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This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.

Q: What’s this book about?

A: Magickal Seduction is all about finding new lovers, making people attracted to you, and getting everything from casual sex to a new relationship.

Q: Is it fair to mess with somebody’s free will like that?

Seduction magick is mot about tricking people, as the book makes clear. If you don’t like the idea of seduction magick, then don’t use it. But you need to be aware that when we do anything other than stay locked up at home, we influence others and affect them, and disturb what is merely an illusion of free will. The world is a swarming chaos of interaction, and you constantly disturb the free will of others, without magick.

If you ‘seduce’ somebody in the traditional way, by dressing well, being interesting and charming and kind, then you are are definitely meddling with free will. It’s just a mater of perspective. The book makes it very clear that kindness is a key component of true seduction, and that the magick only works to reveal the bet version of yourself to somebody. It is not coercion or deception. Although such magick exists, that’s not what this is, and I openly say that if there’s no initial attraction, you can’t ‘drug’ somebody into liking you with this magick. So it can tip the scales, remove fears and ease a situation into being, but that’s a long, long way from bewitching somebody who doesn’t actually want to be near you. Is it manipulation? It may be, but no more than witty conversation is manipulation.

Q: What if the seduction magick doesn’t work straight away?

A: The best way to get seduction magick to work is to avoid desperation. Make sure you are often out in good social situations, and be attractive without a trace of being needy or trying to seduce. If you meet people as though you only want to meet friends, the magick has much more chance of working. Be the kindest, warmest and most genuine you can be – without fawning or trying to impress – and you will seduce far more effectively than if you try to psychically control people. Seduction is an act of generosity and sharing. The book is working well for a lot of people, so if you follow this advice it should work for you.

Q: Is there ever feedback from the seduction magick? Might I fall in love with a ‘target’?

A: Yes. In short, be careful with this magick, because when you seduce the magick can work just as effectively on you.

Q: Will this work on a person I hardly ever see, or a person who lives on the other side of the country.

A: It can, but the odds are greatly reduced.

Q: Can I use Ritual 1 and 3 at the same time?

A: Yes. Many people use Ritual 3 to create general attraction, and then when things are going well, they use Ritual 1 on somebody specific.

Q: Can the seduction book attract a soulmate?

A: It can, but that’s not it’s primary purpose. For that, see The Angels of Love.

Q: I performed the seduction magick for one person, but other people started taking an interest in me. Coincidence?

A: This is an often-reported side-effect of the magick.

Q: If I use a photograph, do I have to dispose of it along with the sigil?

A: If you printed a photograph out especially for the ritual, then you should dispose of it along with the sigil. If it’s a photograph that you already own, you can simply return it to the place you usually keep it.

Q: The book invites spirits to feed on my sexual energy. Will they feed off me forever and leave me drained?

A: The offering refers to the initial feelings that you’re focussed on in the ritual – and even in a great, lustful relationship, feelings change after a few days or weeks. And then, the flavour of that energy changes and is no longer on offer. It is thus safe, and it’s worth noting that what’s offered is not a vampiric pact; you’re not being drained of energy. You’re giving the tiniest gift which will not be noticed by you, but will be greatly appreciated by the spirits.


132 thoughts on “Magickal Seduction FAQ

  1. Can the three rituals be performed by imagining saying all the words in your mind or do they have to be spoken?

  2. Adam, could the first or second ritual overcome negative emotions? I’m trying to reconcile with an ex (we’re now on speaking terms after 6 months), but there are significant emotional issues between us. Would rekindling her passion and encouraging love help to move past those issues or simply make them worse?

  3. Damon, for ritual 3 you write:
    Continue chanting the words and continue picturing these scenes until …”
    Is this really necessary to get it to work? I mean, I am not quite young and can´t easily get aroused like this, need a hot girl beside me or maybe very good porn for this.
    Any opinion?

    1. Hi. Damon’s moved on, so I’m running the show here for now, but I can answer. You need to get worked up to some degree, yes. If you can achieve that with fantasy alone, then go for it. But it can’t be worked without some intensity being experienced. Doesn’t have to be wild, just pleasant. I know lots of people replace the full method with something a bit less full-on, but results may not be as potent! Cheers, Adam B

      1. Thanks Adam, i think if i combine it with my high level of sex appeal i will be satisfied anyhow. By the way, I am actually now reading about your praised book Sigills of power on amazon. Seems to be a must read !

  4. Adam, I have a problem. I ended up burying the pyrite along with the sigil in my backyard before i read your reply. I spent hours digging up half my back yard in the heat but I couldn’t find the sigil or the pyrite. It’s gone. What should I do now? Shall I just leave it be? Is it gonna be a problem? If i end up doing ritual one again, I’ll make sure I keep the pyrite. Cheers!

    1. I once buried my keys at the beach, thinking it would be easy to find them because I buried them right next to my hand. Hours later it became clear they had gone forever. I still have no idea if this is a natural process of some kind, or something weirder. Anyway, don’t worry – the pyrite is preserved only to save on costs. It doesn’t do any harm to dispose of it. But if you get more, you can reuse it indefinitely.

  5. Please can you join both comments.
    He using our hot addictive chemistry aganst me to have me without commitment.
    I feel the right to use love ritual to turn some of this passion into love. Energy Would be more balanced and normal.
    To much chemistry is more scary than love. It’s like magnet and only when we are apart we can regenerate ourself.

    1. If you look through the various comments and stories on this page, there’s a huge range, from people complaining that it did nothing, to people finding it was a bit overwhelming. And a story that often comes up is this: there’s enormous passion, but then the other person just switches off. I can’t know what’s always going on, but what I’ve seen and heard about many times, is that sometimes the emotions are so overwhelming, the other person shuts them out. It’s too much to take, and the thought of being swept along by this passion is too difficult. What’s the solution? Well, you can just patiently sit it out and let your normal life take over fro the magick, because no magick lasts forever, and sooner or later everybody’s real feelings will emerge, either free of passion, or with a fresh passion. Or, you could use a ritual like The Blossoming of Love in The Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise. That ritual is not as tame as it sounds – it takes a relationship as far as it can go at the present time. So if there’s a future you sense it and all is well. If not, you sense it and a breakup occurs. There’s also magick scattered across the books for reducing influence and being in control of your emotions, and seeing how you really feel – I’m not sure which books you own, but if you are able to take the time to focus inward for a while with that kind of magick (or even without if you don’t have the books) that might provide enough space to give you the perspective you may need.

      1. Thank you for advice. I own almost all your books. Our passion is natural right from the start and geting stronger each time we reunated. We want to just melt into each other and it is overwelming. He can switch me off and I can’t. I’m an empath. I had direct encounter with angels 4 times in my life with voice, vision and once I was attacked I felt energy enter my body and gave me power. I push man to the wall so hard that he run from shock. They breakthrough only when I am in danger otherways I just fell presence, energy and sometimes smell.
        Since I met him I start finding white feathers. Every time before we meet again I found some feathers. This time was the same. Had dream and sudenly saw his message in vision and than he really contact. All this hold me back from moving on. But cycle keep repeating with no resolution.
        Last time when he start to pull away I was looking for something to free myself and accidentaly find your books. I took that as a sign not to give up.I start master protection and blossoming love. After 4 days our comunication stop till this time (30)days
        I used angels of alchemy, SP, WP and it helped a lot.Release a lot of pain and worrys. I realy worked on myself and meditate. And I was getting better and than just out of the blue I contact him and he call me and sparks start flying again. And here we are again after love ritual everything stop.
        I just don’t know what is right anymore. I did stop enemy ritual for not willing to hurt me again with his behavior. What is interesting that love ritual ease my pain and after I felt relife.
        I would wait as log as it take if I be sure it? worth it. But I’m not. I only feel it’s not over yet.
        PLease direct me to the best working to perform for my situation. I have the books.
        Even comunicating with you give me feeling that all be ok, funny, huh?
        Thank you!

        1. I wish I could direct you, but I think this is one of those situations where you’re in so deep my advice might be off by a mile. Although it’s time consuming, I suggest going through those books and looking for the ones that click and feel like they might help you find peace. I’m not being lazy, but suggesting the best practice – it works better than me giving a flippant suggestion.

      2. Hi there Adam, There’s actually a review somewhere from a guy that used the 2nd ritual successfully to get back his ex back aside from that and Damon’s comment where it led to a life long partner and some comments here where it was used in conjunction with the 1st ritual with no definite results i haven’t heard anything else about it. I can’t really complain about my personal experience with it since the first one was an impossible scenario with no physical contact and on the 2nd one i screwed up and even if it had a chance of working i didn’t let it. I’d love to hear more successful stories of its application and encourage more practitioners to come out and share their experiences. What scares me a little bit is that i am realizing that this is becoming a ritual too hot to touch same as the blossoming of love in Zanna’s book for example if you got something pretty good going on and you want to empower it and ensure that it’ll keep on going you should just let it be and avoid doing these rituals as there’s a 50% chance of ruining everything is that the case? What’s your view on it? Could you share an example of a relative of yours that used it successfully and what were the conditions where it was applied? what do you think helped in making it work? I hope i am not asking too much here thanks Adam take care.

        1. Depends what you’re looking for, and where you are in life. If you’re happy with how it’s going, and not getting too old or tired of it all, then no need for that ritual. But if you want to know, if you’re happy to break up if that’s inevitable anyway, and would rather be free for something better – changes for each person at each point in their life. Some would never use this ritual, and for others it’s the first choice.

  6. I have been in a very passionate non commited on and off relationship for months.It is very complicated and he is away for work a lot.
    We have been separated in NO contact for 30 days. Now we finaly decided to try to be in a relationship. We spent 3 very passionate days together.On the 4th day when I left him in the morning he almost eat me up and I started second ritual that day. We have plan to meet the same day and he never call and didn’t answer my calls. After preforming ritual for 3 days, respond only once and said that he want peace and be alone . Now he is gone for 4 weeks.
    I’m very confused. What should I do? I am on day 5 now and in NO contact .Should I continue for another 6 days or prolonged til he come back or just droped all and start heal myself. Can passion turn into love? I don’t want to suffer anymore. I’ll only want him back if I would know he would stay for love. Help

  7. Hi Adam,
    For ritual 1, the book says to wipe some fluid on the paper not too much cuz the ritual has to be performed for 5 nights. Does that mean 6 nights in total? What about the pyrite? Shall I dispose it as well along with the sigil?

    1. Hi. The book should say, ‘begin the ritual on the evening of a New Moon, and perform it for five nights.’ and ‘Perform this for five nights, ending on the Full Moon.’ So five nights in total. The pyrite can be reused indefinitely.

  8. Hello Adam, I have messed up pretty bad I did the 2nd ritual on somebody I had just gotten to know of since I really liked her and there was lots of physical attraction we kept going out without anything sexual happening as soon as I finished the 11th day on the 12th day she ended it abruptly and told me that she didn’t wanna see me again because she didn’t wanna hurt me. I fogged out completely and felt extreme rage and disappointment and insulted her really bad I even told her what I did to her and then apologized. The conclusion is that she probably was looking for plain sex since the beginning and if the ritual was going to work which could work it was going to take its time it could be her emotions rising and her resisting them that caused this behavior. The bottom line is that I really liked her and wanted all the best but my Christian programmed background along with my kindness being a really giving person and deciding to do the 2nd ritual from the onset messed everything up. It is for a reason that Damon suggests to go with the 1st ritual first then the 2nd as you have suggested me yourself too on a previous post. I feel horrible and sorry for myself for being that kind and giving and then exploding without thinking logically I didn’t even give the magick space to work. I already feel the Angel’s fury… I am very disappointed at myself not at the magick. I really hope this post serves as advice for others deciding to go the same route as I did. The 2nd ritual shouldn’t be performed without any sexual interaction beforehand as you will probably scare somebody off which is sad but this is how things are with relationships in our modern days there’s not much romanticism in people’s heart left or at least at the majority another thing is that there has to be a phycological balance maintained when working magick and acting accordingly in the mundane otherwise you’ll lose it as I did. These are my findings all the best to you guys.

    1. It’s the combination of all the different acts that activates the rituals. Each alone will do nothing. One piece missed out might not affect it, but possibly will. Put everything together and it can work.

    1. Hey, sorry I missed this question until now. Sometimes they get by me and I spot them days later. To answer, the timeframes with magick are the least predictable part. You can have magic work before you work a ritual – weird but true. People often reports the sensation of results starting to happen before they work the ritual, because magick affects the past too. Or it might be on the first day, the fifth, or much later. You need the patience to allow it to happen when it happens. If it happens before the five nights are up, most people complete the five night because that’s the way the ritual’s laid out. But the results can take longer than you want, and patience is so important; there are countless articles about this on here, which might help. But hey, let’s hope it happens quickly. It often does. Cheers, Adam B.

      1. Do not worry, one more question.
        And if by chance I associate another name to the target rite?
        I see her every day, but I do not know her name (because of some complications). But I fear that I have associated a name that is not hers to the rite.
        Can this lead to ritual failure?
        I bought the Demons of Magick, and as I read, I saw something about it, about giving correct names to the targets.
        And in doubt, I wonder if this applies also to the rites of Magickal Seduction!
        Thank you in advance !!!

        1. Using the correct name really helps, yes. BUT, you can get results with a name that symbolises that person for you. However, with all this magick, nothing happens unless you actually end up talking to that person and you can’t hope the magic will make them do that. Even if they feel it, they may not act on it. At some point you have to talk, because the person won’t just announce that they want to be with you. If you begin to talk you might find out the correct name, and simply talking and knowing that puts you a hundreds times closer to a result, magick or not.

          1. In the book, Damon says that after the end of the ritual it would not take long for me to receive a signal, and that the magic would be working.
            The plan was to get in touch after I saw that something had changed.
            Should I contact her without seeing any change?
            Thank you in advance !!!

            1. Your choice, but Damon states (I think, I haven’t read his version of the magic for a long, long time) that everything is done when you’re already in contact, communicating with that person – only when that’s happening are you likely to see a change. I’d say it’s walls best to have some non-romantic contact going first. Your choice!

  9. Hi there Adam, Regarding ritual 1 and 2 what are the chances of somebody becoming aware that he or she is under the influence of magick is this even possible? Or is this something taking place in our sphere of reality therefore whatever outcome would seem natural and coincidental to the other person? I’m not talking about the average person let’s say somebody that is very intuitive have you ever encountered or heard of such an incident? All the best to you thank you.

    1. It can happen, and does, i the person is sensitive, but then how do they prove it? They may ask, but it’s the easiest thing in the world to deny. If you end up staying together, and they know you do magick, it may become obvious one day… but it doesn’t usually matter. Or you can seal your lips forever.

    1. It should say, “Repeat the ritual for five nights.” If you mean you you’ve done the five nights and wonder if you need to repeat the whole ritual, make sure you check out the posts on the main page – there’s a lot about how to avoid lust for result, and so on, how much magick to do, when to repeat etc. Usually, once is enough, and then you need to put in your own actions to give the magick a pathway.

  10. “The effects of the 2nd ritual can be for life, but indirectly. It can also be weak and useless, if the situation is never going to happen. So, you know, it’s down to circumstance and magick in harmony. What ritual 2 can do is get things started. The magick itself won’t keep working forever, so it’s then down to what you do with that reality, and how it unfolds from within both people.”

    Hi Adam,
    On what case will the magick be weak and useless? How do you know if the situation is not going to happen? Isn’t the point of magick to change your reality/circumstances according to your will?

    1. Hi there. Well, like Damon says, it’s going to be useless if it’s trying to tackle and impossible situation. Put fifty people in a room, and most them would probably hook up with each other under certain circumstances – but there are some people in there, that no matter what you do, it’s never going to happen. There can never be a spark because they just don’t like each other on any level. Sometimes, out in the real world, you pursue somebody and it looks impossible, but there is a buried spark, and magick unearths it and we all celebrate. But sometimes, there’s nothing there to kindle with, and so the magick can’t work. It’s not hypnotism. It’s not deception. It brings out what potential there could ever be. So if there’s none, nothing happens. Mostly, this means people get good results, unless they are chasing the completely impossible. You don’t know if that’s going to happen, usually, so you try the magick and see what happens. Yes, the point of magick is to change reality acceding to your will, but sometimes there are things we want here and now and no amount of desire is going to make it happen. I compare it to the lottery win. You might want that, but the odds are so great, magick’s not going to shift so many random factors for you. What magick can do is change aspects of your reality until you get what you want. That’s how we all build lives. With seduction, which as Damon says, is about offering forth the best of yourself, so the other sees the potential – well, there’s still some luck involved. Otherwise, this would be too much like an abduction ritual, where you hypnotise the other person to be with you even when they don’t want to be. It isn’t like that. It allows the other person’s will to be enacted, but does open them to any feelings or stirrings of emotion or lust they may have. It works for a lot of people, so it’s worth trying.

  11. hi adam, i am hoping you can help and advise damage control if need be. because after ritual 1, my love interest, a former flame, showed up, expressing feelings and making advances -but it happened much quicker than i thought it would and, long story short, our encounter turned into a huge fight as it was like we could just not communicate; a lot of complex feelings were expressed. i didn’t actually accept the physical advances because the conversation became so confusing and emotional, and i wasn’t sure what to do. i have never seen this person so mad (it was like..possessed?) and i take some responsibility not only for the argument itself because i had put the magick into the mix. could this have ruined even our friendship let alone our love?me and the angels have been really working hard to repair this relationship for a long time; this happened a few days into this ritual. in brief, i know the angels are gentle forces, and seem to keep helping even when you “screw” up, but i am not sure what the nature of this magick is, if i carry on with the ritual is it okay (i am putting a different type of energy in, but i just am very uncertain now how the spirits and target are going to be experiencing all this..)thank you.

    1. Angels aren’t always gentle, but yeah, they often smooth over the mistakes we make. But not always. In magick, if you ask, you often get what you asked for. It’s difficult to know what to suggest because I’m not sure what you want, or even if you know what you want. It sounds like you might have a few conflicting desires going on. Might be wrong about that, but… maybe? Former flames won’t always be stirred by this magick, but if they are, well, it can also stir up all the old problems too – memories of the pain and trouble and problems. So does the person actually hate you, or could it be a fierce, angry resistance to the loving feelings that are bubbling up? I’ve seen that (and heard stories) many times – somebody falls back in love, and they are furious for breaking all their personal promises, furious for feeling it and even more angry if they then get rejected. Could be that! But the thing is, you asked for seduction, got the advances and then refused them. This, as I bet you know, is not the best way to do magick. If you get what you ask for from magick, it’s best to accept with gratitude. But you’re past that point now, so, looking at it from the outside I’d say just stop everything, step back, and decide what’s more important – peace, friendship, safety and protection, communication??? And work on that with whatever magick you have, rather than on seduction, unless you plan on actually responding to the advances. But overall, I’d seek calm and space before attempting to stir things anymore.

  12. Can ritual one be effective if you don’t know a person’s last name? A friend has become acquainted with woman in a shop and it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to ask her last name. Could he just say, “Bring me Judy from the Tesco on the corner of Pine and Upton?” It would be a lot to write down. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    1. It can. Names are important – they are signatures of who we are on a deep level. But it can work, although it’s less likely to. I get the problem – and the solution you suggest is a good one. Although simplify. “Judy of Tesco” sounds a bit like a weird take on Game of Thrones, but is probably better than a long description. Worth a try.

  13. Hi Adam, does it matter if the magickal ring looks more like a oval than circle after I print it out (I think got to do with printing on A4 paper which changes its shape)? Thanks

    1. I usually say a bit of inaccuracy doesn’t matter (and can even be employed deliberately), but this one should look like a circle, I’d say. I’ve just printed the one from the website on A4 to test it and it worked, so maybe it’ll take some messing about with print settings.

  14. I’d like to stay anonymous please

    Dead Damon and Adam, I would first like to congratulate you for your work i own several copies may you be blessed for giving out this knowledge which can be applied in a practical way in our modern days it is a true gift. There is a person that i hadn’t seen physically in at least a year and a half i always liked her but i don’t even know if she had a boyfriend or not. We do have some sort of contact through social media and she does know that i like her. I started with the first ritual like a month ago when i finished it i figured that she would contact me herself when she didn’t i stepped on to the second ritual since i knew i wanted something serious with that person and i dearly wanted her. As soon as i finished the second ritual after the 11th day i contacted her but asked her something business related just to see her response she was very positive and kind and assisted me with that business related matter that i had asked for I think the magick is in place. I do have a couple of questions. Are the effects of the second ritual for life? Regarding the first ritual i know they are not or are they? Should i insist and contact again and perhaps be straight to the point asking her to go out? does it matter that it has been like a month since i started the first ritual and more than 2 to 3 weeks since i finished the second? Should i just leave it and let it work and expect a response from her when this shouldn’t really happen since she has nothing to contact me for? What would be the best approach based on your experience? Thank you

    Warm Regards

    1. Hello there. Thanks very much!

      The effects of the 2nd ritual can be for life, but indirectly. It can also be weak and useless, if the situation is never going to happen. So, you know, it’s down to circumstance and magick in harmony. What ritual 2 can do is get things started. The magick itself won’t keep working forever, so it’s then down to what you do with that reality, and how it unfolds from within both people.

      You might want to repeat the first ritual at this point, and follow it up soon after with direct contact. I can’t actually give you advice what to do in the real world, as that’s your life and you know it way better than I do. But in magickal terms, ritual 1 followed by direct contact is a way to go. Be aware, as you’ll see from comments on this page, sometimes it can work in a way that makes the other person feel uneasy. They may sense their feelings rising and resist them. So at first you might get more cold than usual, and then this abates. Or it may work straight off. But always with this, there has to be a genuine connection, as Damon says – it’s not really seduction so much as a reminder or trigger for what’s genuinely there. But being in the same physical space is important, even if you aren’t actually asking the person out – you need to be in the same place rather than waiting or relying on online contact. Not always easy, and you don’t want to seem like a stalker, but if there are ways to be in the same place, that is ideal.

  15. I’m doing the 2nd ritual from Magickal Seduction, and at the same time am doing the ritual to end a relationship from the Magikal Attack book. Does it matter if I’m doing then at the same time? I take a break in between but usually do them both in the evening. I ask because my target in the seduction ritual is also the one I’m wanting to end a relationship with an ex. They’re just friends now and don’t even live in the same city but I just feel her continued involvement could still be holding him back from fully moving on in a relationship with with me. I just wanted to know if this fact also might have any effect on the rituals or stop either working properly? I’ve some experience with Hoodoo magic and it’s quite a common practice to do a working to break one person from the other and then pull them to you, but don’t know if it works in this type of magic. Thanks.

    1. At the same time is completely ok, esp as they are sort of in harmony. It’s only if you do magick that contradicts that you get in trouble – there’s no contradiction here that I can see, and yes, I get that hoodoo approach. It’s something I’ve done in Chaos a lot, and ties in with the whole ‘targeting’ thing that we go on about a lot. If you can come at something from several angles, you get a better result than when it;s one big ritual. But try to avoid piling magick on top of magick to force it – that’s the only danger with this approach, that you end up feeling you have two do ten rituals, when two are fine.

      1. Many thanks for your help! Yes, I take on board what you say about doing too many rituals at once – actually this leads me on to another question I meant to ask above but forgot. I had been thinking of combining the rituals with servitor work – to add a continued ‘boost’. I.e. create one to help end the relationship and the other to help bring him closer to me. I don’t know though if this would be overkill? It’s that mine is a bit of a frustrating situation as I’m dealing with outside influences – he travels a lot currently for his work, which means we don’t get to spend much time together, but also he has many fears of being hurt again so it’s also about getting past this wall he puts up at times. This is why I thought a multi-faceted approach might help, but then again, I don’t want it to be overkill….I’ve already done a couple of rituals from the Greater Words of Power – the Road Opener and one to attract a love partner. So not sure whether to leave it at that. Thanks! Really appreciate the advice.

      2. …..I think I may be a Chaos magician as I do like to mix and match. I am going to get your book on it!

  16. It says that ritual 3 can last for some weeks. So my question is how many weeks exactly? 😉

    1. “some weeks” is as accurate as it gets – I guess the book has an approximation because it can only be approx. Why not try it and see?

  17. Sorry for more questions coming from me. For the first ritual, I am torn between deciding doing it on new moon or full moon. The thing is that the guy whom I am interested in, is in a relationship now, even though he confessed he likes me some time ago. We meet up sometimes and message each other on a weekly basics as friends. There is already some warmth and friendship between the two of us but now it is not close to passion. I am trying to ignite his passion for me and then do the second ritual. My guess is doing it on new moon would be the best for my situation?

  18. Hi, I am a fan of all your books and I have finished a few rituals, even though my first encounter was only 2 months ago. Question regarding the ritual ‘Igniting Passion in Another’-would it work if the other person I am trying to attract could be a virgin (I am not)? Second question is does it work on same gender for all the rituals in the book? Third question is what happen if the person I am trying to attract is in a relationship and I perform ritual 1 and 2 on him?

    1. Yes it works if the other person is a virgin and gender makes no difference so long as that person is open to that kind of relationship in the first place. Final question – it depends. It can work, which might be great or might be a big load of trouble for you – and sometimes it can work, but not enough to actually cause action. The emotions can certainly be jangled, but if the relationship is stable it will have little effect.

  19. Hi, just purchased the book. Very good though i’m a bit concerned about where you say to the spirits ‘and you may feed on the energy and ecstacy of our sex to your delight’.

    Are you essentially agreeing to let the spirits harvest energy from you and use you as an energy resovoir? And if so is there any sort of limit to how much energy they can take from you?

    Lets say you and someone you use the magick on fall in love and spend 15-20 years together these spirits will essentially use you as an energy source for all that time?

    Can you safely omit that statement?


    1. Hello. You can omit it, but you’re taking the energy out of the ritual and results won’t be as good. The rituals are self-limiting, though – if you were to offer a lifetime of energy, that would need to be an explicit statement. No spirit is going to take from you forever from such a small ritual. Also, a safeguard, the ritual and the offering refers to the initial feelings that you’re focussed on in the ritual – they won’t last. Feelings change. Even in a great, lustful relationship, the feelings change after a few days or weeks. And then, the flavour of that energy changes and is no loner on offer. So it’s safe, and even what’s offered is not a vampiric pact; you’re not being drained and left empty. You’re giving the tiniest gift. Spirits can be satisfied with the crappiest of offerings – bits of bread, leaves, spit, that sort of thing, so a tiny moment of actual enjoyment is like ambrosia.

  20. Hello,
    I am posting this here but am also referring to other works/rituals.

    When it comes to love and relationship, figuring out “what you want”is a process. So I am unsure how to apply the fact that Damon (rightfully) says that you mustn’t be using magick just to experiment or what have you. Particularly with love you must know what you want. I’m still in the process of figuring out exactly how to sculpt various targeted rituals for desires I have. But as I said when it comes to love – at this point in my life there’s a genuine desire within me to get to know some of the people on my radar better. Be attractive to them, hold their concentration, and yes gain insight inward regarding my own feelings and desires. I’ve really been trying to find the right way to do this very simple thing- build communication and friendship with another. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Most of all I don’t want to make myself vulnerable to a psychic connection with another due to magick which makes me feel suffering or lack. I want to stay empowered and certainly want to see my results but with a detached attitude of observing my relationships- I think this is the right way to determine a promising lifelong partner. But in the past my use of magick has made me feel quite out of control of my emotions due to lust and emotional investment. Thank you.

    1. Oh yeah, I get that. It helps to be certain but how often am I really certain? Not sure…

      If you have Zanna’s book, The Angels of Love, you know it might comes across as a bit New Age (sorry Zanna), but the magick is hardcore and it works – and she puts in all this background practical stuff which is not ultra-new, but it works. So even if you’re not looking for a soulmate that book really opens things up and then there’s this seduction book when you need it!

      Psychich attack of the deliberate kind is less common than the draining and bullying that comes with many relationships. Magickal Protection keeps you safe without taking you off the radar (you don’t want to become invisible to people). The 72 Sigils is a good one to work with to help you keep a sense of self. Or The Angels of Alchemy. You don’t need all this…. just offering choices.

      1. Thanks for your reply Adam! Do these rituals encompass aspects of attractiveness beyond just physicality as chemistry? not sure how to explain but.. just wondering if this helps a person resonate with charm in general- personality quirks, flaws and all- almost that the true self worthy of love/desire in another shines through? I feel the rituals seem very sex-heavy. Trying to figure out if that attraction runs deeper than just lust and bodily desires, but to the heart… also is there a frequency advisable for these? Is it sort of chaos magick to express to the spirits deeper desires of emotional passion in the ritual? Nothing about meaningless sex is attractive to me.

        I don’t have Zanna’s love book yet. Have most others and keep hearing that the angels are the same across books but will check it out. Thank you!

        1. Sex-heavy, yeah, but that may be because when you fall in love that’s often a pretty sex-heavy feeling. For me it is. Ahem! Anyway, yeah, these rituals can be really deep. They’re used for meaningless sex, but some use them for much deeper things – that’s the thing with magick; it will tune up to what you feed into it. But you might want to hold out for Zanna’s book. Somebody posted a story about that on the success stories page just now, while I was replying to these questions – inspirational!!!

          1. Cool – thank you 🙂
            I think I’m going to go more with inner alchemy and see where that takes me but I do like Zanna’s style, I see it as very healing so I will check it out!!

  21. I only want new sexual partners (young ladies ready and willing to offer me their body regularly and consistently)

    what rituals can I use for this.

    I have tried ritual 3 before, got synchronities but nothing came out of it I.e. no sex nor quality companionship

    help me

    1. As the books says, this isn’t really about trying to get people to offer their bodies.

      To quote. “True seduction is the art of attracting the people who will please you the most, sexually and emotionally. At its best, seduction is also a gift to the one you seduce, because you are the one that will please them the most, sexually and emotionally.”

      As such, people are highly unlikely to just offer themselves up.

      1. OK, I understand.

        So how do I attract regular lovers but I do not have anyone in my mind to attract.

        I want new lovers generally so what should I do.

        Thank you for your updated reply.

        1. Ritual 3 creates a general air of attraction, and that can be enough, although you can also use Ritual 1 when you meet a specific person. But many people find ritual 3 works well, so long as you also put in the required real-world effort as described in the book.

          Please note that comments take a few hours, or days, to appear, so please don’t repost. I’ve just deleted duplicates of this message that were posted here and on another page. Thanks.

  22. Hello. I read your book magickal seduction. .and want to do ritual 2 on a specific person.
    Do I need pyrite and the other things as in ritual 1?
    Also can I do this in the morning?
    Thank you in advance for your time.

  23. Mr. Brandon,

    When a personal object is needed to perform a ritual. Will an envelope of a gift card from that person work?

    Thank you for sharing all this knowledge with us!

  24. My apologies if I am duplicating the question. I am new to the site.

    Mr. Brand,

    To create attraction, it is suggested to have a personal item of the person. Will a coffee gift card, well I should say the envelope of the gift card will work?

    Thank you in advance for your response.
    Your magick it’s revolutionary!

  25. Mr. Brand,

    For the attraction ritual, I need to have a personal item of the person; the only item that I currently have is a coffee gift card from him, will this work?

    1. Well, as the book says, the more personal the better, but anything personal, that has been in that person’s possession, can help. This is only an adjunct to the magick, and is generally not essential.

  26. Hi Damon,

    I have noticed that the 2nd ritual has many elements of the ritual of the 72 shemhamphorash angels.
    Can I incorporate elements of this(extended clalling of Raziel, singing, lightning bolt etc) to this second ritual?
    Will this increase the effectiveness of this ritual?

    1. If you’re familiar with those practices, then yes you can. It can be kept simple, and still works, but if you like working with those elements, they can help. They don’t necessarily make it stronger, however, or they would have been included in this text. Everything is kept as simply as workably possible, so this is absolutely optional.

  27. Hi Damon
    I have done ritual 2 messed up a bit with the pronunciation but since I have done this ritual he seems to be further away than before and I am feeling very emotional
    I know in your book you said that one may experience strong feelings as well – is the fact that he seems further away mean that the magic has had a reverse effect
    should I retry the whole ritual again

    1. You can retry, but it may be better to be relaxed about this. Please see all the posts on this site about lust for result – letting go of urgent need makes the results come more readily.

      Pronunciation won’t matter enough to cause it to go wrong. Sometimes, emotional magick can cause the target to recoil at first – sensing what is overwhelming forces the defences to go up. They usually go down if you give the magick room to work. Feel free to repeat if you want, but a confident approach is better than worrying too much about the details.

  28. Hi Damon I have a quick question for you. If I have a certain person thinking about in my head all and wish to fall in love with that person BUT don’t know their NAME. As I remember in this book in one of the rituals that performing the ritual I have to say their name. What if I don’t know that person’s name? Can I think about em in head? Love to hear back.

  29. Hi Damon,
    I very casually performed ritual #3, but only visualized a couple of real people. One of them seems to be affected. He is very timid around me. Did I accidentally turn ritual #3 into ritual #1, although I haven’t used the name? It appears that the guy completely loses his free will when around me. I don’t think he will ever make a move if he remains like that. The weirdest thing that it started happening weeks before I even decided that I will do the ritual #3. Why is my magick always so strong, it’s over the top? I do it casually and not perfect either..

    Thank you.

    1. Magick is rarely an exact science, and this kind of magick can have a lot of spillage – as I mention in the book, it can often make your feelings stronger than you intended. Often the best solution is a mundane one – a frank talk with the person. Even feelings that have been uncovered by magick can be released by an ordinary conversation that makes it clear you’re not interested. (Assuming you’re not.) The magick is strong, but not this strong for everybody. Magick working before the ritual even takes place is quite common, and indeed it seems to be happening more often, now that our magick has been out in the world for some time. It’s strange, but it’s a real phenomenon.

      1. Thank you, Damon, for your prompt reply and your guidance, as always. It gives me better understanding and direction on how to proceed now and in the future.

  30. Hi Damon, I was wondering if it is absolutely essential to bury the materials after the ritual is over in ritual 1. I live in an area where it would be really hard for me to do so. Is it ok to just throw the left over materials away? Or maybe keep it stored away in a safe place (like in a closet or under the mattress or something)? Thank you!

    1. These answers are from the general FAQ:

      Q: What do I do with printed sigils or talismans once I’ve finished using them? Do they have to be buried at a crossroads or can I throw them in the trash?

      A: Sometimes there are specific instructions on getting rid of a sigil, such a burning or burial, but if this is impractical (if you can’t find a discreet crossroad, for example) you can simply dispose of them and no harm will come to you or your magick. There is a key to this – stop thinking of them as magickal and then simply dispose of them. For angelic sigils, however, many people like to store them and reuse them. If you feel an urge to keep a talisman or sigil that is fine, unless the book specifically says that it should be destroyed.

      Q: I used the sigils in the book (or the ebook) so how do I destroy them?

      A: Stop thinking of them as magickal, stop using them, and leave them where they are.

      1. Thank you very much for the reply Damon. I love the fact that you actually interact with your readers and help us out with any questions we may have.

        BTW, I’ve been doing the Master Protection Ritual and Sword Banishing from your Magickal Protection book. I was having a run of bad luck in my life before this but after only 2 weeks everything seems to have turned around.

        Thanks again for your help. You guys are the real deal. It’s the first new magickal system I’ve seen in awhile that ACTUALLY WORKS! I look forward with working with your other rituals and whatever new books you may publish in the future.

  31. Can you do ritual 2 on any day and time of day, or is there a special time like in ritual 1, i.e 5 days before a full moon? Also is there a good day to start ritual 3?

  32. Hello Damon,

    I’ve successfully been reunited with my boyfriend after almost a year of no contact.
    I used several angels to help reunite us, then used Ritual 1 and now I’ll be doing Ritual 2 for the 3rd time. I’ve only decided to use Ritual 2 twice now since the first time I used it we were still apart and I didn’t see him for many months, therefore I did it again once we were back together. I am doing Ritual 2 again since this time I have some of his beard hairs which strangely enough he handed me.

    The only catch is he is currently married.
    I do expect love from Ritual 2, however, is it possible that he will love 2 people at the same time?
    Is there another way to ensure that Ritual 2 is backed up with a commitment to me?
    Or will he just feel feelings of love and thats all?

    1. When you want it to stop working, it loses its fire. Of course, if somebody has become genuinely attracted to you in the meantime, that can’t be reversed, because it’s no longer caused by magick.

    2. Consider a conversation with the Angel – Umabel, number 61 of the Shemhamphora. Can be found in the GoM book “The 72 Angels of Magick…”

  33. Hello Damon

    In your book, you write that we are able to see a visualization of the rosy light on your images-page. I cannot see it there, but would very much like to see it. Can you upload it there? 🙂

    1. Did you buy your book directly through Amazon? That link/reference was removed from the book a long time ago. (There are unauthorized versions of the ebook available elsewhere online, and some contain errors, including reference to that image).

      1. I bought a used copy a few months back – back when it wasn’t available. It cost 30 bucks, but was pretty nice quality. I don’t know how old it is.

        1. OK, that sounds like a genuine copy, so you will have the right info. The image in question was removed because colours render so differently on different devices – ultimately I was not sure it worked. However, I can look into having it put back up there.

          1. Alright, that sounds good. Thank you. One more question – if I want to seduce an ex-girlfriend I recently ran into – should I do the first or second ritual? I mean, she used to be attracted to me and probably still is. It’s only been six months since we dated.

            1. One is for general attraction, one is for love. What do you want? Only you can know that.

  34. Hello Sir,

    I’m going to be performing ritual 1 for the first time in a few days, and I have some questions

    – at the end of the 5th day, the instructions are to let the candles burn themselves out – this is implied to be optional if otherwise unsafe – and I would like to know if the circle and the pyrite block along with the scrap of paper needs to remain while it burns itself out;

    – in addition, while this process is taking place (the candles burning themselves out) do i have to be positioned in any particular way in relation to the ritual-set-up? i.e. could i leave the ritual space while the candles still burn, assuming they are in a very safe location for being lit?

    – on the final day, if the candles are left to burn themselves out, do I have to wait till they are burnt out before I dispose/bury the required pieces of the set-up?

    – is there any way in which the candles should be arranged, ideally?

    thank you for your time; I just want to make sure I don’t mess up the ending somehow

    1. The candles are very optional. Some people work this with imagined light alone, and it works. If you do leave them burning, the paper and pyrite do not need to remain.

      The candles should not be abandoned, and not just for obvious safety reasons, but to keep them in your peripheral consciousness.

      No need to wait. One candle either side is fine.

      1. Thank you very much, Sir. 🙂

        I’ll blow them out on the 5th day, then! My candles will take hours to burn out and it would not make sense to observe them for that duration until they burn themselves out.

        Appreciate the repy!

      2. I only have 1 white candle presently. Will that make a difference because you said red candles. Do I have to use candles or can I do the rituals to attract or seduce without candles? I have pyrite.

        1. As Damon said above – “The candles are very optional. Some people work this with imagined light alone, and it works.” Cheers, Adam B.

  35. I know you review the initial comment b4 it posts, so wanted to ask privately if we could move to an email format? Possibly you have a generic email you wouldn’t mind sharing?

    Could we briefly pick this up at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    1. I’m afraid not. Please see this answer from the main FAQ for an explanation.

      Q: How can I contact the authors directly?

      A: You can post on the Facebook page, or post on the FAQ pages on this site. If you wish to remain anonymous you can use any name you like to post anonymously – hit the Change button in the Comment box if your real name or identity is showing up. If you have a private question, simply change the identifying details in the question and post anonymously and your question will be answered. If you want to send a completely private message, write NOT FOR PUBLIC in the heading and it will be read, but will never be posted. We cannot reply to private messages due to time pressure. When private messages were open, it was normal for more than forty questions a day to arrive, and replying to them took up many hours. As such, a public form such as this is the best way to address questions.

  36. My wife has bisexual desires that arise when we have sex, take a trip to the beach, or generally are in a relaxed “life-context” (i.e., she can get away from work and relax). I emphasize this first to let you know that my desire for her is not something entirely forced upon her as she genuinely has these desires in certain situations.

    I desire to use ritual one on her behalf. My intention is that she will be inflamed with lust for girls in general. It would be great if this manifested in a sexual relationship with another girl, but realistically could be manifested simply in masturbation thinking about other girls, watching porn, etc… The end-goal will be if this information is shared with me, and our personal sex life is heightened and intensified by her newly found freedom, experimentation and increased desire in this area.

    My question to you is if this intent is within the scope of ritual one, or would some other type of magick be better implemented for this intent?

    1. All rituals can be adapted, but the aim of this ritual is to increase attraction to you, not others. What you’re suggesting sounds more like influence magick, which is another area entirely, and one we haven’t really covered at this point.

      1. Thank you for the comment. So, is it safe to conclude that while influence magick may better cover this topic, it is still advisable to experiment with ritual one as I have suggested? In essence, do you think this experiment might work, or would you go ahead and look for something else in the influence magick area straight away?

        1. If it were me, I would take the mundane path of talking about it directly. Sexual experimentation requires so much trust that any form of coercion within a relationship, especially when empowered by magick, could lead to explosive and unexpected emotions. This is not a moral judgment, but a practicality.

          1. Okay, Mr. Damon Brand; please allow me to expand. A few weeks before I met my wife, I explored invocation of a succubus. The ritual was something entirely intuitive, quite basic, and even without words. In my mind I thought that nothing had been accomplished as i was merely experimenting, and was honestly a wee bit afraid. I didn’t even use words, and this was also my first foray into magick.

            Several weeks later, I meet the girl who is now my wife. She was (and is) stunning! Our relationship quickly blossomed into a WILD sexual ride that very quickly graduated to threesomes, various fetishes and finally one-on-one sexual encounters with her and other females. This continued for about two years, and then it dissipated.

            In retrospect, I have no doubt that this was the manifestation of a succubus, although it was not an ethereal-material manifestation as I had naively wished for.

            I guess I am seeking to open this door again, and through a powerful synchronicity with another witch, have seemingly been led to your book as outward signs in multiple ways are pointing to this. That is why I am further questioning you on this issue.

            I realize that were this intent to be focused upon someone I know not, it is very unlikely to be effective. The fact that this person is my beloved increases the likelihood of manifestation, but if she did not also have an open door of our prior history, one might still think this would not work. But given the historical details I have outlined, I believe the probability that this magick would work is greatly increased.

            So, I state all of this to explain that we have already mundanely talked about this, and have also experienced magickal workings between us (she does not know it was a magickal working).

            Now that I have provided more information, do you find it advisable to explore ritual one experimentation? If not, can you make a recommendation for a best resource to learn influence magick?

            Thank you very much for your dialogue! I have only read your one book, but will shortly order them all. I also LOVE the concept GALLERY OF MAGICK. It resonates within, friend.

            Astral Walker

            1. Thank you for your kind comments.

              It sounds as though you are trying to put more energy or attraction into the relationship, to get back to the energy levels and intensity that was there at the beginning. As such, yes, you could use the attraction ritual, in order to increase the passion felt for you – in the hope this would lead to more exploration.

              There are many powers in The 72 Angels of Magick, such as To Create Passionate Sex, which might be more useful. It’s worth noting, as well, that the listed powers are only a starting point, and once you get a feel for what each angel can do, there is potential to ask for way more than is listed.

              1. Thank you for the recommendation, Damon. I am ordering all of your books today.

                What you surmised is correct, but it is not really attraction to me that is warranted; rather, it is an openness and interest in girls that is the objective. There is some relationship between the two ideas, but she already has an interest in me without the latter (although in the past both existed). I want to stir the desire towards girls again.

                I will modify ritual one so the intention is unto this end; not towards me. I will believe, bring up the feeling that this has been done as that is easy to do based on my prior experience (i.e., alter the past), and forget about it. When future results come, will post a follow-up to this thread.

  37. a final question

    in a part of the first ritual he says Visualize an orange-rosy light before you

    and then says Picture the person you want to be with the rosy light inside

    These are 2 different colors of light or is the same light orange-rosy color,

    Thank you

  38. Hello

    I have a question, if I extended the duration of rituals, for example the first ritual I do it for 15 days or more and the second for 30 days for example, there is a problem with it, I would not lust for the result, I am currently doing a ritual for separation on the same day that the seduction (passion) and I get used to make 2 rituals on the same day

    If you could, I change the sigil or I can maintain throughout the ritual, even for more days than recommended

    Sorry for my English is not my native language

    Thank you

    1. There is no harm in extending the ritual if it is being done with calm confidence, rather than out of fear that it won’t work. But it might be worth considering that the ritual does work when performed for a short time, so one way to show that you are not desperate is to stop and know that the magick will work. With that said, if you simply like doing the magick and get something out of continuing, you can repeat and extend the ritual, so long as you are not trying to force it to work by doing more magick.

      This might also be relevant:

  39. Hello

    In the first ritual when you say

    Speak directly to these spirits of lust, with authority, while picturing your target. Repeat these spirit names over and over.

    I repeat the names of the 6 spirits that have been called in whole or only the last 3 who called

    Thank you


  40. Can ritual 2 be performed on more than one person. So if for example it doesn’t work out with one, you ,any be in love but it is difficult. Can you perform it on the next person you meet and feel a connection with? I know you should be careful with this ritual and I don’t want to abuse it that’s why I ask

    1. Yes. If everything has moved on, there is no harm in repeating. Relationships don’t always work out, and so long as this isn’t being used in an unkind or casual way, it is fine to repeat when you know you’ve moved on.

  41. (I didn’t see this comment box last time and posted my question in the Angels of Love section, where it was answered; thank you for the answer.)

    My follow-up to the question of increasing _specificity_ in the seduction rite:

    It seems reasonable that the more specific we make the request,
    possibly, the longer it might take for the spirits to bring us the result.

    Is it better to approach specificity in the first rite where instead of naming a person, we name a theoretical person?

    Or it is better advised to approach the situation via the third rite,
    where we make ourselves attractive to such a person?

    Magicians should experiment themselves I believe,
    but I am convinced your Coven must have looked at such questions.
    What did you find, if you feel it worthwhile to share?

    Thank you again.

      1. I am wondering, if one could summarise a description of an idealised girl and then assign this idealised girl a name and use this name in the rite.

        What if any opinion does your order have on this approach?
        I.e. the name I choose in my mind in a fashion similar to the selection of a servitor.
        Then, the 6 spirits work toward the realisation of these criteria encapsulated in the name i have assigned.

        Does this go beyond the structure of the rite as it was intended?
        thank you in advance.

      2. To clarify my previous comment:

        thus when I open the ritual, I have a sheet of paper upon which I write the qualities and descriptions,
        and then I say to the spirits,
        I call this idealised girl, So and so.
        And following this, use this name in the rite.

        I ask because, my reasoning is that, if the spirits can help with a general seduction, and on the other hand a very specific seduction of a particular person,
        surely they must be capable of meeting somewhere in the middle and finding one meeting certain requirements. In fact, that might be easier in many cases than bringing the specific person?

        1. You could try this, but it would be very much an experiment. Your theory is correct, but too narrow a remit can limit the chances of success. If you insist on meeting a woman called Julie, with blonde hair, who works in finance, in New York, there might only be one such person. Or none. If you say you want to meet a beautiful woman, there are tens of thousands. So yes, you can combine general attraction with something more specific, but it may not work. However, the approach you suggest sounds like something you’d try in chaos magick. You come up with a name, and you may never meet somebody with that name – but the archetypes behind the name, the feelings, could help shape things. As I say, an experiment, but possibly a good gone.

          1. Spot on, the name is only to represent the criteria to the spirits,
            who presumably understand what I mean.

            Thank you for your response.

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