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This page was originated by Damon Brand and Gordon Winterfield. It is now maintained and updated by Adam Blackthorne.

This page is only for questions about Magickal Attack.



Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.


Q: The Master Curse didn’t appear to work. How long should it take?

The Master Curse is extremely effective, and reliably so, but after twelve days of magickal effort you probably want to see an obvious and fast result or it can get frustrating. As Gordon says, the magick works (its been working for many people for a long, long time), but it can be ‘subtle, harsh or brutal.’ Discerning which of these is never easy, and it can be that the Master Curse is taking great effect, exactly as expected, but the target of your attack hides the result from you. After all, the sort of person that is deserving of such attacks is often deceitful and an expert at manipulating emotions and hiding the truth. It is quite possible that the mild and calm person you see is undergoing great turmoil. Indeed, one sure sign that the curse is working can be that the target becomes calmer than usual. If your enemy seems stronger, more steady and at peace, you can be certain that the magick is working, and this response is a desperate attempt to hide the pain. Often, you see subtle signs. Sometimes, a total collapse and the target descends to regretful weakness. Part of the power of this magick is the relief you feel when it works well, so if you see nothing, it can be frustrating. What you may notice, even if nothing else is obvious, is that the target has less power over you, and that if you are willing to notice it you feel free, powerful and at ease after the ritual. It may begin to work immediately, or the effects may simmer and stir over many weeks or months. As with all magick, timing is entirely down to circumstances, and timing is the last thing you should focus on. Sometimes the results are clear and obvious; there are many reviews of the book where readers allude to this. At other times, nothing may be obvious. And of course, let’s be honest, sometimes magick fails. So do aeroplanes. A shame, but true. Gordon, quite rightly states that, ‘This magick works,’ but he never says, ‘This magick is guaranteed to work every time under all circumstances.’ There are many reasons that magick can fail from time to time. If the target has protection in place, then it’s not that there’s any failure, but that you are in a war of attrition. If you lust for result too much, that can scupper things. There are many posts on this site that can help. And note that, despite its power, it may be that to get the magick to work you need to target your magick, attacking from many sides. (Read this site thoroughly for ideas that get magick to work.) And hopefully, somewhere along the road you will find peace. Of all our books, this one is (at the last count) the one with the highest percentage of positive reviews, so you can trust that the magick does work. Focus on that trust and relax, knowing your target is feeling the effects, and you are much more likely to get the result you seek than if you let frustration rule you.

Q: I don’t care about revenge but want to stop somebody from hurting me. Can this book help?

A: Of the Master Curse, Gordon says that it “destroys your victim’s ability to operate successfully in the world.” It’s not revenge, but a way of stopping a person from harming you. You can make them so weak and regretful that they no longer hurt you. 

Q: How often should I perform The Ritual To Wield Power?

A: It can be performed at your discretion. Performing it once with great intensity can set you up for a considerable time. In The Lesser rituals, however, you are instructed to repeat the ritual each time you work the magick, due to the fact that no other constraints are present in the rituals. When it comes to The Greater Rituals and The Workings of Silence, do you feel you have the authority to command angels and demons? If your initial performance of the ritual gives you the conviction to continue, do so without repetition. If you have any doubts, repeating the ritual will remove those doubts. Even if you have no doubts, you may find that the ritual helps to empower a ritual by re-establishing your sense of command, while firing up your imagination. In such cases, The Ritual To Wield can be performed every time you work a ritual. It is not required for Disruption Magick.

Q: Can The Ritual To Wield Power be used with other forms of magick?

A: In any ritual where you work with angels or demons, this ritual will ensure that the spirits respect your authority. The magick can work without this ritual, of course, which is why the ritual isn’t included in every book, but it can be used with other rituals. You can use it before beginning a series of rituals, or every day that you perform a ritual; the choice is yours, and you should be led by your intuition. Magick doesn’t have to be complicated, so if you get good results without this ritual, don’t feel obliged to add it in unless directly instructed – but at the same time you are free to use it if you so wish.

Q: What about karma and magickal backlash?

A: This is non-issue and is addressed fully in the book. If you are uneasy with the subject, do not use this magick.

Q: In the Ritual to End a Relationship, do I perform it twice a day, or just once?

The ritual should be performed once a day, either before sunrise or after sunset (for thirty-three days).

Q: Why do you use angels to constrain the demons? Can’t I just work with demons?

A: There are many systems for working with demons and you are free to use those if you choose. Some traditions employ angels to constrain demons, and that method is used here, because it is safe and affords ready contact. Read about Rudd, if it interests you.

Q: Can I use this magick against a group of people?

A: Yes, but it is often worthwhile directing your attack at individuals who are important members of the group, to undermine the group.

Q: What do I do with the paper from the ritual To Regain the Upper Hand?

A: You can make a ceremony of burning or burying, or even storing the paper somewhere secret so that you remain aware of it, on a very subconscious level. Or you can think of the magick as over and done, and just trash the paper, as it’s nothing more than paper.

Q: Is Gordon writing more books?

A: Not many, but one or two.

Q: Why doesn’t Gordon respond to questions personally?

A: Gordon takes a keen interest in the success of his readers, but has no interest in the daily interactions that take place online.


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  1. Adam I posted this question in the demons of magic faq but since its about using this book and a method from demons of magic I was not sure where to post and I hope I get an answer this time since it is about using the master curse. Hi Adam I have a question about using the master curse but with ritual 2 from Demons of Magic since the method of contact is more direct, I combined the evocation keys the last time I used it for greater effect but I wanted to contact all four demons use the evocation keys and everything in ritual 2 and after getting the demon in my presence read the command from magical attack but I am unsure if I would get the results I want as you are supposed to speak the request in the present tense and this falls in the area of chaos magic which is your area of experience and I know there may be something here by combining the two methods for the results I want if I can figure out how to use it like that, how would you do it exactly? And while I am on the page I have been loving the last few books from you guys and have to get the new one Friday and I can’t wait to use it with the 72 Angels rituals I am doing now the results just don’t stop even when I forget I’ve done the magic and things in my life are beginning to get easier, I am doing Wealth Magic now going through ritual 2 and have been getting money out of the blue and can’t wait to see how it really unfolds for me when I have completed all the workings as I am starting a business and want to set thing up first with this and I am liking the results so to the entire GOM crew thank you and please keep it up.

    1. Hi Tony. Yeah, I wrote an answer and posted it within minutes of getting the question, but just looked and it’s not there. Swallowed up by cyberspace. So I’ll try again…

      First, thanks for the kind comments. Now, to the question. The Master Curse is a self contained system, with slightly different sigils, so it just works. But if you want to use the same demons, then you can go ahead and use them with the Demons of Attack sigils, but if you do, use the method from that book, with everything in the present tense. Course, as you’re heading into experimentation-land, you can do it whatever way you want, but that’s what I’d recommend.



  2. Is it ok to say the names out loud when performing the ritual to end a relationship? I think it would be easier for me to focus better by saying it out loud. I apologize if this has been asked before.

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty adaptable. Do it as written when you can, but if you need to adapt, adapt.

      1. Thank you so very much! The Gallery of Magick has truly changed my life and I will be forever grateful to you all!

  3. Thank you GOM…I was just wondering if there is any noticeable difference feedback from customers in the efficacy/results of the rituals using kindle devices, vs actual paperbacks, …I prefer paperbacks but since I buy almost all of your books, was going to try digital..many thanks for sharing this to the world.

    1. No difference in results reported, just lots of personal preference. Some hate ebooks, some love them. I use both.

  4. Hi Adam
    I’ve got your book and I will see what rituals I can use. I will also look out for Gordon’s book. Thanks for the reply.

  5. Hi Adam
    I asked Garadiel for help to deal with a person in my life (by necessity not choice) who is mean and hurtful. The person is somehow ‘tamed’ for a few days. After that, the person returned to being mean again. So i asked Garadiel for help the second time. My question is what is the likely result of this kind of ritual, ie will the ritual just subdue a person or will it be able to remove someone out of your vicinity? Also, How long before we generally see a more definite result and how long will the results last? Is there any other rituals from GOM books that I can use to make the person move away permanently? Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Hi. This is frustrating, I know, and moving people away is one of the tricky things in magick – it’s been said many times that there are so many ways of going about it. You can make the person miserable, but does that make them leave. Sometimes it’s better to make them happy dreamers who want to move away. Persistence can be a key, as this can be a case of breaking somebody down until they change. So you can see it as a war of attrition and just keep repeating until you win. Alternatively, you can confuse and undermine that person by using magick to make them kinder and warmer, as in my book, Sigils of Power and transformation. This can be really effective with some enemies, but not with others. There is no magic that can guarantee to move somebody away instantly, and it often takes a lot of tactical work over a long period of time, but although I’m not meant to say anything about Gordon’s next book, I will say that if you’re happy to buy another book, that’s one you should look out for. It will be available within two to three weeks. Cheers, AB.

  6. Hi Adam, I have used the 33-day “end a relationship” ritual on several occasions and it has not worked. I currently in the middle of this ritual right now. I feel more confident about the process now more than I ever have. I have used Kevashial on several occasion to reduce lusting for results. Do you have any other advice/recommendations? I know for a fact that both parties do not have an unshakeable love for each other. In fact, the woman has a number of problems with the guy. They do not live together. Thanks for your help.

    1. Time. If it’s not responded well, I wouldn’t even say ‘try this or try that’. I’d say give it time. Unless you want to do the much discussed method on this page of an all out attack. You weaken everybody so badly that they fall apart. The danger is it draws others together. Also, one other thing you can add in is give one or the other, or both, a valid temptation. use magick or mundane methods to do that!

    2. Hi Adam, thanks for your help. When you mentioned an all-out attack, do you mean using the Master Curse on one of the persons in the relationship? Thanks.

      1. That’s what some people do – it could be more subtle and depends on how you feel about the people. Sometimes it seems right, other times absolutely not. The opposite way is to make them both so happy and hopeful that they look beyond where they are now. No easy answers, but lots of ways to work.

  7. I performed the ritual to break an unhealthy relationship up. I felt so good about it I performed it every night for 33 days. Come to find out on the 33rd night I was saying the wrong name. Instead of “Caspiel” I was saying “Caspien” Ugh. The worst part is I felt like I made contact . I feel sick. I don’t know what to do. Do I wait and hope the ritual works? Do I do it over saying the right name this time? Do I start the 33 days over and apologize before? What is the best advice?

    1. This is Damon’s take on it from the main FAQ:

      “Q: I missed out part of the ritual by mistake and only realized later. What now?

      A: I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of actually reading the instructions in full, before you start. If you have missed part of a ritual out, you can carry on until the end, but be aware that the results may have been affected. Please ensure that you take the time to learn the ritual in full before starting out. The rituals in these books are simplified as far as possible, but you should understand all the elements of the ritual before doing the magick. Simplification can be a good thing, but it should not be assumed that the magick is so simple that it can be taken lightly. You can not rush the magick or expect it to work if performed without disipline and accuracy. Experimentation is encouraged once you are familiar with the work, but at the outset you should adopt a more thorough approach.”

      But, you know, it might have been close enough… If the sigil’s there and it felt like contact was made. I’d just assume it was good enough to get through, especially if it felt like you did. If you feel sick, you might want to repeat, but if you can feel cool and detached, could still work.

      1. Yes, I printed the sigil from my ebook, I kept it safe in the note book I keep all my spells and tried to perform the ritual from
        memory. The name change from caspiel to Caspien was the only part I got wrong that I can tell. If will not offend I will perform the ritual again.

        1. Spirit names are blurred, smudged and said incorrectly for all the time – Gordon writes about this in his new book. It still works. So you can repeat if you want to, if it makes you feel better. You might feel a strong connection!

  8. I do realize that these rituals require that you do them at night or early morning during the darkness hours. With that said I do live with others even with small children and 1 child I believe may be psychic, so is it safe to use any of the rituals in this book while other people are home with you, especially children? If not is it possible to do these rituals in the daytime when everyone is gone? Thank you so much.

    1. It’s always better to do it fully and feeling right, than slotting it in secretly and with the feelings all wrong. So night has its uses, and powers, but I’ say for you it would be better to do it when there’s nobody around, and put all your energy into it. And remember, it’s night *somewhere* in the world when you do it. As for doing it when kids are around, that’s a personal thing. I find that kids don’t generally know, in the same way they don’t know if somebody’s praying or chanting or meditating. The magick doesn’t spill. But for practical purposes, daytime might be great for you. Cheers, AB

  9. In the Ritual to End a Relationship, How well will it work if the total days are 33 but some days are skipped? I ask because I am a first responder and work 24 hour shifts every third day. Having the time and the privacy during the shift is very difficult. I have done other rituals and have had some success by doing one before I go to sleep and again when I awake. Two rituals are done on each end of the same night. I would count the morning ritual for that day. Would something like that work?

    1. Hi there, and yes, something like that would work. Try not to let it feel like a burden that you have to get out of the way. If it’s easier to miss a day, because you’re doing a damn fine job, miss a day. Here’s something that was just added to the main FAQ:

      Q: I missed a few days of the ritual. Should I carry on or start again?

      Ideally, you should plan ahead so that you can work the full number of days, in order, without any breaks. If you can’t do that, do what you can. Sometimes, rituals are repeated to make sure you’ve done sufficient repetitions of the ritual so that just one will be right. Sometimes you do several repetitions to make sure the spectrum of your emotions is communicated to the spirits. There are many other theoretical reasons for repetition. Which is why some rituals need no repetition at all, while others go for over a month. If you miss days due to unavoidable life issues, just carry on a best you can until you’ve hit the right number of days. (If the ritual suggests finishing on a certain day, make sure you do one ritual on that named day.) If you miss days because you became lazy or forgot, you should probably start again with more focus and commitment.

  10. How does the binding work? I am sorry, if it’s a silly question, but I am new to this kind of magick. I know that it prevents a person from doing harm in the future, but is there something more to that? The reason I am asking is because I was guided to bind a person, who caused serious harm to me in the past, but I kind of let it go, thinking, they are a good person that did a wrong thing. When I performed the binding, I immediately felt better, and was given confirmation that the damage is being repaired. Can performing binding ritual really repair the damage? Can it help to be whole again?

    Thank you.

  11. Just feeling the need to relay what occurred when I started the Master Curse last month. Since the demons love recognition, I thought maybe my experience would be interesting to some. I’ll do the “Readers Digest” version. First off, my enemy really did an emotional number on me that affected my health. I wasn’t feeling well emotionally or physically and relayed that thought as I did the ritual, as it was near impossible to generate the proper emotions at times, but I just trusted that the angels and demons I was working with would sense this from me. I let them know that my target damaged me to the extreme.

    The first night of the ritual, there was a bizarre nasty stench. No reason. I took this as a sign. The next morning, I took my dog outside only to find the mangled remains of a rabbit scattered over a wide area in my back yard, and coyote scat in the middle of it. It was pretty gross. Took it as another sign that I was heard. The scene was gruesome and weird, the rabbit parts were uneaten and ALL OVER my yard. This has never happened. As I focused on the curse each of the 12 days, I would often smell a really nasty stench as I did the ritual. If, at other times during the day, the curse would cross my mind in any capacity, generally there a foul stench would manifest, even for a few seconds. I’ve been good at just letting go, trusting that the demons were doing their job, and I feel I’ve been successful at avoiding the lust for results mindset, but if the Master Curse enters my mind, or any of the demons, I still experience a nasty odor. I have taken this as still a sign that work is in motion,

    Rewind to an interesting side note. My first name is Shasta. Before I even purchased the Magickal Attack book, when my enemy still seemed to be a friend, my name was misspelled in a txt message to Shazta and it just sort of stuck. Once things transpired to the point I decided to employ the Master Curse, suddenly it struck me as having been a sign, that my enemy was almost telling me how to retaliate. When I did the first three nights of the curse to contact Shaz, I felt a definite connection and like I was heard. I had a couple servators monitoring my situation for about two months, and, after starting the Master Curse, when I’d meditate on them, I would sense that they had stepped back from the situation completely and were just watching and staying clear. They told me they needed to let Shaz (and the other demons) work undisturbed.

    Each demon I contacted during the 12 days of the ritual I always got the distinct feeling that I was heard. Their attitudes/personalities are definitely NOT that of angels, but they didn’t seem to mind being contacted at all, like they were happy to get to work. After the 12 days of the ritual were complete, I have sensed very little, other than a foul odor any time I’ve thought about the fact I conducted the curse. I don’t ask questions, I haven’t made any attempts to find out if energies are in motion, I just trust that the curse is under way and I get the feeling it will be work spread out over time, slow and ongoing but very thorough.

    So that’s all I know of the situation. I just wanted to give my experience and also give the demons a little bragging rights as a demonstration of gratitude, as this was the only place I figured I could do so and any audience that reads this post will take it to heart rather than think I’m nuts, as I don’t feel that gives the demon any glorification at all. If I happen to hear about results of my efforts, I’ll be sure to post, but I’m going on the belief that they are doing their job and I don’t need to supervise.

    Thank you for a book that helps a person get justice when there is no other way.

    1. Interesting stuff. Everybody gets different responses, and for most, nothing happens, but stenches aren’t altogether uncommon with demons when they are on the attack. If you’ve been heard the magic will take effect. One of the slight frustrations with this book (sorry Gordon) is that it’s meant to bring you satisfaction, but it has to be acknowledged that sometimes you can’t see the results of the MC. Sometimes you can – the person doesn’t come to work, cracks up, loses everything. But other times, they grin so much you think all must be well. It isn’t. But it will be working and you will be getting some form of justice. Hopefully that will become clear, because sensing that really helps bring the peace you seek. Of course, if you just stop the person from doing any more harm and make them back off forever, that’s a worthwhile victory.

      1. Yup! Yup! I agree on all you said. I know it’s far from “proof” but I have had odd feelings since performing the MC that I don’t need to see what kind of justice is served or what is happening in that person’s life, that there is some kind of absolute internal hell that is already occurring, and it will continue to occur for a good time to come. Hard to explain but I just sense it. And, odd as it sounds, that whole Shazta/Shaz thing that occurred, coupled with the mangled animal carcass and coyote scat, really made me feel like a definite connection was made, Shaz was telling me that I was heard, and the burden is off my shoulders….”Don’t worry! We got your back on this and the job will get done right!”

        Same goes for the still-occurring foul odors, they last a moment but it just feels like “Hey, we’re all still working for you! We got your back!” Nothing is scary to me, it all feels normal and natural and quite like I have some other-worldly forces working on my behalf. It’s been a pretty profound experience for sure! Thanks for the listen! Again, if I ever do get any kind of feedback on results, I’ll be sure to post. My gut feeling is that I will probably never hear a thing, and it doesn’t change my faith in the process a single bit!!

  12. Hi Adam,
    I have the 2 older books instead of this new book. I would like to ask is Angel Vevaliah is really pronounced as VEH-OO-AH-LI-AH? or just Vevaliah will do? I see in another book, the Magickal attack that this Angels name is pronounced at Vevaliah. Also can I use this Angel to destroy an enemy even if I am already doing the Master Curse Ritual from the Magickal Attack book? I am planning on doing the ritual but on a different time of the day to the Master Curse. I am curious if this will work. The rituals will be done several hours apart. But I am not sure if the Angel and the demon will clash when they work at the some time on my target.

    1. Hi. In Magickal Attack, if you look at the pronunciation guide in the appendix, Vevaliah is pronounced as VEH-VAH-LEE-AH. In the older book (Magickal Angels), an alternative was used – VEH-OO-AH-LEE-AH. Both work and address the same angel. I’ve just updated the FAQ with these two answers:

      Q Do I have to use your pronunciations? Why should I say VEH-VAH-LEE-AH if the angel’s name is Vevaliah? Can’t I just say Vevaliah?

      A: You can just say Vevaliah, but the problem here is that the angel’s name isn’t really Vevaliah. That’s just an English transliteration – a best attempt to write a Hebrew name in English, to make it easy to read. The name is actually spelt Vav, Vav, Lamed, Yod, Heh, which you could write as V V L I H. To make it easier for you, we write VEH-VAH-LEE-AH, which is a pronunciation that works well. In reality, VEH-VAH-LEE-AH is a more accurate representation of the angel’s name then Vevaliah. Although you might get it right if you just say Vevaliah, the problem is that everybody reads the transliterations differently. I have heard people read Vevaliah as VIVA-LEAR and even VEV-ALEE-ER. With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense to follow our pronunciation guide. But, the books are largely Pronunciation Proof (because of the visual Hebrew) so if you want to just want to say Vevaliah your way, you can.

      Q: Why are some angel names and words of power pronounced differently across the various books?

      A: If you look at Vevliah, for example, you will see that the most recent pronunciation we’ve published is VEH-VAH-LEE-AH, but it has also appeared as VEH-OO-AH-LEE-AH. There are many magickal documents in our posession that add vowel sounds (not present in the primary sources), and these suggest a slightly different way of pronouncing the words, and thus of approaching the angel. But it is the same angel, so there is no real difference. These changes reflect the various methods, names and pronunciations we have used at various times and all are valid. If you use a pronunciation we have suggested, it is one we have trusted and one that will work, even if it varies across the books. This is also true of divine names and words of power.

      As for multiple rituals, you need to find a balance between too much and too little. Its good to target from different angles, but just pouting on more magick to force it to work is not the best way. These two articles go into the details:

      Cheers, AB.

  13. Hello seekinginnerpeace1, the same key that opens the door is the same key that shut the door. You have called the angel and gave him instruction to render justice, you can still call him and ask for mercy. But next time condition your ritual like saying if the person makes a confession and ask for forgiveness the effect should stop, so try to adapt the ritual next time. Thanks , hope it is helpful please

  14. Hi Adam, I have done Master Curse and Angel Vevaliah on someone and the results have come about. I would like the remaining effects to stop (stop Master Curse or Angel Vevaliah from further actions) as I think the person has suffered enough and I have obtained peace already. Is A Ritual to Pacify an Enemy the right ritual to perform in this case? If I want Angel Vevaliah to stop the work, how can I do it?

    1. Hi. Yes, as somebody said above, you can use the same ritual to close it off. Call the angel once, on any day, and say thank you sincerely, it’s done, and that is that. But it’s really optional – the angel will sense that you have your satisfaction and will stop when you want it to. With magical Attack, yes, now is the time to pacify.

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