered if it was mere imagination.

      2) during my fifth ritual when I imagined the Evocation Keys and after speaking the call to the Angels and the Demon, I didn’t feel satisfied about my imagination and the way I spoke the words. Even though I had some sensation of presence I decided to repeat the Evocation Keys and the call. Would you say that this was a legitimate thing to do? I assume that it is not the smoothest procedure (and my ritual routine still feels indeed a bit clumsy at times) but it is not sth. that would impact the result in a negative way, is it? At least I felt okay about it and when I repeated the Evocation Keys it felt kinda funny because I got the impression that the Demon is enjoying it. Lol.

      3) Since I started working with the Demons of Magick I sometimes feel sudden dizzines, which I never experienced before in that way. Sometimes I start feeling dizzy while scanning through the book (and the seals). Sometimes I feal lightheaded after or before a ritual and sometimes a dizziness overwhelmes me out of the blue. I was wondering if it could be a sign of the Demons. I actually enjoy signs that show me that there’s a powerful connection but of course not everything IS a sign hence me asking 🙂

      Thank you for all your effort and amazing help!

      1. Thanks for sharing that. I think it will sound familiar to a lot of people, but not everybody has experiences like that.

        1) Some people say they get impressions like this – a sense that the demon agrees, is angry, feels amusement or whatever. It’s possible that this is a form of communication, or sensing what it wants you to sense. Also, during evocation, we are sometime overloaded with unusual sensations and the brain, doing what it does, tries to make sense of them as best it can, so it might be that. The more you do it, the clearer this will become (and I think the experience is quite different for everybody.)

        2) Yes, it’s not the smoothest, but it’s ok to go about it that way. I don’t want to encourage it, because we’ve noticed that when we say ‘yeah, that’s ok’ a few months later we find that hundreds of people read the post and now think it has to be done that way. The way it’s written in the book works, but if you just get that urge to repeat, all you’re doing is tuning it up, and that’s cool. The sense of the demon enjoying it is probably because you are making a space that is conducive to the demon’s corporeal existence. They like being out here, and you’re making it happen.

        3) There are a few explanations. One simple one is that people sometimes put a lot of effort, focus and so on not the magic, and they breathe in a shallow way, and afterwards it the same dizziness you’d get from doing The Times crossword before your morning coffee. Other times, the energies of the magick can take a bit of getting used to, as they’re different to normality, and it can create a bit of disturbance. Whichever it is, it usually passes. If not, it might be totally unrelated and you should get it checked out! Dizziness from anywhere is no fun. But if it’s from magick, it’s usually a brief thing that passes.

        Cheers, Adam

  4. Adam, the example of a statement written using Gordon’s cipher reads like a command rather than the type of present- (or past-) tense statement regarding a desire that Gordon describes in the book. I don’t want to give away what it says, but it strikes me that (i) it could be a playful–or, perhaps, not so playful, anti-piracy measure, or (ii) Gordon could be showing earnest readers that in addition to the method he describes, it also is possible to issue commands to the demon. I’m always looking for the hidden or thinly veiled, but I don’t want to misinterpret something here and misapply Gordon’s teachings. Can you help?

    1. Well spotted, and it’s both. Gordon is a strong believer in being clear and precise so that most people can see what they need to see, but also layering in some hidden work. All I can say is, yes, you are onto something, but you’d be wise to pursue that type of command only after establishing some initial success with a demon. For those who evoke, it should become clear in time how it’s possible to command. I can’t say more than that – experience will get you there. Cheers, AB.

    2. I also have read encrypted command and just laughed, thinking it’s a good deterrent from pirates, if they bother to decipher. But what an interesting curse!

      1. The protection against piracy is actually covered in Angels of Wrath, and is more about causing a spiritual blindness that can cause magickal weakness and force self-reflection. Gordon’s example here was a hint at that, but also a hint that when you connect with the Demons, there is more than even the book describes, when it comes to how you can work with them. No point in putting it in the book, as it’s different for everybody, and it would be confusing. What’s in the book can get you to the point where it makes sense. – Adam

  5. ok what if you’ve done ritual one, but it might not have worked or something seems to have changed could you do ritual 2 for the same request to get more communication on what needs to be done?

    1. Yes, absolutely. But remember all the words about patience. Often making room for the result is better than doing more. But yes, sure, if you want to take the magick up a level in this way, you can.

  6. Hi again!
    Well, sorry for my many questions, and thank you for your patience!…

    Is it possible a mix between ritual one and two? I mean… when you want some feedback from the demon, but also charge him with a task, you go for ritual number two. But what if you can sense its presence but can’t “hear” him in your head just yet? Go ahead and state your request regardless as in ritual three? Or is it better to have your request crafted as per ritual number one and use this one as a fallback method?

    And another question: what if your only purpose at this stage is just practicing to get the hang of it? Is it acceptable to summon them without another reason?

    1. If you do ritual 2 and don’t get a direct communication – the written statement is used as a way into the ritual, so the request has already been spoken. If you get not immediate feedback, request has already been made. See the first five or so paras of that chapter for clarification. Gordon says, ‘you formulate your result as a statement as described in Ritual One’, so that is already done. No need to switch back to ritual one.

      Experience does make you get better at this, but it’s not a good idea to do this just for practice. Others disagree, but we would say you should only attempt a ritual when you really want the result. That sincerity alone makes the magic so much more powerful than practicing without any real feeling. (Actually, the word practice has a couple of meanings, and when Gordon says, ‘it’s better to practice’ etc, it means ‘carry out’ rather than ‘rehearse’.)

  7. Hi Adam,
    Just a curious thought.
    I have a family member who is in need of magickal help, but this person is “religious”.
    Is it appropriate and safe for both myself and this person if I engage the services of any of the demons in DoM on the person’s behalf “WITHOUT HIS/HER” knowledge?
    Note, that I also stand to benefit if the person gets the help – just that I will rather not let the person know I sometime use the lessons in your books to manipulate reality in my favor.

    1. It’s safe, but whether it’s right to do magick for somebody without their knowledge is a moral and personal question, so I can’t tell you what’s right for you. I’ve done it, and I think it was worth it. But some people would never do it for others, because it feels wrong. Go with your own instinct. If you also benefit that simplifies it in a way – you can focus only on the result for you when doing the magick. Then, if it happens to help the other person too, great.

  8. Hi Adam,
    Great to see another book being released by the GOM! Always gets me excited. I wanna thank each and everyone of you for your great work and on top of it a big kudos to you Adam for your support here on this page. I’m sure it must take hours every day to answer all the questions.

    I have a question regarding the first ritual of Demons of Magick but actually every magickal ritual: In New Age philosophies you must state your wish as a positive sentence. For example: instead of saying ‘my enemy is bound and cannot harm me anymore’ you have to say ‘my enemy is bound so I can live on peace’. Is this true for any magickal ritual? It doesn’t seem so, at least I haven’t seen it in any of your books.

    And Gordon doesn’t say anything about gratitude in Demons of Magick. Besides rewarding the demons do they actually feed off of our gratitude or doesn’t it matter to them?

    1. Hi. Yes, it is hours, so thanks!

      There are many differences, depending on the type of ritual. If you look at the Angels of Wrath, it’s a direct command, a statement. Demons of Magick is slightly different, but placed in the present tense, but doesn’t need a ‘positive’ qualifier. Using your example, you know that you want to ‘live in peace’, so there’s no need to state it. You go to a shop and ask for apples. You don’t say, ‘I’d like apples because I will enjoy eating them.’ (Gordon used apples in his book, so I couldn’t resist that!)

      As for gratitude, I think the implication is that if the other instructions are followed and understood, and the level of commitment and serious consideration goes into it, gratitude will follow. That is not a gift to the demon (as it would be to an angel) but can help with you own ability to receive.

  9. Hi 🙂 Fantastic book. I am honestly in love with this work! I wondered how much time should we let go by before evoking the same Demon for a second petition? I assume it would be inappropriate to perform two consecutive rituals evoking the same Demon – am I correct?

    Otherwise: if we break down a problem into stages and work with different Demons to attain those stages: should we work the rituals in chronological order (relating to a logical order in which the stages would need to be attained)? As I know that magick can work back in time this question came to mind. So basically, do we need to wait until stage one is complete before we start a ritual for stage 2? Or could we just work for stage one and than go ahead and work for stage 2 etc. on the same day? (Or even work for let’s say stage 2 or even 4 at first…?)

    Does a Demon know if there are other Demons involved in the work so they sustain each other’s work to achieve the ultimate goal?

    Last but not least: if I adress a Demon with my petition, does he automatically choose the appropriate power (so to speak the one I intend it to chose) to achieve the result?

    Thank you very much in advance for your time and effort.
    Kind regards.

    1. Hi. Thanks. Really glad you love it. Never get tired of hearing that the books are helping people.

      First question I think is answered above with “Q: I’m confused about how often I should perform rituals….” and “Q: The book talks about combining powers. Does this mean…” No hard and fast rules.

      With all magicl, if the the essential aim is the same, there will be a degree of harmony. Whether or not there’s actual co-coperation is up for debate. You can task groups of spirits to work together, but whether they actually do or not is again up for debate. Personally, I keep it simple. If one demon does the job, why get a committee going? If I need more structure, I’ll just target one angel or demon at each area/aspect that needs to be changed. Harmony comes from that.

      For the final part, the desire is key. You name your desire as described, but you don’t need to name the power being employed: “Whatever you seek, you should state your desire, but do not overstate the means by which the results should be achieved.”

      Cheers, Adam

  10. Hi Adam,

    If I want to work Ritual 1 for 2 different people but both are involved in the same issue do I have to do the ritual twice or include both names in one ritual?

    And I have the feeling that the demons kno what we want. Like if someone wants money the demon is not going to hurt loved ones or friends to get them the money? They will bring them the money without any caveats. Am I right?

    And when Gordon Winterfield says that we should only work the rituals if the need is real, does he mean that we have to be in need if something or is it fine if we ‘just’ want a specific outcome because it would be convenient for us.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi. For the first part, thats up to you. Please see Q: I’m confused about how often I should perform rituals, and in what order… and Q: The book talks about combining powers. Does this mean… up above. I think that should clarify.

      If your desire is clear, that’s all you need to know. You know you don’t want ten people to drop dead in order to get some money. The demon also knows this, because your desire is clear.

      It’s about sincerity, actually wanting it. If it’s a base desire, or a convenient desire, or something like that, fine – what he’s trying to avoid is loose-cannon experimenters going, ‘Oh, I’ll bring chaos to me street and just see what happens.’ That sort of casual craziness is best avoided. But if you want a result for your own good reasons, that’s good enough. It doesn’t have to be a deep need, but something that you actually want rather than something to test the magick or to do magick for the hell of it.

      Cheers, AB

  11. Hi Adam,
    For ritual 2, Gordon says to chant for about 5 minutes to get into that altered state of consciousness. What if I can get into an altered state of consciousness in just about 2-3minutes? Should I just stop chanting and move on to the next part or keep going for around 5 minutes? I know this is getting into the technicality of the ritual a bit too much..but I just want to make sure ….Thanks!

    1. Hi. Note that it says to chant for five minutes, but only ‘If you feel no clear change.’ Look at the sentence just before that one. ‘If you feel that your consciousness has been changed, then proceed to the next call.’ No, hang on, my mistake, that’s for ritual three. But the same advice applies for ritual two – go for five minutes if you feel nothing still proceed. If you feel something earlier, proceed when you feel ready. So, short answer, yes if you feel sufficiently shifted, go for it! Cheers, Adam

  12. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for another excellent book from GOM! I’ve read Demons of Magick a few times since receiving it last week and it’s interesting how different things become clearer the more you read it.

    I attempted my first two Connective Evocations on Friday night, within a few hours of each other. The first was to gain insight into a situation and the second ritual built off of that. Despite having made notes and practiced, the two evocations didn’t go as smoothly as I wanted… I believe everything I did was technically correct, but they just didn’t flow as well as I hoped they would. In hindsight, I can see that I hadn’t actually prepared as much as I should have. Tonight I attempted another Connective Evocation with a different demon, and I could sense a definite presence. My request didn’t really require a lot of feedback from the demon at this stage, but I could tell this one went much, much better than the first two.

    I was wondering if I should repeat the first two rituals I did, now that I seem to be getting into the flow of things better? At the time, I felt like I had gotten legitimate answers from the demon for the first ritual I did, but now I’m wondering if that was all in my head, since I couldn’t really sense much of a presence during the ritual. I know I can just wait and see if results come, but this particular thing is something I really want, so if it’s better to re-do the ritual, I’d rather do that.

    I feel like this is something where you get better with practice, but real practice, and not just dry-runs. I probably should have started off doing rituals for things that aren’t as important to me, to get the practice in, but you live, you learn 🙂

    Thanks for your time 🙂

    1. Hi Julie. Yes, you get better at it. There’s no doubt. Some people get straight into, some feel nothing for years, and for a lot of people it ebbs and flows. You could accept the first attempts as working, and rather than seeing any more work as a repeat, see it as an addition, and maybe even change it in light of what you’ve learned in terms of feedback. Or you could just give it a few weeks to see how things pan out.

      1. Thanks, Adam. I think I’ll give it a few weeks as you suggest, and do magick for some additional desires in the meantime. I’ll provide updates once I start seeing results!

  13. Hello 🙂
    I understood that “throughout the book Gordon says you speak out loud, except during Connective Evocation-” Still that left me wondering or rather hoping: would it be after all possible to whisper the words in question? Although of course that doesn’t feel as majestic or commanding as speaking in a raised voice. But my privacy is quite restricted due to my housing situation and I’m looking for any possible solution…thank you kindly!

    1. You can, but it’s better if you can speak clearly and do it without restriction. That is, if you never get the house/apartment to yourself, then whispering is better than nothing. If you ever do get to be alone, do it then, out loud.

      1. Thank you for this quick reply, Adam. You won’t believe it but I even pondered purchasing a soundproof booth (really). But how overkill and desperate would that be! Seems certainly more reasonable to wait for the right moment and opportunity. (If I ever gather some useful experience by whispering the words, I’ll post it here…)

  14. So has anyone any experience in creating an “aura of lustful power?” I’m a bit confused, does that imply that you will be able to magnetize your desires or that you will attract people that fit your need, or that ppl will desire you? Has anyone worked with Sitri to that extent. Thanks for any feedback.

    1. At the risk of repeating myself, a personal interpretation of the powers is what helps give them their power, for you. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear how people have used it (although it’s still early days after publication so there might not be much), but that that the act of reaching and thinking about this is how the magick starts. I just wrote this to somebody on Facebook: “Note how Gordon says, humbly in his opinion (haha), ‘that the powers as listed are adequate for your needs.’ I hope you can see that this isn’t just pompous arrogance, but a guide to say, don’t keep looking for more powers, but look deeply at what’s already here. There’s more than you might realize.” And this means that when Gordon talks about the importance of working out what that power might mean for you, your personal interpretation is more important than an objective and more thorough description. Otherwise thread be a more objective and thorough description. But, you know, just to cheat for a moment, you could say an aura of lustful power means other see you as a person with power based on a deep lust (or determination or willpower etc).

        1. It could be – which is why I should not have cheated. The way you interpret is so fundamental. But you have to make sure you are open to your intuition rather than just hoping it’s someting you want it to be. Why doesn’t Gordon say all this clearly? Well, he kind of does, but hints that the book requires deep reading and deep thought to get the best out of it. It’s not Words of Power…

          1. Perfect we totally get it, but for example im scared of using him to have sex appeal because of my intuition but in the end if im wrong nothing will happen . Although after reading Sitri’s powers they all relate to sex , so i could conclude that lustful power could be sex appeal, but at the same time they are spiritual beings so they could give you sex appeal or power based on determination i think it is up to the practitioner how to use it or ask for it.
            Correct me if im wrong.

  15. Hello Adam,
    You can call it “LUST”, but I can’t tell you how eager I am eager to read the second book!
    This is the week of the middle of June. Hopefully, I/we won’t have to wait too long.

  16. Hey Adam, i was re reading DOM and i saw Astaroth has the power to unleash a period of creative chaos, what does creative chaos mean?

    The same with Sitri that has the ability to give an aura of lustful power, does it mean an aura of sexappeal?

    1. Hey John. Your interpretation of what it means is a fundamental part of the process. This is covered in the question Q: Can you tell me the best demon to use for my problem? up above.

  17. Hello All,

    I have a question regarding continual summoning of the spirits of DOM. If i were to summon a spirit continually say for psychic development everyday until I developed to a satisfactory level, would that be advisable?

    And I am interested in attracting a particular type of clientele for my services, though I have read over the book a few times, I don’t know whom I could employ to help me with that. Any suggestions would be appreciated in moving in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Dave. Please see Q: Can you tell me the best demon to use for my problem? up above.

      I just can’t answer for all the reasons explained there, and because I have no idea what the obstacle is. For all I know, the clientele you seek may need to see you as somebody with an aura of lustful power, so you’d call on Sitri. But maybe you need to be seen as one with authority, or get people to respect your ideas, or make creative work more financially attractive to others or even just “To bring fortune to a project that is close to your heart, at an important time of change.” It might sound like I’m being evasive or awkward, but I’m really not – it’s just never possible, even with a mentor by your side advising you, to be told which demon to employ. You have to go deeply into the nature of the challenge, problem or desire, and devise a solution from the powers on offer. There probably will be a way, but it may take some thought. Putting in this time before a ritual, and making the right choice is half the work. It gets easier as you go and become more familiar with the way the powers manifest. I hope that’s more helpful than it sounds!

      You can summon continually if you want, but remember everything that’s said in the book and on this site about not trying to force a result by piling on loads of magick. If you feel that it’s just a confident connection to expand your abilities, than doing it every day is fine if you have the time and commitment. I wouldn’t – I’d just make a request and then put the time into other techniques for expanding an ability, but your approach could work.

  18. Hi Adam,

    I tried 4 rituals from the angels book on my relationship a few weeks ago and so far still waiting for result. When I read this book, I instantly felt that this might be more helpful in my situation.

    1) There are 3 demons with power that are similar: one can change the thoughts and feelings of person, one can change the hearts and minds of a person without spoken to them, one can make the person bend to your will.

    What’s the difference between thoughts/feelings. hearts/minds? If you could clarify that’ll be great.

    2) I assume I can perform Ritual 1 in the daytime with no candle?

    3) Would you say demons give more direct and straight forward result than angel magick?


    1. Ritual one in the Demons book states that you use a candle, carefully, to burn your petition in the candle. It even says when to light the candle in the ritual. You can do it day or night but night may be better. Use your own intuition/gut feeling. If you are not comfortable with burning there is a post where Adam stated that you can tear it up. I personally burn it. I use a big ceramic bowl, tip the candle over it and burn the petition thst I stuck with a knife. All the ashes and such fall into the bowl. I then just wash the bowl out in sink after ritual. Burning it is alchemy. Think of it as possibly earth into fire. Remember alchemy and emotion is the driving force. Your will is intertwined with the Demons when you follow the steps.
      Hope this is a little more clear for you.

    2. Linda N,
      Also which is better/stronger/faster an angel or demon, there is no answer to that. What matters is contemplating exactly what you want, then does it need to be broken down into a couple rituals or is it one. Say you do a ritual to make someone love you. Ok, do you really want love or do you want sex? What type of love, they may love you forever as a great friend but never love you in a deeper way. You may need to use some seduction magick to get there attention then use some magick to have the relationship have a deeper commitment. That is two separate rituals right there. When you use multiple rituals for something they should not be each for the same thing. They all will lead to the one result you want but should never be for the exact same thing. When it’s for the same thing it shows lack of faith and lusting for results.
      Here is a real example that I did. I wanted to move back to my home state. I had a job but was broke. Had no clue how it was gonna happen. Here is a little secret that is important, I didn’t care how it happened. I used some chaos magick, specifically HAGITH to help attract those who can help you. With this I got a Nurse manager, two former supervisors and three Orthopedic Surgeons to write me glowing letters of recommendation. A second part that happened that could have never foreseen was the HR person at the hospital I applied to worked her butt off to hire me. I got $5000 relocation bonus and $10,000 sign on bonus paid out over 3 years. My brother in law offered to pay for my move up here. I used Magickal Job Seeker for the interview and application. I used various other magick like Nuriel for Splendour out of Angels of Alchemy. I used quite a few sigil from 72 Sigils of Power to work on my inner self so I can confident, well spoken, etc. I used Words of Power to Appear Valuable to Somebody of Importance and Have Your Talent Recognized and Feel More Self-Respect. I used Sigils of Power to Overcome Procrastination and yo Open The Road to New Opportunities. Within 2 months I applied to ONE hospital ONE time for ONE position and got it. I’m now living in my home state with my family. It was a nightshift position. I don’t like nights so I used magick, next day before I even started work, my future boss called and asked me to work days. I got that position over everyone who worked there. There was no animosity. I used magick to make new friends and attract a guide/mentor. That is an example of using different rituals for one goal. If I just said I want a new job in my home state and went on my way I’d still be living where I was.
      This is why they say use your gut feeling. No one could have held my hand through all of that. No one could have seen some of the curveballs that came my way that I had to deal with. Like my computer went down 2 days before the Skype interview so I propped my phone up, put a nice backdrop scene of pictures of my family behind me and did my Skype interview on a phone. Lol. Trust yourself.

      1. Hi tombstone
        Seems like you have had great outcomes with magick. Out of curiosity, which magic did you use when you wanted to change your night shift to day shift?

        1. Hello Elisa!
          I believe it was Gain an Advantage, Obtain Any Desire or Find Favor out of Words of Power. I can’t be positive. I usually will look through the books while thinking what I want. Then write down which ones jump off the page . Then I’ll put them up for a while, maybe days. Then look at ones I wrote down while thinking of situation. If one feels stronger, I’ll use it if not I just pick one and go.
          Yes I have had some good luck with magick. I have fell flat on my face MANY times trying to figure stuff out. I’ve lusted for results and had a sure thing fall through. Recently with Demons of Magick I have experienced situations and results that defy normal reasoning so I believe this is one of the stronger ones for me.
          I always read the books 3 times before trying anything. But I have found if I see a ritual and I’m like wow that’s cool let’s try, it may or may not work. The times when I’ve had enough, I’m usually pissed off, they work at a very high percentage.
          The ones that I used to get back home I was very pissed the whole time. The kind where if someone says you can’t do this or that you say screw you watch me. I did not take failure as an option. It WAS going to work. If that makes sense. That was the best it has EVER worked for me. Hope this helps!!! I’d love to hear about any of your experiences.

          1. Hi tombstone
            I have used Obtain any desire as well and it hasn’t worked very well for me…maybe because I do tend to lust after results and dwell too much on what I want to obtain instead of letting my desire go. Magick works for me when I least expect it. I should try the getting pissed off method haha. But yes I have fallen many times on my face as well..and I get quite disappointed. But then I would try again. I think I need to work on my patience haha. But with Demons of Magick …it’s been a different experience and I started with it last week so I haven’t seen too many outcomes yet. And for some reason the connective evocation is easier for me to do than the first ritual. I can usually feel the supernatural presence pretty well. But it’s the conversation part with them that makes me second guess most of the time as to what the demon’s response is. So most of the time I just feel like I’m tasking the request to them directly and then I finish the ritual. To me the connective evocation ritual is just more fun and easier than the first ritual, so I have been doing ritual 2 for the most part. I’ve only done ritual 1 once.

            1. One thing I did a couple different times is combine some stuff. If you have Chaos Magick or if you have Sex Magick book, they talk about Sigils. You can create a couple, one for something that has already happened that means a bit to you, like say you bought Demons of Magick book, one for something that is absolutely going to happen, like you are going g to get $100 on a specific day. With that one I put the day I was going to get my paycheck, I already put the hours in so it was defiantly going to happen. I would charge both Sigils but not fire them off. Then I would take the design of each sigil and create one bigger sigil out of them. I would then put all three In eye sight, charge and fire them off. Then throw them all away. The main point is during the process of making them and the rest of the process I truly acted like I REALLY wanted this. Then after I got my results (my paycheck, would already had the other result) I really felt a ton of gratitude and just asked it to go to all who helped.
              Next time I would do all the above but add one more sigil for something I wanted but just couldn’t get it at the moment like say an expensive book or something. It was always something I really couldn’t get at the time. It really always happened. This kinda boosted my trust in myself and magick. I would do a little more and amp up the desired result each time I did magick. Sometimes I would “go all out” and try for something way out there like $50,000. It has yet to manifest but still waiting. I just looked at magick like any other skill. Some people are phenoms and are great from the start. That doesn’t discourage me though, just let’s me know where I can be when I put in the hard work. Hope that helps!

    3. Hi Linda. Tom pretty much covered it for me there.

      1) Gordon says it’s your role to contemplate and think deeply about these subtleties. But if in doubt, just choose one and go with it.

      2) From the book, “It is possible to evoke demons in broad daylight, and if that is your only option, it is worth the attempt.” and “you can get the same results working at midday using a cigarette lighter.” If you want to use no flame, an alternative is included in the FAQ above.

      3) There’s a different quality that are hard to define. Notice the paragraph where Gordon says, ‘Demons, though, will not work faster, better or more readily than an angel, and you should not expect them to do so.’ There’s a lot of wisdom packed in those few paragraphs, and that should help you know when to use a demon, or when not to.

      Cheers, Adam

      1. I read the book at least 5 times before attempting Ritual 1 tonight. I did a ritual with Sabnock to curse someone (who inflicted a lot of pain on me but I don’t really wanna hurt him) with itchiness lol.

        Although I have written out the summary and tried to memorize the process I must say I was not fluent and had to refer back to my notes quite a few times. I didn’t sense Sabnock’s presence per se.
        But after the ritual even license to depart. I felt like there’s this exciting energy running through me. I was not at all nervous or afraid when I did the ritual, and I never experienced this energy when I work with angels. Is it typical? anybody had similar experience? I do wish that I can feel their presence more though.

        1. Not much is ever typical, but yes, I’d say that if people feel anything they do find the energy of the demons a bit more tangible, a little more energetic and obvious.

  19. Oh wow! Yeah that is getting pretty Strange! The demon I just got done working with is Valac. I tried a connective evocation. No audible voice just a weak connection. Asked questions got some direct answers, more like ideas. There were yes , no answers. I took first thing that came to mind so I didn’t over think. I was even given the reply “Don’t be absurd.” LMAO!!! Had a lot of stuff happening and asked it was them they said no, so I now know that was GREMORI nudging me. Asked if they were doing the other stuff, they said yes just dangling stuff in front of me to get my attention. I asked if they want to work with me they said yes. I asked why? They said innocence, troubled times, to get me out of the hole I’m in, to return to purity. Then some weird stuff like seeing a calf kiss a horse through a wire fence, flying preying mantas and a chinese marionette with straws. Asked what other powers they had, they said healing, air, movie scripts (yeah movie scripts, have no idea about where that came from) and to help not take life so seriously. Asked if they had any knowledge or information they would like to give me. They said “All you see is not real.” I asked for them to explain and I was told “Visualization.” “Reality is a trick/ a sleight of hand.” I asked if I could share this info, they ki d of waved their arm as if showing me through somewhere and told me to share it.
    I had my eyes closed through some of it and the pictures I got were a half circle with a dot in the middle, like if you cut the symbol for Sun in half. At times a very Egyptian feel. (Yeah I know cliche). A picture of Anubis, pyramids. A brief picture of like a young boy with pointed elf ears in a golden egyptian head dress. Then had India type feeling. Then like a lotus head dress made out of wood. Elephant/ Ganesh pictures. A feeling like I was flying eye to eye with a red/green hawk. And through it all even when righting out the ritual and looking at the seal, a big clown head.
    The demon had a very soft gentle child like energy. Almost like if you could talk to your inner child. It seemed to have a protective quality over people who were abused as children. Very soft spoken. Not a heavy energy at all, almost like it lifted you up and cradled you in a cloud.
    I post this to see if anyone has had any experience with this demon. This is my first evocation so I’m just wanting to see how much I can trust myself with getting answers. I know if there were any problems or good ups it was on my part. There was SOOOOOO much more but I couldn’t decipher it all.
    Anyway thank you!!!

    1. That ‘all you see is not real’ chimes very much with the bit where Mr W talks about imagination being used as a way of seeing that which is real but not normally seen. The rest – well, evocation isn’t always like this. Sometimes it’s very calm and clear and like sitting in a room with an old wise person, having a chat. Other times, it is like this, and it’s difficult to know how much is just noise and how much can be usefully interpreted. But getting answers in the form of ideas – yes, that’s often the way. And I agree with you about light, childlike energy – but not always. I don’t agree when people say demons are fickle, but they are changeable.

    2. Hi tombstone99
      I have also done the connective evocation ritual on several demons. And like you i seem to get “ideas” as responses like things popping into my mind. But out of curiosity, did you get auditory responses as well? I mean how did you receive the response for example the response “All you see is not real”? How did the Yes and No responses come to you? I’m just really wondering if my reception of the demon’s responses is similar to what you have experienced….sometimes I felt like I was making up the responses from the demon…

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

      1. I didn’t actually hear any responses like a voice. The best way I could describe it is an idea. Like how an epiphany comes. Some I’m sure was just garbage in my mind that was trying to get cleared out. But like the All is not real “felt” like it came from somewhere else with a different energy. Like if your looking at water then a big drop of oil falls in the middle of it. You know it’s from somewhere else. The yes/no answers that I took as answers were very matter of fact, lime Here a the answer let’s move on. I don’t think lime that. Lol. I’m more like no, ok here are 10 reasons why it’s no. I hope that helps. I’d love to hear your experiences.

  20. I’ve read the book twice already and today did a practice run on the ritual opening. I must say this version of the LBRP is a little different but a lot more effective. There is a slight variation to East and south from the way I was taught. During practice, I said the the words, without The names (since my intent was to just become familiar), however did perform the evocation keys (to get a sense of how to fine tune before performing the real ritual). Once the final (practice) evocation key was performed, I felt a great deal of energy running through the body. It felt like pressure all over but especially from my head. I took note of some key impressions; I entered a slightly different state of mind, Felt like I had a lot of power available that was foreign. Almost as if I was being reacquainted with my true self. I stood there momentarily taking in what was happening to me and couldn’t help but smirk and then laugh hysterically. I realized it doesn’t matter how you summon them, they are always there, ready and on demand.

    Had to do some grounding after; white disk was still “around” even after performing what I thought was just going to be a practice run. I thanked the Arch Angels and told them as they came in peace go in peace.

    Great work here, Gordon!

    1. Glad you like it. I have to agree that it’s more powerful and potent than the LBRP, for me – not everybody will agree, but I love it. The reasons for the different directions etc are explained in Damon’s book, due in Sept or Oct, but until then, I think experience will show it’s very powerful.

  21. Hi Adam,
    When we are ready to do the actual offering for the demon, should we do the ritual opening and the ritual to wield power in addition to the core ritual?


  22. Hi Adam.
    I’m an aspiring poker player. I’m a good player but I haven’t made a big win in poker tournaments yet. Will the content of this book be able to provide me with the big win I seek?


    1. Hi Steve. Magick works for most people who actually try it and get into it. For some it can take longer, and for others it’s instant. I’m sure you’l see comments that back this up in reviews, on our Facebook site, and here. Yes it could work, but going for a big win straight off is most likely to put a strain on you and give you doubts about the magick. I’d say ease yourself into magick. If this book appeals, use it to get the magic working – you could benefit (even within poker, I imagine) by using some of the powers. Might not be a massive win straight off, but you’ll get a feel for how it works and what it can do. And then as you build, you can go for something bigger. In short, I’ve seen people work near-miracles with magick as soon as they learn it, but sometimes I know it can take a lot longer, and you need to get past an urgency for a result. If you’re willing to go into it slowly, I bet it would help you on the way to a breakthrough. Demons are very good with influence, so they could help you, and weaken opponents.

      1. That’s great thanks very much. I’ve worked with magic in the past, sometimes with excellent results, other times with weak results. I am certainly attracted to this book but I was just unsure if it would be able to help me in the field of online poker.

  23. Hi Adam!
    I’ve got a question regarding the construction of the phrase with the desire for the rituals . I can’t figure out if you just go general with what you want (within the skills of the demon, of course) or you must use the exact terms in the description of the powers. Some of the powers seem difficult to apply otherwise in practical terms.
    Just as an example of what I mean, #56 Gremori: to make a named individual have (…) when they (….). So you should be specific and write that this is the exact way the magick will have effect, or just go general and say you want X to have (…) and leave the second part to the demon because that’s how he works anyway?
    Or #62 Valac: to sway (…) without being directly sought. How can yo seek something you’re not directly seeking? To what extent must be included in the phrasing that second part?

    1. Hi. Yes, what you’ve suggested is right – you need to be specific, with a knowledge of the general powers, but you don’t need to list them all. Let’s use a fictional example. There’s a demon to make your fruit trees bear lots of fruit that ripens quickly. You have apple trees. You ask for the demon for a good harvest of apples. You don’t say, ‘My apples trees, which are after all fruit trees, have a good harvest, which has ripened quickly.’ The detail is already there in your knowledge of the power. Hope that clarifies! A power like that of Valac means you get those gifts or whatever it is, without actively seeking them after the magic has been performed – so you’r charming a situation.

      1. That was helpful, thank you!
        There’s another question I just thought of… Can you limit in time the results you want? For example, let’s say you want to punish someone for something they did to you, but you don’t want a lifetime of suffering for that person. What do you do? Ask the demon to punish this person for a year? Or you call on the demon when you feel it’s been enough and ask him to stop? Is this even possible? Or maybe is just the opposite, and you go at it asking for punishment for this person every other month until you’re satisfied? Is there a time when demons think they’ve fulfilled your request if you say nothing at all when asking for ongoing effects?

        1. Defining time rarely works well in magick and things happen when they happen. So if you call for an enemy to be punished, you know in your heart what level of punishment feels just, and that is communicated without a timeframe being stated. This is why Gordon tells you to connect with your sincere desire. If you really feel it, there’s no need to set a timer; it will happen as you want it to happen. Sincere, clear desire is the key to defining it well.

  24. Hi,
    Sorry if I’m being thick but I wasn’t sure if some of the steps re: ritual 2: connective evocation. It says after saying the word of power and then doing the evocation keys, to continue to the point where you first say the demon’s name. So does it mean you say the words calling on the appropriate Shem Angels and 3 emissaries but don’t say the ‘I call on thee, demon x’ but you say instead just ‘Know me demon x’? Or are you supposed to say the I call on thee part and then say afterwards ‘Know me…’ I wasn’t sure when doing it last night so just said both. Was this wrong? Thanks.

    1. It says that you first perform The Core Ritual. That means you start with the Ritual Opening, and then do everything in the Core Ritual chapter including the bit where you say, In the Names of… etc etc ….. to the name of the spirit. When all that’s done, you move to the next two paragraphs which cover, ‘Look at the demon’s seal…etc’, and ‘Say out loud….’, naming the spirit. So the first time you name the spirit is during the Core Ritual, in the buildup to these two paragraphs, and then everything that follows.

  25. Hi Adam,
    thank you for your dedication to this blog and answering all our questions. My question is not urgent, when you get to it. I just finished practicing Opening ritual from D.O.M. That was INTENSE. I have done the “ritual to Wield Power” before, but the addition of Archangels turned it into the “Ritual to Wield too much Power”, especially the part of transmuting the elements. It felt like my neural circuits were overloading. For some reason I can’t harmonize with the energy of archangels, their raw power feels so harsh to me. Except for Metatron – I find his energy very fresh and crisp. My question is, do I give the license to depart after I practice opening ritual? When I practice I don’t proceed with another ritual.
    Thank you.

    1. If it’s feeling too strong I’ll give advice that I hardly ever give – do it more halfheartedly. Not a joke. Just do it with less effort and focus, until it feels a bit smoother and easier. People are getting strong reactions from it, and the feeling can be strong. If you just want to practice it, that’s what I’d do. No need to licence to depart, but you can if you want, and if it helps to switch it off.

  26. Hi Adam,
    I’ve had some great success with magick. The noisy dog next door hardly makes a peep anymore and that particular neighbor has their house up for sale. Good stuff!!
    My question is about getting what I want with a job or relationship. I recently got a new job by using the open road magick, which is great except, that now I see that what I thought was going to be a electrical trouble shooting and controls job is not that at all. Its running pipe and pulling wire. Not what I wanted.
    When I’m in relationships I tend to attract people who have nothing to give to the relationship and all they do is take. I have to “jump through hoops” to try to make the relationship work.
    These situations are constants in my life so I would like to know what magick to use to turn things around.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Robert. Success with neighbors and noises is a tough one, so take comfort in that – you’ve got magick to work when many find it difficult to. Good stuff. With the other things, I’m sure you’ve read about targeting magick (and all the main articles on the main page which cover that sort of stuff) but I get the impression that you’re suggesting inner work might be more important. Or maybe you’re not. But what I always say when it feels like this, is that working on yourself is so much stronger than tying to draw things to yourself; when you get in touch with who you are and where you’re going, everything you need for the journey turns up. Sounds like the Wizard of Oz or feel good New Age but is, to me, the highest of all magick. I think The 72 Sigils of Power and The Angels of Alchemy are the best books because they deal with so much underlying stuff, so many of the things that can confuse, dissuade and mess us up. If you’ve already used them, don’t give up – keep delving. If you’ve not, those are the ones. The Angels of Alchemy is so underused. It’s a key to so much, in terms of results, but is not very popular at all. It’s a real shame, as there’s so much power in there, but because it just looks like ‘hey, feel better about yourself and attract a better life’ it maybe comes across as lame or something. But, I think it’s great!

      1. Dear Mr. AB *sigh* your reply to Robert was so Jungian – synchronistic. I’ve been pondering on “why am I not into Angelic Magick?”. You know one of those moments when you just hear a voice prodding you? Yeah it’s been like that lately. So,I see your response to Robert as a sign, as if the universe is kicking my butt telling me “you are not really a magickian if you are so biased & just wanna use what you think is FUN 😀 … :\ … 🙁 “.

        *sigh* sign/message from the cosmic gods & spiritual beings are now being mentally processed & your point well taken. My theory maybe because Alchemy itself is so hard – human nature tells us always to control the external & seeing internal change as a threat that goes against “self-preservation”, e.g. “let me break up someone’s relationship as opposed to moving on (which we always get from ppl).”

        Nevertheless, speaking of Angels segue to: I wanna thank Raziel for giving me a free laundry card lying on the pavement two days ago hahahhaha 😀 it has money in it (wealth magick). Lately I’ve been finding “surprises” connected to wealth A LOT thanks to my Demons & Angels! As always, with much gratitude S.M.888 😀

  27. Hi again Adam,
    I have an application in process with an institution and I have submitted all required documents listed in the official checklist.
    However, the rule is that the processing officer(s) in charge is completely free to ask for any other additional document s/he deems necessary.
    While I am actively working towards getting all “other likely” documents that may be asked for (just in case), such documents may take some time to get. Hence, I will like to use DoM to remotely persuade whoever will handle my application.

    BUT since most of the demons in the DoM require you to name a specific person you intend to influence and I have no clue of who will handle my file, which demon will you suggest in this case? Also note that there may be more than one person reviewing applications. If this is the case (which is highly likely) which demon can remotely influence a group of people (i.e without me being physically with them) that are completely unknown to me?

    The third and fifth lines under the powers of Agares look promising but I have this little doubt if I am right with my evaluation of these powers relative to my needs

    1. Hi. Did you see the first question? Q: Can you tell me the best demon to use for my problem? The answer is there. And it’s really, really not us being lazy. I’m here and on FB answering questions for many hours a week. So not that, but that bas that answer says, I can’t make the decision for you. With enough thought and intuition you will be able to work it out. There are always ways.

  28. Hello! I have been reading the book thee times, plus all of the questions…Since I can’t see my situation noted, I will ask the following:
    1. Which daemon can I summon, to request to lighten my workload?
    2. Which daemon should i request to ensure that a specific company send me a check for a specific amount of money?
    Lastly, To ensure that a scheduled meeting gets cancelled, Which daemon should I call upon?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi. Somebody asked a similar question lower down the page, so I’ll quote my answer from there:

      “The problem here is that even if I spent an hour talking with you about this, it still has to be your decision based not just on intuition but on what you think and reason and decide. Gordon writes in a way that means some sentences contain a lot of meaning. When he says, ‘Your role is to examine the situation thoughtfully and choose the powers that are most appropriate,’ there’s more to that than just, ‘decide on a power’. This is actually your role and part of the process. Doing the work of choosing is how the magick begins so it can’t be done for you. Is there anything else you can do to assist?”

      So I can’t suggest what might lighten your workload because it depends – do you need to influence a boss, or find money to hire help… and so on. With all these, it requires your own understanding of the situation and how that links to the powers. If I gave you an answer, it could never be as good as the one you come up with. But there are so many powers in there, you will probably be able to find something appropriate for all those things that you list.

      If you read any part of the book again, go for The Presentation of the Demons, and the part where he says, “Becoming familiar with the powers gives you access to them. A well-chosen power is more effective than a basic suggestion.”

  29. Hi Adam, I freaking love this book, I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting for it and it has greatly exceeded my expectations! (As well as your Sigils of Power, thank you for helping me stop a cold dead in its track, among other things)

    I have a quick question, and feel free to verbally slap me if I did not read into things correctly. Gordon’s descriptions for tasking the demons to cause effects in others sometimes say “a named person” and other times say “somebody” or “another person” but sound as though they are meant to be used with a specific person in mind as well. Can I assume those last 2 descriptions are open to interpretation and can be used in general for a wider range of people if you don’t have someone specific in mind?

    1. Hi Phil – yes, I think people might miss the subtlety, but you got it. If it says named person, you really need to name them, otherwise, you can go more general.

  30. Also, and lastly… Any conflicts/discourage use? I am currently undergoing the Second Working – Omnipotence Transformation… Book: Wealth Magick, The Secrets of Extreme Prosperity….

  31. Hi Adam and Gordon! Great new book, thanks a lot!

    I’m not trying to ask you which demon to contact per se but:

    I would like to communicate with one or more demons to give me advice on which steps to take (it’s about a career with specific objectives and goals). I know that there’s gonna be a lot of real world effort to be made so that’s why I’d like to ask the demons what to do so I don’t get lost on the way. Also I will back up my efforts with the powers of demons and magick in general.

    I would like to ask the demons using Ritual 2 and/or 3.

    For Glasya Labolas for example Gordon writes ‘To bring xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.’ At first this sounds like a demon to contact for my scheme but then it sounds more like getting back your understanding for a specific situation that used to be clear for me. But in my case I don’t know which steps to take so this demon doesn’t seem too appropriate for it.

    Astaroth seems to be better as Gordon writes ‘To provide you with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ as well as Halphas where Gordon writes ‘To bring xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.’

    How do I know which demon is more appropriate for my situation? Can I use the same method as in 72 Angels of Magick where you glance at the different sigils and get a response from the angel to work with them?

    Thank you!

    1. Hey – had to puts those xxxxxx in there or we’re in breach of contract for posting the book’s content online. Anyway, the problem here is that even if I spent an hour talking with you about this, it still has to be your decision based not just on intuition but on what you think and reason and decide. Gordon writes in a way that means some sentences contain a lot of meaning. When he says, ‘Your role is to examine the situation thoughtfully and choose the powers that are most appropriate,’ there’s more to that than just, ‘decide on a power’. This is actually your role and part of the process. Doing the work of choosing is how the magick begins so it can’t be done for you. Is there anything else you can do to assist? Well, sigil glancing probably won’t help here – it’s more down to thinking, speculating and sensing what you feel will be right.

      1. Wow, that answer was fast! Thanks for the support! And yes, I see what you mean. Contemplate and then act upon.

  32. Hi Adam,
    I don’t know if I should ask this question because since the book is silent on the topic, I am guessing it is not necessary. But the thought refuse to go away, so I here I go
    Will it in any way add to (or strengthen) the connection to the spirit if the petition paper (and maybe that of the pen) has a colour that is the same or related to the evocation key of the spirit.
    If for example a spirit has an evocation key “shifting red” , will it make the connection better if you write the petition with a red paper or at least a red pen in addition to evoking the “shifting red” in the imagination.

    A yellow-green evocation key can then be written with a green pen on a yellow paper or yellow pen on green paper. I hope you understand the idea.

    1. You can add anything you want, but the idea here is to simplify – otherwise we’d be piling mounds of appropriate incense on a distant beach, while making hammering sounds… It might help you, help you get the images, but if I’m honest I think it’s a compilation that probably won’t help as much as working on the evocation keys as written.

  33. Hi Adam,

    I have not bought the book yet, but I’m really interested in working with Demons. Some people mention that Demons don’t like to be constrained by Angels, so I was wondering whether it is possible to perform the rituals but avoiding the Angels to constrain the Demons.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello. That’s not what’s on offer in this book, and there’s not be much point in using the methods as outlined. You could try, but you might feel like you’d paid for the sigils and a fifth of the text. 😉 I understand the free and open approach that lots of people are taking with demons these days, but everything else aside, we’ve just not found it to be a reliable way to get results.

  34. Update: Ok, I had a weird experience yesterday which I’m sure was some kind of sign. I’d performed the Ritual 1 with Sitri the day before, and then put it out of my head. Yesterday I went to a talk on a subject in no way related to occult subjects. The room I was in was at a college with students. One was sitting in front of me with a laptop. She was fiddling about with it as we were waiting for the talk to begin. I had drifted off into my own thoughts and was feeling a bit down over someone who’s been distant lately. I then was thinking if I should go ahead and do a ritual with Sallos, as I’d been thinking about. I hen happened to glance up and saw the words ‘Performing Rituals’ on the screen of the laptop of the girl in front of me! Looked like some kind of website. I blinked, thought WTH? But when I looked back, she’s closed that window and opened another document with notes on science, from what I could see.

    I was quite stunned because it’s as if someone up there was reading my mind! I’m wondering if this was a message from the demon/s to go ahead with the Ritual. What are the chances of me seeing those words in a totally unrelated context to magic?!

    1. When these things happen it’s easy to dismiss them as confirmation bias, but they can become so strong, obvious and frequent that you know you’re hooked up to Magick.

      1. well it is all about apples then. he writes they will also accept a personal sacrifice from you, and they will accept the offering of fame. Sensual experience is what they seek. Yeah not into apples. He explains if you offer an orgy make sure you can pull it off. Not happening but the apple thing, yeah…NO … oh well.

        1. Haha. Yeah, apples aren’t as exciting as wine or chocolate, which somebody else suggested, or sex. Sex is fine and feels right for some people – others get performance anxiety when it’s time to pay up. Anything that’s a sensory experience for you will work.

  35. Just sharing Kindle Location 923 🙂 😀 “I will not summarize the above because to do so will encourage you to learn the summary, when the full ritual should be learned” -Gordon W.

    *whew* To be honest I’m more scared at Mr. G than the Demons hahahah :D–I’m just being playful. I was imagining him as a school master with his stern English Accent OR SCOTTISH (just my hunch). & I’ll be like “yes Sir KNOW THE FULL RITUAL” (very Saturnian :D).

    Mr. AB’s style is more playful & light kinda like a Gemini 😀 & thus after knowing the gems here on Demon Magick by heart – I’m going back to Chaos Magick – because I wanna play.

    Mr. D.B is factual like a Virgo he’s more A.B.C = results.

    I’m so fortunate to have ALL INTELLIGENT authors Magickians like the G.O.M masters and their unique individual styles, so apparent in their work, right here in my finger tips. It’s making me more well rounded human being.

    With much gratitude, S.M.888 🙂 😀

    1. I like your description of G.O.M. authors. I agree, that AB’s style is very much like Gemini 🙂 and also is the reason why I started playing with Olympic spirits

      1. @opallight10 playing with the Olympic spirits are fun 🙂 😀 & encouraged by the GOM masters – as well as playing with yourself BWAhahaha 😀 get it sex magick? *sigh* me & my witty nature hahhah.

        In all seriousness, I’m reading the demonic magick by Mr. G really slowly & digesting every jewel. But after this, I’m gonna do Chaos because Demonic Magick is heavy. I was already working with a favorite demon of mine, at least now I can take it to the next level. Have fun out there 🙂 😀 S.M.888

        1. @secretmagickian – I also read DOM by Gordon within the first hours it was released. I knew that his book will be released in May. I have received the announcement through magickal channels. I just expected it May 22 -24, and thought it will be his other book (that’s the book I really want, I just don’t know why yet). Needless to say, when it was not released on the 25th, I felt stupid.
          I am not really into the dark stuff. I find it scary. But I bought the e-book because I enjoy Gordon’s writing. I thought I will just read first few chapters, without getting to really dark stuff. I ended up cancelling my plans for the day because I couldn’t stop. Reading this book was pure seduction. The energy in the room was so different and so pleasant. The book is dripping with magick. It’s either seriously charmed or the spirits take initiative. Hope it grows on you 🙂

          1. @OPALlight10 1st I wanna say sorry for the grammatical error in my previous post hahhaha lack of sleep does that & i just allowed “autocorrect” which doesn’t correct anything ironically, to “talk” for me.

            All I can say is 😀 I have Pluto in the 1st house & my Lilith is in Scorpio in the 3rd house. Accdg to some astrologers I was a witch in my past life bwahahaha! 😀 :p ergo, Demonic Magick to me is really appealing it’s HOME I have to even pull back only because I have to balance my energy.

            I love working with demons – maybe because my ex husband who betrayed me already initiated me into demonic thinking HAHAHA :P.

            P.S. to some vedic ancient astrologers Pluto is considered a DEMON (God Hades to the Greeks) & he resides in my 1st house the house of SELF …. oh well 😀 –

            have fun playing with the Olympic spirits & yourself 😛 😀 hahah S.M.888 (I admire my G.O.M fellow disciples) & thank my G.O.M masters for allowing us to swap experiences here. It’s not as if we can say on a 1st date ” hey btw? I TALK TO DEMONS 😀 wanna do sex magick?!” hahha so thank you for allowing us to “congregate” here.

      1. @occultspectator 😀 very methodical. I have 4 planets in pisces & accdg to astrologers I’m highly psychic. Well that I agree but I still wanna be a CEO so I’m not gonna pursue that gift hahaha.

        I haven’t slept reading Demonic Magick – I’m afraid Mr. G knows remote viewing & can see if I’m not doing my homework 🙂 ;P .

        P.S. Mr. G’s Magickal Attack? *whew* that was a potent book therefore, I know what’s is being demanded with this one. Have fun out there :D.

  36. Hi Adam

    I have a doubt, in the first ritual, if I want a situation between two people, I must write the names and surnames of them, or with just the name is enough, I was also writing it on a photo where they are together

    Thank you

    1. Hello. You might want to reread The Ritual Preparation as understanding it is vital, and the answer is in there. Gordon says, “Be clear about who you mean, name the individual as well as you can, and that will be sufficient to obtain a result.” That whole paragraph explains it in quite a bit of detail. And so if it’s two individuals, the same applies – name them as above. Hope that helps!

  37. Hi Adam, one thing Gordon didn’t mention on the book, can we perform the rituals or in this case Ritual 1 at least without saying the words out loud? Preferably saying them on the mind? (Due to privacy)

    Also why are they so much bad reviews and stories on occult forums about working with demons can be so dangerous, that they are tricky and could do something bad the moment you turn your back, and so many more bad things? Have you had problems at all?

    And last thing Ritual 1 is it still like M Attack? You are tasking the demon through the sigil just that right?

    1. Throughout the book Gordon says you speak out loud, except during Connective Evocation – once evocation has been established, it can be performed within your mind, or at least attempted. Otherwise it has to be out loud.

      The reason I stopped going to forums some years ago (along with every working occultist I know personally) is that they are more about egos and scare stories than practical sharing. That may have changed, there may be good ones, but it just became so tiresome and so far from my experience as an occultist. It was like listening to kids tell ghost stories at camp. And then the flame wars…. But if you look for horror stories you will find them on occult forums. I don’t know why. There’s been a trend for doing evocation without any protection, that sort of thing – it can lead to problems. But mostly it’s just idle chatter. But you’ve asked several times about demons on this page, and the sense I get is that you are afraid of them or of working with them. You might want to leave this work until you feel more confident. Maybe work at The Ritual Opening for a while, so that can you feel the strength of its protection. When you trust it, you can trying the demonic work. And remember that whatever people in the forums say, this entire working is constructed with the protection of archangels, an assigned shem angel for that specific demon, and three angelic emissaries. And also remember that a lot of the people on forums are actually twelve year olds trying to create a bit of drama. But if you don’t like the feel of the magick, and if you find yourself believing the negative propaganda over the lengthy assurances in Gordon’s book, then I’d wait until you feel more comfortable.

      The ritual in Magickal Attack uses different sigils and a different ritual approach, but yes, it is a way of petitioning for a result.

  38. I agree with the others that the book is impressive, and so is Gordon’s writing style and it does make a difference to his audience that he writes the way he does. I wanted to ask, if similar to other types of magick the GoM has written before, is it possible to do the magick in behalf of others?
    I agree that sometimes, magick can work backwards in time and manifest almost immediately, even with the mere intention of doing the magick. Also, I have had effects where upon memory of a sigil in my mind, I can enact the same magick, say the words of power, and have the results.
    A big thank you to Gordon for enlightening us and writing this book, as well as to you and the rest of the GoM.

    1. Good to hear, and yes the result can be something that affects others – it’s still your result. You seek a change for somebody else, but you are the one asking, benefiting and appreciating, if you see what I mean.

  39. As a person not so experienced in this field, I tilt towards the petition style.
    But I have a question. In the chapter of “Ritual One – The Petition for Results” Gordon said “…… as long as you are willing to remain open to reading omens and signs……..”
    However, there is no mention of any sign or omen the spirits may use to pass messages. For manifestation request (example for jobs or love or even law case issues) I was expecting some signs or omens will be given that one can look forward to pending the time the read request will be effected. Even when my request is still in the factory, It will make it easier not to lust for result if there are some sign that will put mind at rest. For someone who just submitted a bid for a contract or file for job application etc, its not that easy not to lust without signs.

    1. Hi. Well, as he says, you need to be willing. So that’s what you need to work on. Allow yourself to see signs and omens where they may come. For avoiding lust for result, the FAQ has been updated with an answer regarding that. Cheers, AB.

  40. There are many books I’ll like to buy. But being in another continent, its not that easy paying the shipping bill. Giving that GOM make their knowledge available in electronic format is of immeasurable value to me. Thank you Gordon and GOM.
    This is coming at the perfect time for me. I am still reading the book though (very slow reader – and I hope to find something in the book to help with this 😉 )
    Just want to say thank you to GOM for the electronic formats.

    1. I agree! I’m also in the position where I don’t live alone and it would cause problems for me to have occult books around for others to see. But with Kindle, my library is private. 🙂 My housemate and friends don’t understand about magick and so I have to keep my practice of it a secret. More fun though in a way….:-)

  41. I noticed not much was said about lusting for results by Gordon. Was that done intentionally? I did the ritual tonight after taking extensive notes and even making a recording so I could focus on the sigils and visualize different emotions, images, etc. There was a point where I felt fear but the archangel ceremony is so glorious, I felt a deep sense of power and grace that I had never felt before. I feel that instantly after doing this, I have grown spiritually. Never thought that result would come about from a book like this. Thank you GOM.

    1. Thanks for sharing that, and glad you find that archangel ritual glorious. It really is, and there’s more where that came from in Damon’s book in July. And yes, spiritual growth – in my opinion, absolutely inevitable, even if you just go for material results. This is why I love magick.

      Why so little said about lust for result? It is in Gordon’s nature to demand a slightly deeper reading. Remember that chapter that ends with, ‘All that you need to know about achieving results with magick has been explained in this paragraph if you are willing to see its message.’ He summarises the essentials of magick there, and it’s very, very powerful. So I think, yes, it was deliberate in that he didn’t want to write yet another essay about how to avoid the issue of demanding results and therefore jamming them out of existence. That paragraph is there, and if you accept that it has the power of an entire book (which is really does have) you can get all you need from it.

      1. Yes, I just read it again…when it comes to meeting someone new, I think I face the dilemma in Angels of Love where the issue is getting out there more, taking up classes, be more social. I think sometimes that works in a negative way for me because when I do go out, I’m just looking for “the guy” and I totally succumb to lusting for the result. I really had to take a break from love magick and Damon often writes about feeling the sensation when the magick brings about the result but that has been kind of hard for me to latch on to. In this book however, I lust for the sensual gift to the demon, rather than think about the guy, I think about chocolate melting in my mouth or sipping a glass of wine I said I would give the demon in result. I think the sensual aspect has helped….just wanted to share that 😊

  42. I’ve just finished the book and wow- it’s truly excellent and so grateful to Gordon and the GOM for sharing their knowledge. Sorry for another question so soon but I have read and re-read the section on crafting your request and am still a bit confused on something.

    If you want to utilise more than one listed power of a demon, can you combine it into one request, using either Ritual One or Two, or do you have to craft two requests separately, – e.g. if you are using ritual one, would you have to write each out separately and burn each one? For example, I wanted to work with Sallos, and I think my situation would benefit from the first two powers listed. So could I craft a request combining both powers? For example: “John Doe’ s love and desire for me makes him determined to enact this love by rapidly progressing the relationship into a committed one with great lust and passion.” Or would that require two separate rituals for each request?

    Sorry for the length of this post, I just wanted to be sure I am understanding the procedure correctly.
    Many thanks!

    1. Thanks. Glad you like it. So long as the request is for a single thing, it can utilise two powers, but that’s rarely the case. Your example *does* work, but that’s quite a long sentence – the reason for shortening is to condense the idea to something very easily remembered and conceived. But yes, you can combine multiple powers for one effect, but I’d aim for a shorter way of summarising it. That can be done. It’s worth reading an re-reading that particular chapter (The Ritual Preparation) as there’s a lot that becomes clearer and clearer as you read it. Gordon writes less than plainly, and some things come to light as you read it again.

      1. Many thanks for your reply! I will do as you suggest – I did think the sentence was a bit long. 🙂 Yes, I love Gordon’s work but he does make you dig deep – I think that’s good as you learn more. He reminds me of the strict teacher at school who won’t spoon feed you but gets you to do the hard work yourself. 🙂 Otherwise you never learn!

  43. Just got notification of this and am so excited I can hardly type. ☺ I’ll be downloading the e-book as soon as I’ve finished this post! And THANK YOU btw for making it available as an e book also, as can’t really afford the print version right now. Will the second book also be available as an e-book? I love Gordon Winterfield’s work and was really hoping he’d write another book! I’ve used some of the rituals from Magickal Attack and loved doing them. I definitely felt a presence when doing the Ritual to End a Relationship.

    I’ve been wanting to work more closely with demons, but hadn’t managed to find anything else that was simple. This sounds fantastic! I’m not really into the full on ceremonial approach as it seems unnecessary and overcomplicated having to use all the ‘paraphanalia’ and elaborate rituals, etc. Gordon definitely thinks like me on this issue! But this is why I love the GOM approach of simplifying magic. I can’t wait to get started on this!

    I just had a question – is it ok to be working with both angels and demons at the same time on an issue? I mean, for example, I was about to start working with the Angel Eshaliah to get someone to open their heart who is scared of commitment. But could I also work with a demon that helps in love matters ( if I find one when reading Demons of Magick)? Or to get rid of a rival? Or would the energies of angels v demons clash? Thanks.

    1. Hi and thanks! Yes, angels are used throughout this book so there’s no conflict – just the usual advice about not using magick that contradicts; you ca’t ask to be unseen and popular at the same time. Otherwise, no problem. This has been asked on FB a few times, so I’ll add it to the FAQ. Thanks. Adam.

  44. I just got the notification today/tonight – bought one 😀 will probably NOT SLEEP tonight. Excited & grateful THANKS G.O.M masters & the most elusive I think is Mr. G 🙂 ;D tnx Mr. G for the hard work, S.M.888

    P.s. I’m typing fast so I can read now! Kindle version

  45. Is there going to be e-book access for hardcopy purchasers at some point? At the moment it does not appear that there is..

    Also, and maybe it’s in the book, if angels and demons can do the same stuff, what advantages/disadvantages are there to using one over the other? Is there a “flavor” to each that you could characterize?

  46. Saw the kindle version on Amazon today. I was curious as to whether there will be a paperback version as well? I like having a physical copy of my books. If that’s the case when will the paperback version be available for purchase?

    1. I see the paperback version available on Amazon now, disregard my previous questions. Thank you.

  47. Hi Adam, Is there a perfect day/time to do the rituals in the book to achieve the best results? For example, in Master ritual in magickal attack, it would be best to start after sat after sunset and in 72 angels, it is best to start Thursday and ends Sunday.


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