Angels of Wrath

The Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield

Wield the Magick of Darkness with the Power of Light

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It’s difficult to imagine why good people would perform dark magick. But there are good reasons, and magick that sees justice done may not be as dark as you think.

As Gordon Winterfield says, in his third and final book for The Gallery of Magick, ‘I do not present a book of curses to delight the wicked, but a book of justice.’ And in that sense, Angels of Wrath is not a book of reckless cruelty, but a book of protection, peace, freedom and justice.

Angels are powerful beings that can be called to work great and wrathful wonders.

Far from being the delightful creatures of peace found in New Age artwork, angels are spiritual beings of immense strength, and this strength can manifest as wrath.

This book will introduce you to a lesser-known group of angels. When called in various combinations, these angels have the power to cause devastation to your enemies. Such workings are as powerful as a curse, and often more targeted and cunning.

There are twenty-nine powers to be revealed.

The angels can bind, destroy defenses, remove wealth and destroy a business, while rendering your victim too weak to respond and unable to see what you are doing.

You will have the power to silence and confuse, bringing illness and insomnia to those who trouble your life.

For more severe enemies, you can bring the wrath of judgment upon them, and remove their ability to find spiritual sanctuary.

You can produce hatred between those you name, while causing anxiety, dark moods and memory loss, with confusion of the heart and mind.

There is also a ritual to prevent your enemies from working magick.

The magick will only work if you are sincere in your intentions. It cannot be used to instigate casual evil. If you have been wronged, you have the power to restore your personal peace.

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Questions can be asked here: Angels of Wrath FAQ


30 Comments on “Angels of Wrath

  1. Sir this book is WMD of magick for sure
    Sir can i petition the angels and demons in both books in my native language
    Or is it compulsory to speak in english???

  2. hi Adam,
    I understand the burden if you answered private conversations, you would never have time for anything else! Do you know of any forums where the followers of GOM talk among themselves about their experiences? Thanks.

    • Literally no time! I gather there are Facebook groups for people who like The Gallery of Magick. You can search, ask to be invited and they may let you in. We don’t know what goes on in them, but they may be useful.

  3. Hey Adam just finished reading Angels of Wrath and all i can say is the book is absolutely amazing, a heavier dose of Attack Magick now 3 things in mind.

    1- Destroy with Wrath, i dont like the part that says that my Enemy could know it was me and the least i want is that not even to make them guess i have something to do with it.

    2- From your point of view and the other Gallery members which Ritual from Angels of Wrath you guys think resembles or its similar to Master Curse (that has a combination of powerful curses in one ritual)

    3- It’s kind of a silly question since you have told us many times that we are free to work with any kind of spirits or techniques, but why do Gordon think that Angels are better at cursing than Demons? I ask this because DoM has a wide selections of powers that can be used to curse and make enemies suffer.


    • Absolutely amazing sounds good to me. Thanks!

      1.) There are many alternatives. This is when you want the person to know – and there are reasons, as implied, that you might. If not, use one of the others.

      2.) None. The Master Curse is a demonic working with a very different vibe and outcome. But really, the outcomes are more dependent on the initial conditions, your way of working magick, timing and so on. Only by using this books with the sincerity that Gordon talks about will you find what works in a way you need.

      3.) Not better, no, but there are hosts of angels that are tuned to this type of work, and so it makes sense to work with them, if you like the method. There’s never one ultimate method – its down to what you like to work with and what suits your needs at the time.

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