How To Lust For Results

When you perform magick, one of the most difficult things to do is ‘let go’ of urgent need. And yet, most people agree that if you lust too eagerly for results, they evade you. The best magick usually happens when you perform a ritual and allow it to work at its own pace.

In most magick books, especially those for beginners, you are told that if you Lust For Result, you cancel out your magick. That isn’t always the case, but it happens so often that many readers worry about lusting for results.

It’s certainly true that letting go helps because you get out of the way of the magick. It’s as though you’re handing it over to somebody else to deal with and trusting they can do the job. Imagine asking somebody to drive you to the airport and then giving them directions the whole way, even when you don’t even know the way. You’d annoy the driver and probably get lost. It’s best if you sit back and let them take you to the airport. Let go, trust you’ll get there, and you will. It doesn’t matter how.

This week, I helped instruct an actor to create a servitor to assist with finding an agent in a new country. Tired of being shunned in his own country, he’s planned a move to the US. He sent out his CV and showreel this week to a bunch of agents and performed that magick we’d discussed. He expected to be ignored because he’d been ignored for two years in his own country. It wasn’t that he doubted the magick. He just thought it would take a few months for people to pay him any attention, so he forgot about it all and got on with his life. The next morning, four agents asked to meet him.

If he’d been sitting there all night, wondering how well it was going, who would reply, what they thought of him, it would not have worked so well.


If you can find a way to let go, that’s ideal. Having absolute trust in your magick is one way. But many people find it difficult to let go because when you do magick, you are, after all, trying to change things in the world. You’re doing magick because you really want something.

One thing I discuss in Magickal Cashbook is that desire is OK. If you find yourself thinking about the result you’re aiming for, there’s no need to panic and worry that your Lust For Result is ruining your work. Instead, simply imagine that the end result has come about and feels good. Don’t try to work out how it came about; just imagine that it did.

This is such a simple technique that it’s easy to dismiss, but it’s very powerful. It’s far better to use this small trick, than to put a lot of energy into avoiding thinking about the result you want.

Also, it’s important to open the pathways. That is, if you’re doing money magick, you should be out there doing something that can bring in money – seek opportunities. Don’t just sit and wait for cash to arrive. Cash does arrive out of the blue, sometimes, but if you want it on a regular basis, you must open the pathways for the magick to work by actually pushing your life forward.

As such, you will constantly be thinking about your magickal results. You have to. You can’t do magick to further your career and then forget about your career.

It’s OK to really, really desire your result, so long as you don’t dwell. If you find yourself worrying, dwelling, hoping, or – worst of all – wondering how the magick will manifest, then you need to occupy your mind. Imagine the end result; feel good about it, as though it’s already happened. Then get on with something else.

This way, you can keep thinking about your magick, keep working towards your results, and Lust For Result will never be a problem.

– Damon Brand