The Magick of Servitors

When I began to explore the occult, I was excited to discover new magick and eager to experiment, but I was not impressed by servitor magick.  In servitor magick, you create a spirit to do your bidding.

I understood the theory, but it didn’t thrill me. At that point, I thought magick was about sensing something beyond myself. If I could feel the presence of an angel, or use divine words of power to alter reality, why would I want to work with something born from my own thoughts and feelings?

Servitor magick sounded artificial at best, and at worst, ineffective. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Servitors can influence others, but they can also be used for direct manifestation of a real-world result, or to enhance your perception of people and things, and even to enhance or express aspects of your personality. Servitors are easy to create, and the results are impressive, but it took a lot to convince me.

I resorted to using a servitor out of frustration. There was a man who, for complex reasons, bore a grudge against my family, while remaining important to our financial wellbeing. His casual enmity was making my life difficult. I didn’t want to curse or bind him, but I needed him to like me to make my projects and plans run smoothly. I used a lot of magick on that man, but nothing worked for more than a few days, and even then, the magickal result was so slight as to be easily dismissed.

I created a servitor according to the traditions of the day, and instructed it to make the man see me in a positive way. The first sign that the servitor was working came a few days later, but then, most importantly, the magick became stronger.

Something I found out about servitors, from the outset, is that the magick keeps on working, growing and developing. (Sometime you create a servitor for a single purpose. Often, though, you can set up a servitor to keep on bringing you the result you want.) I knew that the man in question was not naturally inclined to like me, and so a consistent use of magick was required to keep him in line. The servitor gave me that. Where angels and other spirits required frequent contact, the servitor kept working for me.

That servitor gave me the result I wanted for the next two years. At that point, the man’s influence over my affairs was no longer relevant, and the servitor was no longer required. By then, I had created servitors to work on many aspects of my magickal life. And I continue to work with servitors to this day.

– Damon Brand