How to Say the Words of Magick

We have great magick coming this year. But first, a small gift. Over on the Pronunciation and Spelling page there’s now a video (just over ten minutes long), showing you everything you need to know about magickal pronunciation. Watch it a few times and it brings the sounds to life.

You can watch here too if you like:

We hesitated to make this video, because we’ve published a couple of audio guides before, and they kind of send people into a blind panic, because the words don’t sound the way they expected. The video shows that your voice is unique, and whatever you do will be right. Let the video give you inspiration and the confidence to get into your magick.


And please check out my new book, Sigils of Power and Transformation. We’ve never seen so many stories of quick, direct results. Thank you all for sharing your stories!


I hope you enjoy the pronunciation video. (And no, that’s not me, Damon or anybody else you know saying those words. It’s a friend you’ve yet to meet!)

– Adam Blackthorne