Five Ways To Get Magick Working: Part 2

When magick fails your aren’t necessarily doing anything wrong, but there’s more you can do to ensure success.

Get Involved With The Magick

Often, magick produces results out of nowhere. This is one of the joys of working with the occult. You sometimes get such astonishing results, without much effort, that you find yourself feeling extremely grateful to be on this path. It seems a little too good to be true. When that happens, relish the moment.

More often, however, you get the best magickal results when you put in an effort in the mundane world. That is, if you’re doing magick to increase sales you should also read a book on the latest sales techniques. If you’re into online marketing, you should read the latest books or hire an expert to help.

The cynical response to this is to say, ‘Oh well, if I put all that extra effort in I’d probably get the results anyway.’ That may be true. If it is true, then what are you wasting your time with magick for?

The beauty of magick is that when you put an effort in, your efforts are rewarded. Magick alone can produce decent results. Effort alone can produce decent results. When you combine the two, the results can be ten times stronger.


It is best to act as though you are a partner in the magick, rather than asking angels to help and sitting back and waiting for a result.

Imagine you are a writer about to embark on a new novel, and there is an angel sitting by your side – an angel of inspiration. You ask that angel for inspiration, and then walk away from the desk hoping something will occur to you or appear on the page. Unsurprisingly, nothing happens.

This is how many people approach magick. They make a request and then do nothing about it. Magick, they seem to think, should produce something from nothing. Not only is this approach less effective, but it also means you miss the pleasure of enjoying an alchemical moment. Magick shouldn’t change your circumstances alone. It should change you.

When you sit at the table with the angel, get your pen moving, and the angel will sing out the inspiration you need. All you need to do is be willing to do what you can to get the results to occur.


When you dive into the process, along with the magick, your experience changes, your response to the world changes and you enjoy the work you are doing more. If you ask for writing inspiration, write. If you ask for money, open yourself to opportunities. If you are trying to seduce, be around people.

If, by some chance, you have magickally requested something you don’t actually want, this hands-on approach is the best way to find out. After five days of increased sales, you might realize, ‘I hate sales and want to be a musician.’ Or after your first audition for a band you might say, ‘I was chasing the wrong dream. I’d rather work in sales.’ If you’ve made a mistake by choosing something that doesn’t genuinely make you happy, it will shop up rapidly, and that is as beneficial as getting the result you want. This is one of the hidden gifts of magick. It speeds up your experience and growth.

When you approach magick as a partner, acting with the spirits, you are more likely to get those wonderful chance encounters, surprising results and unexpected rewards. Enjoy them without guilt and know you’ve got your magick flowing.



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4 thoughts on “Five Ways To Get Magick Working: Part 2”

  1. I bought your book ‘Words of Power’ this afternoon. Read it straight away and did one of the spells. I got a message an hour later from someone wanting to buy a book I had on gumtree for over 3 months. Then 30 minutes later anothet message for another item I had listed. This has completely blown me away! I am so grateful and will be buying your other onea.

    1. Hi, that is such great news. I really like to hear about good results. If you feel like writing a review on Amazon, it would be appreciated, because it’s the only way people can find out that the magick genuinely works. Thanks again for letting me know.

  2. Hi Damon I’m just starting to work through Wealth Magick (the first of your three books I got). About to charge the talisman etc. I looked through the images. Those inverted pentagram, that some of them incorporate as part of design, always gave me the creeps. Can you comment on that?

    1. There is nothing to fear, but I completely understand your concern. The image we use is actually a square, with a pentagram, three dots and a negative inversion of half the image – so it’s not purely an inverted pentagram. As you may know, pentagrams have different effects depending upon their orientation, the way they are drawn and so on – so this version is not a pure, inverted pentagram, and has different effects. Also, simply inverting one does not call on the hosts of hell, although some would have you believe so. You can see this merely as a perspective change on life, one that enables your reality to shift. You certainly won’t attract anything unpleasant.

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