Chaos Magick FAQ

The Master Works of Chaos Magick

by Adam Blackthorne

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Q: Can I adapt one of the methods to….?

A: Yes. It’s Chaos Magick, and can thus be adapted as you see fit. Make sure you read all the opening chapters, and the final chapter, to get a grasp of how this can work, and remember that all the example methods in the book are just that. They are examples to guide you, rather than definitive methods.

Q: Can this ritual/spirit/method be used to…?

A: Being Chaos Magick, the answer will always be, “Yes, no, it depends, why not give it a try?” When you read the last chapter of the book, you should get a feeling for the fact that this magick is not an exact science, but a personal exploration. If you have an urge to use the magick in a particular way, there is no right or wrong, there is only experience. Work the magick as you feel inspired to do so.

Q: Why is the last word of the authority call EH-YEAH?

A: The calls are pronunciations of the words in the triangle. The last of these is the Tetragrammaton, which for magickal purpose might be said as EE-AH-OH-EH. Here it is rendered as EE-AH-YEAH for reasons that remain unclear, even to Adam, but it was probably a simplification or alternative of a longer rendering that we were using at the time, before EE-AH-OH-EH became used more widely in our work. You are, of course, free to use any version you like, but in the context of this ritual, I would still use EH-AH-YEAH, because it’s been done that way for a long time, and that has a patterning effect. It works again because it’s worked before.

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22 thoughts on “Chaos Magick FAQ

  1. Adam, since you are on this now, I wanted to thank you for this book. I created my own effigy over a course of several weeks. I keep it in a magickal box and every time I take my effigy out, I do feel kind of creepy just as you say. I’ve been having a huge rift with a family member, and after doing so much magick, I got the nerve to swallow my pride and apologize on my end, her apology no where to be seen, and she has not even responded to my apology which I sent via email. With Christmas approaching and the fact that her and her two teenage daughters are also rude to me and ignore me when I’m at home, I almost considered not even going, which enraged me. Not knowing really what magick to use since I worked with Olympic Spirits to help me communicate well with that email, WOP to win an argument, I just opened up my box and asked my effigy to protect me from negativity so that the whole night I would be happy and unaffected by them and it happened! (This is like impossible for me, I’m a Scorpio and the world is always about to end for me, I get way too emotional so for that to occur was a big deal). I felt that punishing an enemy from Gordon’s book was way to extreme, didn’t want to punish her and her kids like that, but I did ask my effigy to have them all deeply repent on how they treated me that day in particular and I wanted to know that they were upset and they did all seem very solemn and sad and that brought me so much satisfaction. So yes, the effigy is awesome, especially during times like those when I’m not exactly sure what type of magick to do exactly. So grateful though, I did not want to spend Christmas alone and instead I had a great time and laughed so much 🙂


    1. Thanks for that. Writing a book is hard – well, for me it is, and it takes so much longer than you ever think it will. People say, ‘Could you just knock out a manual on Subject X’ and I freak out, thinking, ‘No, it takes months’. So thanks. The books are a big load of work, but they’re also precious to me (and us) so it’s always, always a big deal to get a compliment. Great that the effigy works for you. It’s a bit iffy for some people – the creepiness can be too much, but it can really work. Cheers. AB.


  2. thank you for your input i recently got in the magick souly because of your books and Evocation has become such an interesting topic for me and the only books I own on the topic of magick are yours its a little hard to find a practical/Shortcut approach to it.


  3. i just re read the FAQ “Yes, no, it depends, why not give it a try? i just wanted to know if it was even possible for evocation thorough just sigils or if you have heard if its been done before with sigils alone?


    1. I never say never – so yes, it can be done, but I wouldn’t say it’s likely. Evocation to appearance can occur easily and almost by surprise, or it can be a labour of love – it depends on many factors, from natural ability to experience and skill. So it can work, but there are never guarantees with evocation.


  4. Hello, the chapter of Olympic Spirits there is a part of the book that talks about an example to end a project, and makes a reference about Saturn being a heavy, destructive planet, i’ve been investigating and reading Planetary Correspondeces, and the planet that have the most destructive and negative traits is Mars, from what i have been reading about Saturn its Correspondece is all about Healimg, Protection, works, authority.

    The same with one aspect of the moon that Adam talks about Sexual attraction and i believed it should be Venus aspect, so could you tell me if the book is wrong, or maybe give me a reference where can i learn more about the planets


    1. The book is not wrong, but there are many differing interpretations of planetary aspects around. It’s also worth noting that the Olympic spirits connect to those planetary aspects, but they have characteristics of their own, which are the ones Adam lists.

      It depends what books you read, but Saturn is often associated with depression, endings, apathy, exhaustion, binding, destruction and so on. But there are positive aspects too – not least because endings can be positive. Same applies with Luna – some sources will not include sexual attraction, others will. In terms of the Olympic spirit that employs the power of Luna, then sexual attraction is a valid power.

      I’m afraid I can’t recommend a particular book, because it’s policy not to, largely because there are thousands upon thousands of books, and what suits one will not suit another.


    1. I’ve just added this to the FAQ: “Being Chaos Magick, the answer will always be, “Yes, no, it depends, why not give it a try?” When you read the last chapter of the book, you should get a feeling for the fact that this magick is not an exact science, but a personal exploration. If you have an urge to use the magick in a particular way, there is no right or wrong, there is only experience. Work the magick as you feel inspired to do so.”

      So it’s open to your interpretation and application. You could use it either way. A general enhancement won’t last forever, whereas a direct enhancement of one other magickal project could be very powerful.


      1. Thanks i love how the system is simplified, the Arbatel was a a lot more then a bit complicated for some one new to this like my self i do have to say it does sound a little to easy.
        just simply asking the spirit with out all the other stuff.


        1. If ever you don’t like how easy it feels, you can add in more complexity from the original source material – but only if doing so is going to make it feel more valid to you. Otherwise, simple is good.


  5. I used hyperoxygenation to reach an altered state of consciousness. This produced a pronounced feeling of joy and well-being within me as well as an empty, clear mind. I haven’t heard of this being used to reach gnosis (but then again I haven’t read much about chaos magick). Is this method common?


    1. I have heard of people using certain breathing exercise to create altered states, but I’m not sure about hyperoxygenation. People attempt to reach gnosis using innumerable methods.

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  6. Thanks for your reply,I see what you mean.I also believe completely in the reality of the entities I work with,I suppose it would be strange not to after the contacts I’ve had with them and all the help I have recieved.I invariably get a very strong sense of presence and I think this is because I have practised Qi Gong for over thirty years and so have some experience with sensing energy.Anyway I totally see the difference in the two system’s creation,thank you,David.

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  7. Hi,I was just wondering if ,for example, you could say that the ‘Angel’ books and the wealth books are in fact chaos magic? You have used established ‘magical entities’,devised a calling in harmony with the system but ,if I understand,not entirely traditional and more devised from your own experimentation, isn’t that what Chaos magic does?I’m wondering because I want to do a ritual with Bast and I want to use many of the elements in the GOM rituals because they’re really amazing and feel good to me, Will mixing these ‘systems’ be a problem because one is Hebraic and one Egyptian?I totally understand why we use ‘established’ entities and I can’t see that anything else would be detrimental.I hope you see what I mean,thanks David.


    1. Not to me, because we’re not borrowing a belief or using it temporarily. Wealth Magick and the Angel books are written from the perspective of somebody who believes in those angels and demons. And for those workings, although faith is not essential, I think that acknowledging the reality of the entities makes it far more likely to work. Also, those systems, although devised within the group, were inspired in part through direct communication with the entities involved. That’s a quite different approach to Chaos.

      Mixing systems can work, and it can fail, but this is where experimentation comes in. I find it works more often than it fails.


  8. Many thanks Adam for this refreshing tome. Though i think my magickal endeavors will be enhanced in general i do believe chapter 10 is where i will most succeed. 🙂
    Looking forward to more from you. A delightful addition to GOM publications.

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  9. Hi. I’ve become interested in working with demons as I’ve learned that angels are not better or worse than demons; they all have various powers and can help us in different ways (and that angles can be destructive as much). Are you planning to write a book that includes working with demons (and not just angels) for example through sigils?


    1. We have a policy of no longer announcing books until they are just about to be published, but it’s not secret that we will produce a book on working with demons. It is not expected any time soon. Thanks for your interest.


  10. I also posted this question on the blog. Can the 2 candles to separate 2 persons used for the.opposite effect such that it can be moved closer together to bring 2 estranged people closer? Thank you!


    1. Of course. The main message of the book is that if something inspires you to try a magickal method, it will probably work, if you keep the main principles in mind.


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