A Rush of Occult Power

What happens when you perform ten different rituals at once? Do the effects cancel each other out, or do you build up a rush of occult power?

Now that Magickal Riches has been released, one of the questions I get asked the most often is, ‘How much magick can I do at once?’ As the book says, you can do all the rituals at once if you have the time and energy. Sometimes, when you combine rituals, you get better effects. Some of the rituals are deliberately designed to work in harmony with each other. But is it possible to do too much magick at once?

It depends on why you want to perform so many rituals. There is a difference between focus and desperation. If you are performing a lot of magick because you want to tackle a problem with everything you’ve got, that kind of focus can yield good results.


If you are throwing out all the magick you can because you’re desperate for a result, then you’re performing every ritual with a sense of failure, believing that you’re going to need ten rituals to get the result that you want. One well-aimed, carefully planned and well-practiced ritual will yield far better results than ten rituals thrown together out of desperation. When performing a ritual, you should perform it as though it’s going to work. This is a better approach than assuming that the magick is so weak that you’d better throw in a few more rituals ‘just to make sure’.

You want results, and often you want them badly, but that doesn’t mean you have to act in a desperate way. If there are eight rituals to attract money, do you really need to perform them all at once? Sometimes, the answer is yes. This might happen at a pivotal moment in your life, when you’re starting a new business, changing jobs, or when your life is in great flux. Often, though, you might find it’s better to perform the rituals one after the other.

When you want to get fit, you don’t run ten miles on the first day. You make sure that you walk every day, and run every other day, and as you get gradually fitter you push yourself, adding in extra days of running. You may even cross-train, by swimming or doing strength exercises to ensure that your body doesn’t get into a rut. And sometimes you rest completely. Without rest, it’s difficult to get fit. In magickal terms this means that you might be better off with a long-term goal in mind, no matter how much you want a result to occur next week. Having a fantastic result one year from now is better than having a few average results this month. If you want to run a marathon, don’t train for a sprint.

So does that mean you should repeat rituals over and over again, like a training exercise? In some cases, you only need to perform a ritual once, but I always say that if your intuition guides you to perform the ritual again, you should do so. It may be that in repeating the ritual you will gain greater insight into the result that you are seeking. Repetition is fine, but you should never repeat a ritual because you believe that doing it all over again will make it stronger. That’s like pouring a bucket of water onto a potted plant, when it only needs a cupful. The water just drains away, and so does the magick.

Whatever approach you use, your ability to let go of your need for the result is more important than the number of rituals that you perform. One thing I try to stress in my books is that results can come extremely fast, often within hours or days, but only if you are willing to wait longer. In Magickal Riches I suggest that you approach each ritual with the feeling that it should work at some time within the next year. This means that you are less likely to hunger for the result. When you are truly happy to wait for a year, your result can manifest with unbelievable speed.

If you are able to approach magick with this mindset, it’s fine to perform several rituals at once. (You should never work on magick that is in conflict with another ritual you’re performing. If, for example, you’re using a ritual to remain unseen, you should not try to achieve fame at the same time.)

The only thing to be wary of is that you might get what you wish for. One reader wrote to me last year, because he’d found that he was inundated with results, to the extent that he genuinely couldn’t deal with them all. He’d performed lots of rituals, and they all worked. Some of the offers he received had to be turned down. By cramming in so much magick, he missed out on opportunities. He told me that he wished he’d spread his magick out a little more, so that he could have genuinely benefited from the results. It’s good to get everything you want, but you might not want it all at once. Take your time with magick, and when you look back in a year you’ll be astonished at how much has changed.