Expert Magick for Beginners

You have a problem. Magick can solve it. That’s the idea. And that’s why I’ve written a guide to magick, for beginners and experts. It’s quite simple, but as always, when it looks simple, there’s more to discover in those words.

I was writing two guides to magick; one for beginners and one for experts. But they ended up looking like the same thing. Which was weird, but not that weird when you think about it.

Believing you’re an expert (with nothing to learn), closes off your mind, stops you observing. We’re all beginners because we can always learn more. You might enjoy the new page, and you can read it here: The Beginner’s and Expert’s Guide to Magick.

Practical Magick Ideas

The next few blog posts are all going to be about practical magick –  new things you can do with your magick, new ways of working your magick. The first one is coming in early June, and is an entirely new way of using the magick you already know. Don’t miss it.

The Healing Ritual

In other news, there’s going to be a worldwide healing ritual later in the year. UPDATE: That ritual was completed in October 2018.

Archangels of Magick

New Books

Zanna’s not writing any more magick books, but she is completing a new album of archangel music, and Damon Brand’s going to write a free guide to using music in magick to go with it. We’ll announce it all here.

The next Gallery of Magick book is something extraordinary from Damon Brand, and I’m working on a book that goes into a style of magick that we’ve never touched on before.

I hope you’re going to love the rest of this year.

– Adam Blackthorne


51 thoughts on “Expert Magick for Beginners”

  1. HI GOM!


    You could have chosen to charge a fortune to have access to the knowledge in the books but you chose to Make such power available to all! THANK YOU!!!!!!

    I have a follow up question for you. In the case of doing an evocation for information or understanding, how do I know that the feeling that I’m getting during or after an evocation IS actually the answer that the spirit communicated? And not my mind tricking me into thinking what it would like to think the answer is?

    1. Thank you very much. There is no way to be certain with any form of divination, and it’s a skill you develop – knowing what feels right and what’s not quite there. I do think that the more you trust it, the better you get, even if it’s not quite spot on at first – look for the truth that was in the answer you felt. Not everybody agrees on this approach, but I found it helpful.

    2. Thanks. This did get posted twice, so I answered the other one. But it’s great you’re getting so much out of this.

  2. Blessings GOM!

    Thank you for existing and just being so amazingly kind to share the secrets in all your books with the world…your books have changed and are changing my entire life and outlook at what is truly possible for me to achieve. And that’s an amazing feeling. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
    I just wanted some clarity for my understanding of the answer that you gave to Sepulchre’s question. It’s a question that has crossed my mind from time to time ever since you released Demons of Magick..
    When you mentioned that some people just get a feeling of an answer, does that feeling only come during the evocation or after the evocation? In other words, after performing an evocation for information or understanding (for example), how do I know that what the spirit is communicating is the feeling that I get after or during the evocation? How do I know for sure that what I think the answer to the question is based on the feeling I get, IS the actual answer to the question?

    1. Iamamystic,

      I absolutely agree–my life has completely changed after discovering GoM! I used do other forms of magick. But this is truly superior! So much more sophisticated!

      I agree that sometimes a ritual will be over, and right after that, I will receive a message. Actually, this happens the most when I have given a gift to a Demon. I try to give gifts if there has been even a hint of change. I’m so worried about not seeing the results when results have actually manifested, that I tend to give give gifts regardless. I think I want to be known as a generous master in their realm. Anyways, more often than not, after I have given a gift, I get a strong sensation of a Truth. It is almost as if the Demon is telling me–“But look, this and this happened! That IS a positive manifestation silly!” At which point I go, oh! you’re right! Wow! Thanks!

      Does this make sense?

      The other thing I’ve realized, is that Demons are such personalities! A lot of them are so funny! Others are charming. They all have their own personas. It’s truly fascinating.

      1. It’s different for everybody, but if you get that strong sense I’d say trust it. Personalities are another matter. Most people sense differences in atmosphere regarding a particular spirit, but not everybody perceives it as a personality. So much is down to the person interpreting what is offered.

  3. Do you find that there is a correlation between the success and physical experience of an evocation and the manifestation of the magick itself? Meaning, if an evocation was intense, chances are the magick is sure to work?

    Thanks for answering these questions. It’s a pleasure conversing with someone from GoM.

    1. Hi. For the most part, no correlation at all. You can feel nothing and get a great result. You can have all the drama, and the result is just ok. It’s more about the other stuff, the stuff we talk about in all the blog posts on here – that’s what makes a difference to results. The main exception is if the evocation is for information or understanding, because then the evocation IS the result, if you see what I mean. But even with those, some people don’t see or hear anything, but just get a feeling of an answer. That’s enough and all you need! Cheers, Adam B

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