Do You Believe In Magick?

I am never sure why some people believe in magick, and others don’t. Until you get a result, why should you believe in magick? Thankfully, most people with an interest in magick get an inkling that reality will yield to the magick they perform. The willingness to try magick, with an open mind, is often enough to get that first result.

When doing magick it is important that you believe in the possibility that magick works. This might sound blindingly obvious, but remember that some people try magick out as a test, to see if it will work. Others sense the reality of magick for many years, and then dive in. Whatever the case, when you actually perform a ritual, you are not testing the magick, but imposing your will on reality and assuming that it will work. This directed will is more important than belief. Despite this, I remain fascinated by the role that belief plays in empowering magick.

When I was young, I remember being quite dismayed to see books about magick in the non-fiction section of my local book store. Adults believed this stuff? I flipped through some of those books and was so dumbfounded with boredom that I managed to forget about magick for some time. But simply knowing that people believed in magick, had a huge effect on me. Until then, I’d assumed magick only appeared in fairy tales. Now I knew that some adults tried to change reality with magick. That was stunning. In later years, when I saw advertisements for magick books in a popular psychic magazine, I felt that I had to at least try magick. To dismiss it would be to miss an opportunity. When I came to ‘try’ the magick, I did not really believe, but I performed the magick as though I believed, and that was enough.


I was quite sceptical in some ways, but at the very core of my being I believed that there was more to the world than we were being told by convention. I enjoyed science, but I knew it was only part of the story. My fundamental belief that reality could be affected by human will was important. I didn’t test magick, as such, but acted as though it would work, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Some people perform magick without actually believing the spirits are objectively real. To me, the angels and spirits of magick are absolutely, undeniably real. But belief of this kind doesn’t matter. Many people act as though the angels are real, without genuinely believing it, and they still get results. An overall belief in magick is not essential, so long as you can act as though it’s real.

When it comes to actually performing magick, to obtain a specific result, belief may be a little more important. You need some degree of faith in the magickal result being inevitable. If you perform a ritual, and compulsively doubt the magick, your doubt can prevent it from manifesting.

The level of need you feel can increase your sense of doubt that a result will come. Your belief is then undermined by your desperation. This leads to people performing several rituals at once, to force the magick to work. If you bombard reality with nine different rituals, something’s got to give, surely. Unfortunately, this approach indicates such a serious level of doubt, and a deep fear that the magick will fail, that results are not likely. If you do one ritual, and trust that it will work, that’s far more effective than fifty rituals that are filled with fear and doubt. It is the quality of your magick and your personal level of confidence, that dictates the likelihood of results.


I should add that when you break a problem down, and use combined magickal approaches to affect each aspect of the problem, that approach can definitely work. Such a method shows patient wisdom, rather than magickal overkill.

But if you have doubts, how can you increase your belief? It can’t be forced. The solution here is not to work on your belief directly, or try to increase your faith in magick, but to look for areas of inner resistance.  That is, you work on your self as much as on the external.

Often, we go straight for the cash and the success, and worry about the self later, but the smallest changes to the self can yield the greatest real-world rewards. If your money magick isn’t working, it probably means you are resistant to wealth in some way. Or you may be unwilling to make the changes required to attract more money into your life. If you use The 72 Sigils of Power to discover more about your self, and your true feelings toward money, and your feelings and beliefs about the things you want to do in life, that can unlock the doors to success. A few small insights into the self can remove resistance. This is far better than doing ten more money rituals.


Magick is not meant to be overwhelmingly complex. Life is complicated enough, and magick is a way of handing your desire over to spirits, who will help make it come into being. Simply doing magick with an open mind is often the gateway to magickal success.

Assume that your magick will get you the result you want. Accept that the result will come when it comes. Know that you are required to contribute to the process by putting in as much real-world effort as you can. Feel gratitude for all that you have. Imagine your results as though they have already happened. Repeat this process often enough, and there is no need to work on belief. You will find the confidence that’s required for your magickal efforts to yield the results you seek.

– Damon Brand

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  1. I now own “four” of your kindle books.

    I’d just like to ask one “small” question, but perhaps with some “big” implications.

    In your book ” The 72 Angels Of Magick” you mention in a fair amount of detail, how one may communicate and converse with all these different angels.

    Is it a “formal communication” like as whilst doing a ritual, or can it be less formal, like as speaking and communicating with someone, one knows quite well (say a friend), in other words, an informal perhaps more casual type communication?

    1. This depends on the person, their ability and experience, and the style of contact they develop. For some, the ability to connect to an angelic presence can be quite informal – but it is never as casual as chatting to a friend in my experience. Sometimes you get friendly sensations, but that is quite rare with angels. It’s usually a much grander feeling. But the ability to connect can become informal – no ceremony (or not much) required. Equally, a direct communication can yield almost no obvious response. You know you’ve made contact, you sense the Angel, but the answers only come later, in the the form of signs and symbols. So it’s always different.

  2. Never – ever – thought I’d do it, not in a million years. But it is done!

    I recently purchasesd your book on “Magical Servitors” and now have three, working on three different aspects, of my life, but somehow inter related.

    This is my “third book” of yours, that I have purchased, and it seems through developing awareness (intuition, but mystically different to before) and doing the rituals I have quite carefully chosen, that each book is showing, the next important step in the path, to follow.

    I not only read your books, but study them very carefully in detail, to ensure, that I have the whole process correct. I feel an urging to do this and I believe that this is the right approach for me.

    I feel (sense it very strongly) that “there is another”, one step to follow, which will bring everything into powerful manifestation, suddenly and unexpectantly, like a lighting bolt.

    And, I have asked for a lot, I may add, but NOT unachievable and unrealisic..

    That is not to say, that some extraordinary promptings, have not already taken place, because they have. The most simple thing for me to do, is just to follow them.

    Sounds complicated and mysterious perhaps, I suppose. But, it’s not really. I just never realized that this is possible, before.

    I have also just realized, as I typed this to post on your website, that I really like all three of my mystical servitors. “Really” – I hope that this is Ok

    Also the “chilling cold” and ” goose bumps” experienced, I mentioned before, in my previous comments,posted, continue unabated, but seem to be getting stronger and somehow more meaningful, if this makes any sense!

    It’s also been a bit of a learning curve for me. But that’s Ok.

    Finally, I seem to have developed an “acute” awareness of things, that I never had before!

    Very best wishes and success to all.


    1. Good to hear, and noticing those ‘extraordinary promptings’ is always a sign that things are shifting. Not everybody gets that acute awareness, but I do know what you mean. Thanks for letting us know.

    2. Thank you for your response.

      I forgot to mention that I also feel quite content and joyfully happy with what has been achieved and what is happening so far.

      I’d like to share the following with you and those genuinely interested in your work.
      Only after reading your response, did I realise a few things about what I had wriiten above and before.

      I had been thinking about purchasing your book “Words of Power” for a few days and had read the first, free few pages, that Amazon offers a potential buyer.

      I liked what I saw, and I normally make a decision to buy quite quickly.
      But somehow NOT in this instance.

      The words “there is another” in my post above, which I only realize now, does not only refer to another book of yours, but to another person (author).

      The words “powerful”, “manifestation” (plural) above refers to the word “POWER” ( plural powers) which has “DIVINE” and angelic implications. “Powers” which can be used singly or together, but this still has to be “explained” or “discerned” or “taught”.
      But I sense it – “big time” – “goose bumps and all”..

      “My words above “suddenly and unexpectantly” refers to the unexplainable realization, that my goal is not just possible, but imminent.

      The book by Zanna Blaise (author) – “there is another”, titled “The 72 Sigils of Power” also offered under the banner of the “Gallery of Magick” is the “final” and “fourth step” to be taken, on this path I am on.

      I realized this, earlier this morning, and will be purchasing it later today
      But I will wait a few hours, in “expectant contemplation”, to ensure that this is correct.

      I hope this makes some sort of sense, to you.. But that’s it.

      Best wishes and success to all

      1. Many people find that book to be the best. The magick is low-key and personal, and that, perhaps, is why it can work so well.

        1. Thank You. I’m NOT actually a “Low Key” person – but in this case I’ll make the exception.

          I purchased the book, the previous day, to your comment.

          Have read it “twice”, the “SECOND” reading in depth. Thank you for an amazing and astounding book.

          While reading it, I realized that one of my requests in one of the first rituals I did, has come to fruition, has manifested, in a unexpectant way.

          Because I am new at this, I still have to understand and soak it in, properly. What happened?
          Because it’s “mind boggeling” and “dumdstrucking”. If you know what I mean and if there are such words.

          But one thing I can say, that this was “no small request or desire ( not money related ), and I am extremely happy with the result, because it gives me the courage, trust and amazing confidence, to carry on with my endeavours, regarding all of this,

          “Amazing Magick” – NEVER ever happen to me before – and I’ve lived a “long life” already.
          Meaning I have some life experiences – and therefore am not easily fooled by anything or anyone. Besides other things, I’m also an academic, who knows a little bit about, how to study and how to evaluate and investigate things.

          So, I’d “especially” like to say:

          Thank You So Much, it’s been an interesting few past months and road, eventually finding and leading me to you – The Gallery of Magic.. .

          Best wishes and success to all

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