Adventures In Sex Magick FAQ


Q: What is this book about?

A: Adventures In Sex Magick is about using a system to capture sexual energy and direct it into magickal workings.

Q: There seem to be several different processes in there. Do I combine them all or do them individually?

A: They can be used alone, or combined in whatever way works for you. After reading the book once, I suggest you let the ideas sink in, and then read it again so you can plan a method that appeals to you.

This page is only for questions relating to Adventures in Sex Magick. 

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4 thoughts on “Adventures In Sex Magick FAQ

  1. In The Major Process you describe a method of using emotion to “feed your sexual energy with the love you feel for your partner, and let your love flow into your partner, and into the sigils and talismans you are using”—but you caution to use this only for pure loving relationships. Why is this so? What is it about this process and its results that warrant caution?


    1. I also mention resentment in that paragraph. If used in a relationship where there is bitterness or resentment, it can bring those aspects to the surface. That can be a good thing, in some ways, but you probably don’t want it as an unexpected side effect, hence the warning. The technique can be adapted in many ways, as with most magick, but the method described ensures the least number of complications.


  2. “Increasing the Power … Some people worry that this [discarding the sigil in the rubbish]
    may offend the universe/the spirits/god. The sigil is your creation, and its magick is working on a deeper level now, so throwing away the paper is absolutely fine. If anything, treating it so trivially at this point helps with ‘letting go’ because you’re not worrying or trying to do the right thing.”

    Why then are the spells in the Seduction rites required to be buried?

    What is the essential difference?

    Thank you in advance.


    1. “The sigil is your creation…” When it comes to a spirit’s sigil, it is sometimes wise to use burial or other methods. However, I have increasingly found that with all sigils, simply regarding them as non-magickal for some time, and then disposing of them, has no repercussions. I think burning, burial, casting at a crossroads feels good, because it connects to archetypal images and actions, and so helps seal the work.


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