Angels of Wrath

The Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield

Wield the Magick of Darkness with the Power of Light

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It’s difficult to imagine why good people would perform dark magick. But there are good reasons, and magick that sees justice done may not be as dark as you think.

As Gordon Winterfield says, in his third and final book for The Gallery of Magick, ‘I do not present a book of curses to delight the wicked, but a book of justice.’ And in that sense, Angels of Wrath is not a book of reckless cruelty, but a book of protection, peace, freedom and justice.

Angels are powerful beings that can be called to work great and wrathful wonders.

Far from being the delightful creatures of peace found in New Age artwork, angels are spiritual beings of immense strength, and this strength can manifest as wrath.

This book will introduce you to a lesser-known group of angels. When called in various combinations, these angels have the power to cause devastation to your enemies. Such workings are as powerful as a curse, and often more targeted and cunning.

There are twenty-nine powers to be revealed.

The angels can bind, destroy defenses, remove wealth and destroy a business, while rendering your victim too weak to respond and unable to see what you are doing.

You will have the power to silence and confuse, bringing illness and insomnia to those who trouble your life.

For more severe enemies, you can bring the wrath of judgment upon them, and remove their ability to find spiritual sanctuary.

You can produce hatred between those you name, while causing anxiety, dark moods and memory loss, with confusion of the heart and mind.

There is also a ritual to prevent your enemies from working magick.

The magick will only work if you are sincere in your intentions. It cannot be used to instigate casual evil. If you have been wronged, you have the power to restore your personal peace.

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Questions can be asked here: Angels of Wrath FAQ


30 thoughts on “Angels of Wrath

  1. Hi Adam,

    the book is amazing! I only wish it had a different title “Angels of Justice”. Speaking of wraith, is it absolutely required to work with this book? What if one moved on past wraith into resignation and pain? Will these emotions work? Also, maybe it’s a wishful thinking on my part, but I have a feeling that one more book is coming from Gordon in the future 🙂

    1. The title is important simply to ensure that people who are looking for standard angel magick, or so-called ‘light’ magick, aren’t misled. I get what you mean, but it’s a way of making sure people know what they’re in for. I sometimes think we should have called Magickal Protection something like Magickal Justice, because it shows some of the force and potency that’s in it, and a lot of people buy the book and find it a bit too potent. Anyway, I get what you mean.

      And really glad you like it! And yes, Gordon says, ‘any other emotion the problem currently causes for you.’

  2. Sir this book is WMD of magick for sure
    Sir can i petition the angels and demons in both books in my native language
    Or is it compulsory to speak in english???

  3. hi Adam,
    I understand the burden if you answered private conversations, you would never have time for anything else! Do you know of any forums where the followers of GOM talk among themselves about their experiences? Thanks.

    1. Literally no time! I gather there are Facebook groups for people who like The Gallery of Magick. You can search, ask to be invited and they may let you in. We don’t know what goes on in them, but they may be useful.

  4. Hey Adam just finished reading Angels of Wrath and all i can say is the book is absolutely amazing, a heavier dose of Attack Magick now 3 things in mind.

    1- Destroy with Wrath, i dont like the part that says that my Enemy could know it was me and the least i want is that not even to make them guess i have something to do with it.

    2- From your point of view and the other Gallery members which Ritual from Angels of Wrath you guys think resembles or its similar to Master Curse (that has a combination of powerful curses in one ritual)

    3- It’s kind of a silly question since you have told us many times that we are free to work with any kind of spirits or techniques, but why do Gordon think that Angels are better at cursing than Demons? I ask this because DoM has a wide selections of powers that can be used to curse and make enemies suffer.


    1. Absolutely amazing sounds good to me. Thanks!

      1.) There are many alternatives. This is when you want the person to know – and there are reasons, as implied, that you might. If not, use one of the others.

      2.) None. The Master Curse is a demonic working with a very different vibe and outcome. But really, the outcomes are more dependent on the initial conditions, your way of working magick, timing and so on. Only by using this books with the sincerity that Gordon talks about will you find what works in a way you need.

      3.) Not better, no, but there are hosts of angels that are tuned to this type of work, and so it makes sense to work with them, if you like the method. There’s never one ultimate method – its down to what you like to work with and what suits your needs at the time.

  5. Hey Adam,

    I’m saddened to discover this is Gordon’s final work…was just wondering if this book is the final piece of dark magick that we will see from the GOM?
    It’s been such a life changing experience for me (coming into contact with your magick.

    1. Not at all, because the very labelling of ‘dark’ is something we rally against a bit. Some people think Words of Power is dark, and the 72 Angels have powers that could be said to be dark. So we’ll do what we do, just much more slowly from now on. Thank you! To hear it’s life-changing for you is just great.

  6. Gordon’s work is uniformly excellent and I am saddened to learn this is to be his last book. Might we convince him otherwise? Regardless of the answer, I hope you will pass along my compliments and best wishes to him, in gratitude for all I have learned from him so far.

  7. hi Adam,
    Can questions or comments be made to any of the GOM posts that are hidden from other viewers and only seen by you? Or is there another forum for this type of request? Thank you.

    1. If you put NOT FOR PUBLIC in the subject heading, we will read it and it won’t be posted publicly, but we can’t reply, unfortunately. The is from the main FAQ:

      Q: How can I contact the authors directly?

      A: We are not currently open to private communication, due to the overwhelming number of private messages received. Several years ago, when our books weren’t very well known and there were only a few hundred people following this page and Facebook, we received 40 private questions a day. Now, with over 6000 followers (here and on Facebook), we’d get hundreds day. It already takes an average of an hour a day to answer public questions, so if we opened private questions, it would be a full-time job, and I’m afraid that’s just impossible for us. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of questions we have been asked (privately and publicly), are already answered in the FAQs, so hopefully you can find your answer on this site. The FAQ pages are closed to new questions about half of the time, as we are trying to encourage people to read thoroughly, and to try the magick out. Experience is a great teacher, and it became very clear that some people were doing far more asking and theorising than they were doing magick. The only way to get a magickal result is to do magick, and the books contain enough information to get results. If you have problems, read the posts and FAQs on this site. You will find answers.

      1. Hello all. Somebody did send a message using this technique but asked a question, which unfortunately I can’t answer because as it says, ‘we can’t reply, unfortunately.’ If you want us to read something that isn’t published, that’s fine, send it with NOT FOR PUBLIC in the subject heading, but we can’t answer it privately, and for legal reasons we can’t post answers to completely anonymous questions.

  8. Yeeess! Finally! Sorry, I know it goes against the rules but I’ve been majorly lusting for results the last few weeks to know when Gordon’s next book would be out! I’ve literally been checking Amazon and the GOM page every day in anticipation, haha. 😃 Patience has never been a strong point. Can’t WAIT to read – just downloading now. Thanks again GOM for making these excellent works available and so cheaply too!

  9. I own all the physical books from the GoM (some now out of print), having bought them on Amazon. But I may have to regretfully pass on this one, as it’s available only in Kindle format. Why was that decision made, instead of offering a printed version as well?

    1. Hi Josh. Paperback’s on the way.

      Thanks for buying all the books.

      Note that it says, “Paperback here: Coming Soon” right at the end of the post. So it’s coming soon. When that happens is down to Amazon. Hopefully within 24 hours.

      Cheers, AB

      1. My apologies for that, Adam. I read too quickly, and enthusiastic zeal got all the best of me; I clicked as soon as I saw the Amazon link, and looked no further.

        (Thankfully, I’m not that inattentive and rush in when doing rituals!)

        Yes, this will be yet another powerful addition to my GoM library, and I do look forward to it.

        Thank you for the reply.


        1. Haha, that’s fine. Enthusiasm is far better than indifference! I probably sounded very patronising with my reply, but certainly didn’t mean to. 🙂

  10. Bought it already. All I can say is Thank You Gordon, and Thank You Gallery of Magick. I am sad it’s the last book, because everything that comes out seems to be a wonderful new experience. Hope that book in the future about the GOM will someday be published. I want to make a huge review about the GOM at some point, for a variety of reasons. I don’t know if I will be successful with everything, but I had one experience from the sigils book that was close to miraculous. Only that made me feel a sense of power, that I can turn my life around. Being living in Greece, we have had a economy crisis that has left us in really desperate situations. GOM does give hope, and every little success brightens the light at the end of the tunnel. Patience, knowledge, not lusting for results are a combination that leads to success; and practice too, as long as you practice knowing you are doing just that, with respect, but not cancelling other spells because you think they won’t work. Anyhow, I wish there was some form of magick coming from the Old Greek Gods, but haven’t managed to locate something like that. However, if only 10% of the GOM’s magick works for someone, it is still a treasure worth many times the price of the books. I have been interested since the 80’s when I was a teen, and the only thing I found, was a mail order company callled Finbarr. A friend had left me a brochure that included Finbarr. It was like magick had found me. I eventually let go untill I found GOM. They explain it in a way that has been heaven sent. Thank You. – Paul

    1. Thank you! I hope we do better than 10%! But you make a great point. We’ve had some people get very angry with us because of mind results, and to this day, having worked with magick for decades, I still think, wow, it’s amazing that it works at all, ever. And when you get it working most of the time, it’s worth the effort. Might take time to get the skills honed, and learn to let go and receive, but when you do, you sculpt reality in a way that few do. I love magick!

      1. What I find is interesting is the more magick you do, the more magick the works. And then the more magick that works what you can achieve with magick expands as well.

        The fact that magick works at all is fascinating but it also put lots of things in perspective.

        We’re not as powerless or at the mercy of fate as I use to believe. We can have control over our life’s if we wish to take the responsibility to change it.

      2. You are welcome. I said 10% in order to present the huge ammount available. I hope it will be more too! Man, I need it more than anything! I noticed some DoM powers that speak of contact with the dead. But it doesn’t explain how that manifests, or is it some demon that acts as an inbetween? I find this a very sensetive issue, and when you can please explain a little bit more on the subject. Thank you. Got the two last books on e-book format since I can’t afford the paperbacks and the shipping costs at the moment. So I’d like to say that when my work goes a little bit better, I do plan on buying the paperbacks for sure. I am positive more people would do the same, so I hope they will always be available. Thanks Adam, you guys rock!

  11. I’m sad to hear this is his last book, but glad that he was kind enough to share his expertise. Thanks Adam for taking the reins after Damon. You guys are too kind to spend as much time as you do working on these books. You’re helping a lot of people and it’s gratefully appreciated on my end. I also appreciate your diligence in keeping up with your readers. Keep doing what you’re doing. Many thanks.

  12. Wanna say aewsome just had a miracle done by angels a guy with 2x12minutes without oxygen after aorta collapsed made me sa emotional i screamed filled with emotions to heaven/angels to help him completly not capable never ever to get back home well recoverd at a amazing speed in 1,5 week nurses are in complete schock i heard.
    this is power of the angels

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