Precise and Personal Magick

When you want a magickal result, you call on a spirit for help. You evoke a spirit, or divine power, to shape reality to your will. This is the essence of most magick. It is also possible to generate results without contacting spirits. Magick can be driven by pure desire.

In Adventures in Sex Magick, I recounted a method for attracting a result without the intervention of outside entities. This process uses sexual energy, and I will describe it in an abridged form, but I will expand it to include other forms of magickal energy. Although sexual energy can be powerful, it’s not for everybody, so what follows may be more useful to some. This is a form of Personal Magick that uses directed magickal energy to manifest a result.

When I was building my career as a novelist, I was shortlisted for a reasonably large writing prize. Not a major prize, but a decent one, with a cash handout. During the ritual I thought about the result I wanted, then forgot about it while generating sexual energy, and then I pictured myself winning the prize and chanted the word ‘success’ at the point of orgasm. I won the prize, and found variations on this method to be highly effective.

If you don’t want to use sex magick, you can use the same approach with other forms of magick such as Light From The Dark, which is revealed in Magickal Riches. You think about the result you want, casually, then you put that thought aside and generate Light From The Dark, and then picture the end result, chant a word that sums up the result, and feel the light pouring into the image and into the chanted word.

There are many variations on this, for generating emotional energy or magickal power, and I encourage experimentation. It works best when there is a short-term goal in the near future, as described above. You should also ensure that when you chant the word and picture the result, that you picture it in the present tense, as though it is happening now. Do not look forward to winning or obtaining your result. In that moment, experience it as though it has already happened, and feel as though you’re enjoying the moment.

The main challenge with this type of magick is that it is often highly precise. You call out for a specific and exact result. In magick, you need to find a balance between being open and being precise. If you perform a ritual ‘To get rich’ it’s probably too broad a request. But if you perform a ritual ‘To get a pay rise of $25,500,’ it’s way too precise. A sound magickal approach would be to open yourself up to random sources of money, while looking for a substantial financial increase at work. When working magick, finding the sweet spot between precision and openness is a game we play often.

Sometimes, though, the result you are asking for is precise, and there’s no way around that. If you want to win a sporting event, that’s the result you want, and there’s no point in pretending otherwise. If you want to stop a specific enemy from disrupting your life, you want to stop that enemy. This is why I sometimes find the ideal solution is to use a mix of magick.


Combine a general success ritual with something more precise, and the results can be stunning. You can, for example, perform a general ritual and then add in some Personal Magick to make it more specific.

This does require care. Being too precise can limit your chance of getting results, because you are narrowing down the possible forms of manifestation. But if the result you want is, by it’s nature, precise, then adding in this Personal Magick can be an excellent way to fine tune the working to get your desired result.

It’s also important, when you are being so precise, to aim for a result that is within reach, but not certain. In the above example, the prize was a goal just outside my normal level of expectation. That is where you should direct this magick. Look for a good result, not a miracle, and the result you obtain will be almost miraculous.

– Damon Brand

Archangels of Magick