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Welcome to magick. There are lots of questions and answers here, but we promise it’s worth taking the time to read them. Magick can bring your protection, power and potential. We love sharing what we know, and we hope you find that you need. This page is a gateway to the help you seek.

The Gallery of Magick authors are Damon Brand, Adam Blackthorne, Zanna Blaise and Gordon Winterfield.

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The following FAQs cover general subject areas and specific books. There’s too much to keep it all on one page, so we hope this helps you to find your way around.

If you can’t see what you need, use the search function for a keyword.  The search box is on the right on some devices, but usually at the bottom of the page on phones.

PSpellingFAQ General Magick FAQ

Practical Magick FAQ

Archangels of Magick FAQ



Chaos Magick FAQ

Demons of Magick FAQ

Angels of Wrath FAQ

Magickal Attack FAQ

Magickal Cashbook FAQ

Magickal Protection FAQ

Magickal Riches FAQ

Magickal Servitors FAQ

The 72 Sigils of Power FAQ

Sigils of Power and Transformation FAQ


Words of Power FAQ

Magickal Seduction FAQ

Adventures in Sex Magick FAQ

Wealth Magick FAQ


About the Authors FAQ

Fears and Problems FAQ

Magickal Safety FAQ

Magickal Theory FAQ

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Relevant questions have been asked and answered many times, so please read the FAQs all the way through and you should find what you’re looking for. 


380 Comments on “The Gallery of Magick FAQ

  1. Hello! I know it’s policy not to comment when the upcoming books are coming, but could you at least tel us what other subjects you have in mind?

    Also since Damon released for i believe it’s his masterwork Archangels of Magick, what other subjects could u be planning to write about?

    Are you planning to release theory books?

    • I’m afraid not, for the same reason. If I once mention ‘subject x’ like we did with the Holy Guardian Angel a while back, there’s a mass of expectation and then disappointment if it doesn’t appear when expected. We’re not trying to be awkward or secretive for the sake of it, but just so people don’t get wound up when things go slower, or when plans change. Right now, nothing is in the works. Damon’s finished for the time being, I have to run this site so have no spare time for writing, and everybody else is busy (or not a writer), so I wouldn’t expect anything for some time. But we really, really appreciate the interest and excitement, and hopefully somebody will give you something to be excited about before too long. Right now, the new book should keep everybody busy with magick to use for at least a year, and it would feel dismissive of that book to put something else out too soon.

      No theory directly; there are thousands of books already. But there may be a history of our life with magick – Damon started that, a sort of bio of the Gallery. That’s the only other book we’ve mentioned. It would contain theory and ideas alongside the story of what happened to get us where we are.

  2. With the evocation ritual can we can ask for more than one request during the same session? (For DOM and new book)

    Regarding DOM. I know you want us to use intuition, however, I have a specific question about Sallos. “To inspire someone to feel a love…” Could I potentially use this and ask for a proposal? I know it’s not perfect. But if a proposal is what I’m seeking would this be the best use of my time?

    I have a slight terror about working with spirits. Like I’m afraid of them but not afraid. Like I don’t want to see or sense them, I just want to know they are there and helping me. Will this prevent my work with the angels or demons from going well? Speaking of terror, is there a particular ritual I could do to remove my weird fear of spirits and the dark? I’m like afraid of everything lol.

    Thank you !!!!!

    • Please see Q: Can I perform several rituals at once? and Q: Can I perform magick from several books at the same time? They give an overview, as do the posts they link to. But generally, patient magick done in sequence is better than asking for lots of things at once. If everything is part of one problem, then yes, it may make sense, but asking for a list of different things shows a lack of focus, usually.

      Looks like your intuition took you to Sallos. I’d trust that.

      I strongly recommend reading the above FAQ because it covers many of your concerns. It also links to this: which is useful if you have a fear of working with spirits. It’s not uncommon, but hopefully that post and this FAQ will clear up some misconceptions, and that can be all you need, sometimes. If you remain afraid, despite all this, then it would be wise to build up with magick like The 72 Sigils of Power, which uses the underlying powers behind angelic names, then angels etc, and slowly build up to other stuff.

      – Adam B

  3. Q1: What route should I take if I want to experience an orgasm? I don’t have any medical concerns and I am young. I’ve just never had one. Would it be a waste to call on poiel to obtain any desire (such as a desire to experience an orgasm for first time)? Or is there another sigil, angel, demon, etc I should try?

    Q2: Can you use an entity for two different purposes in two back to back rituals? Ie: At 5am do ritual with Achiah to make my business popular, then at 5:30am when I’m done do another whole ritual with Achaiah to turn my enimies into friends?

    Q3: What would be the best plan of action to gain friends? I have like NO friends because I’ve moved around all my life. Now I’m planted firm, but in my twenties its hard to get or maintain friends because at this age everyone already has their set of friends.

    • Hi. 1. If there are no medical concerns then a lot of people improve sexual enjoyment with Haniel – Damon’s new books, Archangels of Magick covers that angel and the associated powers. How you’d use that and integrate that into your life might not be immediately obvious and would be down to you. But that’s the best way to go, I’d say.

      2. Yes, but please see Q: Can I perform several rituals at once? and Q: Can I perform magick from several books at the same time? – they give an overview on the ‘too much at once’ problem that can occur. Just enough patience to make sure each ritual gets your full energy.

      3. Oh I know that feeling! There’s a sigil to Attract Worthy Friendship in my book, Sigils of Power and Transformation. Helps if you look at any other issues that might be affecting it. Some people (and I’m not saying you, but as an example) find it difficult to go out, try new things, etc., or get stuck in a rut and this exacerbates the problems, and there’s a load of rituals in there that help with general confidence and the things that can help!

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