A New Era Begins

You can now experience The Gallery of Magick working with you. We will perform magick with deep codes of power to improve your magickal abilities each month. You connect directly to our secret magickal energy. We do the heavy lifting for you.

Join us, and you get a PDF with our monthly sigil and clear instructions for making the most of your magick.

The Gallery of Magick authors have published the most popular and influential books of modern, practical magick. Now it’s time to let you connect with our magick directly.

Each month, we will enhance your magickal work through a mighty ritual. Drawing on the generative energies of The Gallery of Magick, you can use our magick to strengthen yours. This works with any magick that you perform.

The energy and amplification process was something we worked towards for many, many years. We discovered an energy that can remove resistance and increase the power of magick. This force can be shared with you in the form of Empowered Magick.

The energy is not derived from any spirit but is captured by working in harmony to unlock the codes of existence. The power comes from reality itself.

The energy also increases your general level of fortune, perception, and synchronicity. This is true when you perform magick, and even if you perform no magick at all.

We’ve decided to make our highest powers available to anybody above the level of absolute poverty. We believe this is the best value around.

This process is one of our most closely guarded secrets, and we’ve perfected the method to make it easy for you to benefit. For you, a single, brief ritual (performed at any time during the month) completes the connection.

You may be wondering, what’s in it for us? We get to share magick in a way that we could never achieve with books, and that’s exciting. Also, sharing the magick makes it stronger for all of us. There is great power in working together.

There will be more books in the future, but for now, our focus will shift to sharing our magick with you directly.

You don’t need us to support you forever, and you will become what you need to be. But you may find this connection is what you need right now. Feel free to join for a month, or stay as long as you like.

You can join at any time, on any day, and access the benefits immediately. 

Since we launched this in December 2021 there have been hundreds of powerful testimonials published in the comments section of our page. This magick works.

Bonus content added since December includes Empowered Angel Magick, The Creativity Ritual, The Ritual for Intution, and Healing Magick. There is a lot for you to discover.

If you like what we do and want to be part of this adventure, click here to join us now.