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This page was originated by Damon Brand and Gordon Winterfield. It is now maintained and updated by Adam Blackthorne.

This page is for questions about Magickal Attack.

Q: The Master Curse didn’t appear to work. How long should it take?

The Master Curse is extremely effective, and reliably so, but after twelve days of magickal effort you probably want to see an obvious and fast result or it can get frustrating. As Gordon says, the magick works (its been working for many people for a long, long time), but it can be ‘subtle, harsh or brutal.’ Discerning which of these is never easy, and it can be that the Master Curse is taking great effect, exactly as expected, but the target of your attack hides the result from you. After all, the sort of person that is deserving of such attacks is often deceitful and an expert at manipulating emotions and hiding the truth. It is quite possible that the mild and calm person you see is undergoing great turmoil. Indeed, one sure sign that the curse is working can be that the target becomes calmer than usual. If your enemy seems stronger, more steady and at peace, you can be certain that the magick is working, and this response is a desperate attempt to hide the pain. Often, you see subtle signs. Sometimes, a total collapse and the target descends to regretful weakness. Part of the power of this magick is the relief you feel when it works well, so if you see nothing, it can be frustrating. What you may notice, even if nothing else is obvious, is that the target has less power over you, and that if you are willing to notice it you feel free, powerful and at ease after the ritual. It may begin to work immediately, or the effects may simmer and stir over many weeks or months. As with all magick, timing is entirely down to circumstances, and timing is the last thing you should focus on. Sometimes the results are clear and obvious; there are many reviews of the book where readers allude to this. At other times, nothing may be obvious. And of course, let’s be honest, sometimes magick fails. So do aeroplanes. A shame, but true. Gordon, quite rightly states that, ‘This magick works,’ but he never says, ‘This magick is guaranteed to work every time under all circumstances.’ There are many reasons that magick can fail from time to time. If the target has protection in place, then it’s not that there’s any failure, but that you are in a war of attrition. If you lust for result too much, that can scupper things. There are many posts on this site that can help. And note that, despite its power, it may be that to get the magick to work you need to target your magick, attacking from many sides. (Read this site thoroughly for ideas that get magick to work.) And hopefully, somewhere along the road you will find peace. Of all our books, this one is (at the last count) the one with the highest percentage of positive reviews, so you can trust that the magick does work. Focus on that trust and relax, knowing your target is feeling the effects, and you are much more likely to get the result you seek than if you let frustration rule you.

Q: I don’t care about revenge but want to stop somebody from hurting me. Can this book help?

A: Of the Master Curse, Gordon says that it “destroys your victim’s ability to operate successfully in the world.” It’s not revenge, but a way of stopping a person from harming you. You can make them so weak and regretful that they no longer hurt you. 

Q: How often should I perform The Ritual To Wield Power?

A: It can be performed at your discretion. Performing it once with great intensity can set you up for a considerable time. In The Lesser rituals, however, you are instructed to repeat the ritual each time you work the magick, due to the fact that no other constraints are present in the rituals. When it comes to The Greater Rituals and The Workings of Silence, do you feel you have the authority to command angels and demons? If your initial performance of the ritual gives you the conviction to continue, do so without repetition. If you have any doubts, repeating the ritual will remove those doubts. Even if you have no doubts, you may find that the ritual helps to empower a ritual by re-establishing your sense of command, while firing up your imagination. In such cases, The Ritual To Wield can be performed every time you work a ritual. It is not required for Disruption Magick.

Q: Can The Ritual To Wield Power be used with other forms of magick?

A: In any ritual where you work with angels or demons, this ritual will ensure that the spirits respect your authority. The magick can work without this ritual, of course, which is why the ritual isn’t included in every book, but it can be used with other rituals. You can use it before beginning a series of rituals, or every day that you perform a ritual; the choice is yours, and you should be led by your intuition. Magick doesn’t have to be complicated, so if you get good results without this ritual, don’t feel obliged to add it in unless directly instructed – but at the same time you are free to use it if you so wish.

Q: What about karma and magickal backlash?

A: This is non-issue and is addressed fully in the book. If you are uneasy with the subject, do not use this magick.

Q: In the Ritual to End a Relationship, do I perform it twice a day, or just once?

The ritual should be performed once a day, either before sunrise or after sunset (for thirty-three days).

Q: Why do you use angels to constrain the demons? Can’t I just work with demons?

A: There are many systems for working with demons and you are free to use those if you choose. Some traditions employ angels to constrain demons, and that method is used here, because it is safe and affords ready contact. Read about Rudd, if it interests you.

Q: Can I use this magick against a group of people?

A: Yes, but it is often worthwhile directing your attack at individuals who are important members of the group, to undermine the group.

Q: What do I do with the paper from the ritual To Regain the Upper Hand?

A: You can make a ceremony of burning or burying, or even storing the paper somewhere secret so that you remain aware of it, on a very subconscious level. Or you can think of the magick as over and done, and just trash the paper, as it’s nothing more than paper.

Q: Is Gordon writing more books?

A: He has no plans to write more books.

Q: Can you perform the rituals silently?

A: This is not advised but if you have no other option you can try.

Q: Does the Master Curse have to be performed on a series of consecutive days?

A: That is by far the best way, although it is not essential.


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  1. Is there a demon sigil I can paint on someone’s house to completely bind him to my will, [edited for legal reasons].

    1. Hi. No we don’t have anything like that but you may find the satisfaction you want from a book like Angels of Wrath. You may not but you may. I’d have a look through the contents on Amazon (through Look Inside, or download the free sample) and see if it fits with what you’re looking for. What you ask for – to completely bind in the way you suggest – is not there, but the book aims at bringing you peace through these methods, so it could work.

  2. Hi there,
    I own almost all of the GOM books and they are fantastic. I have had wonderful success with Wealth Magick which continues to work despite me performing the ritual almost two years ago.

    I have a more pressing issue that I need some help with please?

    I want to stop my mother in law having so much control over my partners life and my life.
    She vehemently hates me and we have zero interaction to the poimt where I am actually banned from her house.( She has the same relationship with another of the wives)

    My partner and I have been together for 14 years but this woman is persistent in her desire to split us up even after such a long time.

    She uses emotional blackmail, she poisons my partner against me every single time he speaks to her and she insists on interfering in every part of his life.

    I want to punish her but my only worry is that my partner will suffer as a result.

    I have absolutely no qualms performing the Master Curse ( as laid out in Magickal Attack by Gordon) but I have some reluctance and not because of the so- called Karmic backlash.

    What if ( which could happen) something bad happens to her ‘accidentally’ and she becomes house bound or has to stay in hospital etc- surely that would make my partner want to be around her more to try and help out?

    I know I am being very specific but I am wondering whether you could recommend any other ritual instead of me just going for the Master Curse?

    It’s worth noting that I have performed a few of the ritual in Gordon’s book and they haven’t had quite the desired effect – I’m wondering whether she has some sort of protection?

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated because I am literally at my wits end but I don’t want to choose a ritual in anger – I want to choose one that will have the desired effect.

    Can you help?

    1. Hello and thanks for letting me know Wealth Magick is working so well for you. Great to hear.

      I understand your concern. You’re spot on that there’s never a backlash, and usually, there are no unintended consequences – such as having to look after somebody; that’s pretty much a cast iron guarantee if you do the magick for yourself. But because your partner is an unknown factor that may complicate things. Without knowing the full story, I can’t guess what may happen, but I have seen many, many similar situations, where the death/removal of the problematic person didn’t solve a thing, unfortunately. So what I’m getting at is that rather than fighting her off, it might be better to use magick to bring more power to the relationship and partnership to make it so that she doesn’t have as much influence as you. This may or may not be possible and only you can tell.

      She may have protection, but that’s less likely than you’d think – most people just aren’t into magick, and unless you have reason to think she’d have put it in place, that’s unlikely. But whatever the case, if you still want an effect on her, without any damage to you (such as unwanted care etc) then Angels of Wrath might be better than the Master Curse. There are many rituals to silence and slow people, and rituals that weaken and defeat enemies. After reading the book you’d know best what suits the situation, but my hunch is this would be better than the Master Curse.

      But, if you have my book, Sigils of Power and Transformation by Adam Blackthorne, there’s lots in there to help with relationships, intimacy, personal strength and also a load of protection. I’d use some of that too. Not all of it, because too much magick makes you feel defeated before you start. But a small number of well-chosen rituals could help.

      Cheers, Adam B

  3. Hi! Any suggestions on what to do if your magickal attack is reversed, turned against you? And thank you very much for your excellent books. I own all of them and they are priceless!

    1. If you’re using the Magick in our books it shouldn’t happen. The structure makes it highly unlikely. What seems like an attack bouncing back is more likely to be a separate attack in and of itself. In any case the, the solution is up to you – some would go all out with defence, protection, hiding and becoming unseen, forgotten and so on. Others would combine this with a renewed attack, especially such as the one in Angels of Wrath to invalidate Magick.

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