A Trick For Manifesting Money

I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about the Magickal Cashbook.

A few people, however, have a bit of trouble getting started, but there’s a trick that can kickstart the method. When requesting your first manifestation, go for something really small but incredibly specific. So if you need $500, just forget that for now. There’s probably some block preventing you from getting it, some doubt about the magick, or some fear that it doesn’t work.

Instead, try requesting an obscure amount such as 50c or $3. Something that feels so easy it’s almost pointless to do magick for.


This works, because it’s such a small amount your disbelief falls away. You let go of all lust for result, because who cares about 50c anyway? But when this specific amount turns up out of the blue, within a few days, it lets you know the magick works. Once you feel that, even though it’s for a tiny amount, it gives you more trust in the magick. It’s an easy and fun way to get things started, but think of it as an enjoyable way to do magick, rather than that you are testing the magick. The moment you test it, you’re lacking trust, and that can short-circuit everything.

The Cashbook works well for most people if the instructions are followed closely, but if you’re having trouble getting started, give this a try and it should get things flowing.

– Damon Brand



13 thoughts on “A Trick For Manifesting Money

  1. Greetings Damon and to your readers! Another 100euros came out of the blue today as a refund from the electric power company!!!!!! Those bloodthirsty vampires have wrecked us completely here in Greece since the Troikans arrived in order to ”save” us…we don’t just pay for electricity…we pay money for the very own houses that we own…

    A few years ago the electrici bill would be just another bill,nothing more nothing less..during the last 2-3 years it has become a living HORROR for all of us,so i am very happy that i managed to get back 100euros from them..i will collect the money tomorrow morning!!

    The magick still produces strong results!!! I lit 2 tea candle on Monday,one on the seal of Malkah and one on the seal of Nitika and of course one for God on my Altar.I had printed seperately the seals of the 2 spirits,apart from the ones that are on the Cashbook,in case i needed to say a thank you along with a strong feeling of gratitude!!!
    Thanks a lot again to everyone!! Thank you Damon!!!

  2. Hail Damon! Instead of sending you a private e-mail,i thought that i’d better share my very first success with your other readers too! As you remember from my e-mails,i asked for the amount of 2000 euros..I performed with sincerity and devotion the attraction ritual for 13 days and then let it go without having lust of results despite my BAD financial condition..anyway,a few days after the last ritual,my mom had an impulse to contact a cousin of hers to whom she hasn’t spoke to for almost 13 years and ask him for help.. he is a lawyer.
    Today i received from him 500euros which he gives it to me as an act of kindness and not as borrowed money..And i don’t even know the guy who is basically an uncle of mine.
    So, was my ritual and magick successful??Absolutely YES! Did i receive the amount of money that i asked for?No,BUT i received what it was proper for me now and what Nitika could manifest and i am more than GRATEFUL..and who knows if more money is on the way to me from this 13-days ritual… Very soon,probably next week,i’ll start a new round of rituals…All you need is sincerity and respect and the feeling of gratitude that Damon mentions again and again and for good reason.
    The bottomline…a Big THANK YOU to God,the great Angel Malkah and the powerful and gentle spirit Nitika for their Blessings and last but not least a big thank you to Damon and his team for offering to everyone the opportunity to apply real magick in our lives that produces real results..Hail to all of you and many Blessings!!!
    George Wolfheart Tzanetis

  3. Instead of painting the covers can you glue coloured paper in the correct colours on the covers? Thank you for your reply

    1. Yes, so long as the color is there, you’re fine. The system is meant to be pretty robust, but I should perhaps have been clearer in the book. I will add an FAQ to the site soon.

  4. Hi Damon,

    One thing that you might have added to the book would be about trying to get a relationship(or friendship) with nitika. Not only see nitika as something that grant you wishes, but as a friend that does you favors and you are thankful for that and even do good things back, like burning some incense or candle for the being, little things that can go a long way.

  5. Hi there,

    Thanks a lot for your answer! I must say I really like that ritual. So thank you for sharing with us.

    I need 14000 euros but no stress here as I will not end up in the street if I don’t get the money.

    So as it is the first time practicing, I decided to start with 500 euros. I should have maybe started smaller or maybe bigger….hmmmm I will try both until I get it. 🙂 Note that I still have two days to go so a lot of things can happen in two days.

    Anyway, thanks again for your feedback and I sure will update you when I finally get it. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I purchased your book, and have been practicing the ritual for the past nine days. I enjoyed making the cash book by the way. 🙂 Don’t you think that the reason why you have been getting such good results with it is because you have been practicing magick since you were 12? ( Just the thought of a beginner:-) )

    1. It’s a fair point, but I always field-test these on many people, and I always include complete beginners in the tests, to be certain it can work.

  7. Hello-thanks so much for publishing your book on this matter and this post. I do have a question if you have a moment. For something like this what would be appropriate for step three when we are imagining what we will use the money for-should we just imagine we are using to build faith-as I suppose that’s what it is? Thanks so much!

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