Chaos Magick FAQ

The Master Works of Chaos Magick

by Adam Blackthorne

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This page is for questions relating to The Master Works of Chaos Magick. 

Q: Can I adapt one of the methods to….?

A: Yes. It’s Chaos Magick, and can thus be adapted as you see fit. Make sure you read all the opening chapters, and the final chapter, to get a grasp of how this can work, and remember that all the example methods in the book are just that. They are examples to guide you, rather than definitive methods.

Q: Can this ritual/spirit/method be used to…?

A: Being Chaos Magick, the answer will always be, “Yes, no, it depends, why not give it a try?” When you read the last chapter of the book, you should get a feeling for the fact that this magick is not an exact science, but a personal exploration. If you have an urge to use the magick in a particular way, there is no right or wrong, there is only experience. Work the magick as you feel inspired to do so.

Q: Somebody said the Olympic spirits are demons. Is this true?

A: No. In Homer you find the word ‘daimones’ used to describe the Olympic Gods, so people do a bit of Googling and get confused. No, they’re not demons.

Q: Why is the last word of the authority call EH-YEAH?

A: The calls are pronunciations of the words in the triangle. The last of these is the Tetragrammaton, which for magickal purposes might be said as EE-AH-OH-EH. Here it is rendered as EE-AH-YEAH for reasons that remain unclear, even to Adam, but it was probably a simplification or alternative of a longer rendering that we were using at the time, before EE-AH-OH-EH became used more widely in our work. You are, of course, free to use any version you like, but in the context of this ritual, I would still use EH-AH-YEAH, because it’s been done that way for a long time, and that has a patterning effect. It works again because it’s worked before.

Q: In the Upside Down Sex magick chapter, you say there are hidden secrets. What are they?

A: It would spoil the fun to tell you everything. And it would take away your opportunity to explore. But here’s one little idea that was implied, ever so subtly. Good sex requires two people, not one. If you’ve got something you both want, have one person use the traditional method (summarised in a wee little paragraph there), and one person use the goal-burning method – at the same time, reaching that moment at the same time (if you’re skilled enough). That’s a beautiful bundle of contradictory alchemy – a cauldron of intention and allowing. Works very well.

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55 Comments on “Chaos Magick FAQ

  1. Chaos magick has helped give me control over my anxiety. The book said Adam hated affirmations, because they felt like telling a lie to yourself; only by overcoming that feeling, and with persistence, would they work. I had been using them with minimal results. But after combining emotional alchemy, imagery, and the book’s tips about wording affirmations, within days I felt a notable improvement in controlling my anxiety. Was it magick, or some undiscovered aspects about how the mind works? I think both.

    I believe all “magick” is just yet-to-be-proven-science. And Adam wasn’t lying when he said the core of chaos magick’s secrets, could be summed up as, “You take one feeling, turn into another, and reality shifts to match your emotion.” I got my result w/o any sexuality, sigils, spirits, etc. I used what I described in the first paragraph, and got my results. And I think Adam was the one who said beliefs are shaped less by repeated thoughts, and more with strong emotions. To an extent, he was right. Emotions are crucial for self-change, with or without magick. Of all their books for self-development, this best matched my personality and goals. Thank you.

    • Wow! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello. Just read Adam Blackthorne’s book on Chaos Magick and I wanted to say thank you for writing such and excellent book. My background: I share Crowley’s birthday day (102 years after his birth.) I lean HGA/Great Work in my perspective of the universe. I have achieved Samahdi using the lbrp and walking meditation from a Jack Kornfield book. I have had ecstatic conversations with Thoth, him and I speaking some unknown languages and knowledge I seemed in full command of at the time, with little pomp. I have recently restarted my practice of magick after a hiatus. I am now 39, which I find amusing because I recall when I was young reading that a person shouldn’t practice Kabbalah until they are at least 39 and have raised a family. So, I am rebuilding my technique and I knew I wanted to build my practice around the lbrp, middle pillar, and some chaos magick influenced mixed with traditional stuff. I found your book looking for a cheap Liber Null for Kindle. I guess I am back on the path of the Universe because this book saved me some time! I am grateful. Really enjoyed the conversational aspect too. Many occult writer’s like to do that from Crowley, Regardie, Leary, Wilson, but your conversational style made me think you were early a witty mid thirties American, when I think you are probably British (not meaning to insult you by calling you an American, just illustrating that I am from the US (Memphis) and you were very conversational and disarming.) I have never worked with a formal group, although I am open to it as long as the people are artistic and inspired. With that being said if you know people in the Denver Colorado area that are hip, lemme know. Also, maybe we can work together sometime. My wife and I are trying to come up ways to be digital nomads and travel working remotely. We plan on spending some time in Portugal as a base for exploration. I am almost sure I will end up writing. I had a former career as a musician with success by most people’s personal measure, so who knows. But I felt compelled to offer gratitude. Now off to perform the Olympic Spirits ritual to ask Bethor for help!

    Best Regards,


    • Hey, thanks for this – missed it for seven months. Don’t know how it slipped through, but thanks for those great comments. Really great to hear you’re enjoying magick.

  3. Hi Adam,

    First off I’d like to say what success I am having with this book so far. I had used sigil magick 5 years ago and got either no results or dampened results. The refined system you present here is efficient an workable on such a tangible and exciting level. I’ve learned more about the nature of magick itself just from reading and using the GOM books than from any research I had deliberately devoted myself to previously.

    Secondly, I had a question regarding the crafting process of the sigil itself. I remember a hangup I would encounter when crafting sigils years ago that came back last night, which is intrusive thoughts popping up during the crafting process itself. I wanted to ask, if an intrusive thought, notably a bad one, pops up during the part where the sigil is being drawn, does that somehow manifest along with your main desire once charged? For instance, if you’re crafting a sigil and the thought of someone in your family dying or your pup getting run over by a car pops up, will this come to fruition along with your result, or on its own in its own right? Or are you able to just shake the thoughts and continue crafting after it pops up? Feels silly to ask but given the loose nature of chaos magick I feel it as a legitimate concern haha.

    Thank you again

    • Thanks. Love hearing that!.

      I get what you mean. It’s funny, this question wasn’t asked for years, and then it’s been asked by three or four people on various pages over the last month. I can’t really think which FAQ to put it in. Strange

      To answer, the more focussed you are, but no, stray thoughts don’t leap out as manifestations, they don’t taint or ruin what you’re doing. If you spent ten minutes making a sigil, and spent five of them daydreaming about something else, well, yes, that might have an affect. It might not because magick is about directed intention. But it might, because thoughts and feelings affect it all. But the odd stray thought, even a really negative one, is just a stray thought and can be safely let go.

      • That’s a relief to hear. It’s almost like once your mind knows that the intrusive thoughts are what derail your magick or worry you, the intrusive thoughts become that much more robust. Pink elephant sort of thing going on.

        My thing is that virtually no actual energy goes into the intrusive thought, but I was just concerned because of the relative looseness of this magick. It’s really good to hear that they can be disregarded.

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