New Adventures in Magick

There is no better way to learn magick than through reading. The way your brain engages during reading means you have to actively understand, process, and absorb the information.

Many people asked for help with pronunciation so we provided a video for that, but we don’t want to do much more with video because we value the written word.

People sometimes write to the admins and ask for a summary of the books, because they don’t have the time or energy to read. I get that people are exhausted by the modern world, but the written word has great power, and when you open a book you open yourself to magick.

There’s a reason that we often talk about words of power. When magick is encoded in words, there is always something to read between the lines.

Questions and updates

The admins pass on questions to us every so often, and these two keep coming up:

Q: Will this ritual work for my problem?

A: If you have a feeling it will, don’t worry too much. Give it a go! What’s absolutely certain is that if you do no magick, nothing magickal will happen.

Q: The pronunciation looks wrong. Is there a mistake in this book?

Everything is as it should be and is what we use. As it says in a few FAQs, the pronunciations are not always objectively correct or traditional, but they are what we have found to work. If you’re an expert and want to use something else, go for it, but what’s there is all correct in terms of magick.

What to read

There’s a smorgasbord to choose from; loads of books that all make mighty promises. They are promises we believe in. You might not feel the need for another book. And in a way, we agree. Just about anything you want to achieve, you could get there with the magick we’ve already published.

The 72 Angels of Magick

The stories we’ve heard amaze us, even though we’ve lived with magick since we were young.

Everybody has different needs. Some people buy the Words of Power books, and that’s all they need. Others want to explore the depths of demonic evocation, and they read every detail to know what’s going on. Some people just read this blog and get the information here, without ever using our books. That’s ok. Some of the best stuff is here.

But no matter how much you know, or how well your magick works, there’s always another mystery, something that can take you in an unexpected and thrilling direction.

Words of Power by Damon Brand

Aiming high

Every book has to be spectacular. That’s what we’ve aimed for. If it isn’t superb, we keep it to ourselves.

That doesn’t mean every book contains great spiritual quests, and it doesn’t mean all the magick can be simple. There has to be a mix.

It can be useful to take a good look at what’s worked for you, what hasn’t been so great, and also what you’ve yearned to read. That feeling will guide you to the books that can trigger something within you.

Lots of our readers have said there are three main books that have changed their lives. If you haven’t read them yet, you might want to take a look at them. They are:

Sigils of Power and Transformation


Archangels of Magick

And if you weren’t so impressed by those, you could take another look to see what you might have missed. As you grow, you often find that the way you relate to magick changes. Something you once dismissed can become the magick that makes everything real.

Hiding in plain sight

There’s always something new to try. And here’s a clue – if you hate doing ‘inner magick’ on yourself and just like getting results, doing inner magick can be the ultimate shortcut. And you can switch that around. If you only ever do ‘inner magick’, see how you feel when you manifest something physical. A slight change in your approach can have a profound effect.

We will never claim to have all the answers, but we have found magick that works for us and for thousands of readers. We believe that whatever your dreams, you can achieve them. If you have struggled so far, it is not your fault, and you will find a way to let magick breakthrough to improve your world. You will find out the truth about who’s on your side, discover who’s controlling or limiting you, and you’ll find a safe and easy way to progress to wherever you want to be.

If it sounds too good to be true that’s why it’s called ‘the occult’. The word means ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’, and the secret is that magick can be incredibly easy. It might take time, but you come to a point where your magick peaks; that is, you connect with ease, and what you want comes to you without the constant need for magick.

You might not get it all at first, but if you let it become part of your life, the wonderful truth is that you get ease and adventure, peace and excitement, calm and passion, and you get it no matter what your history, background, or whatever you’ve been through. The person you are can empower your magick, and that is what we will help you to do.

There is always plenty left to explore. (Update: See this post – Success Magick with Enochian Rituals.)

– Adam Blackthorne

Magickal Protection by Damon Brand