Demons of Magick

‘This is the best book on how to work with the demons of the Goetia that has ever been published.’ – EB, Amazon Review

Every day, great evil takes place in this world, because humans decide to commit evil. This evil takes place with no demon being called. Immeasurable acts of kindness and love also take place, without angels ever being involved. An obvious fact, but one that is easy to forget, when occupied by the occult.

Things get even more interesting when you add magick into the mix. Every day, great acts of wisdom, dignity, honour and kindness take place, through working with the power of demons. And every day, angels are called on to pour forth wrath. We, as workers of magick, have the choice to work with any spirits we want, for any result we want. The quality of the magick is down to us, not the entity in question.

It makes perfect sense to fear evil, but the truth about angels and demons is that their magick is neutral. How we use those powers defines whether the end result is for good or evil. You are not evil unless you do evil. You are not good unless you do good. Your actions define you, and the magick you use is neither good or bad. It is power.

Some people who are drawn to ‘dark magick’ may be surprised by how much focus the demonic work places on knowledge, wisdom and other such aspects of self-development. And those who are drawn to lighter magick may be dismayed by angels that commit acts of wrath. Trust your instinct, when you decide what magick to work with. If you have decided that demons are not for you, stay away from demons.

We believe in personal empowerment through supernatural means to uncover and obtain your true desires. Use whatever magick you desire. If these seemingly dark works don’t appeal, there are many other works that will.

In the spirit of these thoughts that we offer up two intriguing and surprising books, both written by Gordon Winterfield. The first of those is Demon of Magick, and the second will appear around mid-June. The books are independent of each other, and can be used separately. This is how we describe the first book:

The magick of demons can lead to a life of success, power and extraordinary peace. Demons will demolish enemies, enrich bold ventures, satisfy material desires, and provide you with wisdom, charisma, healing and persuasive dignity. The beauty of demonic magick is that spiritual growth arises from material pleasure. If these are works of darkness, they bring great light.

Demons of Magick provides you with three rituals for working with the seventy-two demons of Goetia. The first ritual is a way to petition for a simple result. The second method is Connective Evocation, where you sense the presence of the demon, to obtain knowledge. The third method provides you with the instructions for a Full Evocation, with the demon brought to visible appearance.

Each of the seventy-two demons is proficient in several areas, and all of their powers can be used alone or in combination. You have thousands of sophisticated powers at your disposal.

Gordon Winterfield says, ‘My intent in creating this book has been to offer something genuinely original, and unobtainable elsewhere, based on the wisdom of experienced, practicing occultists. I have no interest in peddling the same weary methods that can be found elsewhere. It is therefore unavoidable that the contents of this book will challenge much of what has been said on the subject. The magick in this book is a modernized, workable method, and will violently contradict many beloved theories and beliefs. This book may offend you, but if you are open minded, I believe you will find a method that works for you quite readily.’

You will discover:

The secret Evocation Keys for attracting the demon to you.

The names of 288 angels used to constrain the demons.

144 demonic and angelic seals.

72 colored sigils for working the rituals.

The Ritual Opening that calls on five archangels.

Words of Power for achieving altered states of consciousness.

The safest and simplest methods for evoking demons.

‘Winterfield has synthesized centuries-worth of texts, systems, and theory into a modern compendium and guide. Readable, comprehensible, and usable, this is a contemporary tour de force on the demons of the Goetia.’ – Amazon review

‘I love this book, his work as an occultist, and him as an author’ – Amazon review

‘A comprehensive text, yet clear and totally practical. The best grimoire one shall ever find.’- Amazon review

‘Utterly priceless.’ – Amazon review

Ebook and paperback here:  

If you have questions see Demons of Magick FAQ

57 thoughts on “Demons of Magick

  1. What could possibly delay results/manifestation?

    Once a day, at night, I have been doing the rituals with:
    – Seer: rapid desicion in my favor – last nigth – yet to see results
    – Orias: change heart/mind individual – someone else than above, three days ago, yet to see ro hear results
    – Gaap: group dissent (this one I am not exactly sure because I am not in front of that

    i followed each page, including the north, circular paper in code, everything as described in the pages fo the book… Not sure…

    1. Magick can work instantly, but doesn’t always and shouldn’t be expected to or you put yourself under too much pressure and expectation. This can make it collapse under the subconscious doubt you pile on in that state of mind. Norte that Gordon mentions patience frequently. He says, “Even the easiest magick will manifest at different rates…’ and goes on to explain why and how patience is required. You might also want to study the final paragraph of What You Can Expect To Happen, as that shows how patience, along with other aspects of the ritual, are as important as the ritual itself.

      The magick works – there’s no doubt; we’ve already seen lots of stories about it working. We’ve known it works for years, and now we’re seeing to work for others. But if you expect it to work overnight, you might be too anxious to see a result. The anxiety stifles magick. It needs room to breathe. It’s often said that the more patient you are, the faster it happens. So let go of the results and allow them to be when they will be.

      Also, be wary of doing too much magick at once, as this can reduce your focus. It can be tempting to see a solution to all your problems, and then you do everything at once, and it doesn’t get your full attention.

      As Gordon says, ‘It should be said that any request for an urgent response is often met with failure,’ but that if you leave it open, and don’t focus on the timeframe, the magick can work. So don’t write these rituals off – they may still be bubbling away and working their magick, even if the results take days, weeks or more to manifest.

      And finally, I’m not sure if you’re new to magic or have been doing it for years, but if you’re new, your abilities can build, and your ability to accept and allow results can build, so let it progress slowly. When you learn to drive, the first day, you just drive down the street – you don’t take a road trip around the whole country on day one.

      Some useful posts would be these:

      Also, I’ve just written a blog post that over this and it should be going up within 24 hours or so, so watch out for that.

      Cheers, Adam.

  2. Hello Adam

    I am taking my time before I do the first ritual.
    It’s mentioned that the petition should be written in the native language. But my native language is hindi which is not easily transcribed with the alphabets. And another thing , I am more comfortable in English than in my native language Hindi.
    I suppose it’s alright to write the petition first in English for me and then convert to the special alphabets. Am I right in my supposition?

    Thank you again for all the responses you have given here.


    1. Hi. Yes, that will be fine. The reason Gordon suggests this is so that readers don’t feel obliged to use English. But if you can, that’s great.

  3. I know patience is a virtue and all that but now it’s June, I’m impatiently ‘lusting for results’ to see Gordon’s next book! 😃

  4. Ok this magic is very powerful. I’m having more amazing signs. More than I ever had before and I’ve used some of the other GOM books. I completed ritual 2 with Sallos a couple days ago for a love interest and felt a lot of power from the connective evocation. More than expected as it was my first time doing it. I didn’t see anything physically but heard him speak into my mind. One thing I saw him give me in my mind was a vision of something I should meditate on to help bring me closer to my love interest. I can’t really explain properly in words as its difficult and doesn’t make sense but I’ll just say I saw certain shapes and was told how to meditate on them and visualise them moving in a certain way to help matters. After I came out of the Ritual (I felt I’d gone into quite a deep trance), I wondered if I’d half imagined it as you know many rational mind couldn’t quite make sense of the shapes thing. Anyway I did the meditation before going to bed. Next day saw movement with my love interest.

    Another weird thing happened yesterday which I’m certain was a sign. I was on the train and two men dressed in suits got on and sat in front of me. They seemed like businessmen and were chatting about their work etc. I wasn’t paying much attention until I heard one of them say out of nowhere ‘Yea, it’s like we have DEMONS running around in the system.’ And they both laughed. Then carried on talking about business matters.
    I was literally stunned and nearly fell off my seat. I’ve never heard the word demon mentioned in a random conversation like that which has nothing to do with the occult! Never. And I live in a major city with millions of people and hear all kinds of conversations when out and about.
    I’m sure it was a sign to let me know they’re working on things.

  5. Hello,
    Now I think I have settled down on the demon to petition.
    Just want to ask a general question – I hope the demons (being infernal) don’t mind working with humans that have had (and still nurse the idea of continuing to have) working relationship with angels.
    And conversely, I hope the angels won’t be disappointed that I turned to an infernal being for help when they (angels – Sachiel, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel et al) have helped me in the past (infact recently). Yes I know the 4 archangels are actually part of the guards protecting the worker during the ritual, but I need some form of reassurance because the last thing I want is to jeopardize my nascent relationship with the angels.

    1. It’s impossible to give this reassurance, really. When we do, people often ask again, or ask for proof, or repeat horror stories they’ve read in forums. If you don’t feel like doing the magick, wait until you do, and note that Gordon said, ‘Should you have concerns about safety, know well that I would not have written a reckless manual of experimentation.’ He’s not a casual writer. This is a statement of truth, and everything you need to know about safety is covered in the first three chapters. And, you know, can you imagine us all screwing our magickal lives up and wrecking our relationship with archangels by doing magick that was damaging? We just wouldn’t do it if it was harmful.

  6. Hello
    And thank you, The Gallery of Magic and Gordon Winterfield for another insightful book. It’s a delight to read – packed with useful stuff. I haven’t got to performing anything from this book yet, and here is why: In the chapter Ritual One – The Petition for Result, there is an instruction to write the petition in my own language and then transcribe it. Now, my language uses 33 letters, e.g. sounds, like “sh”, “ch”, “zh”, “kh” etc are one letter each. My intuition (and my logic) tells me that I should transcribe it into Latin first, and then into the cipher. Is this something GoM would do?

      1. Thank you, Adam, for answering my question and for encouragement. After writing the question, it occurred to me that since Transitus Fluvii is related to the Hebrew alphabet, there should be sounds/letters similar to what we have in Georgian alphabet (Georgian is my mother tongue). So I was wondering if you could possibly direct me to the original Transitus Fluvii (as opposed to the one corresponding to Latin)?
        Thanks again

  7. Hello Adam!

    First of I’d like to say a big thank for staying around on the blog and answering questions .

    Also Thank you to Gordon for releasing such an occult treasure chest of power. And thank you to the Gallery of Magick for just existing.

    I have a question about offerings. I completed a ritual with Foras, I could feel the fact it got the request but I also feel the fact it was responding with ‘what your asking of me and what I’m capable of are two different things’ So I don’t think there is going to be the result I petitioned for. Which isn’t the demons fault and I don’t want to forgo any offering I offered due to my bad choosing of the Demon. Should I still give the offering ?

    1. That’s an interesting one. Any chance you can tell me what you asked for – difficult to tell if it was wrong just for you, if it it’s a misinterpretation of the power or something else. I might be able to help more if you give more detail. (But generally, no, a response isn’t enough for the full offering – the initial imaginary offering yes, but not the full offering. That only comes when you’re satisfied.)

        1. Ok, thanks. That’s definitely within the demon’s remit, if if was somebody who was once interested in you – I presume that’s the case. If the answer was clear and real, that means that right now, the demon’s told you a cold hard truth, and essentially done its job by telling you, ‘No, sorry, nothing’s going to make that happen right now.’ And so you can reward, but I’d keep the reward/offering quite small. And remember that offerings are optional, so if in doubt, leave it out. The main thing is, though, are you sure it was an actual message, or the demon questioning your sincerity? Sometimes, if you get that sort of feeling, you can respond by repeating your request and seeing what the response is. Some people get not response, so this doesn’t;t apply, but if you do, let it be more interactive than just taking a flat response. But if you got the sense that this was a truth, and the demon was doing it’s job by telling you that what you asked for was out of range, that’s a good (if disappointing result). The point of magick is to make the changes we want, but if we can’t get them immediately, we can work other methods – if that person can’t be re-fascinated, maybe they can be warmed in other ways, or you can build qualities in yourself that you like, or change something else in their life – all things that could make it possible. I’ve rambled off topic there, but it’s interesting stuff.

          1. I was quite happy with the response. It made me double back and meditate on the situation. I’ve gleaned further insights since into what magick would have a better chance of getting the result I want.

            The experience was useful. I’ve never had a Spirit just give me a flat out no before.

            Very interesting stuff.

  8. I have a question I would like you to help. If I use one of the demons to help me to do something, after one day I change my mind and I don’t want the demon to continue to carry on the mission. Can I use the Ritual One to call the demon and ask it to cancel the mission that I have used Ritual 1 or Ritual 2, or Ritual 3 to assign the demon with the mission? Thank you Adam.

    P.S.: I am a big fan and big follower of the Gallery of Magick.

    1. Hey, thanks for being a big fan! Love to hear it. If you change your mind a day later that usually means you’ve not put the right amount of thought into deciding what you sincerely want. Be cautious about rushing in and read everything Gordon says about this. Sometimes, magick can make you change your mind – the act of performing the ritual causes a change within you. You can then create a new task that negates the old one, rather than saying, ‘I cancel the old ritual.’ That’s too abstract. If one day you say, ‘My boss fails in everything,’ and then realise you’ve probably ruined your chance of staying employed your next ritual would say, ‘My boss is successful in everything.’ But that’s not as great example really, because changing your mind like that would just show you hadn’t thought enough. But you get the idea!

  9. Hi Adam, I did a ritual today but I made a simple mistake I forgot to state my desire before charging my petition with the demon’s seal, I think it’s just a small mistake so it probably has a very low impact on the results. I have a few questions: Is there any benefit by repeating botched rituals? If I decide to repeat a ritual how long should I wait before doing it again?

      1. Oh I thought it was just a small mistake because the desire is already written in the petition lol, I also had a feeling of assurance as I finished the ritual, a feeling as if something “clicked”. I’ll do the ritual again tonight. Thanks Adam.

        1. Ah heck, I almost mentioned the feeling of something clicking, but thought it might be too abstract or need a lengthy explanation. But if you got that, well, I was probably wrong – there was enough awareness and communication to get that click, which means it got through and should work. If you got that and it felt right, trust it, don’t repeat, ignore what I said earlier.

  10. A question about offerings:
    There are many non tangible requests like increasing charm or aura of lustful power. How do we know that they habe been fulfilled and now it’s time to give offering.
    Also, many long term goals like progress in career within a company. How do we decide it’s time to give promised offering?


    1. Hi. Check out the paragraph that starts with , ‘Judging when to reward the demon can be difficult,’ and the paragraphs around it. At one point he says, ‘When you believe that the demon has satisfied your demands,’ and that is all the guidance you need, but those other paragraphs offer a bit more detail. In short, it’s down to your satisfaction, and the demon won’t be angry or anything like that if it’s later – there’s no ‘should’, if you will. You offer when you offer. And as those paragraphs say, that can be at the first sign, or when satisfied. Hope that makes sense.

  11. Hi Adam. First of all i am somewhat recent to the GoM books (been reading for a couple of months, already purchased at least 4 of the collection). Most of my life i’ve been interested in the occult but i have always stayed at theory. I have read tons of books but only after reading the Gom Books i started doing the actual work (had already a couple of succeses with your book on chaos magick and sigils of power). I purchased Demons of Magick and i am willing and very interested in using it but i would love your advice on this before i do it:

    For some reason, i freeze when i feel a presence and i get really scared even after all i have read about the occult, i don’t even know what i think will happen. This is frustating because i’m sincere in my desire to practice this. Can you please give me an advice on overcoming this? Thank you so much!:

    1. Tough one, because if you’re likely to feel afraid then you’re sort of priming yourself to be afraid. Having said that, fear is not a killer. First dates are terrifying if you really like the person! So you can just live with the fear and know the demons are constrained and can’t get you just because you feel fear. And remember there are clear instructions in there for cancelling the ritual if you feel overwhelmed. So you could start that way. But, if sensing any presence gets you too nervous, I’d say start with something a bit less intense. In The Angels of Alchemy you can evoke angels using a very, very similar process, and you’re much less likely to be afraid. If you are, the only advice I can say is to practice. A lot of what we put out now means people can get up and running with this magick in a day, but it’s worth remembering that for some of us unlucky souls, getting good at this took years and years, because we were scrabbling around for good info. But that does mean if it takes time to get used to it, that’s OK.

      1. Thank you so much Adam! loved the first date analogy, it really clicked on me, I will start with Angels of Alchemy. Thank you for your hard word and inspiration!:

        1. JuanK,
          I can sympathise with your position. I was brought up as a Catholic and so found it at bit nerve racking the first time I did a ritual with a demon. But really as Adam says, there is nothing to fear. In fact, I’ve felt stronger in myself and more confident generally since starting to work with them a few months ago.

          I feel I have more strength in dealing with life ‘stuff’ in general than before. Being a very sensitive person, I used to pick up lot of others energies and c**p shall we say. I find things don’t bother me as much as they used to. Even in areas where I wasn’t specifically asking for the demon’s help.
          I’m still a beginner in all this, but thought it might help you to know my experience.
          Good luck on your Magickal path!

  12. Much gratitude for Gordon Winterfield’s work. Clear, confidence inspiring, practical and solid. Well done.

  13. Wow! Just wow!!!! Got the ebook, read it 3 times. Knew the whole time what Demon I was going to use first. After reading I used some of my former college note taking skills and re read the areas I was going to use again and wrote notes from them, a lot of notes. Then I read my notes to make sure I understood them and took notes from them. Scaled it down to 4 pages of bullet notes since it was first time using this type of magick. Performed the ritual (Ritual 1). This was on a whole new level of wow factor!!! The biggest thing I noticed was with the Ritual to Weild Power. I had done this multiple times. When looking into the sigil not much happened. No biggie went forward with ritual. This time after invoking the Archangel it was different. I didn’t hardly even start looking at the circle and I started seeing like most or light smoke swirling around. Not just at the “top” but it really seemed I was looking down into something. I looked away but out of the corner of my eye I could still see it swirling!!! It started to show flickers of small light orange sparks or something. The mist/smoke seemed like it was trying to organize if that makes since. I had to force myself to not concentrate on it so I could finish that part of the Ritual. Any one have something like this happen?!?!? Lol. It was awesome, I was wondering if it would be ok to just let it go and see what happens even though I hadn’t finished that part of the protection in the Ritual. Any ideas????

    1. Glad you love it and love that you read it three times. That *is* the best way. That is a strong response, and we see such a range of responses (to all kinds of magick) from absolutely nothing to big effects. Why is it stronger now? Sometimes, you shift into a line of magick that clicks with you and everything powers up. Sometimes, it’s because you’re going to get a strong response when you evoke and so (by working back through time) the whole process is empowered. Sometimes it’s a side-effect. Generally, the level of these effects doesn’t change the sort of results you get, but here it could be an indication that you’re going to be very tuned into the magick at some point. Letting it go is ok, you can see what happens, but if you want to go on with the demonic part of the ritual I’d make sure you’ve said all there words, done the rest of the opening and so on.

  14. I did Ritual 1 calling on Sitri last night and wow, definitely sensed a few things. Had a sense of power around me, and also when I was imagining the result had occurred, felt myself go into a sort of dreamy trance. Sensed a sort of dreamy, heady but powerful presence. I’ve not worked much with demons before, only Acreba from the Ritual to End a Relationship in the Magickal Attack book, but it was interesting for me to compare the different sensations I felt working with a Sitri. Definitely different.

    Also, the other strange thing is as I had just started to say the words of the Ritual to Wield power, this image of a Lion appeared very strongly in my head! It was just a vision of a lion’s head. It wasn’t frightening but just completely startled me for a few seconds as I have no idea what that might mean! Just that I sensed a lot of power from it. I’ve done that ritual many times before with the Magickal Protection book but never saw this before! Do you have any idea what this might mean?

    1. Different! Yes!!!

      The traditional image for Sitri (that Gordon left out quite pointedly) is a leopard’s head, and even though his point is that your own image of the demon is probably going to be different to tradition, those old images do sometimes come through. Lion, leopard… who knows? As a few people have already noted, the demons seem to stir your reality before the ritual begins – this is *not* the demon getting ahead of you, but because magick can work backward in time, you sometimes sense some of the magick’s reality before you actually evoke the demon. It *could* be that. Or it could be nothing at all – just the static discharge of thoughts that sometimes happens with powerful magick. Cheers, AB.

      1. Thanks! I did not know that the traditional image of him was a leopard – interesting! I purposely have not gone internet searching to read up more on the demons before working with them, for the reasons Gordon said.

        I do have an affinity for cats generally – big and small, particularly lions, so maybe that has something to do with it also. Actually, the image of the lion was a bit like Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia, which was always a favourite of mine as a child. So it did make me smile. 🙂

  15. Hey Adam, just read the Demon book and i think it is great but personally i think I will stick with just Ritual One (for the moment) because im just looking for results, what do you think? And do you like demonic magick? Have you used it?

    Also i got frustrated because i read a part that i have to make my statement in present tense, but that contradicts what you said in your book of Chaos magick, or contradicts what the other books says, to think in past tense that the results have come about, please clarify this.

    if i want to change someones personality or behaviour for good how can i phrase it because i have to be sort of specific I can’t just say “change or eliminate John’s self centered attitude” should i have to be a little more specific?

    And also if i want to destroy my enemies using a demon should i do the ritual individually for each person (writing each name on a piece of paper separately) or they can be all destroyed in just one ritual (writing all the names on a piece of paper)?

    1. Yes I love it, when it feels right, and Ritual One is perfectly OK if that’s what you want to use. Even Gordon says that.

      There’s no contradiction, really, because a lot of our magick is about the feeling of it being in the present tense. But Gordon even sneaks Step 4 from Sigils of Power in there, by saying you *can* take it further and write it in the past tense. Use either, present tense or past tense.

      Be more specific than using the word ‘or’, as that weakens it, and if you want it to be forever, just add ‘forever’. ‘Eliminiate John’s self-centred attitude forever.’

      I can’t answer the last part, because as Gordon says, working out what you need and when is down to you. The broader the scope, the less control you have. Doesn’t mean it won’t work. But do what you sincerely need and what seems appropriate. It the enemies are all working together, it would be wise to stop them together. If they are unconnected, so should the magick be. There’s more on this and how deeply you have to get into this magick here:

      1. Hey Adam but when asking for Changing someone’s heart or mind forever, the same example “eliminate john’s self-centered attitude forever” how do i know if the demons are going to do it by simply killing him? Or hurting him?

        1. Because they are not monster and they are not stupid. Also, when you concentrate your desire into a sentence, all the thought and wisdom you put into the process goes into that statement – it is more than the simple words you end up with.

  16. I purchased the Ebook two days ago and I must admit that i’m impressed.

    I enjoyed the novel approach to the subject, the brief descriptions of the Demons powers(my favorite part), even the writing style was to my liking. I have found this book to be very interesting and stimulating.

    All I can say more is : Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks. The brief descriptions! Glad you can see the value. They appear slight and minimal, but are massive compared to the obscure ancient stuff, and contain so many clues about how they can be used. Cheers, AB.

  17. Thanks for another great book! My only suggestion with this and Gordon’s other book is to have a summary of the steps to follow at the end of each Ritual chapter like Damon Brand has at the end of his Master Money Ritual in Magickal Riches. The detailed descriptions are fabulous and having a step by step summary at the end would make the Core ritual, Ritual 1, 2 and 3 chapters even better.

    Right now I have to either flip from Ritual 1,2 or 3 to Opening Ritual to Core Ritual back to Ritual 1,2 or 3 then to the Demon then back to 1,2 or 3 and back to the Demon or write all the steps out by hand for each ritual and simply have the Demon’s page open in front of me where that part applies.

    Thanks again for another great magick tool!

    1. Thank you. Great to hear you like it, and I agree that summaries are useful. We will keep them in many other books and new ones. But Gordon has stressed the importance of actually learning these steps, rather having him summarise them – we know, from so many messages received here, that some people use the summaries without reading the actual text. For any book that’s a mistake, but for a book like this, that would not be great. He mentions this in the book in at least one place, maybe a couple, I think. I know that’s not what you were asking for, but that’s why he doesn’t do it. Also, he says, ‘Writing your own summary is far more effective than having one provided for you, and ensures that you absorb and understand each part of the process.’ So he agrees that summaries are useful once you know the material, but your own summary – even though more time consuming to construct – is going to serve you better. Other book, though, yeah, there should be summaries in everything. Thanks again. Adam.

  18. Hi Adam. It says there that the powers of the demons can be combined with other powers. Does this mean that they can be combined within the same ritual, or that you have to perform separate rituals to access and direct each of the powers? Also, does this combination refer to combining the different powers of the same demon, or different powers from different demons to achieve a desired result and/or to handle different components of a problem? I’ve already read the book, btw, and it’s absolutely wonder. I’m reading it for the second time already, and making notes so I can learn the rituals before I begin to perform them. Gordon has outdone himself again. Btw, you guys are awesome for bringing this book out earlier than expected. Now I just wonder what Gordon’s second book is about. Could this be his much anticipated book on Magickal influence? Or perhaps a book on how to the demons from the Theurgia Goetia?

    1. Thanks Jacob – really glad you like it. I agree that it’s a wonder. Your question about combining powers is answered over on the FAQ page at

      And I think you’re the first person to notice we brought it out early. It made me smile to beat our own deadline. The next book will not be about influence, because as Gordon says in Demons of Magick, ‘I could write a whole book on magickal influence, but I don’t need to, because everything you need is here, if you want to influence.’ Rather than present a watered down version of the demonic magick in a small book of influence, he’s created this book, which gives the required powers for influence. And as he notes, ‘demons seem to understand and act upon our need to influence others.’ This small line indicates some of the great power in the book. There is more potential than many people will realise, and Gordon drops hints and clues like this throughout. Pick up on those clues and you unlock so much more potential than is at first obvious. That’s just his style… Well, he does think that when you’re forced to seek the answer through deep contemplation and understanding, you’re going to get a better comprehension. At the same time, he offers simple, practical magick. Very clever indeed.

      His next book for the year, and his last for some time, will be out around the middle of June, I hope.

    2. Jacob, you read my mind – I was also wondering if Gordon’s second book would be on the Ars Theurgia I’d love a book on that! Can’t wait for his next book, whatever subject it’s on!

  19. I remember when damon was still on facebook often he said there might be a demonic words of power so to speak, but with differences just that the rituals were about just as quick? For demons with seemingly the same powers how do you know which to use beleth,zepar,sallos and more seems to deal with love and seduction?

    1. The way Words of Power works is through the grouping of particular divine names and angels – it’s the combinations that are key. So there’s no generalisation that can be made with regard to demons, to make it easy to do. To do this with demons requires more than just the demonic names. It can and has been done – but it’s very secret work. I didn’t follow Facebook back then too much, and didn’t know Damon had talked about that and am quite surprised that he did. Yes, that work exists, but it is very different to what’s in this book, for reasons that are a bit too complicated to go into here, and whether or not it is ever published remains open. But if you’re looking for something that’s as quick a fix as Words of Power, Demons of Magick is not it. I mean, once you’re up to speed with it, it can work just as fast, but it does take a bit more thought and feeling and prep than Words of Power. If you’re happy to do that, it can work fast. But like Gordon says, the emphasis should be on the quality of the result, based on sincere need, rather than speed.

  20. Jey Adam, first thing first congrats to Gordon, amazed by his new book.
    Although i do not do a lot of dark magick i must admit they are a crucial part of the journey.
    I just want to ask something quick regarding a few demons i saw that had kind of the same power, i am talking about being charismatic or charming.

    I just want to know how long will the effect last?

    and also Damon’s book Angels of Alchemy has an angel for charisma and charm (Amiel) so what is the difference between that charisma and charm and the demonic one?

    Also i do like demonic magick but in this case about charisma do you like working with demons or angels? Also i know you can’t talk about upcoming books but at least can you give me a hint if the Archangels book is going to have something about charm and charisma?

    Thanks in advanced, and hope to see new books from you Adam, im a huge fan.

    1. Thanks John, and so glad to hear your enthusiasm.

      The duration depends on what you ask for. If you ask for a total change of character you might get that, to some degree. If you ask for charisma for a specific event, weekend or whatever, it will last for that. If you just ask generally, then it may cause change that lasts indefinitely, but you will need to monitor yourself and see where your intuition and self-awareness takes you.

      Amiel is about letting your inner charm out. The demonic work has different ways of achieving the same things, perhaps more through influence of others’ perception, in part. But if in doubt, try it out, and see the effects. Like Gordon says, the only way to know it is to try it.

      I think you should choose the magick that you feel comfortable with and that gets you results, remaining aware that what works for you best can change over time, and as you change. No absolute preference for one over the other. The demonic work takes less time than the 72 Angels rituals, but real sincerity, whereas something from Words of Power is even quicker. Not that it’s about speed – but just pointing out there’s a huge range, and probably 20 to 30 different ways of achieving increased charisma across the books, so its about finding what works best for you. There’s no obligation to use the demonic, but you might find you like it.

      Cheers, Adam B.

      1. Hey Adam quoting “there’s a huge range, and probably 20 to 30 different ways of achieving increased charisma across the books” i’ve only seen ritual 3 from M seduction,Amiel from Angels of alchemy, 1 name from Sigils of magick by Zanna, and well from your book Chaos magick you could use one of the Olympic Spirits or make a Sigil, what other methods? I hope Archangel book has some method.

        1. As well as the five methods you mention there you could use a servitor, or there’s Vehiah and Poiel from The 72 Angels, Sit as pointed out in the opening material for 72 Sigils can also help, Ipos and Ronove from Demons of Magick, and Become The Center of Attention from Sigils of Power. So that’s about twelve. Was I exaggerating with 20 to 30? Possibly, but you also have to look at the way powers can be combined or used to get at the underlying problem. The can give you way more than thirty ways to go about it. But more is not always better. One more ritual in another book won’t help; you need to look at the causes and effects. If lack of charisma is caused by lack of confidence, for example, there are several rituals that help with that. It might not be that, but whatever it is, you need to uncover it and work on that. If none of the above magick gives you enough charisma, it may be that charisma is the wrong aspect to be tackling. You may need to look aspects of yourself that may be hindering the charisma, and target the magick at that. Or look at the end results you’re trying to achieve through charisma, and aim for them directly, leaving charisma out of it.

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