Archangels of Magick

With archangel magick, you can change the story of your life. Damon Brand’s long-awaited masterpiece is now available.

“I should be honest and say that results are nothing less then mind blowing”

“This book has several huge breakthroughs.”

“Results are abundant and fast!”

Archangels of Magick

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#1 Best Seller in Three Categories

“A masterpiece with no equal. The ONE book that you absolutely MUST add to your library.”

“This power has been made so much more accessible and so much easier to grasp.”

“The Archangel book is beyond words. Beyond anything I expected, even though I had high expectations.”


The book covers:

Archangel Sigils of Power. With over sixty powers for rapid learning, easy sleep, deep insight, healing, stability, peace and prosperity. You can clarify your messages, find serenity and establish safe emotional boundaries. Become immune to stress and remove traumas from the body. Silence those who speak ill of you, shield against attacks and lift the curse of fear. There are rituals for courage, love, creativity, intuition and imagination. You can break habits, unleash your emotions safely and recover from loss.

Archangel Talismans of Power. These nine visual talismans inspire admiration, encourage forgiveness and persistence, increase mental clarity, clarify your emotions, make you see your own gifts, accelerate a decision, benefit from changes in your life and bring general good fortune.

The Circle of Power. Five archangels work in harmony. In The Basic Calling, there is a method for daily protection and spiritual contemplation. The Advanced Calling gives you mystical insight into yourself and your life.

The Ladder of Ascent. This method is ideal for desires that are clouded by doubts and uncertainty. Your request ascends through ten archangels so that each of their qualities can provide solutions, relief and providence.

The Ritual of Divination. This working enables you to see your potential future and also shows how you can alter the future with magick.

Archangels of Invocation. There are twelve unique sigils that enable you to invoke the archangels, to take on over forty qualities such as Persistence, Wisdom, Tolerance, Abundance, Calm, Genius and Musicality. There are qualities of Self-Knowledge, Communication and Charisma, with Creative Invention, Inspired Teaching, Empathy, Ease, Courage and many more.

The Evocation of Archangels. This is a more advanced technique to call an archangel into your presence to work on problems that require interaction with the archangel. It can also be an excellent way to understand, develop and communicate your desires.

This book contains the Secret Names, Invocation Keys, Words of Power, Evocation Keys, and over fifty unique images that make this all possible. It does not cover every archangel ever described, but works with the twelve archangels that are easy to contact and most likely to bring effective results.

Archangel magick is like no other magick. It can be subtle, dramatic, beautiful and profoundly moving. This is not a simple how-to book or a collection of spells, but that does not mean it is complicated or challenging. Read it, use it and you will get results.

Damon Brand is the author of many best-selling books of practical magick, and this is his masterwork, revealing secrets and powers that have never been shared before. If you believe in the reality of magick, this is power that you can’t afford to live without.

As Damon Brand says, ‘Magick is like a beautiful form of storytelling, but one where you get to change the ending. Don’t look back on your life and wish things had been different. Use magick to get the life you really want.’

“This book is awesome! It is the best book on ANY subject, not just magick.” – Amazon review

Order Ebook or Paperback here.

Archangels of Magick


If you have questions, check out the Archangels of Magick FAQ.

33 thoughts on “Archangels of Magick

  1. One suggestion on pronunciation, if I may. That “kh” sound that you compare to “loch” or “achtung” could also be compared to the “х” sound in the Russian “хорошо.” It’s a lot more subtle than a German “ch”, and makes one much less likely to inadvertently spit up a loogie mid-ritual.

    And the archangel book is well beyond just хорошо, if you see what I mean. I’m still working on a preliminary read-through, and man: where has this book BEEN all my life? O_O

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice that the book was published on January 5. Liturgically, that’s the 12th day of Christmas, and the day before Epiphany. Intentional or not, that is interesting timing, to say the least.

    But now, the serious question. One of the archangels has been, to borrow a line from a classic angel movie, “hanging around ever since I got here.” I’ve had more than one professional tell me, on separate occasions, that they could tell this one was always near me; one even used the word “profound” to describe what they saw. This archangel has been in and around my life as long as I can remember; as best I can tell, he’s saved me from physical death twice, that I KNOW of. So to say I have a lot of personal questions for him, would be an understatement.

    I know he’ll show up when called, and I know I shouldn’t expect any sort of experience in particular. But…how in the world do I prepare myself for something like this?

    I know that sounds like a dumb question, but I’ve been looking for something like this for a long, LONG time. For comparison, it’s kind of like I’ve been running the Berlin Marathon, and I’ve just turned onto Unter den Linden, and can see the Brandenburg Gate and Finish line just ahead. It’s hard to NOT be a bundle of jumbled emotions about this.

    Perhaps a better way to put it is, how best do I process/incorporate/utilize the emotional component, in what’s almost certain to be a very emotional working?

    1. Thanks. I get what you mean about pronunciation, but I think Russian is even more obscure to most people. Could be wrong. Anyway, that video above might help, and if not, then K really does the trick. Although the words are precious, the pronunciation can be relaxed – after all, there are billions of people with their own voices, accents and tones, so it makes sense that pronunciation doesn’t have to be too exact.

      I get what you mean, with your question, but I’d just do it by the book. Damon says to use it when there’s a need and keep your focus on the need rather than the other bit, so to speak. That should do it!

  2. Wonderful book. Very much appreciated. Would the ladder of ascent be the best way to heal a past relationship such as a romantic one? To the point of recovery. I see other abilities that will certainly be beneficial with this in mind but wanted to ask if the ladder would be the overall best method. Thank you kindly for your consideration.

    1. Really pleased you like the book. There’s never any way I – or anybody else for that matter – can say what’s best, because it’s all about finding what’s appropriate for you at any given time. You have to choose what feels right based on your knowledge of the methods (either by reading or experiencing) and then through intuition.

  3. Astonishing book. Much more information than I expected and so many methods. Love The Ladder of Ascent. Reading it all fills me with a feeling of safety and excitement. It’s the most original magick book I’ve ever read but it all has an ancient feeling about it, like this is something that’s been working in secret for a long time. Beautiful work, Mr Brand.

  4. I am about halfway through the book and think it is truly astounding! The amount of research and knowledge that has gone into it is obvious. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Basic Calling in the Circle of Power is the same as the first part of the Ritual Opening in Demons of Magick. Was this deliberate? And did Gordon and Damon both work together in developing this ritual?

    I really love using it as a banishing ritual in its own right and for some reason I find it easier to visualise than the Sword Banishing. I have no idea why as actually it’s more complicated, but I can visualise the 5 angels in great detail very well but have great difficulty with visualisation of the Sword Banishing. I have no idea why! I can’t visualise clearly Yohach or Kalach – it’s very blurry and the image won’t stay. It’s very strange because I’ve been doing it for longer. But it just doesn’t appear clearly to me.

    1. Glad you like the book. The original plan was for Archangels to come out first, and then Gordon’s book would have been making reference to it. That didn’t happen. But in his book it’s presented just as a way into that ritual work, because of the power of archangels, whereas in the Archangels book it’s give more applications, more ways of using it. As for the who, when and why it was developed that’s a very long story that I can’t really go into.

      With the Sword Banishing – Magick is a very personal thing, and it’s one reasons it’s good to have many methods – and what works best often changes over time.

      1. Thanks Adam! The book really is amazing and all the various methods of contacting tbe angels. I love the ladder of ascent process! There is one major but complicated situation in my life I will definitely use it on.
        One further question: it seems in this book you don’t say your request out loud, but think it in your mind. I often have trouble with this, because it never feels as real to me as if I speak it out loud. Also, I find personally my mind apt to wonder about in a jumble of thoughts, whereas if I speak it out loud, it foces me to clarify my thoughts. If that makes any sense. Is it absolutely necessary to think the request only or could we think about the problem first, etc but then repeat the steps spoken out loud?

        1. No, you’ve misread it. Damon says about ten times that you should say the words out loud. He also says you can say them in your mind if that’s not possible. But over and over there are lines like, “If you can speak the words out loud, that is ideal..” If you have the ebook you can search for the phrase and you’ll see that the emphasis is on speaking out loud.

          In the divination ritual and one part of the evocation ritual, you are urged to speak in your mind only – but these are exceptions. If you want to say these bits out loud, you can. The magick’s pretty adaptable.

  5. Damon Brand, Adam Blackthorne, Zanna Blaise, Gordon Winterfield and the rest of GoM!! Thank you for this treasure! Is this the most important publication from the GoM?

    1. Thanks! Glad you think it’s a treasure. As to whether it’s the most important, only readers can say. It has the most information – not just the obvious information, but the overview of magick that you get when you read it.

  6. Hi Adam,

    I’m so happy and excited that the new book has finally been released!!


    1. For now I bought the Kindle version, but in the future I will buy the physical book too. I hope you won’t only release a limited amount of the physical version? Will you make it available forever?

    2. I hope this is not the last book GoM has released? In the future will you guys be publishing more books? It would be hard to top a masterpiece that Archangels of Magick is……so not sure what future GoM books will be about?

    Will there be more angel books? What sort of angels? I’m so curious! It’s just that, now that Archangels of Magick has been released, I can’t think of what other angels you’d cover in future books, because I think GoM books has now covered virtually almost all angel types?

    And what about sigil books?

    3. In all your books, including this new one, emotional transmutation is an important part of the magick (i.e.: feeling the problem, followed by feeling that it has been solved (i.e. “It is done”). And I understand that’s because feeling is how the angels “read” us humans.)

    But, what if I want to contact an archangel not to solve a problem or to grant me a wish, but to just talk and ask them about things? I’m a very curious person by nature, and I’ve always wanted to know the secrets about the universe, lives in other planets/dimensions, etc. Since they are not really “problems”, I’m not sure if emotional transmutation is necessary then? In other words, if I just want to have conversations about with the angels regarding various subjects, is it sufficient to just ask them without necessarily creating/feeling any emotion?

    4. Do you believe in the concepts of parallel realities? When the archangels help us, do you think what they do is place us in a parallel reality where our wishes have manifested, problems are solved, etc?

    5. A wise person once told me that the law of attraction is not possible without the angels. When people practise the law of attraction, do you think what they do is essentially contacting angels/archangels?

    6. Curious about love magick: the new book says that the archangel Haniel helps with all matters related to love and sex. In what ways does he/she compel a person to fall in love with someone? Do you think Haniel manipulates their sexual energy? Or whisper subliminal “love thoughts”? What’s the exact mechanism?

    1. Glad you like the book. Not sure on future plans, but there’s no immediate plan to scrap anything. It should be around for a while. There will be more books, but not for some time. I doubt anybody could use everything in this book within twelve months, so we don’t see any need to rush. This blog will continue to share ideas, but we no longer discuss future books, I’m afraid. When something is released, the details will be there.

      The method described for contacting archangels is the best, because need drives it, and if curiosity is a need, that will too. You don’t need to feel desperate need, just a need.

      With Haniel I would say there’s no manipulation – like the book indicates, it’s more about changing the way you shine, the way your self is projected so that people can sense the best in you.

      The other questions are about theory, and we don’t really go into that as there’s no consensus on a lot of it and mostly it doesn’t help with the practical. When it does, we try to get the little theory that’s needed into the books.

      1. I know we have plenty to work with BUT understand that all of us crave for more valuable information , it would be sad to know that you guys won’t publish another book soon and it may take awhile , we are addicted to GoM haha

      2. Thanks Adam. So just to clarify: if I’m contacting an archangel to ask about certain issues, or to get insights, or to discuss various random matters, then emotional transmutation is not necessary then?

        1. The need being satisfied would be emotional transmutation. But if you’re looking at evocation then make sure you do what Damon says – understanding each detail through careful reading, so well you could write your own summary. It’s important for me not to get too much in the way of the book itself, as the detail and richness of those chapters really counts for a lot.

  7. Dear Adam, Damon and the Gallery of Magick,

    This book is nothing short of amazing. It has such a personal feeling about it, and it’s more than just the nature of the magick. It’s also Damon’s love of flying metaphors, his tales of old friends and mentors, and his ability to convey his sense of awe of the world, the spiritual and the nature of humans. Add in the explanations of all the work of the Gallery, the occultists who came before and the help of the spirits which has eventually culminated in your works, well the book feels very sacred. Thank you for everything.

    Two quick questions,
    1. Would you say that the Ritual Opening and Circle of Power, or the combination of both have superseded the Sword Banishing or would it still be beneficial to use the Sword Banishing at the end of the Ritual Opening?

    2. As the Circle of Power ritual does have some relationship with the cardinal points, on a similar note would it be wise for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere to avoid picturing the sun behind Raphael in the south and just use the other images or it shouldn’t matter even though the sun is in the north down here?

    Thanks again Gallery of Magick and thanks Adam for all the brilliant work you do on the website.

    1. Thanks for that. Lovely description of the book.

      1. No, we’ve been using all this alongside for ages, and it’s just the way that books are released that can make some things appears to supersede others. The SB isn’t always used in rituals, though – for many it’s just a daily, or twice daily thing separate from rituals. Or an occasional thing.

      2. Plenty of us has lived and worked in the Southern hemisphere and found the best way is to change nothing. North is North, etc. Way easier and still works!

      Cheers, Adam

  8. Please pass along my gratitude to Mr. Brand. Although the book was not QUITE what I expected (not sure what I expected), I saw very quickly what he did here. It’s one of those books for those with eyes to see. People should know, one of my friends is psychic by trade and the most studied, serious student of true magick I’ve ever met. It hurts my brain to talk magick with him. I introduced him to the GOM, and he was skeptical. He devoured several books and was thoroughly impressed. What he said to me is exactly what they’ve been saying: “They’ve done a ton of legit work and made it reachable. There’s no bullshit here”.

    A lot of people will see “simplified” Magick books, but look deeper. Any one of their books could cost $100 and be worth it. My advice? Buy ALL of the books because you need to see them all to grasp what they’re giving you. Even if there idea of reading “Demons of Magick” freaks you out, you will learn much from it even if you never call a single Demon. Put them all together and look closer and you’ll see they’ve given you a TOOLBOX.

    Not everyone sees the hints. Like the movie “The Matrix”, there’s many layers to the onion.

    I’m super excited to delve into using this book. For those who have been spoiled by the simplicity of the “pick a problem” format of Damons earlier books like the Words of Power books… They’re trying to teach you something the right way. Meaning, you have to put in the work and put your feet on the path. The answers you seek ARE in the book…. One step removed. You want your answers from a paperback….or an Archangel???

    I have the same question everyone else has, and it’s not out of not appreciating the depth of what’s been provided, but because I love the books. I won’t ask it, but I will ask it in slightly different way… When will we see another book…. From Adam??

    I have one idea that’s been rolling around in my head for a GOM book: No actual Magick. But a book in which all the current authors of the GOM each have a section talking about the intricacies of Magick itself. Like a master key. For instance, if I was one of them, I’d take about about concept of you yourself being the manifestor… The microcosm of God and accepting total responsibility for everything the appears in your life. Instead of Magick JUST being reaching out to something external. I’m sure each author world have many golden nuggets to share, which would serve as the “foundation building” book. Just an idea.

    Thank you again for all these books.

    – Chris

    1. Well read and well said! It really is worth going deep with this one.

      We aren’t going to talk about future books until they come out from now on. It annoys people when they are delayed, and also shifts focus away from what’s available. Working the magick in this book should keep people busy. I’ll continue with blog posts, but it might be quiet on the book front for a while. The book idea you mention has been discussed, although it’s most likely that would be built into another book – kind of like DB did with this one, with lots of big ideas about magick just snuck in there.

  9. Thank you so much for this book! I have a question, is there some of these rituals in the AoM that may be done for someone else? I want to help a friend of mine who is not into magick.

    1. The instructions are aimed at the self and that’s the main area the book looks at – your reality. But there is no doubt you can use this for others, by making their reality part of yours. That is, if you see their problem as something you want to solve, you can aim the magick that way. But it’s a skill that comes with time and experience in using the magick. If in doubt, you can try it – you should be able to work out how from what’s written in the book. I’ll pop this in the FAQ as I bet a lot of people will ask. – Adam

  10. I am sooo excited for this book, been waiting for it and ordered it now….I had the best results with the 72 Angels, angelic magic really resonates with me and I think with the Archangels is taking it to a whole new level. Do you guys believe that the rituals are more powerful than the ones in 72 Angels? I have been working on a complex issue in my life that involves other people and I strongly want things to manifest as I desire regarding this situation….I have seen almost instant results with other things that I have used your magic on, but I have been working on this issue for more than a year with slow progress. Do you believe that Archangel magic can break through the blocks? I am especially conflicted as it involves the decisions of others so in some ways it means influencing others.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful work!

    1. Great! Damon looks at the whole ‘what’s more powerful’ thing in the book, and the idea is that whatever’s most appropriate is most powerful, so he goes into a lot of detail about working out how to choose the magick, sometimes coming at problems sideways, that sort of thing. There’s a lot of good stuff for complex issues.

  11. Dear Adam, dear Damon, dear Gallery of Magick,

    I just cannot start telling you the amazing changes your work has brought to my life. From the deepest of my heart, I would like to thank you.
    I have been using your work for more than 2 years now, everyday. I’ve found comfort, confidence, security, financial freedom, love, and so much, so much more.

    Your Magick is working, no doubt about that. I particularly enjoy working to change myself, from the inside out.

    Anyway, thank you for your time, for the unbelievable patience you have replying to all comments. I’m profoundly happy to know that you are back for those who really follow you.

    Thank you.


  12. Thank you, Damon, Adam and G.O.M, for this amazing book! I can see now that I will be working with it for the rest of my life. Also, I wanted to know the evocation keys for Raziel, and compare notes, so to speak. I am very impressed that the evocation keys in The Archangels book for Raziel describes my experience of his evocation 2 years ago when I just started working with the 72 Angels of Magick book. Is there only 3 keys? I also remember spinning of the solar plexus.

    1. Good to know that it resonates! There are many evocation keys. The ones given are the ones that work best, most often – no need for more. But you might sense more for yourself.

      1. I was trying to say that the evocation keys given by Damon describe my experience precisely when I had a spontaneous evocation – I didn’t even know that it’s possible since there was nothing about it in the book. As you know the experience will be seared in my memory forever. Although, I didn’t know this at the time, I realize now that it was a privilege. But I do need to initiate it this time. So, thank you for the keys 🙂

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