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  1. Hi Damon, thank you so much for your valuable books which most of those I have purchased and works for me. I have some doubts 1. In. Magical cash book, I have written the words “I command you” instead of “I command thee” for my understanding. Is it OK or should I rewrite the word “thee” instead of “you”. 2. I use my name rajesh Kumar before doing my some activities for more than 3 months.for example if I drink water I say before drinking that. ” rajesh Kumar drinks water “.accordingly
    I am doing some of mine.likely before doing the magical rituals I say ” rajesh Kumar performs rituals”.will this habit of mine be beneficial for the all rituals for me?? 3.one year before I had done cash book ritual and realised the “presence of spirit nitika”. But I did not continue the ritual.now for 8 days I am doing the cash book ritual.but when I do the ritual ” I can not realise the presence of spirit nitika”. “But I continue the ritual fully with confidence.is it OK and right approach for this ritual or should I modify any??? Kindly help me sir…I would like to say that I say my name before my activities for my ” soul strength on the activity”

    1. Hello there. Adam B here, as Damon’s not around at the moment, but thanks for the comments and glad its working.
      1. You don’t need to be exact. Modernising it can even make it better for some people.
      2. A sense of self and grounding can help some people with magick and it certainly won’t do any harm.
      3. The best way to get results is do it as written in the book, and then just be as relaxed as possible about getting results – there are lots and lots of articles on this site, and stuff in the FAQs that can help. If you have time, read most of what’s on this site, because it’s where some of the best info is on getting the magic to work. But you don’t need to worry too much about these smaller details. It’s the bigger picture of letting go and allowing it to work that counts.

      Cheers, Adam

  2. Hello Damon

    I purchased two of your books because I never had any luck with making money my entire life. But even tough I never give up on hope, read countless of books on the LOA just to name a few, I’ve never come across any books such as yours with simple methods that actually work. They are small manifestation of little things here and there, but I’m really grateful when they happen because as I said, I’m not a lucky person at all… lol
    Just the other day, my son knock down a pot while playing with his friends in the living room, but I heard the pot fell which did not break, so he came upstairs to tell me that he dropped by accident and there’s some money inside the pot, that’s why he brought it upstairs for me to inspect it. Now, I freaked out a little bit because a day prior to that, I have done the “Money out of the blue” ritual and I was shocked, even tough it was only ten dollars in there, and I was inspecting the money to see if it was real, or maybe someone put it there long time ago and forgot. But regardless, I didn’t care how it got there, I was just grateful and a little freaked out on how these things started to happen.

    Thank You

    1. Hello. It’s Adam Blackthorne here as Damon’s not on the site anymore, but thanks for that! I will pass it on to him (or link to your post to make sure he sees it.) Stories like this mean so much to us, even if the manifestation is small, it’s a start, a way of seeing that the magick is working. It’s exciting.

      1. Oops, this comment was meant for you Adam. I got the author names mixed up. Thank You again for this great book 🙂

  3. Hi Adam,

    Many thanks for all the gallery’s books, i use them everyday and get some goods results.
    Today I have a big issue, PLEASE HELP ME. DON’T LET ME DOWN.
    My collegue (his mistress) causes me troubles and try to influence my boss to make me go. MOST OF PEOPLE IN THIS COMPANY APPRECIATE ME.
    Today 12 may 2017, i am shocked, my boss criticizes me brutally everything, although he knows that I work full well an hard to be valuable and skilled from the beginning until now. He threatened to sack me right the way, if i could’nt ensure my effective workload within15 days. Similarly, he had never shown any concern about my work Before my collegue arrives in this company since 8 months. Now he is harrasing me.

    Knowing that my position is under threat since 2 months because my collegue keeps nagging and provoks me.
    I have already done the rituals :
    The Master Protection ritual (33days) last year (june 2016) Sword Banishing until now.
    the job protection 3 time period on march 2017; july and december 2016; stop a known enemy to him april 2017 (book MP). take power from a bully
    make so more kinder (to my boss) ; pacify relationship (to my boss) ; heal work relationship (to my boss) ; to be appear valuable and most version of myself ; gain advantage ; end bad luck (words of power)
    I did also : to make him go away from this company (CHAOS MAGICK) : End the project (end his carrier in this company : in less than 2 months he is promoted to be managing Director).
    end relationship (between them) ; stop gossip and rumours (MP)
    since 3 days : i do the 33 days (MA) : end the relationship (to them) i haven’t finished yet.
    I am planning to do the ritual foil enemy’s plan (to my boss) this week but i don’t know if it is necessary as he

    to her I have already done :
    make enemy terrified of me (words of power) ; bind enemy ; foil enemy’s plan (to her) last week ;silence gossip and liars i did it twice ; create torment (book MC).
    take power from a bully MP(to her) did it 3 weeks ago.

    I have already done several rituals from the book the angel of alchemy and sigil of power.
    I haven’t done yet the MASTER CURSE I am still read the chapter and fear of being caught and sacked ?
    WHAT SHOULD I DO ? I know the clock is running.
    How can I to turn around this situation, it’s hard to find job this day (at high age) and i love this job.

    I am deeply trust in magick, that’s why i go on with rituals.

    With all this rituals i have done, what ‘s wrong ? do I have to do something more in the real world ?
    I can’t sleep or eat, i will have an interview with him in 2 weeks time to convince him about my improvement of my work even he knows deeply that i am very competent in my work (he said to me that i am perfect for this job 2 months after i arrived in this job) . now, he tries to find fault to make me depressed and leave the job.

    Please help me find the solution. DON’T LET ME DOWN.
    sometimes I fear and worried but sometimes I have some hopes.

    Many thanks in advance for your reply ASAP.

    1. Hello. I will do what I can, but remember that the magick is about empowering yourself. I almost wasn’t here until June (planned break that went astray), which would have meant I couldn’t answer, and then it would be up to you. So although I will do what I can to ‘not let you down’, it can’t always be that way. One day we’ll be gone, which is why we’re putting out as much information here as we can now.

      But I am, of course, very pleased to help where I can. The irony here is that most people who did that much magick would not say they believed in magick or had faith in it. They would say it was a failure. And yet you say you have faith. I am not sure if this is because magick has worked for you before, or if you want it to work, or if you can see the crisis has been averted for some time by the efforts you put in. But maybe you should reflect on that, and see if you do genuinely feel at ease. Because the main impression that comes through in your message is desperation, and a sense that you feel that magick is failing and is guaranteed to fail and that you’ve done something wrong. (Please read this: https://galleryofmagick.com/2016/10/20/the-abundance-of-magick/ It talks about finding a balance between targeted magick and deserparate overkill where you’re trying to force a result.) And that’s the feeling I get. That you’re so desperate for this result – and fair enough, you *really* want this – that the desperation has turned to doubt. Magick can work without faith and belief, but it does not flow easily if you’re forcing it, jamming too much magick in and not giving it room to move. My advice at this point would be to stop. You’ve done the magick. Let go, trust that you’ll get the results you’ll want and don’t lust for them – there are many posts on here about that, and if you need to, read them all. The magick works. All you have to do is get out of the way of it, stop trying to direct every detail, and let it handle the big picture.

      Of course, in reality, not every ritual works out the way we want. If a situation is too far gone, even a great occultist might struggle to change things. Sometimes. But it could be that you’ve done all you need, and if you are able to chill out and back off and almost accept whatever happens, you’re far more likely to get what you want than if you insist it happens exactly the way you want. We are not about saying, ‘everything happens for a reason’; in magick, you reject that and say, ‘I choose this.’ Cool. But then you need to let it happen. Others, it’s like going to the coffee counter and saying, ‘I want a coffee please. I want a coffee. I’ve paid. I want a coffee. Where’s my coffee? Am I never going to get my coffee?’ And the barista can’t make your coffee because you’re still there, asking, demanding, worrying.

      In short, I think working on that side of things is where you need to be. Magick gives you the power to find solutions whatever happens. If you fixate on one result only and say Only This Will Make Me Happy you raise the desperation feelings, and magick can turn them up higher. Instead, say, I Want This (you’ve already done that), but know that if it doesn’t work out, magick is good enough to get you something else, something better. If you can be brave enough to have the sort of acceptance, then you are actually more likely to get what you want.

      Cheers, Adam B

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