Chaos Magick FAQ

The Master Works of Chaos Magick

by Adam Blackthorne

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This page is for questions relating to The Master Works of Chaos Magick. 

Q: Can I adapt one of the methods to….?

A: Yes. It’s Chaos Magick, and can thus be adapted as you see fit. Make sure you read all the opening chapters, and the final chapter, to get a grasp of how this can work, and remember that all the example methods in the book are just that. They are examples to guide you, rather than definitive methods.

Q: Can this ritual/spirit/method be used to…?

A: Being Chaos Magick, the answer will always be, “Yes, no, it depends, why not give it a try?” When you read the last chapter of the book, you should get a feeling for the fact that this magick is not an exact science, but a personal exploration. If you have an urge to use the magick in a particular way, there is no right or wrong, there is only experience. Work the magick as you feel inspired to do so.

Q: Somebody said the Olympic spirits are demons. Is this true?

A: No. In Homer you find the word ‘daimones’ used to describe the Olympic Gods, so people do a bit of Googling and get confused. No, they’re not demons.

Q: Why is the last word of the authority call EH-YEAH?

A: The calls are pronunciations of the words in the triangle. The last of these is the Tetragrammaton, which for magickal purposes might be said as EE-AH-OH-EH. Here it is rendered as EE-AH-YEAH for reasons that remain unclear, even to Adam, but it was probably a simplification or alternative of a longer rendering that we were using at the time, before EE-AH-OH-EH became used more widely in our work. You are, of course, free to use any version you like, but in the context of this ritual, I would still use EH-AH-YEAH, because it’s been done that way for a long time, and that has a patterning effect. It works again because it’s worked before.

Q: In the Upside Down Sex magick chapter, you say there are hidden secrets. What are they?

A: It would spoil the fun to tell you everything. And it would take away your opportunity to explore. But here’s one little idea that was implied, ever so subtly. Good sex requires two people, not one. If you’ve got something you both want, have one person use the traditional method (summarised in a wee little paragraph there), and one person use the goal-burning method – at the same time, reaching that moment at the same time (if you’re skilled enough). That’s a beautiful bundle of contradictory alchemy – a cauldron of intention and allowing. Works very well.

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  1. Hi!

    First of all, thanks to all the GoM members for all the work you do and sharing it with the rest of us…you’re all wonderful!

    If an Olympic Spirit ignores you, how do you get their attention again?


    1. Hey, thanks, and so sorry that this comment slipped by me until now.

      I don’t think an Olympic Spirit would ever start to ignore you, as such, but the connection can weaken, or the magick might not work out. But it’s usually down to magickal practice and not a personal thing that the spirit has with you. In short, try the magick with a variation, changing how you tackle the problem, asking in a slightly different way.

      This might also help:

      Cheers, Adam B

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