An Angel Before Me

The first time I stood in the presence of an archangel, I was overwhelmed. It’s a story I don’t often tell, and with good reason. Most stories about magick sound like they’ve been made up.

You read stories about magick, and it can make you more skeptical than you were before. I once read a book by a well-known occultist, and he tells this story about seeing a dead animal come back to life, and even though I’ve seen things that were downright miracles, I found it hard to believe that story. Which isn’t fair, because if I told you everything that’s happened to me, you’d feel the same. Telling the truth about occult reality is not an easy thing.

Calling for Protection

I’ll give you one tiny example. A long time ago, I was at one of those protests that turned nasty; the opposing sides attacked each other before the police could get between us. I was not the fighting kind, and despite a fairly reckless nature I just wanted to get out of there. But I found myself facing off against a man who (in my memory) was two feet taller and wider than me, with a look in his eyes like he wanted to snap my neck.

I was trapped on all sides, but found myself able to say the name of an angel, an angel that I had worked with before, and I called for protection. It wasn’t a ritual but an urgent call for help. And this is where it gets weird. There was a flash of light, like an immense, momentary bright mist, and then the man collapsed to the ground. I was able to wiggle my way out of the chaos. Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound like it could be true. And yeah, I probably should have checked he was OK, but I just thanked the angel and got away.


The Skeptics

And who were the biggest sceptics? My occultist friends! Maybe he had a seizure, they said. Maybe he was knocked out by a stray projectile. And the flash of light could have been…well, anything.  And I get it. If they told me a story like that, I’d be skeptical too. The point is that it happened, but sounded implausible, even to those who knew the reality of magick. With an act of angelic calling I made a man pass out, and that saved me from danger. It was like having superpowers. But I know that it might be difficult to believe me.

This is why we leave extreme stories out of books and posts, most of the time, because they sound too weird, too fictional. Doesn’t matter how truthful they are. If they sound fake, that sense of doubt is not a good thing for your own magick.

Crazy Stories

There are some authors who fill their books with stories about personal miracles, alongside those corny testimonials about how well it worked for Mary from Glasgow who used a spell to win £5000 on the lottery. I never believe those stories. They might have been true, but when they became popular in occult books published in the seventies, I just thought of them as padding. Some of the authors even admitted later that they wrote them due to pressure from publishers, which is not great.

But the thing is, people ask us all the time; tell us the things that have happened, tell us what magick’s done for you, we want to hear the stories. Why don’t we share more? Because it doesn’t convince anybody and it can sound crazy or made up.


I have, as mentioned at the beginning of this post, stood in the presence of an archangel, but it’s not something I talk about, because I don’t think I can do it justice. I can’t convey the wonder and power that was revealed to me. But that isn’t the end of the story, because Damon Brand’s book of archangel magick will soon be published, and trust me, it’s been worth the wait. The book is mostly practical, but Damon does include some personal stories about his experience of archangels. This is because he has a way of revealing the wonder of magick. He’s a good storyteller, and good storytelling is not about spreading lies; it’s about telling the truth in a personal way.

Practical Archangel Magick

Damon’s book will cover many practical ways of calling on archangels, using everything from unique Words of Power and Sigils, through to invocation and evocation techniques that have never been published. He looks at ways of calling on specific aspects of an archangel’s power, and also methods for working with groups of archangels to achieve more potent results. There’s even a section on crisis magick, so you can call an archangel when you are overcome by urgency and desperation. His book’s truly a masterpiece, and has a lot of new ideas, as well as clarifying everything you need to know about magick. Something to look forward to!

But until then, I will share with you one brief quote from Damon’s new book. ‘Magick is like a beautiful form of storytelling, but one where you get to change the ending.’

This is an idea you can apply to all your magick. You are the one writing the story of your life. You are the one calling the shots, shifting the story and making things go the way you want them to go. It doesn’t mean there’s never any drama, but it does mean you are creating your own story rather than being dragged along by fate. And that’s something pretty special.

– Adam Blackthorne

Damon Brand’s book of archangel magick is due to be published some time before mid-January 2018.

The Master Works of Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne

A Few Recent Amazon Reviews

The Angels of Alchemy: ‘Let me tell you, the evocation magic *works*. When I talk to the angel of insight for advice, it always turns out to be really excellent advice. Highly recommended.’

Magickal Cashbook: ‘Was so poor that even the $4.95 was a burden (to buy the book), and putting together a Cashbook was not option, so I improvised & I Believed. And you know what? It worked! In a little over 2 weeks I had the $500 I needed.’

Magickal Protection: ‘This book changed my life, it may sound extreme but it’s true, thanks to these rituals I was able to take control of my life again.’

The 72 Angels of Magick: ‘The information within the pages of this groundbreaking book is absolutely astounding and life-changing. Whether you have been involved with other forms of magick, ritual or spellwork in the past or are totally new to all of it, THIS BOOK WILL bring spiritual illumination, valuable insight, and solutions to problems or needs not found anywhere else. Damon Brand has streamlined the usually complicated and obscure work with the Great Angels into a functional, accessible system that works. If used with sincerity and true need, this is the book that will change your life forever in the best ways possible.’

Sigils of Power and Transformation: ‘ Clearly this is powerful magick that works like a dream.’

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