Chaos Magick FAQ

The Master Works of Chaos Magick

by Adam Blackthorne

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This page is only for questions relating to The Master Works of Chaos Magick. 



Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.

Q: Can I adapt one of the methods to….?

A: Yes. It’s Chaos Magick, and can thus be adapted as you see fit. Make sure you read all the opening chapters, and the final chapter, to get a grasp of how this can work, and remember that all the example methods in the book are just that. They are examples to guide you, rather than definitive methods.

Q: Can this ritual/spirit/method be used to…?

A: Being Chaos Magick, the answer will always be, “Yes, no, it depends, why not give it a try?” When you read the last chapter of the book, you should get a feeling for the fact that this magick is not an exact science, but a personal exploration. If you have an urge to use the magick in a particular way, there is no right or wrong, there is only experience. Work the magick as you feel inspired to do so.

Q: Why is the last word of the authority call EH-YEAH?

A: The calls are pronunciations of the words in the triangle. The last of these is the Tetragrammaton, which for magickal purpose might be said as EE-AH-OH-EH. Here it is rendered as EE-AH-YEAH for reasons that remain unclear, even to Adam, but it was probably a simplification or alternative of a longer rendering that we were using at the time, before EE-AH-OH-EH became used more widely in our work. You are, of course, free to use any version you like, but in the context of this ritual, I would still use EH-AH-YEAH, because it’s been done that way for a long time, and that has a patterning effect. It works again because it’s worked before.

Q: In the Upside Down Sex magick chapter, you say there are hidden secrets. What are they?

A: It would spoil the fun to tell you everything. And it would take away your opportunity to explore. But here’s one little idea that was implied, ever so subtly. Good sex requires two people, not one. If you’ve got something you both want, have one person use the traditional method (summarised in a wee little paragraph there), and one person use the goal-burning method – at the same time, reaching that moment at the same time (if you’re skilled enough). That’s a beautiful bundle of contradictory alchemy – a cauldron of intention and allowing. Works very well.


54 thoughts on “Chaos Magick FAQ

  1. Hi!

    First of all, thanks to all the GoM members for all the work you do and sharing it with the rest of us…you’re all wonderful!

    If an Olympic Spirit ignores you, how do you get their attention again?


  2. Chaos magick has helped give me control over my anxiety. The book said Adam hated affirmations, because they felt like telling a lie to yourself; only by overcoming that feeling, and with persistence, would they work. I had been using them with minimal results. But after combining emotional alchemy, imagery, and the book’s tips about wording affirmations, within days I felt a notable improvement in controlling my anxiety. Was it magick, or some undiscovered aspects about how the mind works? I think both.

    I believe all “magick” is just yet-to-be-proven-science. And Adam wasn’t lying when he said the core of chaos magick’s secrets, could be summed up as, “You take one feeling, turn into another, and reality shifts to match your emotion.” I got my result w/o any sexuality, sigils, spirits, etc. I used what I described in the first paragraph, and got my results. And I think Adam was the one who said beliefs are shaped less by repeated thoughts, and more with strong emotions. To an extent, he was right. Emotions are crucial for self-change, with or without magick. Of all their books for self-development, this best matched my personality and goals. Thank you.

  3. Hello. Just read Adam Blackthorne’s book on Chaos Magick and I wanted to say thank you for writing such and excellent book. My background: I share Crowley’s birthday day (102 years after his birth.) I lean HGA/Great Work in my perspective of the universe. I have achieved Samahdi using the lbrp and walking meditation from a Jack Kornfield book. I have had ecstatic conversations with Thoth, him and I speaking some unknown languages and knowledge I seemed in full command of at the time, with little pomp. I have recently restarted my practice of magick after a hiatus. I am now 39, which I find amusing because I recall when I was young reading that a person shouldn’t practice Kabbalah until they are at least 39 and have raised a family. So, I am rebuilding my technique and I knew I wanted to build my practice around the lbrp, middle pillar, and some chaos magick influenced mixed with traditional stuff. I found your book looking for a cheap Liber Null for Kindle. I guess I am back on the path of the Universe because this book saved me some time! I am grateful. Really enjoyed the conversational aspect too. Many occult writer’s like to do that from Crowley, Regardie, Leary, Wilson, but your conversational style made me think you were early a witty mid thirties American, when I think you are probably British (not meaning to insult you by calling you an American, just illustrating that I am from the US (Memphis) and you were very conversational and disarming.) I have never worked with a formal group, although I am open to it as long as the people are artistic and inspired. With that being said if you know people in the Denver Colorado area that are hip, lemme know. Also, maybe we can work together sometime. My wife and I are trying to come up ways to be digital nomads and travel working remotely. We plan on spending some time in Portugal as a base for exploration. I am almost sure I will end up writing. I had a former career as a musician with success by most people’s personal measure, so who knows. But I felt compelled to offer gratitude. Now off to perform the Olympic Spirits ritual to ask Bethor for help!

    Best Regards,


    1. Hey, thanks for this – missed it for seven months. Don’t know how it slipped through, but thanks for those great comments. Really great to hear you’re enjoying magick.

  4. Hi Adam,

    First off I’d like to say what success I am having with this book so far. I had used sigil magick 5 years ago and got either no results or dampened results. The refined system you present here is efficient an workable on such a tangible and exciting level. I’ve learned more about the nature of magick itself just from reading and using the GOM books than from any research I had deliberately devoted myself to previously.

    Secondly, I had a question regarding the crafting process of the sigil itself. I remember a hangup I would encounter when crafting sigils years ago that came back last night, which is intrusive thoughts popping up during the crafting process itself. I wanted to ask, if an intrusive thought, notably a bad one, pops up during the part where the sigil is being drawn, does that somehow manifest along with your main desire once charged? For instance, if you’re crafting a sigil and the thought of someone in your family dying or your pup getting run over by a car pops up, will this come to fruition along with your result, or on its own in its own right? Or are you able to just shake the thoughts and continue crafting after it pops up? Feels silly to ask but given the loose nature of chaos magick I feel it as a legitimate concern haha.

    Thank you again

    1. Thanks. Love hearing that!.

      I get what you mean. It’s funny, this question wasn’t asked for years, and then it’s been asked by three or four people on various pages over the last month. I can’t really think which FAQ to put it in. Strange

      To answer, the more focussed you are, but no, stray thoughts don’t leap out as manifestations, they don’t taint or ruin what you’re doing. If you spent ten minutes making a sigil, and spent five of them daydreaming about something else, well, yes, that might have an affect. It might not because magick is about directed intention. But it might, because thoughts and feelings affect it all. But the odd stray thought, even a really negative one, is just a stray thought and can be safely let go.

      1. That’s a relief to hear. It’s almost like once your mind knows that the intrusive thoughts are what derail your magick or worry you, the intrusive thoughts become that much more robust. Pink elephant sort of thing going on.

        My thing is that virtually no actual energy goes into the intrusive thought, but I was just concerned because of the relative looseness of this magick. It’s really good to hear that they can be disregarded.

  5. Hi there 🙂
    Firstly, let me say, the book “Chaos Magick” is fantastic and I really enjoyed your writing style; it’s very approachable.
    Secondly to my question, I used the calling for Arathon, but I was so focused on the feel of the vibrations of the words for his name that I forgot to look at the sigil, I went straight into my request(lol); I don’t feel that it was a total fail, the air was very dense/heavy, and the room/myself became very hot almost humid you could say, even with the a/c on. I was wondering if my failure to look at the sigul means that I should perform the call again, perhaps in a week, to give it time, but I don’t want to be keep calling out to him if he’s already working on what I needed. What do you think, call again, or let it ride?

    Happy Weekend to you!

    1. Ah, thanks Nicole. So great to hear. You could repeat that after a break, as you suggest, but your description sounds like it was all happening. You’d already seen the sigil, you know what it looks like, so if you got all those ‘side-effects’ my best guess is contact was made and it worked. We sometimes get hung up on staring at the sigils so hard they melt, but it’s really about being aware of that shape, of having it within you – os if you’ve seen it, and knew of it, as you did the work, and if it was present as you did the ritual, that’s probably enough.

  6. Hi Adam, a week after I have finished Hagith ritual to end a couple’ s relationship, the couple got married. I am wondering if I should repeat Hagith ritual as the circumstance changes. During the ritual , I ask Hagith to end their relationship so that they will never be together again. Should I repeat, asking Hagith to end their marriage instead? Or hagith would continue to work on ending their marriage?

    1. This happens more often than I wish it did – you force a couple to make or break, and they go ‘make’ to try to get through. But, the break will come. Probably. Yeah, as it’s changed, you might want to repeat, but you should also see that your magick may well have been stirring them up. Cold comfort, I know. But it’s the same with any attack – people can seem calm happy, all well on the surface. Underneath, things are not so good. Unless this is an unshakeable love, in which case nothing you can do will change it. But rather than focussing on the marriage itself, just get them to fall out, fall out of love. Easier to do that than to cause an actual divorce, which is complicated, expensive, legal and often comes years after the actual breakdown of the relationship.

  7. What happen if I break a promise to the Olympic spirit after the ritual? The results from the ritual have not come about. Does it mean that I should watch out the next time I cross the road as the spirit is pissed ? Or does it mean the spirit would not help me anymore and I could forget about any results from the ritual?

    1. If the offering has been made for a while, then it’s been made; doesn’t have to be forever. But I don’t know if you mean this is three days later or three months when you say the results haven’t come about. Try to think of it as ‘not yet’. Even if you stop the offering now, you’ve made some sacrifice, and the result can still come if you don’t write it off as a failure. Maybe, hopefully, but maybe not. But no, they won’t get you as you cross the road – the worst they do is ignore you.

  8. Hi Mr. AB,
    Quick Q: I’ve been implementing incorporating the sigils in my work (your advice in this book); you said it should be small that the eyes can’t see. I got this part covered.

    But can you suggest anything that can protect my creative work, like what you and the G.O.M masters have done? Can I call an angel or demon to protect my creative work against piracy? If yes who do you suggest?

    Or should I just create a sigil then charge it? – & give it the intention to just destroy the people who would disrespect & steal my work by putting it online for free etc ad infinitum.

    The problem with charging for me personally is that sometimes my physical energy is low that I cannot charge with full blown emotions & intent. Ergo why I like working with a spirit and have the spirit do this for me & as opposed to “using” my emotions & intentions.

    I approach life intellectually not emotionally, that’s why when emotions & intents are on the menu – I get physically drained. (Sidenote – emotions for me are just useful on magickal attacks because there my emotions become potent, I don’t hold back) BUT on other issues of life. I get drained.

    So what say you? what’s your verdict on this? :D. I wish there’s this like “Batman” big light that says MR. ADAM BLACKTHORNE MAYDAY MAYDAY you know what I mean? I’ll flash it right now.

    Thanks 🙂 😀 I’m humble enough to admit I’m running out of creative magickal juices hahahah HELP. With much gratitude, S.M.888

    1. We’re trying to avoid a Bat Signal – that is, we’re trying to encourage self-led learning. For many reasons. We’re not going to be around forever, and like somebody said, ‘Imagine you were studying some old text and you want to write to the author. You just can send a message to Crowley.’ We’ll all be dead soon, too! No, I hope not. But we won’t be around, so that’s why we keep saying to people that if you ask more than two or three questions a week, look to yourself and see what you can divine from your intuition. Not wanting to pour water on the bonfire of your enthusiasm, one tiny bit, but just pointing you in a more important direction!

      But as to protecting work, what we did was very complicated involving a lot of people and is way beyond the scope of what we’ve put in the books. And there’s a lot of debate as to whether it works. Some people say the curse has crippled their magick, others that they are just fine – but they keep on pirating books, so I hardly think they are thriving! But, as I say, that was a big deal and not something I could communicate here.

      Low energy can be a problem, so wait until you’re ready and have worked out what you like best – it can be an angel (you have to choose one that feels right to you), servitor or sigil (chaos magick!). Lots can work, nothing will be perfect.

      1. hahaha first thanks for the quid-pro-quo jokes 🙂 😀 I truly get you when you said, self-taught philosophy as part of the learning process.

        Pls. leave me some inheritance when you pass on & go to the higher realm. I can email you my bank account number. I only say this to encourage the wealth spirits by you initiating the wealth giving, lead by example as Gandhi said ” BE THE CHANGE Mr.A.B – the change that you wanna see”.

        But yeah I get you, dear God why do emotions drain me? Yes Prof. A.B will work on that part Sir.

        Again my bank account numero is on its way hahahah, with much love & gratitude, S.M.888

        P.S. i can also accept Paypal for your convenience 😀 goodnight visit me in my dreams with money bags

  9. Got the Chaos magick book and I love It! Definitely think I fall into the category of a Chaos magician as I’ve always liked to blend or mix and match styles of working. I was attracted to working with the Olympic Spirits for a love situation and wasn’t sure which spirit to call on, but then I was drawn to Phul, as one of the powers listed was to ease anxiety and fears. I did the Ritual to ease the fears of my love interest who is fearful of commitment due to being severely hurt from a past relationship. The next day, my love interest contacted me, wanting to meet – after not seeing each other for a while due to other circumstances as well. We then ended up going for dinner and while we’re still not a couple, I felt a definite improvement- he opened up more to me about his life, what he feels about things, etc. Definitely feel this is as a result of the Ritual. So I take this as a good sign.

    I also feel sometimes people get discouraged with magick as they expect huge developments over night but in my experence, it’s more often gradual baby steps, especially when dealing with another person and their emotions. This was a big step forward for us I feel – but then I remembered I’d specified I wanted things to move forward at a pace that was right for him too. So while on the outside not an earth shattering development as in he didn’t declare undying love for me or anything, it was a big step forward for him as I’d asked. If that makes sense! I have combined this with sigil rituals from your book. The ones to encourage love, encourage trust and maintain love over a long distance (as he is often away). Feel the sigils working super fast as well. Anyway, so grateful for both those books- I’m learning such a lot from them.

    1. Thank you, and I love that story. What I like best is that you did some cunning, sideways magick. Rather than going straight for love or whatever, you worked on anxiety and fears. Clever. This is often the best way.

      Yes, yes, yes to baby steps. It can work in seconds, but often it takes layers of change and if you can accept that, you get stuff so quickly (compared to if you’d *not* done magick). Glad the sigils are working!

      1. Thanks! I like being cunning 🙂 The idea just came to me when reading the powers listed under Phul. I will follow it up soon with asking Hagith for help with love specifically. I also like the section in this book on sigils. I’ve not worked with them much before in terms of creating my own but I have had some success with using ones I just found on the internet to remove an enemy. What I actually did was take a digital image of the sigil and ‘broadcast’ it at the target via radionics. I don’t know if you have any experience of that but I have some digital radionics software programme which work very well and which I use in conjunction with physical rituals, etc. I find it can amplify your own energy.

  10. Hi Adam, when asking Hagith to break up a couple, should I state the problem more like the couple does not belong together and there is everything wrong with the couple, rather than I like the guy so the only way for the guy to be with me is for them to break up. Which one is a better sell to Hagith? 🙂

    1. Look at Step 5 – it’s not a sell, but clarity. Feel the problem, then the solution. ‘They are together and I want them apart’ is simple and clear. If you add in, ‘and I want to be with him’, that’s an additional complication. Maybekeep it simple, get one result, and then work on the next.

  11. Hi Adam, I need your guidance regarding arathron. I am wondering how big of a request I can ask of arathron in one ritual. I am thinking to ask arathron to destroy the wealth of my enemy and also destroy the ability of my enemy to make new wealth. Is it too big of a request to ask in one ritual or should I break it down into two different rituals (each ritual done some time apart)?

    1. You can put them together, but given that you have doubts, why not separate. A bit of extra time will probably help this.

      1. Thanks Adam, I need advise on how to structure the problem to arathron. Can I say the problem is that the enemy use alot of my money and I want revenge to get inner peace and feel justice ? Would arathron think that I am a petty person who think about revenge?

        1. Trust your intuition. The spirits don’t judge it as petty if you don’t feel that it’s petty. They have these powers so they can use them.

    1. It can work in many ways, and as I say, “Things are left a bit loose, to give you room to use your intuition.” That part of the book that follows the spirit descriptions is the important bit, for choosing which power to use. “Looking at this list and using your intuition – that is a time-tested way of doing magick.” You *can* do bundles of extra research, but trusting your own feeling on this is best. But, you know, I think it’s fair to say that powers related to Venus range from lustful bursts of infatuation all the way to soulmate love.

  12. 🙂 Adam, thank YOU for the great book. <3 I enjoy it immensely. In the Upside Down Sex magick chapter, can masturbation be used instead of sex?

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, you can, but only if it’s really good. That is, I go on about good sex being better than bad. It really does count. That’s why I think a lot of the casual chaos magick is often a bit of a letdown. Not enough energy. Potent and wonderful sex is way better. But it’s chaos so anything goes and anything is better than nothing.

      1. 🙂 Adam, thanks a lot for making me free of an unattainable goal. Upside Down Sex Magick gave me peace of mind that I hadn’t experienced for decades.

  13. Adam, since you are on this now, I wanted to thank you for this book. I created my own effigy over a course of several weeks. I keep it in a magickal box and every time I take my effigy out, I do feel kind of creepy just as you say. I’ve been having a huge rift with a family member, and after doing so much magick, I got the nerve to swallow my pride and apologize on my end, her apology no where to be seen, and she has not even responded to my apology which I sent via email. With Christmas approaching and the fact that her and her two teenage daughters are also rude to me and ignore me when I’m at home, I almost considered not even going, which enraged me. Not knowing really what magick to use since I worked with Olympic Spirits to help me communicate well with that email, WOP to win an argument, I just opened up my box and asked my effigy to protect me from negativity so that the whole night I would be happy and unaffected by them and it happened! (This is like impossible for me, I’m a Scorpio and the world is always about to end for me, I get way too emotional so for that to occur was a big deal). I felt that punishing an enemy from Gordon’s book was way to extreme, didn’t want to punish her and her kids like that, but I did ask my effigy to have them all deeply repent on how they treated me that day in particular and I wanted to know that they were upset and they did all seem very solemn and sad and that brought me so much satisfaction. So yes, the effigy is awesome, especially during times like those when I’m not exactly sure what type of magick to do exactly. So grateful though, I did not want to spend Christmas alone and instead I had a great time and laughed so much 🙂

    1. Thanks for that. Writing a book is hard – well, for me it is, and it takes so much longer than you ever think it will. People say, ‘Could you just knock out a manual on Subject X’ and I freak out, thinking, ‘No, it takes months’. So thanks. The books are a big load of work, but they’re also precious to me (and us) so it’s always, always a big deal to get a compliment. Great that the effigy works for you. It’s a bit iffy for some people – the creepiness can be too much, but it can really work. Cheers. AB.

  14. thank you for your input i recently got in the magick souly because of your books and Evocation has become such an interesting topic for me and the only books I own on the topic of magick are yours its a little hard to find a practical/Shortcut approach to it.

  15. i just re read the FAQ “Yes, no, it depends, why not give it a try? i just wanted to know if it was even possible for evocation thorough just sigils or if you have heard if its been done before with sigils alone?

    1. I never say never – so yes, it can be done, but I wouldn’t say it’s likely. Evocation to appearance can occur easily and almost by surprise, or it can be a labour of love – it depends on many factors, from natural ability to experience and skill. So it can work, but there are never guarantees with evocation.

  16. Is there a way to use the sigil making technique in this book for evocation of a spirit to physical view?

  17. Hello, the chapter of Olympic Spirits there is a part of the book that talks about an example to end a project, and makes a reference about Saturn being a heavy, destructive planet, i’ve been investigating and reading Planetary Correspondeces, and the planet that have the most destructive and negative traits is Mars, from what i have been reading about Saturn its Correspondece is all about Healimg, Protection, works, authority.

    The same with one aspect of the moon that Adam talks about Sexual attraction and i believed it should be Venus aspect, so could you tell me if the book is wrong, or maybe give me a reference where can i learn more about the planets

    1. The book is not wrong, but there are many differing interpretations of planetary aspects around. It’s also worth noting that the Olympic spirits connect to those planetary aspects, but they have characteristics of their own, which are the ones Adam lists.

      It depends what books you read, but Saturn is often associated with depression, endings, apathy, exhaustion, binding, destruction and so on. But there are positive aspects too – not least because endings can be positive. Same applies with Luna – some sources will not include sexual attraction, others will. In terms of the Olympic spirit that employs the power of Luna, then sexual attraction is a valid power.

      I’m afraid I can’t recommend a particular book, because it’s policy not to, largely because there are thousands upon thousands of books, and what suits one will not suit another.

  18. when using Phul to “Enhance magick”
    is that only for one ritual you want to preform or just over all enhancement?

    1. I’ve just added this to the FAQ: “Being Chaos Magick, the answer will always be, “Yes, no, it depends, why not give it a try?” When you read the last chapter of the book, you should get a feeling for the fact that this magick is not an exact science, but a personal exploration. If you have an urge to use the magick in a particular way, there is no right or wrong, there is only experience. Work the magick as you feel inspired to do so.”

      So it’s open to your interpretation and application. You could use it either way. A general enhancement won’t last forever, whereas a direct enhancement of one other magickal project could be very powerful.

      1. Thanks i love how the system is simplified, the Arbatel was a a lot more then a bit complicated for some one new to this like my self i do have to say it does sound a little to easy.
        just simply asking the spirit with out all the other stuff.

        1. If ever you don’t like how easy it feels, you can add in more complexity from the original source material – but only if doing so is going to make it feel more valid to you. Otherwise, simple is good.

  19. I used hyperoxygenation to reach an altered state of consciousness. This produced a pronounced feeling of joy and well-being within me as well as an empty, clear mind. I haven’t heard of this being used to reach gnosis (but then again I haven’t read much about chaos magick). Is this method common?

    1. I have heard of people using certain breathing exercise to create altered states, but I’m not sure about hyperoxygenation. People attempt to reach gnosis using innumerable methods.

  20. Thanks for your reply,I see what you mean.I also believe completely in the reality of the entities I work with,I suppose it would be strange not to after the contacts I’ve had with them and all the help I have recieved.I invariably get a very strong sense of presence and I think this is because I have practised Qi Gong for over thirty years and so have some experience with sensing energy.Anyway I totally see the difference in the two system’s creation,thank you,David.

  21. Hi,I was just wondering if ,for example, you could say that the ‘Angel’ books and the wealth books are in fact chaos magic? You have used established ‘magical entities’,devised a calling in harmony with the system but ,if I understand,not entirely traditional and more devised from your own experimentation, isn’t that what Chaos magic does?I’m wondering because I want to do a ritual with Bast and I want to use many of the elements in the GOM rituals because they’re really amazing and feel good to me, Will mixing these ‘systems’ be a problem because one is Hebraic and one Egyptian?I totally understand why we use ‘established’ entities and I can’t see that anything else would be detrimental.I hope you see what I mean,thanks David.

    1. Not to me, because we’re not borrowing a belief or using it temporarily. Wealth Magick and the Angel books are written from the perspective of somebody who believes in those angels and demons. And for those workings, although faith is not essential, I think that acknowledging the reality of the entities makes it far more likely to work. Also, those systems, although devised within the group, were inspired in part through direct communication with the entities involved. That’s a quite different approach to Chaos.

      Mixing systems can work, and it can fail, but this is where experimentation comes in. I find it works more often than it fails.

  22. Many thanks Adam for this refreshing tome. Though i think my magickal endeavors will be enhanced in general i do believe chapter 10 is where i will most succeed. 🙂
    Looking forward to more from you. A delightful addition to GOM publications.

  23. Hi. I’ve become interested in working with demons as I’ve learned that angels are not better or worse than demons; they all have various powers and can help us in different ways (and that angles can be destructive as much). Are you planning to write a book that includes working with demons (and not just angels) for example through sigils?

    1. We have a policy of no longer announcing books until they are just about to be published, but it’s not secret that we will produce a book on working with demons. It is not expected any time soon. Thanks for your interest.

  24. I also posted this question on the blog. Can the 2 candles to separate 2 persons used for the.opposite effect such that it can be moved closer together to bring 2 estranged people closer? Thank you!

    1. Of course. The main message of the book is that if something inspires you to try a magickal method, it will probably work, if you keep the main principles in mind.

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