How To Experience Magickal Results

Want to know how to get magick working? Ask one of my readers!

I was about to write a post about magickal practice when I found that somebody had already written it for me. This evening I received a testimonial from BP (name withheld by request), and it felt like one of those moments where the student becomes the teacher. It was wonderful to see that somebody understood the magick so well.

This message sums up so much of what I wanted to say, but it’s more beautiful than anything I could have written because it came from somebody who has read my books, applied them and got great results.

“After reading all of Damon & The Gallery of Magick’s books I have some advice for approaching magick. You will have more success if you approach your request by having a foundation and building on it like Damon says. You’re less likely to receive Fame & Fortune from Poiel if you’ve got self-esteem issues or are being bullied by someone. Maybe you need to get rid of a curse you didn’t even know existed. So work on your issues first.

I have found faster results after doing the Protection Rituals in the Magickal Protection Book. You may not think that Protection has anything to do with Money Magick or Love but believe me – if you do these rituals it will free your magick up significantly. Who knows what’s stuck in our psyche and you don’t even need to know what it is. Just know that the magick is doing it’s thing, you’re being taken care of and be grateful.


Also, do as much magick as you can & move on. Quit wondering if you’ve done it right & just keep going. Practice practice practice! We’ve been brainwashed to think there’s all these repercussions if we don’t do it right – there isn’t any, other than “nothing will happen.” But you must remember, if you are asking for all these things and nothing has happened in the past to bring these things to you – then worst that can happen is “nothing.”

I see a lot of people posting about technicalities. Everything has been laid out and made simple – so keep it that way. We humans LOVE to complicate things. If you miss a day – just pick-up where you left off or start again if it makes you feel better. If you’re worried about calling on something you’re wary of – don’t do it – simple.

“I need to know the mechanics!” No, you don’t – actually it works much better if you don’t. Otherwise we get in our own way. It’s like being in therapy for the same issues year after year- re-hashing all the bullshit. If you did the MPR from Magickal Protection, then Haven gave you the power of the magus – so use it.

Another word of advice is “giving away your magick as an offering.” Damon talks about giving some of your magick away to others. This is MUCH more powerful than “coaches & new age gurus,” who love to talk about tithing (especially to them) . And you don’t have to give it to a specific person. I just ended a ritual about Mental Torment/Stress & how the last 7 years have been the toughest of my life. I gave a percentage to “someone in the same situation as me.” I ended on Sunday & my co-worker was offered a new job on Monday. My co-worker was in the same situation as myself having difficulty recovering after the recession and after talking to her – about 80% of the same issues. I didn’t specifically name her but was happy it found her. This made me ecstatic because it was proof it worked.

Thanks to Damon & the Gallery there are MORE than enough subjects & issues covered in all their books. So practice & move on. The more you practice, the better & faster it works. I’m so grateful to have found these workings & grateful to The Gallery for sharing all their knowledge.”



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  1. Hi Damon, Thank you for this post and the clear instructions in all your books, however, they don’t cover my question. I want to attract the love of a man who recently joined my circle but there’s one small problem: a girlfriend (only recent and I don’t know much about her). What can I do in this situation to elicit his love but remove her from the picture? I don’t want negative karma back on me. I think I must remove her/bind her before any seduction magick will work? What do you recommend please? Thank you.

    1. I don’t believe in karma or negative reactions, so long as your magick is done guilt-free. Removing somebody is possible, and you could call on an angel to remove the competition. Or, later, there will be demonic work covering this – but I am well aware that demonic work is not for everybody. You may also find a simpler solution works… If you get him interested enough, the girlfriend won’t be of any relevance to him.

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