Share in the Magick

You had questions about magick. Here are some answers.

This post was updated in late August 2019, in response to your questions.

In July 2019, we used this post to ask what mysteries and problems you wanted us to untangle. Thank you for the many hundreds of questions you sent in, and thanks for the compliments too, and those magnificent success stories.

Some of those stories were just fabulous, and we noticed a pattern. People who work with Mystical Words of Power are getting really good results.


There are loads and loads of the questions already have answers on this site, when you start exploring. It does take time to read it all but just look for the bits that fascinate you.

And on top of that, I’ll give some answers now.

Magickal Protection by Damon Brand

Q: How can I remove blockages like guilt or the feeling of being unworthy of money or love?

A: These blockages can suffocate magick, but there are several books that can help. I think the most underrated book we’ve published is Angels of Alchemy by Damon Brand. In that book, the angel Shemshiel can make you aware of blockages and help you overcome them. Combine that with The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise for more precision. Also, don’t miss The Unfreezing Ritual, and another approach is to work with Netahiah in The 72 Angels of Magick.

The Angels of Alchemy by Damon Brand

Q: Is it possible to succeed in life with willpower or just by chance, without using magick?

A: Yes, and many people do. Life is a mix of chaotic events colliding and merging, and some people manage to do great, some do well, but many people have difficult lives that are plagued with misfortune. You can rise to the top through luck or willpower, but magick gives you the opportunity to gain an advantage that most people never have. You can use its power to guide reality, to tame the chaos, and to select what you want. But you don’t have to do magick for everything, for every problem, for every situation. Some people build magick into their daily life, and others use it when needed. Some people use it for spiritual exploration and others for material benefits. We think that a mix of both gets the best all-round results, but it’s a personal choice. What we put in the books is flexible and can be adapted to your needs and lifestyle.

Q: I can’t visualize at all. Will it wreck my magick?

A: In our magick, visual skills are barely required. Sometimes you’re told to imagine light coming through a sigil, for example, but you really don’t need to be good at this. You don’t need to see it. We’ve even found that trying to imagine is enough. It’s as though some part of you can imagine, on the inside, even if you can’t perceive the images yourself. Just try, and it works.

Q: How do I know that the emotions I’ve created are strong enough for the magick to work? I don’t feel much, and some of the rituals need these emotions, so can it work?

A: Remember, it’s the moment of emotional change that counts, not the intensity. Imagine losing your phone and how that would feel. It’s so easy to imagine how stressful that would be. Now imagine how good it would be to find your phone, with an extra $500 right next to it? It’s pretty easy to imagine that feeling too. In magick, it doesn’t have to be harder than that. The act of trying to feel these emotions will make the magick work, even if you feel almost nothing at all. It’s like visualization. Just trying seems to be enough, so long as you don’t worry that you’ve done it wrong.

Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield

Q: Is it possible that magick just doesn’t work for some people?

A: It’s possible, but that’s probably down to the person, and not the magick. It might take you time to find magick that works for you all the time, but that’s why there’s such a variety of magick on offer. You can find what works best, or use combinations that bring the best effects.

I know that our magick works for thousands of people, and one of the comments we see all the time is, ‘I’ve worked with magick for thirty years and it’s working properly for the first time, now that I have your books.’ We love that. And compete beginners often say something like, ‘I never thought this could work, but it did, first time.’

But we know some people struggle, and some give up before they’ve discovered how powerful they could be. I believe magick can work for anybody, and whenever we’ve spent time with somebody who’s struggling, there’s always an obvious answer. Hundreds of times, on this site, people would ask for help, and it took only a short time to see where they’d gone wrong. The FAQs and posts are a goldmine of ideas that solve these problems, and when people make use of them, we know they get better at magick.

Q: Will there ever be a collection of all The Gallery books in hardback?

A: There are no plans for that, but it may happen one day, long after the final books have been released.

Q: What’s the single biggest obstacle to getting magick to work?

A: Magick might not work every time, but once you know it really can work, it gets easier. But the biggest obstacle is a sort of impatient cynicism. Skepticism is fine. I was skeptical at times, even after magick had already worked. I wanted to know how it could work, how it could be fair, what it all meant, and whether I was mistaken about it all. Could it be that I was just kidding myself? I went through this with friends who had the same doubts. But we didn’t get angry at magick, or cynical, or impatient, and so we got into it again and never looked back. Getting angry at magick is like throwing the remote control at the TV because you don’t like how your favorite show ended. Magick can be a serious business, but it needs a light touch, not a rush of impatient and furious demands. Let it work, and it works. Force magick, or get frustrated with magick, or try to make it go faster, and magick can fizzle out. Learn to work with a light touch, and it all gets easier. There are lots of posts that help with this, and buried within the books there’s always more wisdom than you might spot at first.


Q: Can you provide an index of rituals and powers?

A: We think a magick book works best for you when you know it well. So right now, we think the best way to find what you need is by reading a book, becoming familiar with its powers, and maybe even making notes about the powers that could be good for you. If you have the electronic books, searching for a power, problem, or situation can also help. If you don’t own a book yet and want to know if it could work for you, the contents page should tell you what you need to know, and you can use Look Inside on Amazon to read that before you buy. There are overviews on the Our Books page.

Q: Will there be a way to find out more from you one day?

A: We’ve not lost interest in developing or sharing magick but for now we can hope you can enjoy the depth of power found within the books that we’ve already published.

Archangels of Magick

Thanks again for those questions, and thanks for all the warmth and love you sent our way. You have no idea how much we appreciate your gratitude.

There were also quite a lot of questions asking if there are rituals for protection, selling a house, making a decision, silencing a neighbor, solving legal problems, finding spiritual growth, passing exams, getting somebody out of your life, and lots more like that. The answer is YES! There’s so much magick for all these situations and hundreds more. If you’re new to this, please check out the description of Our Books. Almost everything that people asked for is already out there in one of the books.

Thanks for being with us and sharing in this magickal adventure.

– Adam Blackthorne (with help from Damon Brand)