Expert Magick for Beginners

You have a problem. Magick can solve it. That’s the idea. And that’s why I’ve written a guide to magick, for beginners and experts. It’s quite simple, but as always, when it looks simple, there’s more to discover in those words.

I was writing two guides to magick; one for beginners and one for experts. But they ended up looking like the same thing. Which was weird, but not that weird when you think about it.

Believing you’re an expert (with nothing to learn), closes off your mind, stops you observing. We’re all beginners because we can always learn more. You might enjoy the new page, and you can read it here: The Beginner’s and Expert’s Guide to Magick.

Practical Magick Ideas

The next few blog posts are all going to be about practical magick –  new things you can do with your magick, new ways of working your magick. The first one is coming in early June, and is an entirely new way of using the magick you already know. Don’t miss it.

The Healing Ritual

In other news, there’s going to be a worldwide healing ritual later in the year. UPDATE: That ritual was completed in October 2018.

Archangels of Magick

New Books

Zanna’s not writing any more magick books, but she is completing a new album of archangel music, and Damon Brand’s going to write a free guide to using music in magick to go with it. We’ll announce it all here.

The next Gallery of Magick book is something extraordinary from Damon Brand, and I’m working on a book that goes into a style of magick that we’ve never touched on before.

I hope you’re going to love the rest of this year.

– Adam Blackthorne


51 thoughts on “Expert Magick for Beginners”

  1. I’ve had results from Archangels with healing but haven’t worked in a group ritual. Can my partner and I do the ritual at the same time on 14th October?

    1. Yes. When the PDF is released it should be clear that you can do this alone, or with others, and the main thing is just to do it – nobody will be alone, because members of The Gallery will be working throughout that day (for all timezones). This assumes your partner is into magick and approves, of course. Probably stating the obvious… Cheers, Adam B

  2. I have recently evoked Michael, Tumiel, Shahariel, and Amducias, and I have to say, the experience has been profound!

    When I first started doing GoM rituals, I felt a sudden pull towards Michael. It was almost romantic, like he was carrying me to safety. After a while, I felt like I lost touch with him. Then recently, for purposes of protection I evoked him, and he was so soft and nurturing. He even gave me suggestions to petition other people to seek their protection, and I think has compelled them to be protective over me. I knew these angels had hidden powers, but I had no idea it could be done this say.

    Amducias, being a demon of course, was extremely aggressive! I mean I felt pushed against a tree, and almost fondled. It was nerve-wracking. Very sensual. I had to be very careful not to give in. But he delivered, I think. And I continue to work with him. When conversing with him, I have given multiple small tasks that are related. Should I limit it to just one small task per evocation, or in conversation can I give a few small ones?

    Tumiel is rather a new relationship, but has been equally profound.

    By far, the most influential has been Shahariel. I get messages and advice all the time. I asked for a deeper connection, and as Damon says, we can influence and compel other people to feel a similar connection.

    The strange thing is that during evocation, I always seem to kick into a mode of hyperventilation. My breath becomes shortened. This effect happens with all Entities. There are other sensations for each particular Spirit, but my body reacts the same way strange way. It’s the way I know the the Angel or Demon is present. It’s all quite tiring and exhilarating!

    1. Glad you’ve had profound experiences. They can be different – no, they *are* different for everybody. Some feel strong, sensual presences, others feel awe and holiness and some feel or see very little at all – and the magick still works. But that hyperventilation thing – it’s up to you, but I found that if ever that happened, deep belly breathing (or diaphragm breathing) helped make it less exhausting. I like to come out of a ritual feeling like something has happened, but not drained. But like I say, different for everybody. Cheers, Adam B.

  3. So excited about new books, blogs and an upcoming ritual! I can hardly wait! You are spoiling us 🙂
    Since you have been dropping hints here and there about combining magick from different books, I was rereading (for the tenth time) The Archangels book, and when found “Quite simply, on any given day, you have a set amount of willpower; it can increase or decrease a little, but it’s largely set in stone.” decided to use your “Increase Willpower” sigil. I have to say this sigil is very powerful in itself, but it really upgraded my magickal experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Can’t wait for your next blog.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, willpower is fascinating. Any time you increase willpower, I think what you actually do is redistribute it to where it’s needed – but I’m getting theoretical, which is not what we do here. But I agree, there’s a lot you can do with that sigil. Cheers, Adam B.

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