Supercharge Your Magickal Cashbook

The Magickal Cashbook works, and it works easily, but I’m often asked if there’s a way to make it work with greater power. There are many ways to increase the power of your cashbook, but you should only do this if you are already getting some results. When you have triggered the magick, you can enhance its power.

If you have yet to see your first result from the cashbook, make sure you have read Banishing Your Lust For Result, and  A Trick For Manifesting Money. Also ensure that you work on the emotional transmutation that’s discussed in the chapter What To Think and Feel During The Ritual – this part is often glossed over, but without it, success will be limited.


As soon as you’re getting results, you can try the following techniques. Consider these modifications to be experimental. All have been tested to some degree, but they have not been tested as widely as most of our published techniques.

  1. Copy the Master Money Talisman from Magickal Riches to the inside front cover of the book. Make sure you have already carried out the full Master Money Ritual before doing so. (You can use a photocopy or printed screen grab to obtain a physical copy of the sigil.)
  1. Use the Image Fire technique from Wealth Magick to empower the book itself, giving the book the feeling of being a magickal tool rather than a mere collection of pages. Do this at least 24 hours after you finish a ritual, and 24 hours before you begin the next.
  1. Perform The Daily Practice from Wealth Magick every day.
  1. Each time you perform the Nitika ritual, use the Light From The Dark ritual from Magickal Riches to add increased energy to the working. Do this between steps 2 and 3, aiming the light at the Nitika sigil.
  1. Go beyond eleven days. Some people report getting good results when they repeat a ritual every day until the requested amount manifests. Instead of stopping at eleven days, you keep going until you get what you asked for. This is generally not the best approach, because it’s wise to finish a ritual, let go and move on, but given that some experiments have yielded interesting results, this is worth a try. If you do attempt this variation, it is absolutely essential that you don’t allow impatience or frustration to develop. If you ever become frustrated, stop the ritual and move on to another.
  1. Overlap rituals. Usually, you perform a ritual for eleven days and then start a new one. You can, however, start a new ritual every day, or every few days. Each individual ritual should be a request for a different amount for a different purpose. You can mix this technique with the above technique; run some rituals for eleven days, and keep others going. (The idea here is that you put so many requests out that you’re unable to spend too much time worrying or lusting after the results. Do keep track of results when they manifest, though, to ensure you complete the process with the feeling of gratitude.)

You can do all these things, or none. The cashbook works without these modifications, so please don’t read this and think, ‘Oh no, I have to change the way I work.’ If you are able to get into the right state of mind and let go of your lust for result, while requesting amounts that are within reasonable reach of your current financial state, you’ll get what you want whether you enhance the book or not. These procedures are an offering, not a requirement. For those who are getting results, these workings can take your cashbook to a new level of power.

– Damon Brand