Divination, Healing, and Evocation

Readers often ask if we’ve written books on divination, healing, or evocation. The great news is that these powers are already right there in our books. I’ll point out the best ways to find these vital methods.

Of course, you might want to read something new. Don’t worry! That will happen too, and I’ll get to that before the end of this post, but while you’re waiting, it’s good to remember that there are many astonishing powers that are sometimes forgotten.


There is an entire ritual for divination in Archangels of Magick. Damon Brand says, “Archangel divination does more than tell you what might be in store in the future. It shows what’s most likely to happen, but also shows you how best to apply magick to that situation to get where you want to be.”

Instead of just seeing a future and doing nothing about it, you can see what might happen and then use magick to make your preferred future become real. This is so important because if divination only gives you a hint about what’s coming, it’s nothing more than a strange forecast of the future. When you know what’s coming and understand what you can do about it, that is power.

You can also call on Eshaliah in The 72 Angels of Magick, to See the Past, Present, and Future. I think this power is best when you’re looking at a situation that is deeply entwined with your whole life, like a long-term relationship, or your career.


Healing magick is real, but Damon was reluctant to publish any for some time because of his own negative experiences. As he puts it in Archangels of Magick, “The promise of miracle cures is often a deception, and can even be dangerous if you neglect conventional medicine.” He goes on to talk about “two painful incidents in my life where healing magick did not work.” But having seen the benefits of healing magick when we published the odd ritual here and there, Damon knew that readers could use this magick wisely.

There are several powerful healing rituals in The 72 Angels of Magick. In Archangels of Magick, healing is presented quite subtly, but you’ll find that Raphael can be the best angel for healing.

In my book, Sigils of Power and Transformation, there’s a section with fourteen Health Magick rituals and we’ve heard many great stories about how well it can work.


Evocation means that you get to experience the spirit’s presence, and for some people that can mean seeing and hearing the spirit. Magick like that is never going to be as fast and easy as the simpler forms of magick. Evocation takes focus and dedication. But it is way more achievable than many people realise, and it’s been explored in several books.

In Archangels of Magick, there’s an entire section of the book that shows you how to evoke the archangels, and readers report great success. For those who achieve that contact, it is unforgettable.

In The Angels of Alchemy, Damon explores another evocation method, this time for receiving guidance and direct assistance from the angels. A secondary power of evocation enables you to direct the angels to benefit other people.

If you are willing to work with demons, Gordon Winterfield explores two evocation methods in his classic book, Demons of Magick. Connective Evocation is a sort of half-evocation that’s much easier to achieve, but still worthwhile. The other method is Full Evocation, which takes more effort, but has worked for many readers.

All the Magick in the World

It’s beautiful to see that readers are often hungry for a new magick book. We get that! We’ve always been curious to know all the secrets.

If you work with our books in-depth, they can give you enough magick to achieve whatever you need. Sometimes, a simple pattern of magick can make everything fall into place. Sometimes you’ll need to go deeper. And sometimes you’ll discover untapped power in magick that you (almost) took for granted.

Any magick that works for you can be adapted to achieve anything you want. With one book, you can (in theory) do everything. So why publish more? We publish books because there are many styles, techniques, and ways of working. Each book can make things easier, and each solves a piece of the puzzle. You don’t need anything else, but there will be more from us if you want more.

Until then, you might enjoy exploring divination, healing, and evocation, or you can look at our recently updated post on Doing Magick For Others. There’s lots to explore there.

You don’t hear from us often, but we think about you all the time. We’ve been busy writing and creating projects that will make a difference to you. We’re way ahead of schedule, and that’s given us the chance to look at some exciting possibilities. There’s nothing new right now, but everything will be published and released at exactly the right time.

Damon’s most recent book, Success Magick, has eased readers into exploring a really potent form of magick. It’s great to watch how that’s changing lives for the better. Thanks for sending in all your success stories and fascinating magickal tales.

I hope you keep enjoying your magick.

Adam Blackthorne

A brief update from Damon Brand, April 2021. “The next book from The Gallery of Magick will be published in the second half of 2021. It’s been a while since we published anything, but the new book is quite different. We are gathering feedback from volunteers who used an early version of the book. It takes time, but it helps us know that everything is clear and workable. That means you will get a much better book. We really appreciate the enthusiasm you have for new magick, and we hope you think it’s worth taking a little extra time. We love this book, and we think you will too.”