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Decades ago a handful of young occultists formed a group working to explore the boundaries of the possible. We experimented with countless magickal ideas, always aiming to discover magick that gets results. There are seventeen of us in the group, and we call ourselves The Gallery of Magick. Over the years we have refined our methods to create magick that works.

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52 thoughts on “About”

  1. Adam, I wish to know which ritual can be used to stop relatives from taking and/or using my belongings without my permission. This has happened again and again for years. I cannot stand it any longer. 🙂 Thank YOU in advance for YOUR help.

    1. With theft, I’d normally say Protect Your Possessions From Thieves in Magickal Protection, but it’s based around keeping people away from you and your stuff, so that might not work. Then it’s down to what sort of approach you want or feel is right. See the Targeting Your Magick post on this site. You might want to use Magickal Attack to bind, or something like Make People Warmer Toward You in The Greater Words of Power. Only you know whether this is a small disagreement in a loving family, or an all out war – you need to determine what would be most applicable for your situation. But if you’re asking, which book is best, to buy, again, decide what sort of outcome you want – something like the attack book will work, but you might want something more gentle, and then the Inspiring Others section in my book, Sigils of Power, might work wonders.

      1. 🙂 Thanks for guiding me through this! Your message gave me a real insight into those matters.

  2. this may sound silly (i hope not) .. but are there any spells for 1) making a celebrity fall in love with you? and/or 2) changing eye color?

    1. The eye color one has been asked here a few times – never knew it was something people wanted. In some extreme rituals (nothing we’ve published) eyes can appear to change colour, but only during the ritual. I can’t imagine anything permanent.

      Making a celeb fall in love with you is a slim chance. Not impossible, but you’d need to find a way to move in the same circles as the celebrity first, and then use other magick – even then, still a slim chance unless you are in a position to be appealing to a celebrity. Yeah, they get with non-celebs, but not that often. Might be a big mission, taking years. Might be more useful to look at what feeling you’re looking for, what you imagine you’d get from being with a celebrity, and see if there are other ways to get that feeling or those feelings.

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