Advanced Angel Magick

Magick works, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. If you have a clear desire and the ability to apply your emotions to the magick, without lusting for result, you will get what you want. Although this is true, occultists work to improve the quality, speed and long-term benefit of each working. Magickal development can be about discovering who you are, but it can also be about becoming so proficient with practical magick that you can manifest exactly what you really need at any given time. One way to do this is to combine two successful systems.

As many readers have found, The 72 Sigils of Power is one of the best ways to find out what you really desire, and can trigger coincidence and opportunity to bring results. What if you were to take that power and use it to modify and sharpen your angelic magick?


Zanna Blaise considered including a chapter on this subject in The 72 Sigils of Power, but we wanted her book to be a self-contained volume of workable magick. Adding in the angelic content would undoubtedly have been useful to some, but might have been overwhelming for others. Instead, we are providing the information here. If you’ve got some experience with The 72 Angels of Magick (formerly published as Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels), then you should be able to combine the angelic magick found in those books with the power of the 72 Sigils.

For each angel in The 72 Angels of Magick there is a corresponding Name of God in The 72 Sigils of Power. You find the correct Name and its sigil of power by looking at the angel’s magick number. The angel Lelahel, for example, has the magick number 6. If you look through The 72 Sigils of Power, you will see that the 6th Name is Lelah. You can imagine how powerful your magick becomes when you combine these two forms of magick.

First, find an angel that you feel will serve your purposes. (There are extensive ideas regarding this in the books, as well as in this post: ) Once you’ve chosen your angel, look at its magick number. Let’s say you’ve chosen Vehuiah, which is the first angel in the book. Now go to The 72 Sigils of Power and look at sigil number 1. You will see that this is the Name Vehu. The powers of the angel and the Name are often related, but they are not always identical. Here, you could use the angel and the Name to strengthen willpower, because that power is listed for both the angel and the Name. But you could also use this angel To Obtain Esteem, while using the Name to Manifest A Desire. So if your goal is to obtain esteem by winning an award, for example, you could use this Name and this angel in combination to get the result you want.

What are the practical steps for doing so? Plan out your angelic magick according to the conventional instructions, but when you have completed the part of the ritual where you imagine the purple and orange glowing light, pause and perform the magick from The 72 Sigils of Power. In this example you would use the Results Magick technique to activate the Name Vehu. As soon as that magick is complete, you would continue with the angelic ritual as usual. It goes without saying that this is a lot easier if you have the physical books, or if you first write out the ritual in full by hand.

You may need to be creative to see how the Name relates to the angel. When you look at the powers of Yehuiah, for example, you will see that this angel can Destroy The Plans of An Enemy, Make Superiors See The Truth and Manifest Material Desires. The corresponding Name is Yichu, which can help with Understanding The Nature of Reaction and The Sense of Subjugation, as well as helping you To Overcome Reactions, To Ease Compulsion and To Be Rescued From Oppression. The angel powers and the powers of the Name are not obviously the same. You might see, however, that if you want to Destroy The Plans of an Enemy it might help to understand The Sense of Subjugation as well as To Be Rescued From Oppression. Take the time to see if the Name has aspects that could empower your work. If it doesn’t help, then don’t use it. If it does, feel free to incorporate it into your ritual.

A more advanced version of this technique involves using angels and Names that are not directly linked by a number. You might, for example, use the powers of Lelahel to find artistic inspiration, and combine this with the Name Hezi to Convey Truth Through Art. This approach is considered more advanced because it requires you to have a good, intuitive understanding of the powers that are on offer. When you’re starting out, using the number correspondence is a simpler way to ensure good results.

If you want to get started, look for an angelic ritual that suits your needs, and then see if a Name could be used to enhance, modify or add further precision to your result. This approach is completely optional and is only for those who want to advance their magick. If you’re happy with the methods in the books as they stand, you are in good company, and you can continue using them as they are written.



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