How to Say the Words of Magick

We have great magick coming this year. But first, a small gift. Over on the Pronunciation and Spelling page there’s now a video (just over ten minutes long), showing you everything you need to know about magickal pronunciation. Watch it a few times and it brings the sounds to life.

You can watch here too if you like:

We hesitated to make this video, because we’ve published a couple of audio guides before, and they kind of send people into a blind panic, because the words don’t sound the way they expected. The video shows that your voice is unique, and whatever you do will be right. Let the video give you inspiration and the confidence to get into your magick.

This video came earlier than expected. We mentioned over on Facebook that there’d be ‘one extra surprise’ in June. Well, this is it – the pronunciation video, a few weeks early. We hope you like it. But that means there’ll be no extra surprise in June, just so you know.

In July, Damon Brand’s long-awaited book of Archangel Magick will be released. I say July, but that’s a tentative date, and I’ve made a solemn promise to stop announcing books until they’re ready to print. This archangel book’s going to cover a lot of beautiful stuff, with everything from simple ceremonies to life-changing workings.


Before that, Gordon Winterfield is publishing two books of dark magick. One deals with demons, and the subject of the other book is a secret, right until we publish. They’ll be published in June, on the same day. If you don’t like dark magick, I get it, but if you do, this is a vast resource of wisdom, power and everything you look for in magick. (Those are artists impressions only – I don’t think the book will be quite that thick.)


The price of Magickal Attack has been reduced for the eBook and the paperback. We hired a designer to work on the paperback, to make it shorter, without changing the content; a tough call. Artwork and design has improved without harming the text or changing the image sizes. Given that these color paperbacks are so expensive, we’ve tried to make it as affordable as possible.


And while we’re waiting, please check out my new book, Sigils of Power and Transformation. We’ve never seen so many stories of quick, direct results. Thank you all for sharing your stories!


The new books will be here soon. I hope you enjoy the pronunciation video. (And no, that’s not me, Damon or anybody else you know saying those words. It’s a friend you’ve yet to meet!)

– Adam Blackthorne

28 thoughts on “How to Say the Words of Magick

  1. Hello Mr.AB. I’m also hesitating to post here because of photo identification lol.
    Anyway I’d like to know that when you’re going to release books only for Magickians, like..
    Books on evoking & Invoking Archangels, Angels, Demons, Olypmpic Spirits & also some Elemental types.
    books on psychic awakening procedures & some books on Paranormal Ideas.
    seriously I’m really looking forward for GOM system books on Evocation for every spirits, Not like in Angels Magick & Angels of Alchemy (These books only comes with 114 spirits, Awesome books anyway :))
    Thank You Mr. Blackthrone hope to read your more interesting Magick books.
    Wish You lots of Fortune 🙂

    1. Hi Kapil. We’ll not publish one book that covers evoking every spirit, I’m afraid, as it would be too vague or too long and incomprehensible. The solution we’ve settled on is showing the methods we have for approaching various classes of spirits, one book at a time. So, coming soon there will be demons, archangels and a few other things (during the next two months). Olympic spirits were covered a bit in my chaos book, but it wasn’t a full on evocation that some people would want. But I think by the end of this year we’ll have books covering over 340 individual spirits (that’s if you include some of the angels and archangels called in the Words of Power books), along with other forms of magick. And that’s probably how we’ll continue, until we’ve done everything we think is worth covering. So, yeah, some of those subjects you mention up there are going to be covered more, but we won’t publish a single book on the Evocation of all spirits as it’s not something we think would actually be practical to do or workable.

  2. Thank you for providing the video on pronunciation. And I am very excited about the new books coming out! I will definitely be getting them! Also, I was wondering if you had any plans on publishing a book on blood magick? This is something I would really like to learn more about. If there are no plans for a book, any chance you could write an article on it?
    And thanks so much for everything you guys have shared with us!

  3. Thank you for this video – it was a nice surprise! I found out that I was saying a few words incorrectly. I LOVE the voice in this video and can’t wait to meet the person. I watched this video first time Thursday morning, and a few extraordinary things happened shortly after. When I read my email in the office I was surprised to discover that 3 major issues were resolved in the most incredible way that only could be explained by divine intervention. For 2 days everything was going so smooth that it felt like the world revolved around me. I know, it’s vain, but it doesn’t happen that often. All this made me think that, maybe, you guys embedded a ritual into this video, that helps to solve problems, or something along these lines. So, did you? Is there a surprise inside of the surprise?

    Thank you.

    1. Nothing embedded at all. The words were chosen to be illustrative, and read without any intent or ‘active work’ on the part of the readers. But, I know that just being around magick, seeing somebody else do it, being where magick has happened – these things can unlock the magick that’s in your own life. Could be that.

  4. Another great post.
    The pronunciation for me is a good overview.
    Thank you GOM for all you do!!!
    Bless you!!!

  5. I’m very excited about the upcoming books. Although I’m not that interested attacking or silencing anyone, I’ve always been intrigued by dark magick. I was wondering, if there is any other creative way to use dark magick for personal growth, enrich one’s life or gain knowledge etc. . . maybe similar to the last ritual in wealth magick.

    I love sigils of power, unbelievably powerful book and works very quickly every time. And I would like to suggest if book 2 to somehow include sex magick using the sigils.

    I really love all your books. I deeply respect all GOM members thank you!!
    I’d also like to thank all the people here who posted their very inspiring stores.

    1. Hello there, and yeah, I agree – never had an interest in silencing, binding etc until I needed it. Then it was real help. But, yeah, one thing Gordon really wants to emphasise is that one of the books especially (the demon book) has a strong focus on increased wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and all that sort of thing. Its often assumed that demons are all about the quick and dirty results, and they can be used for that, and quite freely to do all sorts of things, but he uses a beautiful description (which I won’t spoil by telling you now!) to show that demons are not the naughty little devils they are portrayed to be, and if you seek those results, demons can be the most effective way to get there. And this is because they are under your command, not just out there doing evil.

      Thanks for letting me know about the books working, and my book working! Love to hear that. Cheers – AB.

  6. Adam, Damon, Zanna, Gordon, and the family of G.O.M.

    Thank you all for providing us with such a service.

    I could go on and on about the blessings you’ve enabled me to reach for and achieve. But I feel you all know, all too well that some things just can’t be put into words.

    I own just about every book and have been working with them for just shy of a year now, never really posted anything on your comment section. I have read every comment, every answer in response.

    When I have a question, I have learned and appreciated that you empower us with the fact our intuition is there. Our intuition is there to be developed, honed, and it truly is amazing. Very few teachers I have encountered on the many paths allow the student to fine tune themselves in such a manner. For that fact alone I am prompted to write this post to you all. Your books have helped more than you know Whenever I’ve gotten ‘stuck’,I go within and see what tools I have available (via your other books) and get ‘unstuck’.

    Some rituals from the sigils of Power and transformation have brought tears of joy to my eyes :during step 4 (unprompted, big 6’4″ guy here, emotions are strong within, but externally they rarely bloom as such).

    The harmony and wholesomeness I have received in the way of results is truly touching.

    Regarding waiting for results, ‘getting on with magick’ without hammering more stuff in on certain workings is something that I learned and experienced in a smooth and subtle way. Seeing how some things ‘work’ faster than others, yet others which seem unmanifest, best not to get caught in that ebb and flow. Get on with it and get on with your life. To those reading this, you’ll see for yourself!

    I can’t think of any questions, but I suppose this would be a good one..
    I’ve worked with a lot of patients in hospitals/nursing homes..Folks who are on their way out of this life, that sort of thing.

    Here goes, when someone has a relationship with the Angels and Spirit and has done extensive ‘work’ within this life as a magician, particularly within the framework of the Gallery of Magick,
    I.E. me living a long fulfilling life doing some great magick.
    Would there be anything I could do for myself if I knew I were on the way ‘out’ so to speak?

    Haven’t seemed to see this subject touched before, and it’s not necessarily within the realm of health and healing.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts, I will continue to keep on keepin’ on.

    And if you all ever have that ‘worldwide working’ like you did last year, I’ll be sure to work right along with you.

    Best to you all!

    1. Thank you so much. Trust me when I say that messages like this get passed on to everybody in The Gallery. Most members do not hang around on this page at all, but I don’t let things like this go without appreciation. Thank you, and great to know.

      And I’m so glad that you see the value of intuition. I’m probably going to put something else up there on the main FAQ, because I think sometimes people think it’s just a fob off, a ‘leave us alone we’re too busy’, but mostly it’s a gift, urging you to trust and hone (as you say) your intuition. When you do, so much more starts to go well.

      Your question is one that is unanswerable because I haven’t been there. But I have known a small number of old occultists who were (and are) pondering this. And what I hear from them, and from my own spiritual delving (which I can’t talk about too much, as it involves work that’s secret because it’s personal, with a spirit that requires my silence if you get what I mean) is that you get the very strong sense that there’s nothing that needs to be done, but that much is done. That sounds so vague, but I think it means when you get to that point, you get a sense of what’s coming, and that causes reflection and preparation, but also the sense that you are in good hands. I hope that makes some kind of sense, even though it’s vague.

      1. That is exactly how I felt it would be. Thank you for the response. I feel like I have a lifetime of magick available through my GOM library but will definitely welcome these future additions!

  7. *Thinking out loud* 😀 YEY! 2 books from Mr. G – those books are gonna be my rewards for all the hard work I’m putting in both in Magick & school – YES! I’ll buy the archangels by Mr. D.B later on. I miss my dark side & two books at the same time?! It’s like eating steak & lobster at the same time! 😀 this is my surf & turf for June. I’m so excited.

    p.s. I’m enjoying Calvarnia & his vivid way of “talking to me” I’m sure he won’t mind additional knowledge coming from those ‘dark books’. Thanks G.O.M Masters for the update 😀 , with much excitement & gratitude. S.M.888

    1. I wouldn’t leave the TV on… but no, it doesn’t have to be silent. In fact, I’ve enjoyed magick in really noise places; beaches and so on. Some people put music on. But nothing should distract. If there’s a nightclub next door, or if it’s a very noisy city, that’s still ok so long as your focus is on the magick. If you’re drawn out of the magick by a noise, that’s less than ideal, which is why a calm, quiet room is usually ideal.

  8. Hi Adam,

    I’m very excited about the upcoming Archangel Magick! Wondering if you could perhaps share some examples of their power?

    Also, from your experience, what are the major differences between the archangels vs the 72 angels and the 42 angels? Are the archangels more powerful? Do they provide more long lasting results?

    Mind sharing an amazing/beautiful story/result you got from having worked with an archangel? For example: Michael, Gabriel, Haniel, Metatron…


  9. Yes the feeling and getting into it is pretty important isn’t it? I think I will try it out first by listening to the recording and also reading it at the same time. I thought it would be a useful method because I sometimes lose track of feeling the emotions of what I’m trying to do and ask for while remembering where I am in the ritual and hoping I didn’t miss anything.

  10. Great post Adam! That is a very handy pronunciation guide and June just can’t get here soon enough. :]

    Actually I’m glad you appeared because I had a question I’ve been wondering, about speaking the incantations from 72 Angels of Magick. I recall someone saying somewhere that it is still effective to write out the entire ritual, record yourself, and then just listen to the recording for the 11 days while you look at the sigils as instructed. Would that limit its effectiveness in any way, are there portions that you absolutely must speak every time? Thank you!

    1. Thanks!

      I don’t remember seeing that idea. I’m all for experimentation, as you know, but I think listening and being so passive is just not the same as actually getting into the ritual, doing it, saying it, feeling it. I mean, you can imagine the words in your head, but that’s active, you’re doing it. Listening seems too passive. But if it’s working for people, I don’t mind being wrong! Only way to find out is to try it.

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