Big Visual Magick

I have a friend who was born to perform Magick. She’s rarely followed a formal school or system, but her magick works fast and gets good results. But she worries that she’s not sensitive to psychic or supernatural events. She’s never seen an angel or demon manifest visually or physically, but she knows that I tend to see everything in glorious colour.

I enjoy the visual spectacle of magick, when it goes well, partly because it affirms that something is really happening. In the early days, I’d perform a mini ritual without any form of banishing and then I’d hear knocking noises all through the house. It frightened me, but made me pleased, because the magick was clearly doing something.

But in over thirty years of magickal work, I’ve never found that the big visuals make any difference to the results. At one point I was working with a system that was fast and basic, and the evocation produced no sense of the spirit even being present, never mind manifesting physically. That system worked well, and often it worked fast.


I was outside my friend’s house a couple of nights ago, waiting for her to finish a rite. I’d told her about my results from earlier in the day – I’d seen a huge sphere of sunlight, and my voice had changed as though being possessed. The presence of the spirit was as clear as if somebody had walked into the room. When she tried the same rite, she felt nothing, no connection, saw nothing, even though she went for about 25 minutes longer than me. But I bet it works for her, because she always does her magick well.

She once created a servitor when I was in the house, and from two rooms away I felt the moment of its birth and saw it appear, huge, glowing, the size of a room. She saw nothing, and felt only a tingle of presence. The only reason this matters is that it makes her doubt, from time to time.

She still worries that she’s not sensitive enough, but for me, it’s the results that count. I love the experience of magick, but I’d prefer a dull ritual with a strong result, rather than a powerful ritual with no result.

Meanwhile, I’m going to keep studying my friend’s natural ability, and see what I can learn from her.

– Damon Brand



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