My secret life beyond magick

My first truly magickal act occurred when I invented a ritual at the age of twelve. I experimented with many magickal traditions and currents, and started to get quite good by the time I was about thirty. When I reached forty-three I began work as semi-professional occultist, offering my services to others. Now, some years later, I write occasional occult books.

I also have a secret life as a novelist, amongst other things, because I think it’s important to have a life beyond magick. What’s the point of being a great occultist if all you can do is more magick? (My novels are available on Amazon, but not under this name, for obvious reasons. Don’t worry – I’m not very famous.)

The Gallery of Magick site has come about because it’s time to share the magick of The Gallery more widely. There are seventeen of us in this magickal order, and we have found some wonderful secrets during the years, and invented a few techniques that make magick work fast. We’d like to share these, and I’ll share them here and in my books. I will also be joined by other writers.

Most people discover magick because they want more money, more love or to curse people. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s no substitute for doing magick that works. When your magick works, you get more seriously involved. That’s more likely to make you reassess your reality than endless hours of study and contemplation.

I hope The Gallery of Magick can help you get started in magick, or if you’re an old hand, maybe it will give you a few new ideas.

– Damon Brand



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