How to Say the Words of Magick

We have great magick coming this year. But first, a small gift. Over on the Pronunciation and Spelling page there’s now a video (just over ten minutes long), showing you everything you need to know about magickal pronunciation. Watch it a few times and it brings the sounds to life.

You can watch here too if you like:

We hesitated to make this video, because we’ve published a couple of audio guides before, and they kind of send people into a blind panic, because the words don’t sound the way they expected. The video shows that your voice is unique, and whatever you do will be right. Let the video give you inspiration and the confidence to get into your magick.


And please check out my new book, Sigils of Power and Transformation. We’ve never seen so many stories of quick, direct results. Thank you all for sharing your stories!


I hope you enjoy the pronunciation video. (And no, that’s not me, Damon or anybody else you know saying those words. It’s a friend you’ve yet to meet!)

– Adam Blackthorne

28 thoughts on “How to Say the Words of Magick”

  1. Hello Mr.AB. I’m also hesitating to post here because of photo identification lol.
    Anyway I’d like to know that when you’re going to release books only for Magickians, like..
    Books on evoking & Invoking Archangels, Angels, Demons, Olypmpic Spirits & also some Elemental types.
    books on psychic awakening procedures & some books on Paranormal Ideas.
    seriously I’m really looking forward for GOM system books on Evocation for every spirits, Not like in Angels Magick & Angels of Alchemy (These books only comes with 114 spirits, Awesome books anyway :))
    Thank You Mr. Blackthrone hope to read your more interesting Magick books.
    Wish You lots of Fortune 🙂

    1. Hi Kapil. We’ll not publish one book that covers evoking every spirit, I’m afraid, as it would be too vague or too long and incomprehensible. The solution we’ve settled on is showing the methods we have for approaching various classes of spirits, one book at a time. So, coming soon there will be demons, archangels and a few other things (during the next two months). Olympic spirits were covered a bit in my chaos book, but it wasn’t a full on evocation that some people would want. But I think by the end of this year we’ll have books covering over 340 individual spirits (that’s if you include some of the angels and archangels called in the Words of Power books), along with other forms of magick. And that’s probably how we’ll continue, until we’ve done everything we think is worth covering. So, yeah, some of those subjects you mention up there are going to be covered more, but we won’t publish a single book on the Evocation of all spirits as it’s not something we think would actually be practical to do or workable.

  2. Thank you for providing the video on pronunciation. And I am very excited about the new books coming out! I will definitely be getting them! Also, I was wondering if you had any plans on publishing a book on blood magick? This is something I would really like to learn more about. If there are no plans for a book, any chance you could write an article on it?
    And thanks so much for everything you guys have shared with us!

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