The Worldwide Group Healing Ritual

Thank you all for taking part in this amazing ritual. We have heard many stories of people experiencing a sense of great love, energy, connection, and there are even some stories of early results. To everybody who took part, thank you, and I hope you feel or see the benefits in the coming days, weeks, and months.

If you missed the ritual, what can you do? You can use the magick that’s already in the book. Group rituals like this are just an additional expression of magick. If you missed the date, and if you need healing magick, there is plenty that works beautifully in Archangels of Magick, and you can perform that all by yourself.

I’ll leave the details of the group ritual below, so you can see how it worked.

– Adam Blackthorne


The original instructions follow, for reference:

On Sunday 14th October 2018 we will empower a group ritual. The ritual will take place worldwide, and you’re invited to take part.

It’s easy to do, and members of The Gallery of Magick will support and guide the ritual. Any effort you put in will be amplified by the work that we do. The healing does not come from us, but from the archangel Raphael, and we only strengthen and shape the magickal connection.

The purpose of this ritual is to bring health and healing to those who seek it. You can direct the magick at yourself and others, and if you’re not suffering any ailment, you can use it to establish a pattern of protective good health. This is safe, archangel magick, but it is magick that we believe to be significant and powerful.

We’re not making any claim that we can heal you or that magick is better than medicine. For legal reasons we have to say something along the lines of ‘magick isn’t real and nothing actually happens when you do magick.’ It’s not how we feel, and we bet you have your own ideas about magick, but please see the disclaimer at the end of this post for absolute clarity.

We believe in the immense power of magick, but we would never say you can use magick to cure cancer or major ailments. As Damon Brand said to me some time ago, if magick were that good we’d close down the hospitals and have people see occultists instead. We are big believers in conventional medicine. But we believe magick can help and so it’s time to share the energy in a group ritual.

A journey into healing

Damon has always been hesitant to release healing magick of any kind, due to some early personal disappointments of his own and an intense dislike of charlatans who offer false hope. But gradually he shared a small amount of healing magick in his books, and so did I, and what we’ve heard has been good, so his viewpoint shifted. This ritual was his idea. Damon believes that a group healing ritual could be beneficial to many people.

Healing magick can be beautiful and powerful. We can’t make any promises about results you’ll obtain, but when we’ve performed rituals like this, we have received many stories of success.

It sounds weird to say this here, but you don’t need a group to perform magick. We love personal empowerment. We want everybody who uses our books to know that they don’t need to join an occult group or to rely on us, or on anybody else. With the knowledge found in a book and the journey you take, that is all you need. Sometimes, though, it can be enjoyable to share in a ritual like this. It’s not the crux of what we do, but it’s fun to share the power sometimes. But you can just use the book on any day you like, to work with Raphael for healing. That works too!

If you’re using other magick from our books, this ritual won’t interfere. Even if you’re calling on demons every day, you can use this ritual, and there’ll be no conflict, so long as you’re using the methods described in our books. If you are using magick from systems other than ours, we can’t predict the effect on the results of your magick, because there are thousands of magickal styles and ideas. But the very strong indication given to us is that this ritual is self-contained, only working on health and healing and will not spill into other parts of your life or your magick. It’s your choice whether to use it or not.

Sharing the magick

This year we published just one book (back in January 2018), and we aren’t in a rush to publish more books for some time, so it’s all been about practical blog posts and free rituals for people who like what we do. Please don’t buy any book just for the sake of this group ritual, or for any freebie. Buy a book when you’re interested in learning its magick. The free rituals are for people who come to this site because they already own and like our books. If that’s you, I think you’re going to enjoy this.

The book you need is Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand, and the more familiar you are with the details of the various rituals, and the overall approach of that book, the easier this group ritual will be.

Archangels of Magick

We don’t know how many people will be taking part at any given time, but from previous experience, we expect there to be thousands of people contributing and benefitting during the day, with the effects and results expanding and growing in the weeks that follow.

Members of The Gallery of Magick will be working from dawn to dusk, so that wherever you are on the planet, you can use this ritual during the hours of daylight on October 14th 2018. The magickal work that we perform in the background will actually begin before dawn in the farthest place in the East and will continue after dark in the farthest West of the world. What we do to support this ritual is a form of invocation and evocation, blending and sharing the magick of all who participate. We won’t all be there all the time, because that would be an impossibly long ritual, but you can be assured that three or more members of The Gallery will be empowering the ritual throughout. This will make your connection to the group much easier.

Whenever you join the ritual, you will be connected to all the power it brings, from the moment it began to the moment it ends; time is not linear in this working. There are no words to be spoken, so you could even do this while sitting in an airplane, so long as it’s daytime in your current airborne timezone.

Preparing the magick

There are loads of combinations, for healing yourself and others, and the good thing is that you can do it all in a single ritual. You can heal yourself, heal somebody else, or even a group or family, all in one ritual. If that feels like too much, there’s no reason you can’t perform the ritual once for yourself, and then later in the day perform it again for somebody else. The ritual has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind. Whatever you focus on, that is where you will direct the healing energy. If improved health can be manifested, it will be.

Although a strong familiarity with the book will really help, what you do here is mostly different from the book’s rituals. The Ritual Opening is the same, but the rest is a bit different. You use the Invocation Sigil for Raphael, but you do not use the invocation method. You also use a Sigil of Admittance, shown below, to give you entrance to the ritual. It will ensure you join our efforts peacefully and safely.

Before you start, become familiar with the short sounds you need to know. You make these sounds when gazing at the Sigil of Admittance, but you don’t say them out loud; you just imagine them. The sounds are EE, EH, AH. (You’ll make the AH sound twice.)

EE is like BEE without the B.

EH is like the middle of set. Say ‘set’ and hear the EH sound between S and T.

AH is like the A sound in FATHER.

If you have any problems with this, check out the video on the Pronunciation and Spelling FAQ, which shows how to make these sounds. Practice imagining these sounds. If you absolutely can’t imagine the sounds, you can say them out loud, but the ritual has been designed so you can just think them. Do whatever you find easiest.

The Ritual

The ritual itself is really simple. Here’s what you do:

Begin by performing The Ritual Opening from Archangels of Magick.

When get to the point where your arms drop to your side, there is no need to use any other techniques, such as The Circle of Power. Just use The Ritual Opening, and then carry on with this. Know that there is a ritual being worked around the world. Think about the scale of this ritual being worked with Raphael, and seek admittance by gazing at the white space on the following sigil. You do not need to scan the word in the sigil. By looking at the white space as you think a series of sounds, you will gain admittance to the ritual. The sounds are EE, EH, AH, AH:

For each of these, you extend the sound out so that it lasts about three seconds. EEEEEE, EHHHHHH, AHHHHHH, AHHHHHH. This is the sigil:


You can use this on any screen or print it out. It’s a word from a magickal text (Shorshei- Ha-Shemot) offering protection to those who travel, but here it is used as a password, in a way, to gain entry to the group ritual. What does the word mean? It’s like many Hebrew Words of Power – it has no direct or obvious meaning because it’s made up from combinations of letters believed to bring about a certain effect. It’s a collection of letters and sounds that make it a Word of Power rather than a word that can be translated.

There is no need to think (or say) the sounds more than once, and when that’s done, you will have been admitted to the ritual. To seal your connection, gaze at The Invocation Sigil of Raphael for a few moments. It’s OK if it takes you a few moments to find it in the book – you won’t break the ritual. Gaze at Raphael’s Invocation Sigil and know you are now in contact with Raphael, and that through the larger working of this ritual Raphael is open to your request for health and healing.

You do not need to keep looking at the Invocation Sigil, but it’s best to keep the book open to that page, so the sigil is present, even if it’s just subconsciously there. You can close your eyes if you wish, but you don’t have to.

Experiencing the ritual

What you sense will be down to your own abilities and sensitivity, but if you feel nothing at all, it means nothing at all. Although it can be wonderful to sense the energies and presence of spirits in a ritual, it makes no difference to the result. Some people will immediately sense the archangel Raphael and will be aware of every soul who is being healed by the ritual, but others will just sense some sort of power, and many will feel like nothing is happening and it’s an ordinary part of the day. None of this stuff matters. Just continue as though it’s working and it will.

Now become aware of the sickness you wish to heal. You may think of your sickness in terms of its medical name, the feeling it gives you, fears you have about it, or even an image. Everybody thinks about sickness in different ways so you can think about it in words, pictures, or just vague feelings. So long as you’re aware of the sickness, that’s all you need. If you have several ailments or different parts of the body that you want to heal, that’s ok. Just take the time to run through all these. Become aware of them. You do not need to remain aware of them once you’ve thought about them. Let them go.

If you want to help somebody else that you know personally, you can guide the energy to their ailment in the same way. You simply become aware of it, giving it a name or image. You might, for example, think, ‘The pain in Sarah’s leg.’ It can be that simple.

If you are not currently sick in any way and have nobody to heal, great. All you need to do is become aware of how well you feel and know that by tapping into the power of this ritual, you will maintain a state of health.

If you want to direct ongoing health to another person, you can also just think about that person and know that you want them to remain healthy, indefinitely. (If they are sick without your knowledge, it doesn’t matter at all.)

In reality, nobody stays in perfect health for their whole life, but by aiming high, you can achieve great results. You can even consider an entire group of people, such as your family; you can picture them, name them, or just think of ‘my family,’ and know you want them to remain healthy indefinitely.

The ritual does not require precision to have an effect, so don’t worry about getting it right. Raphael will know what you mean, because of the way we’ve constructed this ritual.

In most of our rituals, you are instructed to undergo an emotional transmutation, where you imagine how good it would feel to get the result. Given the way this ritual has been constructed, there is no need for this. You do not need to imagine your health or condition changing, or wish for it to change, or ask anything of the angel. Only know that Raphael is with you as you perform the ritual.

You don’t have to draw this out into a long ritual where you ponder every agony you can think of. You can keep it quite short. You don’t get better results by doing it for longer, but don’t rush through as fast as you can. When you think you’ve considered things for long enough – and you’ll just get a feeling for this – you think or say a simple ‘thank you’ to Raphael. You are not saying thank you for a result or for anything except for the archangel being present. Keep it simple, and it can work.

You now close the ritual, as described in the section The Closing Ritual from the chapter Opening and Closing. And you’re done.

If any of that sounds confusing, and you find yourself thinking, ‘Am I gazing correctly, what direction should I face?’ or anything like that, first of all, don’t worry – you can hardly go wrong. Secondly, if you read the book, you’ll get an idea and feel for how this all works, so being familiar with it will get to this to all make sense.

The next steps

Will you feel an immediate change? Some will, some won’t, and again, this doesn’t matter. If you find yourself enjoying immediate relief, then let yourself feel that enjoyment. If nothing obvious happens, allow it to take as long as it takes. If it’s something that’s been bothering you for years, yeah, it can be great if it vanishes in seconds (we do hear stories!) but allow time. It’s difficult to let go of your desire for a result, especially when it comes to health, but that’s your main job now: to trust that any benefit that can come, will come.

Ok, so what if you catch the flu on October 15th? Did the ritual fail? Are you cursed? Did it backfire? No, not at all. I can guarantee that with so many people doing the ritual, some illnesses that are already underway and in motion will still pop up in the following days. That’s just because there was too much momentum in your reality. But, if you do get ill, trust that you’ll get better faster than usual. For most people, it will be clear that something good is going on and the energy may be quite noticeable.

I should add, though, with all of this, you should never ignore symptoms. Although magick can cure directly, sometimes it works by doing something much more mundane, such as making you aware of something you’ve been ignoring. Imagine you do the ritual, and then notice a symptom, and you get it checked out, and you find out you have something that can be cured with conventional medicine – just in time. It’s true that many people will feel cured directly by the angelic presence, immediately or soon after the ritual, and that’s great, but I know for a fact that some people will also be alerted to an illness they didn’t know about.

A few months ago, when running a low-key version of the ritual (to iron out the details), somebody very close to me was made aware of symptoms she’d been dismissing. An investigation led to surgery which she was told saved her life. Don’t assume that because you’ve done magick, you should walk around pretending to be healthy when you’re not. Sometimes, the miracle you need is to become aware of whatever it is that needs curing. And that really can be a lifesaver.

Also, you might find an urge to live more healthily, give up smoking, take up exercise, drink a bit less. Maybe. I know those are horrible ideas if you’re comfortable with those pleasures, but sometimes, magick gives you that little push of willpower to make the change that can save your life.

Can this work for psychological conditions, such anxiety and depression? The ritual was designed with the concept of physical sickness in the body, as you perceive it. There’s often an overlap between physical and psychological conditions – nothing happens in isolation – but the ritual is aimed at healing the physical body. There’s no harm in sending the energy toward somebody that you know is suffering from a psychological condition, but if you’re suffering from psychological problems yourself please see the disclaimer below and seek conventional help rather than magick.

I hope you enjoy the ritual and get what you’re looking for. We are looking forward to the energy of the day.

I’ll be back here a few days after the group ritual with a blog post about the way magick manipulates time, and how some degree of impatience is a normal part of magick that you can use to get results. See you then.

– Adam Blackthorne

Success Stories

If you want to share a success story please contact The best stories will be passed on to me. We have decided not to publish any success stories on this page, to keep things simple, but we do like to hear about them ourselves if you feel like sharing. If you have a question, please see this post: The Answers of Magick

Disclaimer: Consider all information in this post to be entertaining speculation and not professional or medical advice of any kind, to be used at your own risk. Adam Blackthorne, Damon Brand and The Gallery of Magick are not responsible for the consequences of your actions if you follow the instructions in this post. The information is never intended to replace or substitute for medical advice from a professional practitioner, and when it comes to issues of physical health, mental health, or emotional conditions, no advice is given or implied, and you should always seek conventional, professional advice. If you are suffering from any ailment, or suspect that you may be, you should always seek conventional, professional advice. No claims as to the efficacy of this information are made or implied, and you should use common sense when it comes to issues of health or medical conditions. The information is provided on the understanding that you will use it in accordance with the laws of your country and that the entire post is read and understood in full before using or working with any of the concepts.

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