Adventures In Sex Magick FAQ


This page is for questions relating to Adventures in Sex Magick. 

Q: What is this book about?

A: Adventures In Sex Magick is about using a system to capture sexual energy and direct it into magickal workings.

Q: There seem to be several different processes in there. Do I combine them all or do them individually?

A: They can be used alone, or combined in whatever way works for you. After reading the book once, I suggest you let the ideas sink in, and then read it again so you can plan a method that appeals to you.

Q: Why so few questions here?

A: We think it’s because people find the subject matter a bit too ‘hot’ to talk about in public.

This page will be open to comments and questions from time to time. Please enjoy the answers that we have already – just about everything you could want to know is here.

10 Comments on “Adventures In Sex Magick FAQ

  1. Hi there and thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful information. In the book it says you can use sexual energy and the process described for any other sigil you are working with. So if Im working with a specific Angel, say one from AAoM, can I fire that sigils with this kind of energy? Are all Angels ok with this kind of energy? And finally how would you practically do that? Would you fire up the sigils at some point before you do the actual ritual?

    • Hey, thanks for getting in touch. It’s been about four years since I read that book, so do you mean The Major Process? If so, yes, that can be used to fire up anything, because really when your put energy into something what’s actually happening is sort of the reverse – you’re taking the sigil within yourself, so that it’s image is potent and magickal to you. Without getting to theoretical, sex magick like that just makes the connection to the sigil stronger, and the sexual energy is also creative. I can’t really explain it better than the book, but anyway, yes, you can, because it’s not like you’re soiling or despoiling an angelic sigil, or binding yourself to a demonic one. The energy is making a connection between you and the sigil. So you’d do it just the way it’s described, but with a pre-made sigil. But even though I love experiments, sometimes this urge to add extra power comes from a fear the sigil won’t work as it is. Truth is, the sigils in Archangels of Magick don’t need anything else, sexual or otherwise to work. So in a way I suppose what I’m saying is you could do it, but you don’t need to, and if you feel the need to it might mean there’s some doubt, fear or discomfort you’re feeing about the magick. If not, and you’re just interested in using the knowledge gained from this book, cool, I get that – but I actually think it’s best used for self-created sigils and that sort of thing.

      • Thank you very much for the quick reply. I have already experienced great results with these sigils so I really trust them and feel the power inherent in them. But yes I love sexual practice and magick so was definitely looking for more ways to work with that energy.